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Sailors Tattoo Milano Puro Tattoo Studio Tattoo Parlour Milano Milano City Ink Amanda Toy Tattoo Parlour Pietro Sedda - The Saint Mariner Professional Tattooing The Tattoo Shop milano MAN'S RUIN TATTOO CLUB ISOLA Scighera Tattoo & Piercing Shop Tatuaggi Milano Satatttvision IL CIRCO NERO TATTOO Milano The Original's Tattoo Studio Liber.Arte Tattoo & Piercing Supply WORKSHOP TATTOO & PIERCING STUDIO

1. Sailors Tattoo Milano - Municipio 1

· 186 reviews

Via Varese, 17, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Sailors Tattoo Milano: what do users think?

Kizzie Proctor: Very friendly, great spot for a walk in while on tour and passing through Milan.

Soraya Theard: The staff was so nice and accommodating, prices were good and will 100% come back

Laura Kaukonen: People were super nice and tattoo which I got is perfect!❤️

Andrea Bassi: Best in town

2. Puro Tattoo Studio - Municipio 2



· 93 reviews

Via Mauro Macchi, 50, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Puro Tattoo Studio: what do users think?

Alessia Mosca: Absolutely amazing! Yesterday I went to already get my second tattoo from Jack Nowicz, one of their resident artists. Needless to say I had a great experience, everyone is very kind and friendly. After having got the tattoo I noticed I was missing a banknote and they gave me time to go withdraw from the nearest bank and come back to settle up. I really recommend this studio!

Natalia Henriksen: Best tattoo experience! Everyone was kind and professional. I didn’t worry nor stress for even one second and can’t wait to come back for more:)

C P: Gilberta is an amazing tattoo artist. She made me the most beautiful tattoo and I am so grateful I trusted her.

Emily Yanke: Awesome spot! Talented artists and cool atmosphere. I highly recommend Puro Tattoo if you are in the Milan area!

Marica Innocente: If you are into taxidermy, just worth to visit it. The environment is amazing and tattoers there are various and all very good.

Joey Hawkins: One of the best most professional shops I have ever been to. Full of incredible artists.

3. Tattoo Parlour Milano - Municipio 6

· 118 reviews

Via Tortona, 10, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

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Tattoo Parlour Milano: what do users think?

Lindsay Carpenter: Cannot recommend this shop enough. From the time I first contacted the shop till the time my tattoo was finished, was nothing but amazing, professional, friendly customer service. I had a very large piece done by Giuseppe. The attention to detail, line work and coloring is just incredible. The staff is also so amazing and friendly. Photo taken after session 2 of 3

Mauro Zilioli: Joe is a great tattooer, one of the best I met. I had my full back, my belly and lower leg made by him and I couldn’t be happier. The shop is amazing, new, modern and super cool. The music is super nice and people are very friendly. I will surely go back there. Oh, wait! I already have an appointment for next October.Service: Tattoos

Myrthe Higgins: Perfect service! I’m really scared of needles but they handled it perfectly and made me feel comfortable. The artists were very friendly and are super good at doing their job! I highly recommend!!!

gethin rhys griffiths-richard: Very friendly and experienced staff that got 2 of us in with less than 24 hours notice. Tattoos were done really well and at a good price. Would definitely recommend 👍Service: Tattoos

Sandra: Nice looking studio, professional and really kind tattoo artists, good prices. I recommend it very much!I wish I could give them 6☆Service: Tattoos

Sara Valeria: I walked in with an idea and turned out to look even better than what I expected. The staff is super nice and Marco the tattoo artist is really professional. The prices are fair for the quality ,totally recommended!

Rebecca Bieling: Me and my friend got tattooed there today. Very spontaneously, we literally just went into the shop and asked if they have time for us. They were extremely friendly, easygoing and helpful! Bot tattoos turned out perfectly and made us so happy. We could not have had a better experience!

