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VENUS MILANO CENTRO - Luxury Strip Night Club / Vip Area Privé - Location Eventi Luxy Club Milano lap dance CAPRICCIO Exclusive Disco Club Privé Milano Pepenero Disco Night Club Fuego Club Privé Club Savana Nautilus Club Privé Milano Swinger Vip Club Milano Exotica • Lap Dance Milano Extasià • Lap Dance Milano Blue Eyes Lap Dance Harem Club milano La Divina Club Privé OBIDIS LUXURY CLUB PRIVE' MILANO DI VIA LESA N5

1. VENUS MILANO CENTRO - Luxury Strip Night Club / Vip Area Privé - Location Eventi - Municipio 1

· 134 reviews

Via Gaetano Giardino, 1, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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VENUS MILANO CENTRO - Luxury Strip Night Club / Vip Area Privé - Location Eventi: what do users think?

Wilson Green: I went there yesterday with my friends, there were five of us in total. We sat at a beautiful, large table in front of the dance floor. The girls were beautiful and nice. We got several bottles of champagne and ... top evening. I will not forget this place.


Eric Vanderarder: It is not the first time that I have come to Milan and I had already been to Venus. Venus is always wonderful with beautiful girls; for me it is fabulous !


Django D.: I was there tonight with my wife, what a wonderful place! Very nice and beautiful girls. Rosé champagne and a magical atmosphere.

Kevin Prince: Absolutely the most important and exclusive nightclub in Milan; it is not a place for everyone, the prices of drinks are quite high. Inside you can find many famous people, at the table next to ours I saw two famous NBA players.The atmosphere is magical, what can I say, highly recommended!

2. Luxy Club Milano lap dance - Municipio 3



· 83 reviews

Corso Buenos Aires, 33, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Luxy Club Milano lap dance: what do users think?

Elena minzicu: The best lap dance on Milan with a lot of beautiful girls ! I recomend to everybody to go and for enjoy a wonderful night!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Ari Kemppainen: Great place. Staff is friendly. Shows going on all the time

Armand Stancu: Very nice place and nice people inside!

Ravinder Singh Bist: Great experience.

Nicolas Cazzaniga: Great venue!!! The best in Milan…. 5 stars highly recommended .. Staff and Girls at the TOP !!!

Bastian T.: Stable. Can you do it. Guda price My buddy was delighted.

3. CAPRICCIO Exclusive Disco Club Privé Milano - Municipio 9

· 282 reviews

Via Ippolito Rosellini, 1, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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CAPRICCIO Exclusive Disco Club Privé Milano: what do users think?

Siqiao Li: a different night than usual, very fun, you have to try .

Pete Nubey: Best club in Milan, when I come to this city I love to visit. Highly recommended!

mohamed ali: nice

Salvatore Stimola: Top!

Binder Singh: Very nice club. Better experience TOP

4. Pepenero Disco Night Club - Municipio 8

· 253 reviews

Via Gallarate, 224, 20151 Milano MI, Italy

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Pepenero Disco Night Club: what do users think?

David Bigot: an evening as I had imagined, with the one I had imagined, in a refined atmosphere. I spent the evening with Sonia, a lovely and sparkling person. I will come back with pleasure, probably for the same reasons that brought her there, her smile. attention to the lipstick remaining at the end of the evening! .. I recommend

YASSINE LOTMANI: Probably the best club in all of Italy. the atmosphere is chic and refined. I celebrated my last birthday there and the welcome was just perfect. the girls are beautiful and very warm. A special thought for Sonia, the goddess who turned this evening into a dream ... To do without moderation ...

alessio rava: Finally there is place for diversification, for an authentic show: all this makes the nightclub something different from a classic lap dancing club, it’s something more, thanks to the dreaming mood and the elegant, sensational furniture. There’s something that reminds me the French elegance with feathers and rhinestones, with scantily dressed, smart dancers, all mixed with the Italian fashion and great style. I recommend this club to who loves traditional pole dance and lap dance shows, but also to who likes a night of total breakout with mimes, dwarfs and jugglers. A world of dreams and imagination, I felt like a boy that lives again his first experiences!!!

