Best Bars To Listen To Free Live Music In Milan Near Me

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1. Nidaba Theatre - Live Music Club Milano Navigli

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Nidaba Theatre - Live Music Club Milano Navigli

Address: Via Emilio Gola, 12, 20143 Milano MI, Italy

Telephone: +39 339 347 7512

Business type: Live music venue

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Nidaba Theatre - Live Music Club Milano Navigli: what do users think?

Shawn Saunders: Giving it an average rating mainly because of the hours. I came all the way down and it was closed at 11:30… play the recorded jazz on Saturday night until late!
Response: We are sorry but in the summer the Live club is closed, on the website and on the social channels it is indicated. we hope you will come back to visit us soon. we are waiting for you!!

Kateryna Gundrova: Great experience! I reserved the concert very last minute, an hour before it. Great music and atmosphere, tasty cocktails, professional musical and light equipment, great quality of the sound. I liked a lot, highly recommended! The reservation is by WhatsApp, so just go on the webpage and follow the instructions.
Response: Thank you We hope to see you again soon

Milan Barancok: Great atmosphere created by friendly staff and by visitors (of diverse age categories 😉) alike. Life concerts are main attraction, ranging from blues and jazz to rock and even further. Amazing (albeit a bit crowded) place to spend evening and night.

Lorenzo Cons: Great free music (blues soul rock funk gospel etc) that you pay by spending 1 euro more on the beer (7 EUR). Top choice.
Response: thanks ..

Dana Golds: Very cool place, cool vibes, great music!! For live music night must recommended to come early, too crowded after it starts 😘

lyndsey hall-legallais: Amazing staff, super friendly. And very good live music. Totally recommend
Response: thank you!!!!, we hope you will come back soon

Varn V: Cool chilled blue live music spot. Lovely bar crew and a relaxing ambiance.
Response: thanks, see you next time

Consuelo Angioni: Cute, friendly jazz bar. The old style way. Good music and a cocktail are all you need to enjoy the atmosphere with a nice crowd!

Luca Bortolotti (Lentsch): Small and crowd, but really nice, great events and good atmosphere! Good music!

2. Bachelite cLab

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Bachelite cLab

Address: Via Vertoiba, 3, 20137 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +39 340 891 9707

Business type: Cocktail bar

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Bachelite cLab: what do users think?

minju sim: Very nice drink and food, gorgeous music!!Kind staffs and very good mood.Highly recommend this place♥️

Térence COTON: Nice bar with great live jazz. Good ambiance. The aperitivo is a bit poor but the atmosphere compensates it. Great place

Haben B.: The location & the music is fantastic. Not for everyone, check a head what kind of music they are playing to really enjoy it. Prices are average. Defintly laid back & perfect for a group of people.

Cezar Sas: Cool place with amazing atmosphere, good cocktails and nice music. A bit small, and gets packed a bit too much


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Address: Via Casale, 7, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4 PM

Telephone: +39 02 836 0799

Business type: Pub


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BLUES CANAL: what do users think?

Sherry Wu: Great drinks! Ordered their mojito and spritz, and both were pretty good. Staff are very friendly, even though they don’t speak too much English. For the meal, I ordered the B.B Burger—the patty itself was decent and the fries were seasoned nicely, but the rest of the burger was lacking. The bun was not great quality, lettuce looked a little sad, cheese was nice at first, but as soon as it got a little cold, the texture was like rubber. My friends ordered the carbonara, and it was also average. Definitely could’ve been creamier, but it wasn’t bad. The atmosphere was nice, though!
Response: Hello Sherry, this is Ilenia, from Blues Canal, thanks a mil for your kind feedback about your experience with us! We strive for customer satisfaction so i take your words as gold. I will definetely refer to the chef your note about the bun, which will surely try new type to test out the softness. I hope to see you soon on our tables! Ilenia

Pankaj Mishra: 1 star for good drinks.But the rest was not at all good. They served us stale pizza 🍕. (Who does that). And also the services was quite slow. I would suggest to go to the nearby places but not here
Response: Hello pankaj, this is Ilenia from Blues Canal. I’m sorry your experience has been a 1 star experience. We strive for customer satisfaction, and we just want satisfied customer to walk in and out from our pub. Did you tell the server your dissatisfaction about the pizza? They would immediately change your plate with no problem. It’s sad when you recommend to go nearby depending on you little experience, whereas behind you there are 26 years of history and thousand of thousand of happy customer, as you can see on Google. In any case, please email our customer care department at The will be more than happy to take care of your experience with us! Hope to see you soon Ilenia, manager

Dragomir Danut: Awesome experience! We were a group of 60 people and we were treated exceptionally. We have been there 2 times during our trip and we enjoyed the full attention of the staff and owners which were watching after all our needs and wants. Here by I want to thank the whole staff for the service we received. Definitely recommend!