Vanessa York: A friend and I were visiting Milan for the week and we couldn’t have asked for a better tattoo parlour ! The staff were amazing, super kind and welcoming. The tattoo artist that did our tattoos was incredible, the line work was perfect ! We are extremely happy with the experience and our results :)

Pomeranian Dream Puppies: Searched a long long long time for a good artist in Europe, finally made the decision to trust the tattoo artist Giuseppe Bonelli. He is definitely in the top Italian realistic artists and that’s coming from someone that has very heavy critiques with an art-academic perspective. I am definitely 100% happy with all the details and couldn’t wish for a better portrait. Children and older people are the most difficult to tattoo, so if you are looking for a very important recognisably tattoo of someone you love.. this is the right adress!!!! Very happy thankyou Giuseppe and Tattoo Parlour Milano for making time in so short notice! It was worth the trip and next time I visit Milan this will be definitely the place where I would go for realism tattoos

4. Milano City Ink - Municipio 1

· 83 reviews

Viale Papiniano, 22a, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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Milano City Ink: what do users think?

Calvin Wu: Best tattoo studio in milano, elegant service and good tattoo artist

James McD: The best studio in Milano! Alberto is such a nice guy, wonderful body modification artist and helped my girlfriend with her septum jewellery in a flash! They have so many glass cabinets full of high quality body jewellery. Highly recommend.

William James: Love it, Caterina is an amazing artist

Laura Tacca: Super professionals, I got my first tattoo at 54. My two sons got tattoos on the same day. We are satisfied 😀

Daniele OldFoxPub: Who says it is dear who says they pull it off who says it is not going much .... I found cleaning tattoo artist good with taste, professionalism and precise and perfectly traditional Japanese style. Of course, everything can be improved but in the current state of affairs those who work in the Ne studio give a very high added value. Reason for my assessment. ... also a piercing workshop

Fabio Franzi: I found efficiency, professionalism and hygiene. The Cristian actuator is excellent

Alberto Binacchi: Excellent tattoo studio made up of friendly people who know how to put you at ease and with a high level of preparation and creation of tattoos and piercings. I did both tattoos and piercings with them and I was extremely satisfied with the work but also with the value for money, I highly recommend it.

5. Amanda Toy Tattoo Parlour - Municipio 1

· 87 reviews

Via Giovanni Rasori, 8, 20145 Milano MI, Italy

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Amanda Toy Tattoo Parlour: what do users think?

Lucas Bottollier: I did my first tattoo here by Andrea who was so nice and professional with us. The place is beautiful and you can feel that they care about you, full of propositions and always listening what you say too. Could not expect better place and artist for my 1st tattoo ! Thanks again 🙌🙃

Maddi Dawson: Amanda tattooed me while I was visiting Italy from the US and I just love her style! So colorful and unique. She also works quickly while giving high quality tattoos. She is very friendly and also speaks English very well, I thought that was relevant to include for any English-speaking tourists who may be interested in being tattooed here! She took the concept I gave her and came up with a beautiful bright tattoo. Service: Tattoos

Nell X.: Perfection & GREAT VIBES ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I had been dreaming about coming here for a Tattoo Cover and The experience exceeded my dream. Thank you: Roberto for your art, and Victoria for your kind assistance! Service: Tattoos

tommaso borgato: Amanda is unique! her style and vision are awesome ....

Carlo Flagiello: Outstanding place and their even more beautiful than the place. People who put you at ease and a little magical place.

Stefania Frattari: Amanda is a unique woman, she and all her staff make you feel at home. Professional, experienced and all super clean and colourful

elena rita tornabene: I came from Turin to get a tattoo with Victoria and it was a really positive experience! Four hours that flew by, the guys in the studio are all very nice and I felt at ease. Prices in line with other studios of the same level. Highly recommended!

Daniele Casazza: I bought a limited edition painting from her, her tattoos are the top ... if you see them you want to tattoo them

6. Pietro Sedda - The Saint Mariner Professional Tattooing - Municipio 1

· 81 reviews

Viale Luigi Majno, 17a, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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Pietro Sedda - The Saint Mariner Professional Tattooing: what do users think?

Sabrina Yong: Had my first ever tattoo done here and Lize made it such a great experience. Very professional! Will definitely recommend her to friends.

Eugenio Mariano Planu: Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, QualityI’ve had the pleasure to meet Mr. Pietro Sedda, amazing artist and amazing studio in Milan city center.