Domenico Privato: Un must a Milano city!!!! 👌🏻

Fabio Nocito: A spacious and bright venue different from other night clubs. Half disco half night club so even ordinary girls can enter as customers. Well-finished and luxurious furnishings can be seen immediately, top music with quality sound. You drink original branded alcohol and sensational and very well made cocktails in clean and odorless glass glasses, which struck me a lot, given that in milan you drink tarocco or watered down. The girls are very beautiful except for some ……. You can drink and have a private room and I must say that even the private rooms are refined. The girls are also very nice. I recommend Crìstal as a girl, with whom I spent the whole evening since she was the nicest, the most cared for, and obviously Gnocca as well as intelligent; rare thing in these kinds of places….. to go back with friends at the end of the evening always 😂😂😂😂😂

paolo magnani: a large environment, with the times that run ..... masks / distances, etc. The girls are always well dressed, elegant, and fragrant. The large bar area, the sofas (very comfortable) they allow you to choose the girl and place yourself in conversation without being disturbed. Music not deafening, (which is not bad), and a right selection at the entrance, avoid situations of finding yourself with people "too happy" that spoil your evening. The bathrooms are always clean, and there is also a special smoking area, very comfortable, without leaving the room. A location also suitable for going for a first drink, and enjoying a place where it is enough to have a dignified demeanor to feel a welcome guest.

KRONOS The last of titans: I have spent some of the funniest evenings of my life between birthdays and normal evenings with friends, the girls are beautiful, kind and once on stage they turn into sensual professionals. The excellent quality of the cocktails and the courtesy of the staff should not be underestimated! In short, if you want to have fun and feel good, BLACK PEPPER is the right place !!!
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5. Fuego Club Privé - Municipio 6

· 33 reviews

Viale Cassala, 9/13, 20143 Milano MI, Italy

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Fuego Club Privé: what do users think?

Lara Even: Thank you so much for yesterday evening, I enjoyed and relaxed a lot. We were really many. I will definitely be back !!!

mario stillitano: Hello I was at Fuego a nice place I met some beautiful friends and I had a lot of fun, transgressive place, nice people, nice girls, good company. I advise

Roberto Viali: a very pleasant place where you can spend the afternoons or relaxing evenings, I will gladly return

Нина Хмара: We really had a great time on Saturday. The club is an excellent place. It was fun, good and "on fire"

Luigi Cosentino: clean reserved environment not the usual chaos, frequented by nice people and fun is guaranteed

giuseppe sciurti: Beautiful place, atmosphere and class! Absolutely not to be missed

Mario Artusi: very discreet place nice .we loved it

6. Club Savana - Municipio 6

· 10 reviews

Via Dionigi Bussola, 9, 20143 Milano MI, Italy

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Club Savana: what do users think?

Lino Rossi: We have been fond of this club for some time last Saturday and we spent a nice evening. Nice people with a great desire to play. Clean and adequate with all the necessary devices of the moment. more pleasant. We recommend with affection, five stars deserved.

Mario Bianchi: I spent the New Year, on the recommendation of friends with my her, excellent local managers, beautiful people and also the frequenters of the evening, abundant buffet service without stinginess for a very honest amount

Antonio Zuccala: Very clean place and a unique experience with elegant and clean people

7. Nautilus Club Privé Milano - Municipio 2

· 70 reviews

Via Privata Mondovì, 7, 20132 Milano MI, Italy

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Nautilus Club Privé Milano: what do users think?

Google Account: Amazing looking club! Trans girls welcomed

amor powers: Friendly.. enjoyed my time.... x

decortuning: For 20 years I have toured private rooms in northern Italy and beyond. Both as a couple and as an individual, In the last 3 years the fixed weekly appointment is only Nautilus. Primarily because whoever manages it is a person who makes respect and cleanliness of the place the basic rule. The environment is like being in a big family, which is getting bigger and bigger. This is demonstrated by always finding many friends who in turn bring new ones. Who then become attached to the place and return weekly. I myself was told thank you by my partner and a couple of friends, for having introduced them to a place and an unrivaled environment... 5 stars too few.