Teodora: Amazing pasta and big portions, really kind and attentive staff, normal prices. Great place! 😊

David Repassy: Great food and a fantastic atmosphere makes this a great choice for the Navigli district of Milan.

Darren Roach: Just arrived in Milan for a few days. Got air b&b and out for dinner. Had a lovely meal, wine. Beers and the best service ever. Very reasonable prices. 3 of us bottle wine beers under 55€ Right n the canal. Absolutely lovely

Jun Hao: Went pretty early on Tuesday evening, it was raining hence restaurant was pretty quiet. Services were excellent, Risotto and Gnocchi was serve quickly with quality promised. We enjoyed our drinks prepared by the bartender as well.

4. Alcatraz

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Address: Via Valtellina, 25, 20159 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 1 PM ⋅ Reopens 2:30 PM

Telephone: +39 02 6901 6352

Business type: Disco club

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Alcatraz: what do users think?

SIMON WOODS: Really good venue. We went to see Tremonti who are AWESOME. The beer system is a bit weird. You have to queue to buy a ticket for your beer, then you have to join another queue to hand your ticket over to actually get your beer. 🤣

Ian Frankish: Fantastic venue for rock and metal gigs! Good sound, good size, well organised

Ekaterina S: Don’t believe these good reviews if you wanna party on the weekend at this place (as I understood, this club is only suitable for musical concerts). The stuff is very unfriendly and even disrespectful (especially in wardrobe, we wanted to clarify some questions and the old woman in wardrobe started to scream at my friend). Prices for cocktails are very high, you pay 10 Euro for 0,1 cl of cocktail (another 0,2 cl it’s just ice). The music was okay, but there are so much space and few people. Would never recommend it.

Thomas de Vuurspuwer: Sound, safety & security was all awesome! In the front did they even hand out free water. Which was really something good to do because it was like standing in the middle of some medieval battlefield. Pushing & pulling from behind to get past. Alltogether, Italians do it better! The Muse concert was incredible awesome! The band had so much fun thanks to the crowd. Thank you Milan! Will drop by for another concert for sure!

oytun goren: Entrance price could be cheaper but atmosphere was good.i went there one of my friend and we did not have any problem and had fun.

Azzy: Great venue, friendly staff and AURORA was fantastic.

Полина Л: In the cloakroom they make you pay separately for both the jacket and the jacket, that is, if you want to rent several things, you cannot put one into the other, you will have to pay 5 euros for each. The staff in the cloakroom immediately screams and can not explain anything. Toilets are not closed. There were very few people and instead of a DJ, some kind of musical group is playing in the club ....the club is very big but it’s so few people

5. RAL

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Address: Via Corsico, 3, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +39 393 841 1671

Business type: Cocktail bar

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RAL: what do users think?

Mir iam: That place was fun. Stumbled into the Silent Disco on a Friday evening. Had a blast! Drinks were fair.

Gauri Prakash: The cocktails were just okay and I felt they were overpriced. The vibe of the place was good though and the staff was friendly.

Anastasia G: Very cool place! The cocktails were great and reasonably priced. Loved the decor and music there! Friendly staff and overall a really nice atmosphere. Would highly recommend

F Belle: Recommended by a friend. They serve you these nice tappas after ordering drinks. They have a huge bar, but their menu is a list of 5 signature cocktails, plus an unnamed list of beers and wine.

Katherine Puente: The best ambiance, very welcoming and a delicious bruscheta, perfectly paired with any drink! 10/10 drinks and quick bites place near the canal.

foxawy sm: Very cool hipster and musicians bad in Milano

bisho tony: One of the most good vibes design and friendly staff , prices actually are great for the equality and the atmosphere, we had fun last night with silent disco , but usually inside the bar the used to play great l music. Very recommend i love the place

David Murguia: Nice place to stop in for a drink if you want to stay away from the swarms of people from the canals in navigli. Cocktail came with some little snacks. Waiters were very down to earth.

Peque: Nice cocktails. They give you free tapas. Decent price, good music.

6. LoolaPaloosa

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1901 reviews
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Address: Corso Como, 15, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 PM

Telephone: +39 02 655 5693

Business type: Disco club

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LoolaPaloosa: what do users think?

sara ibr: Great vibe, was very crowded with people. Security people was friendly and really nice and good at their job on the floor. Amazing show from the bartenders😍😍

Stijn: very overcrowded, we did not have space to dance and it was insanely hot inside, we had to go outside to cool every 20 minutes. Also my friends telephone got stolen until we found him and forced him to give it back. Not recommended

Marine Lanty: on vacation with friends, this nightclub was the only one open in milan for a saturday night! we had a lovely evening! the staff are welcoming and know how to set the mood the French girls will obviously come back!