Nicasio Muscia: Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, QualityGreat location for the new Studio of one of the best Tattoo Artist in the world :)

Rose Villedary: Awesome place, awesome people. I love my tattoo and I would definitely come back.

Erkan Altintas: A talented tattoo artist place, my experience was really great , mr Sedda keep memories alive

Moe Choucair: Talented, kind and friendly artists. Studio is clean and prices are very fair.

7. The Tattoo Shop milano - Municipio 5

· 127 reviews

Via Evangelista Torricelli, 19, 20136 Milano MI, Italy

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The Tattoo Shop milano: what do users think?

bryan corion: Daniele is a very nice person with a lot of skills and experience, I came from Belgium to Milano and decided to get a tattoo with my brother at his shop and we are very pleased with the result. I would love to come back here combined with a city trip. Thank you so much Daniele for te talk and for the beautiful tattoos. Service: Tattoos

Priya K: Oh my! This was my best experience. It was my first tattoo and I conveyed how I want it to Daniele who drew the sketch, with different options. Got this tattoo on my 30th birthday. It did not pain at all the second it was over. So so so in love with the tattoo. ❤️ If you are in Milan and want to get a tattoo done, (even in the supposedly most painful areas) look no further. Head to the tattoo shop Milano! 😍

Sarah Norton: Excellent shop! Mino is wonderful, I highly recommend them! ❤️Service: Tattoos

Anna Timme: Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, QualityI’ve had 5 tattoos done here and more to come! Daniele is super professional and builds on many years of experience to produce amazing artwork. His English is great too! Don’t go anywhere else!

Giovanni Contrada: Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, ValueI’ve been here twice to get a tatoo from the artist @albertinodabologna. The owner Daniele is an amazing artist as well, he went out if his way to make me feel welcomed and at ease. I highly recommend going to The Tatoo Shop in Milano for your next ink.

Johan Kruse Larsen: Positive: Cleanliness, ProfessionalismGot my first tattoo here, they were very professional and also very good at handling newcomers. Would definitely recommend!

Cristian Garcia: I got my second tattoo here. I did a big research online and I decided to come here, the first tattoo parlor in town. The experience was really nice. The design was done by "sailor" Edo and the actual tattoo by "Big Boss" Dany.- I was very pleased with the way the work overall. I would definitely recommend The Tattoo Shop Milano.

Ugo Galelli: Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, ValueI have had an amazing experience with the guys at the Tattoo Shop Milano. Authentic, real and professional. A true gem! Great location too. Highly recommended.

Marco Colombo: Tattoo? Only from them! Relaxing environment, attention to details, the latest hygiene regulations and good music only at the most historic Tattoo shop in Milan. No compromise.

Fabio Faranda: Daniele very kind, nice and professional person. I asked if he could add some items to my 25 year old tattoo, the result is flawless. I will follow his advice to come back later to homogenize all the individual designs, with a background. I recommend it! Top!


· 42 reviews

Via Antonio Pollaiuolo, 2, 20159 Milano MI, Italy

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MAN'S RUIN TATTOO CLUB ISOLA: what do users think?

Billie Gray: Great little shop, Sofi was responsive when coordinating the appointment, and helpful post tattoo. She gave me a nice american traditional style tattoo to fit an awkward filler spot on the arm.

Jürgen Strandberg: This is a very nice tattoo parlour, everybody is very friendly and they know what they are doing. Just go in and ask for some advice if you are looking for a new tattoo 😉

Gabriela Hungerbühler: Best quality and very nice people!

Arielle Carvalho: Super nice and helpful, we will definitely be back!

Francesco Paleari (Pale): experience, professionalism and sympathy; a perfect mix. 5 stars more than deserved

Daniele Ghisletti: I made 14 tattoos from these guys including a beautiful sailing ship on the chest are definitely the traditional soul of the tattoo. Very nice and full of ideas, the top.