Luca “LucaMusic” Music: Top venue in Milan for LGTBI theme nights. 5 stars too few for a venue where the most beautiful events take place with unparalleled entertainment and shows.

Vittorio Messa: Superb place, clean and full of nice people. Super evening shows and events. Highly recommended

Antonio Di maio: Beautiful place, friendly staff who make you feel at home ...

Elisa Rodriguez: fantastic experience, excellent staff, well attended quiet place

8. Swinger Vip Club Milano - Municipio 4

· 12 reviews

Via Privata Pietro Gaggia, 22, 20139 Milano MI, Italy

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Swinger Vip Club Milano: what do users think?

filippo G: Beautiful Carnival party! Congratulations to all participants for the choice of costumes and to the staff for the wonderful evening! For the rest .... "" Lady Red "" below, let me understand something, do you have a problem with us ????!

Sabrina Tezza: Local..really.beautiful...where you can spend a day in the swimming pool..whirlpool with salt water..sauna and turkish spend.the.evening at the disco area..with music always at the top.. beautiful people..between chats and pleasant looks what can I try again and again...

Nino blanda: Finally the VipClub is reborn, for us it remains the top in the Milanese hinderland, a unique environment and a highly qualified staff, thanks again to Augusto Pistilli who with ASX always provides us with Oscar-worthy locations .... Come on Sara and Lorenzo, we see you soon .....

Giovanni Galassia: Clean and well-kept place. Empathetic, friendly and helpful staff. My wife and I relaxed and enjoyed. We will definitely be back because it is a stimulating environment and to try again ... Congratulations!

Silvia Pieri: The top in Milan and probably in Italy ..! Perfect place, new, beautiful, functional. Excellent atmosphere, careful and very cordial management, we will be back often and very gladly: *

carlo carletto: Finally the club that was missing in Milan, disco without and a beautiful spa. Really TOOOOOPPPPPP

Cristian Martinelli: A very nice venue with Spa. Great events


9. Exotica • Lap Dance Milano - Municipio 9

· 29 reviews

Via Nino Bonnet, 11, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

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Exotica • Lap Dance Milano: what do users think?

Roberto De Luca: 😏

Pier Franco Farini: Kudos to Chanel. Great hottie, very nice and excellent performance. To return only for her.

Cida Luca: The place is great, the best of its kind in town, too bad for the new hired girls. Bad experience today (19/2 h about 1.30) with a new one ... Bassina ... Dark complexion ... Really rude at the expense of a respectable aesthetic appearance ... Pretty but horrible in everything, she practically attacked me in no way. TSO Council. To be fired on the spot .. In my honest opinion it does not shine and under the influence of something, it is okay to help people at the limit by offering a job (honor to you), but in some cases the intervention of a mental health professional is essential. Chiara and Luana are missing so much, two real princesses ..

Paolo Vismara: Good morning I was there yesterday for the first time a little small as local girls are very beautiful Congratulations Everyone is courteous even the guards, I am part of it too. Sofas arranged well you can see the strips from all sides very nice music.

Claudia Orlandi: I would like to do this job

JAMAICA MUSIC WORLD: An excellent place in the Milanese Movida district... with beautiful girls and excellent service

Ahmed Sayfour: a beautiful super fun place, themed evenings every weekend ... beautiful girls

Giovanni Bastia: I was in a month ago I had a great time always doing theme nights

10. Extasià • Lap Dance Milano - Municipio 1

· 47 reviews

Largo Augusto, 7, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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Extasià • Lap Dance Milano: what do users think?

MIU MIU: Nice pole dance Best dancers Logical price Many thanks for a good night for me and my partner

Mohammad Golam Mostafa: Very nice and very beutifull nightclub in milano.

Dodo Hojiry: Hhhot

Sirio Zhu: Very friendly environment with nice and pretty girls. Definitely to go back

11. Blue Eyes Lap Dance - Municipio 4

· 39 reviews

Via Luigi de Andreis, 13, 20137 Milano MI, Italy

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Blue Eyes Lap Dance: what do users think?

