Best 3d Printing Shops In Milan Near Me

Tillverka | Stampa 3D ABprint3D - 3D Printing Service Centroservizi-3D C3D - Stampa 3D Milano Gate 44 Bilcotech Srls Topcolor Dream Srl

1. Tillverka | Stampa 3D - Municipio 3

· 49 reviews

Via Andrea Maria Ampère, 122, 20131 Milano MI, Italy

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Tillverka | Stampa 3D: what do users think?

Con Pom: Great communication due to immediate and frequent responses. Not only communicating with Tillverka is easy, they are also very responsive and professional. After a small mistake appeared in our model they fixed it in just one day and were always happy to answer questions. (for all students: there is a discount for us)

Andrea Dell' Orto: Excellent experience, the guys, professional and very kind, helped me to create a small personal project with a resin print. Thank you.

DankoDeadZone: Very helpful and friendly, they were able to answer all my questions and explain very clearly all I needed to know despite having a complex enough project for them! In most excellent product quality. Recommended.

Marco De Sanctis: Super professionals… they knew how to carry out a project of mine that I particularly cared about… they helped me, advised me, designed but above all they knew how to achieve what I wanted… the result beyond expectations. Thank you guys

Virginia Dal Magro: Extremely available, precise and prepared! Working with them is a pleasure

Alice Pellicani: I requested a custom print and the result was great! Quick in time, extremely kind and helpful. The prices are low and the result of high quality.

Paolo Barbato: Professionalism, enthusiasm and availability. Highly recommended both for prototyping and for productions of hundreds of pieces.

Fabian V. Thobe: Very helpful and always professional! I project with them the printing of a component for my bike and they did everything to me within two days at great prices considering also the many hours they invested in the design of the piece! Just top!

Luca Iampietro: I state that I have been to several shops that deal with 3d prints, and I was pleasantly surprised! They deserve top marks as their availability is significantly above the competition: the staff is attentive to customer needs and always tries to meet them. The Quality/Price ratio is excellent. They printed a customized 3D file for me in 2/3 days, offering me tricks and advice to improve its performance, a service that should not be underestimated. Thanks to all the staff, especially to Nicolas who followed me step by step! Until next time!

2. ABprint3D - 3D Printing Service - Municipio 3



· 9 reviews

Via Giovanni Paisiello, 7, 20131 Milano MI, Italy

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ABprint3D - 3D Printing Service: what do users think?

Dimitri Stella: Super honest: they advised me not to do a work on my idea, explaining that the result would be poor. This is professionalism. thanks DS

Bruno Gregory: Excellent quality, great professionalism. Processing on various materials and techniques. Maximum availability and punctuality.

Diego Alpino: Great helpful and very knowledgeable staff

Andrea Pastori: Positive: Professionalism, Quality

3. Centroservizi-3D - Municipio 8

· 5 reviews

CHIAMARE PER PRENDERE APPUNTAMENTO, Via Cenisio, 57, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

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Centroservizi-3D: what do users think?

X-Moto Snc: The very kind and courteous owner helped us, being very competent, in the realization of what we needed to urgently print in 3d.

Giuseppe Bressi: Anything you want .... he does it in 3d ... really good

Virginia P: Fantastic store!

4. C3D - Stampa 3D Milano - Municipio 3

· 14 reviews

Via Pinturicchio, 24, 20133 Milano MI, Italy

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C3D - Stampa 3D Milano: what do users think?

Toni Pietra: Truly excellent value for money. The work is amazing and he was very helpful towards me. I am really very satisfied and will always come back to him.

Lorenzo Volpe: I entrusted them with a very important order! Fast and cheap! Recommended

Luciana Fattibene: Very professional, great experience.

Robi Dezzo: I am very happy to Castalia: fast, professional and excellent value for money. Highly recommended

Daniel Curti: More than recommended, professionals in all nothing else to say ...

Antuono: Quality and speed in execution.

Chiara Cirillo: Availability and accuracy. The final result is excellent.
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5. Gate 44 - Municipio 2

· 10 reviews

Via Privata Treviso, 21, 20127 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website
Gate 44: what do users think?

Amber Kaiser: Such an incredible experience. Location was perfect for travel throughout the city and further out. The studio has everything a printmaker could want. I was taught new techniques in etching and had plenty of time for private studio work. Glen was very helpful and made me feel right at home. I would highly recommend this residency program for those wanting to learn as well as established artists looking for a studio to create in.