Matthew Crawford: got told to cover up cause I was wearing a crop top and I’m a dude. get a life. obvs it’s a straight club- but there’s surely better and more welcoming clubs in Milan.

Sean Stevens: Good club, little small tables for exclusive if you buy a table. Great dancing atmosphere.

Yoshi Shungu: Had a lot of fun at this place! Lots of people without it being overcrowded, decent cocktails, a good mix of music you can dance to and friendly bartenders! We went on a Saturday night before 12am so entrance was 10 euro with a drink - we were told that after 12am the price goes up, so a little tip there. Recommend for visiting tourists!

7. La Società Milano

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La Società Milano

Address: Via Panfilo Castaldi, 19, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +39 02 2940 1119

Business type: Restaurant

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La Società Milano: what do users think?

Desmond Fofie: From Geneva , found this Gem through a friend and I couldn’t be more satisfied of literally everything!!! From food presentation , quality and taste to the environment and coziness of the spot. Exquisite people … and a special thanks go to the Chef and his Wife for making all this happen . Definitely going back every next trip to Milan .
Response: Thank you Desmond! Come back soon! We'll wait you for another dinner. Chef Andrea Romanelli and Giulia

Laurent Burnier: A gem in Milano. For food, atmosphere, wine, cocktails. A whole experience, and friendly but professional service by a dedicated team in love of Food and design. You can mix your cocktail with a Spotify playlist and have a Tiramisu made I front of you by the chef. Love the decoration and design of the living room.

Deb Radcliff: One of the most amazing dinners we’ve ever had in Italy! Service is outstanding and attentive. And the food! Bellisima! Not only did we meet the fabulous chef, his dishes are artistic and beautifully plated. Don’t skip out on the live table side Tiramissou! Please make sure you include La Societa in Milan. Your Nonna would be delighted!

Julian Saffigna: One of the more amazing experiences you can have in Milan’s culinary scene. The food is amazing and is artistic in its flavors, with vegan options available (was with my partner who was vegan and they were super accommodating), the drinks are superb and the best part about it is the owner/ head chef who is lovely and serves everything from the heart! Would give more than 5 stars if I could.
Response: Thank you Julian, I'm honored. Hope to see you soon again. Chef Andrea Romanelli

Shaheen Alnuaimi: I own a restaurant in Carmel California where we have the highest density of restaurants per square mile in the United States and I enjoy amazing food. This is by far hands-down the best place I have eaten since I’ve been to Rome and Milan! The flavors are not only on point but the presentation is beautiful. I finally asked why the service and food were very good and it turns out that it is a wife in the front of the house and a husband who is the chef. Unreal how good this place is and how packed the mediocre places are. Goes to show that you can’t go off design and popularity alone. A MUST TRY restaurant by people who know what the hell they are doing! Bravo bravo bravo!

Eileen Smith: This place was a bit of a miss for us unfortunately. It feels like the owner has worked really hard to create nice ambience, the service is good, and the plating of dishes is beautiful, but unfortunately the food quality didn’t match up. Some of the dishes we had felt unfinished (for example - one item on the plate would be good, but the sauces / garnishes / base elements like mashed potatoes with the octopus weren’t great). It was also really expensive for the quality of the food; we had better meals for half the cost in other restaurants in Milan. The other thing we found odd was how empty the restaurant was despite the high reviews. I’d suggest to the owners to keep going with the great service and work on getting all the menu items to the same level of quality! If you visit we’d recommend the risotto + tiramisu!
Response: Dear Eileen, thank you for your advice. I want to tell you about the mashed potatoes: it was mashed fava beans! I think that it's necessary to understand what you are eating in order to write. Wait for you next time.

Care Evans: What a great experience! After a quick amuse bouche, my wife and I split an eggplant cannolo, I got the gnocchi and she got the risotto, and we finished with both a tiramisu and the pear biscuit dish. We were so happy to find someplace that had so many elegant vegetarian friendly options, and I would describe each dish as playful and delicious. It also really added to our experience that we were greeted by the owner (who was also working behind the bar and bringing out food) and that we talked with the chef (who walked us through the menu and checked in through the meal). I think it was the best part of a lot of different dining experiences— it has the ingenuity and creativity of an upscale Michelin style eatery, it has the decor and ambiance of a hip local bar, and it has the heart and service of a family owned restaurant. Worth every penny, would absolutely recommend.
Response: Thank you Care!!!! I'm so proud and happy to read your words... Waiting for you, Giulia and Chef Andrea Romanelli

Diego Ferrer: In this place they try hard to be a fine dining restaurant but it was total disappointment. Very friendly owner, some of the dishes were good, other bad, but when you see the bill, a total disaster. Really overpriced drinks that took price to another level, even water really expensive. We felt scammed. Now we understand why it this place was almost empty while nearby restaurants in the same street full.
Response: Mr Ferrer, you had a bottle of water for 3 euro and a glass of white wine for 8 euro. You are not honest.