Marco Izzo: Very nice place with beautiful and nice girls, normal prices for a cheerful and relaxing as well as spicy evening

Walter Ortola: Local always at the top open afternoon and evening average prices and guaranteed fun 😉

Ivan Iannelli: Great local! Elegant and clean environment. The staff are helpful, efficient and polite. Beautiful girls of different nationalities. Highly recommended both in the afternoon and in the evening.

Dario Mulazzani: Amazing place.

Daniel Ayma: Nice place, clean environment, beautiful and nice girls. I will be back

federico barsi: Great venue! Beautiful girls. I will be back for sure!

12. Harem Club milano - Cologno Monzese

· 187 reviews

Via Santa Maria, 90, 20093 Cologno Monzese MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Harem Club milano: what do users think?

wayne nanci: 50 Euro entry with 2 drinks, one of the best clubs in Europe and better than most in all other parts of the world. Romans invented the orgy and they will not disappoint. 10 km out of town in an industrial area, Taxi was same as Uber 46 euros. Many Ferraris, Audi R8 and others. Fair ratio of almost one single guy per couple, which is their business model. Not pushy so not an issue. There is a couples area that everyone seems to respect. The other big club sounds more like a disco, this is a real private club for those in the Lifestyle.

NEO video production: 5 stars to say the least, we have been there several times both as a couple and myself, always found good. Attention to the customer not just unlike other spas. The best in Milan without a doubt

Extreme Complicity: Very nice place that is constantly evolving and improving. Fantastic disco area, with an excellent DJ, wonderful wellness area, professional staff, extremely available, smiling, owners always present, attentive and very kind. Extremely well-kept cleaning and services make it undoubtedly the best club in Milan. (Always crowded on Saturday evenings, it is worth attending it on other evenings to fully enjoy it)

rocky Defrancesco: Hello, I would like to give my opinion on your place, first of all it is a beautiful place, certainly like all things, there is always something to improve, for example in small things, such as a support device for intimate soap, in the bidet, also needs a card holder in the bathroom. Then the sheets are not suitable. Furthermore, a very important thing to do an intimate evening only for couples, instead of entry 40 increase it to 50 euros for that evening, as in other clubs, that of Gessate, like a Wednesday or a Thursday that a day with little attendance. , do a bit of selection maybe x young couples under 35 to pay 30 euros, which are the main attraction for singles, then up to 55 years to pay the usual 40 euros. While for those over 55 to pay 60 euros x to have a greater selection, more quality and make the environment better. Everything else is perfect, the deejeey and the barmen are very good, the owner is very kind and easy going, the staff is polite and kind, and the table service is good. X now 4 stars, I hope the prox reception to reach 5 stars. Grz x attention! Greetings to all of you....

13. La Divina Club Privé - Municipio 2

· 69 reviews

Via Melchiorre Gioia, 80, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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La Divina Club Privé: what do users think?

Omar Stefano Salvador: Very clean place! The staff at the reception and at the bar stands out for the professionalism and availability we have received compared to other experiences. To underline the fact that we also found a young clientele. Very well cared for evening and so much FUN ... We will absolutely return.

Antonio Tagliente: Yes I was there a long time ago Clean elegant and polite

i i: We were there on saturday nice local polite staf polite singles we will be back

Mishelle: Guaranteed fun!! Clean, spacious and the staff is very friendly. We will definitely be back!


· 36 reviews

Via Lesa, 20125 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp

mario stillitano: Super small and cozy place for couples and singles, beautiful friends, guaranteed fun.

Tullio Della Mura: ok ok very deserving

Giandomenico Corda: Very nice place, very kind owners, nice and even if you are at the first experience they put you at ease for their courtesy, education and friendliness, I highly recommend it, I frequent it every Saturday and I have not yet found a place so nice and that you feel at ease

Valerio Romagnoli: Great nightclub, perfect for couples who want to try new experiences. Clean and above all target of a certain level. Great experience, recommended place.

Ingrid Borme: Beautiful environment, welcoming, spotless, inviting, very intimate! Plus the owners are awesome! Attentive, thoughtful and cordial! Absolutely to try!👍

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