Tommaso Protti: Gate44 is a true excellence in printmaking and an incredible space to create and produce. Working there is an enriching experience and an unique chance to use top level machineries. His founder is a talented and devoted professional artist.

Andrea Renzulli: Amazing, hand-crafted wall-papers custom-designed and installed directly by the Gate44 team!

shiree rafaeli: My favourite printshop in the whole wide world: amazing people and outstanding professional excellence.

Luca Ravenna: We are working on creating my site. Gorgeous work. Top class graphics. Impressive responsiveness in work. Total respect for my requests, enriched with surprising creative proposals, which arise along the track of collaboration. Money well spent, if compared to the commitment and above all to the quality. Gate44 is a white fly.

Paola B: A space that was made available to me with great availability. Attention to my needs and professional support have allowed me to carry out my work in the best possible way and in absolute freedom. Nice atmosphere of exchange and lightness with Glenn, Monia and the cross artists who frequent the space. I can not wait to come back!

Elisa Carutti: Beautiful printing house with super qualified and professional staff!

massimo marcolongo: The best

6. Bilcotech Srls - Cusago

· 10 reviews

Via Ettore Majorana, 28, 20047 Cusago MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Bilcotech Srls: what do users think?

OltreForma: Young and modern company, super helpful staff and attentive to every customer need! Absolutely recommend for those wishing to approach the world of 3d printing !!

roberta fontana: Precise, punctual and reliable; purchased used wacom, perfect as new.

unzunzz unzy: I went to see a demo of Mechatronicore 3d printers. Excellent service and expertise

Carlo: Professionalism and knowledge of the subject. Well done

Martina Arin: Correct and reliable. Impeccable service.

Francesco Colonna: The best place for 3D printing

Angelo Moretti: Intellectually honest.

7. Topcolor Dream Srl - Buccinasco

· 40 reviews

Via Toscana, 19, 20090 Buccinasco MI, Italy

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Topcolor Dream Srl: what do users think?

Cristiano Novi: TOP a 360°

Edith De Michele: I commissioned a Fine Art print on cotton paper from TopColor. Delivery was on time and with great customer service support. The product is excellent, excellent rendering of colors and chiaroscuro. Also in the package they have attached a leather business card holder! Highly recommended service!

Alessio Manfrinato: A friend of mine drew me a poster of one of my favorite films on the computer and when he handed it to me I already knew that I would have it professionally printed on a cotton paper as the style of the poster in my opinion would have been perfect. I relied on them and in much less time than what is marked on the email and the package is adequately protected with cardboard and even with a tissue to protect the print. absolutely recommended!

David Tinius Rossi: I would like to express, on a personal basis, the excellent feedback for the prints received: at the cost of seeming excessively technical, they reflect with absolute fidelity the entire chromatic range granted by the limits of the sRGB color profile of my "humble" monitor, incapable to reproduce at 100% the widest and most complex dynamics of "professional" color spaces such as Adobe RGB 1998 or ProPhoto. In my experience, there has so far been no calibration on my part that could reproduce with such precision what TOPCOLOR made. I admit my hesitation in having commissioned, as my first order, enlargements of a relatively large format (50x50cm from 6x6 negative scans), but I guarantee you they have won my full trust. I will certainly turn to them for all my future printing needs for both domestic and exhibition purposes. I thank TOPCOLOR with all my heart for having faithfully given voice to my photographic testimonies. I wish you a happy new year, with the hope of good health and good work! 😊

Dario Morlacchi: I discovered this company on the outskirts of Milan because the owner was a friend of my father and once reviewed he explained to me that from the original company that just printed and went on to the next step of screen printing on glass or other materials and computer production of polystyrene statues of any size. After visiting the company I had some prints prepared on glass and plastic that left me breathless and now if I need a graphic work Topcolor is my first choice.

Paola Grasso della Rocca: I discovered this company online, the idea was a photo printed on glossy wood for a Christmas present, said done! Quality of service and impeccable customer care, excellent quality of work! Thanks again for the assistance and speed, highly recommended!

Luca Fardella: Excellent print quality. Fast in the realization of the prints ordered online. Also very available in assistance both during and post-order. I highly recommend.

Giorgio Luzi: Wide choice of papers, excellent print quality, on schedule. In summary: professionalism and competence combined with the courtesy of the staff. Perhaps the best fine art printing workshop available online.

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