Francesca Diana Baralya: Recommended by a friend, they were very kind in advising me from a practical point of view even though I arrived with clear ideas. Fast and almost painless. Thanks Lorenzo for the clemency 😂

Giordano Capelli: I can only give 10 and praise, professionalism and skill. Here you pay for quality and rightly so. Highly recommended

9. Scighera Tattoo & Piercing Shop Tatuaggi Milano - Municipio 5

· 101 reviews

Viale Col di Lana, 8, 20136 Milano MI, Italy

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Scighera Tattoo & Piercing Shop Tatuaggi Milano: what do users think?

Sarah Smith: Super friendly, all very talented! Very clean as well and we’re flexible in working with us on drawing something custom even though we originally came in for flash. Lots of flash available though. Highly recommend! Great shop!Service: Tattoos

Hanna Steiner: I had a great experience here, the shop was cool, the service was quick of quality and the staff was very nice and accomodating. I really recommend!Service: Nose piercing

Maria Alba Galasso: Best tattoo studio in town. I had the pleasure to go there around 4 times and have the chance to meet different tattoo artist. The whole staff is well prepared and glad to listen to your ideas. Most important the studio is clean at all times and the music is good too 🤘😃 thanks guys 💘

Scott Yeastadt: Easy to get a hold of and excellent work! Would highly recommend.Service: Tattoos

Anna d'Aurelio: Amazing venue surrounded by fantastic and talented artists able to catch exactly what you want and realize it perfectly. It’s been a big pleasure ! Thanks a lot! Annina Service: Tattoos

Ellen Kageler: Great shop! I got my tattoo from Loris. Very professional and clean, great environment- would definitely recommend!

Léa Dallemagne: Very professional tattoo artist, attentive, gentle, possibility of getting a tattoo quickly when you are a tourist, I recommendService: Tattoos

Antonio Della volpe: I read the reviews (all positive) and blindly trusted them to get my first piercing done. I had the opportunity to interact in particular with Daniele, an extremely professional, nice and sociable person, who made me feel at home, immediately putting me at ease and doing the job in the best possible way. As for the studio, it is of an obsessive level of cleanliness and is well structured and furnished. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get tattooed or pierced.

Federico Nani: I found this business on the internet, and I had an ear piercing done by them. Great service, clean, friendly staff who cater to every need. Honest price. I advise.

10. Satatttvision - Municipio 3

· 70 reviews

Via Alessandro Tadino, 3, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Satatttvision: what do users think?

Samira Rehm: I’ve been there last week to get a tattoo by Mirko Sata. I felt like he could be my friend as well, without losing anything of his professionalism. I came from Germany and it was totally worth the price of the tattoo+hotel+flight - such a beautiful, personal and well done tattoo with so many details in such a short time :) If you are looking for something special for the rest of your life - this is the place to get it

Zac: Clean studio with a professional and welcoming staff. Mirko is an absolute legend and experienced artist who is well known for his freehand snakes.All of the artists predominantly do black work and the studio will occasionally host other artists.

Giorgio Inparte: Top

Eleonora S.: Friendly staff and studio in the center of Milan. Delighted with the result, I will definitely come back to them for a next tattoo!

giacomo nigro: Great environment, precise on time, requests are accepted and useful and relevant advice is given, highly recommended

matteo buonanno seves: Great experience, kind and helpful guys. In particular, I worked with Davide, a really capable tattoo artist. Definitely a study to be taken into consideration.

11. IL CIRCO NERO TATTOO Milano - Municipio 1

· 711 reviews

Via dell'Unione, 10, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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IL CIRCO NERO TATTOO Milano: what do users think?

Saylar Green: This was the best tattoo experience I’ve had. I’ve been tattooed by many artists from all over, and Clarissa and Lisa were so pleasant to work with. We had a group of 5 so we made appointments ahead of time and all of us we’re so very pleased. They accept walkins also, they get people in and out quickly and kindly! I would come back to Milan just to have Clarissa tattoo me again. Stop in here if you’re considering!

Naomi Jagtman: I love my tattoo! I went to Italy and really wanted something to remeber it, so I went here. Got 4 diffrent designs to choose from and the one I wanted was still costumizable. The proces went very very smoothly, I felt comfortable.

Amber van Zadelhoff: Great experience. Went there on an afternoon to get a tattoo, very welcome for walk-ins. Staff is very friendly, professional and hygienic. Very happy with the tattoo. Fair price as well. Definitely would go here again once in Milano.