Giovanni Khoury: It was a greta experience. We went for dinner and took an aperitivo to start with. The drinks were top as well as the appetizers that came with them. The main dishes were excellent. The place is run by a couple who are so involved in what they do and they put their heart out. Wood definitely come again.
Response: Thank you Giovanni! We'll wait for you for another dinner! Andrea and Giulia

8. Cascina Nascosta

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Cascina Nascosta

Address: Viale Emilio Alemagna, 14, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11:30 PM

Telephone: +39 340 675 5196

Business type: Italian restaurant

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Cascina Nascosta: what do users think?

selen sarıtaş: It is a hidden place where you can take a spring breeze and the inside has a very nice, warm ambience which becomes better with live music. The day we went, there was a jazz band; unfortunately, as we were about to leave, we could listen only one song. The reason of giving 4 stars is the prices (spritz €7 with crunchy bread and the dishes are about €14).
Response: Thank you for your feedback, we'll see you soon! :)

elif bengu: I was visiting Milan as part of a training and everyday we are taken to various places to eat. This place was my favorite from the ones that I have visited ... both atmosphere and food was delicious. Portions are small though :(

Federico Collarin: Awesome place in the hearth of parco Sempione. The place is pretty hipster, with a lot of space outside and different table and chairs available. Prices are on average for Milan, beer 6€, wine 5/6€, aperitivo tagliere 12€ (but looked amazing). Is the perfect place where to drink a beer in a sunny afternoon! Personnel very friendly! I would recommend and come back. Ah, if you are super radical chic you can even buy bio eggs, oranges, rice, and other organic food!

Giorgio Patelli: Incredible location in Parco Sempione. In my case, the kitchen was closed at 9 pm so we just ate some focaccia. I don’t have an explanation for this… Italians usually eat until late.

dani _ mou: The host was very very very very rude and not kind to tourist! Not a nice & recommend place to visit! I will definitely pass

Jonas Piccinotti: Very nice place, very good food, a bit pricey

9. YellowSquare Milan

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YellowSquare Milan

Address: Via Serviliano Lattuada, 14, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

Telephone: +39 02 8239 6603

Business type: Bar

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YellowSquare Milan: what do users think?

Jason Pifer: An absolutely stellar hostel. Extremely clean. Staff were among the friendliest and most helpful people I’ve ever met. Great events like stand up comedy and social events. They even have vegan options in the kitchen. 5/5 would stay again
Response: Hello Jason! It was a pleasure to meet you! Hope to see you soon :)

Katya Semina: The best hostel ever ❤️ Nice location, close to metro and some nice restaurants. I stayed there by myself for two night in a 4-bed female room - the room was clean with a good bathroom and a huge balcony! (Too bad it was raining so I didn’t enjoy the view) Plus, great activities and parties (there’s a nice club downstairs) and good breakfast! Will definitely stay there next time I’m in Milan ✈️
Response: Thank you so much Katya! Hope to see you soon 💛

Ella Zalewski: Amazing place and location. The distance from the hostel to the duomo is 13 minutes long. Top three of my list of hostel. I was lucky enough to have a bathroom in the room of 4 but the door is thin so I wish there was more soundproof. And whoever is staying here remember to open up the window even slightly for ventilation!!!! The place was clean and the bed was very comfortable. Also great for solo travelers.
Response: Hi there, thanks for writing this! We're glad you had a good time and we hope to see you soon ;)

Kayla Little: Super clean, great food and drink options, and genuinely the nicest staff! They’re always around to help you with anything you need! Such a good community feel and I barely spent any time at the hostel itself. Couldn’t recommend more, and will definitely be back.
Response: Yes Kayla, please come back!!! So happy you had a good stay. See you soon :)

Lewis Christie: Stayed at yellow square for 5 days and it was honestly the best hostel I’ve ever stayed at! Clean, cool, friendly and had a great vibe, but it was made especially amazing by the two volunteers Hope and Molly! Both of them were so helpful and made all the guests join in with activities and interact with each other, they’re the reason I made so many friends and found love! YellowSquare, Cool Unbelievable Magical L,
Response: Hello, this is a very nice review. We're glad you enjoyed your time here and you met new people. Take care :)

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