Yannis Poly: Very spontaneous, fast and fair prices! My Friend and I were both tattooed on the day we walked in for the first time. The Staff was friendly and the tattoos look great! Thank you very much :)Service: Tattoos

Thea S.: A spontain wish to get a tattoo brought me to this Studio. People are great her open and help u very good with your choice. Was really happy with my tattoo and will always remember my Trip to Milano. Service: Tattoos

Yara Alkhudhairy: Amazing service! Very professional, friendly, and clean. I did a surface arm piercing with Alberto and changed earrings on my previous piercings. Highly recommended! Service: Ear piercing

Teja Lisjak: honestly such a dope tattoo shop. i walked in, and not only Clarissa did an amazing job with the tattoo, but everyone was so kind and vibes all the way!! it was my 2nd tattoo and i never felt so at ease :) definitely recommend!! GRAZIE

Amina Murphy: The idea of getting a tattoo in Italy was kind of a dream and Clarissa made it come true! Let me tell you she has magic hands, the experience was so pleasant and no pain what so ever. If you ever want to get a tattoo in Milan visit this parlor. The place is implacable and the team is very friendly. Thank you!

Steffie Christiaens: We were on a trip to Milano and decided to take a spontaneous tattoo. We searched for the best place with the best reviews. This place came out. The super friendly nice women who work here are very talented and directly comforted me as I took a tattoo. It is very clean and they show which needle they use. Very good experience.

12. The Original's Tattoo Studio - Municipio 5

· 123 reviews

Corso Luigi Manusardi 6 Interno, 20136 Milano MI, Italy

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The Original's Tattoo Studio: what do users think?

Natasha Kalantar: we were so so pleased with our visit here! the guys were incredibly kind and fun to chat with and the work they did was amazing and for an unbelievably great price considering the standard of work and how much thought and effort they put into making our ideas come alive. thanks both so much!

Pedro Gimenez-Zapiola: Amazing work by Sasha Merenda, who created a custom piece for me and treated me like one of his own. Recommend to anyone looking to get a tattoo in Milan that fits his styleService: Tattoos

Londyn Beaudoin: Nino did amazing job on my walk-in tattoo! Great detail and quality, i will definitely be returning soon!!Service: Tattoos

Kaya Kozanecka: The most incredible tattoo artist. Went in for a flash not too sure what I wanted but with the amazing selection of flash designs and Cristianino’s unique artistic vision I came out with a tattoo more perfect than I could have imagined. The studio was easy to find and had an incredibly cool atmosphere. Cristianino himself was a lovely and friendly guy and we felt instantly welcomed, he also offered us coffee/ tea etc and was all around very accommodating. Studio was perfectly hygienic and I felt beyond comfortable the whole time. He was also very kind to give us very reasonable prices. 11/10 wonderful experience thanks to this truly incredible and talented artist. Thank you Service: Tattoos

Sam Stijnen: Had an amazing experience with this guy! Me and my friend got our first and second tattoo and we are very happy. Thank you so much!Service: Tattoos

Nicola Pau: Unreal experience at Tattoo Originals today! This was my 5th tatt with Cristiano and it’s now my go to when I’m in Milano. Absolute legend and incredibly down to earth kinda guy, makes you feel so welcome in his cute central studio. Come for the tattoos, stay for the vibe! 5 stars only because I can’t give more. Thanks for having me brother. Service: Tattoos

Darius Smith: Very friendly, fast and knowledgeable at a really good price, easily my best tat experience!

Forty Seven: Amazing experience and service. This shop is a must if you are ever in Milan. Was tattooed by Sasha He was faultless in every way. Will definitely be back again! Service: Tattoos

George Lea: Just got a tattoo to top off the holiday in Milan. Cristianino was amazing throughout the whole process, would highly recommend to anyone in the Milan area or those visiting for an incredible souvenir of your time there👍🏼Service: Tattoos

bruno zingg: Walked In with my gf for a flash and ended up having an amazing experience with Christianino and his artistic expertise, versatility in different tattooing styles and sympathetic hospitality!Service: Tattoos

13. Liber.Arte Tattoo & Piercing Supply - Municipio 3

· 311 reviews

Via Illirico, 11, 20133 Milano MI, Italy

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Liber.Arte Tattoo & Piercing Supply: what do users think?

Maike Zk: They where super kind and proffesional and very helpful. Amazing designes and the interior design of the shop is amazing. Everyone that worked there where super friendly towards every customer. The next time I travel to Italy again I will definitely go to them again to get another tattoo or a piercing or both. Good prices for amazing quality

Carmen Christine Chavez: Clean, kind, and professional. The best piercing experience I’ve ever had, and at a good price. I highly recommend this place.

Moayad Eltahir: I went there for my 28th birthday, the staff were super friendly and they explained everything very well(also in English), they know what they are doing and it shows. I’m also very happy with the placement of the piercing they suggested.

Vanessa Knights: Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, ValueBest piercing experience I have ever had (and I had 12+) . Incredibly friendly and professional and the piercings turned out AMAZING! Thank you

Manon VIDOU: Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, QualityMe and my friends got tattoos with Edna and had a really good time with her and Ricky !! The tattoos are perfects, I recommend this place 100% for tattoos and piercings ❤️

Duru Acar: Was convenient about the prices. They were friendly. And they have a lot of options for colors and piercing supplementary.

Mirko Di Tullio: Positive: ProfessionalismI made my first tattoo here and i cannot be happier. Thanks a lot

Francesco Toreno: Great place. Super clean! Ask for tattooist Toro!

Tyler Ceolato: Top class

Roberto Smisek: Top team and artist!


· 40 reviews

Via Pietro Andrea Saccardo, 31, 20134 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
MANULIBERA TATTOO STUDIO: what do users think?

Jacki S: Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, PunctualityHad my arm done here a few years ago, it was the fastest, most professional and most comfortable experience I had. Props to Emanuele for the amazing piece and being so flexible with my request too. Will always recommend him!

Analise Handley: Positive: ProfessionalismMy partner and I had a wonderful experience here. The art was well executed, the artist and his apprentices were very nice. I highly recommend having work done here if the style is what you are into

Massimiliano Sbarsi: Very clean studio 🙏🏾 Marta is an exceptional tattoo artist from an artistic and human point of view

Paola Cipolla: Location where I first met my tattoo artist. I really liked the context (internal courtyard surrounded by trees), a clean, serious and professional place.

Cristina Rossi: Nice welcome .. fragrant and bright studio. Well done . Professionals

Francesco Zanvit: Extremely professional and kind staff. Gorgeous tattoos, it shows that experience is at home!

The Doppelganger: An exceptional, competent, professional team, nothing to say a gathering of real artists.

Niko Rotaru: They are wonderful people. Healthy to do their job very well.

Carlo Di Napoli: Great artist, serious, clean and professional


· 2873 reviews

Piazza Lima, 3, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp

Alessandro Mancini: I did upgraded my piercing size and the place is super clean and cool. The specialists are professionals and really reliable. Of course I will keep suggest this place for all my friends both Italians or that are coming from abroad Alessandro

Luciana Vaggione: I went to do a nose piercing, everyone is super nice and professional. Dimitri is the best, he is super fast you don’t even notice when he does the piercing haha Awesome place!! ♥️

Maya: A little bit of a wait but everything was very clean and Piercer was very professional and very friendly staff, informative and helpful. Highly recommented.

Ekim Öztürk: Piercer was very fast and did his job professionally. Also there was no problem with communicating in english.

Theresa Glasauer: Really nice and caring stuff, the piercing was done fast and literally painless! Thank you soooo much ❤️❤️❤️ only can recommend 💐

Leonor Carvalheiro: I got a piercing made here about a month ago and I loved the experience. The place was super clean and the staff was really friendly and nice. Plus they answered all the questions that I had. If I ever decide to get a tattoo or would want another piercing I would definitely want to go here again.

Tid Kaster: got my snake bites piercing here and i enjoy the quality of service c:

Stefano Steno: First piercing, Dimitri was very fast and precise. Thank you!Service: Ear piercing

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