Best Chill Out Bar With Sofas In Milan Near Me

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1. Sofa Cafe - Municipio 6

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490 reviews
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Sofa Cafe
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Address: Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 7, 20143 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 1 AM

Telephone: +39 02 3658 9107

Business type: Bar

Sofa Cafe: what do users think?
Milo Beliën
Milo Beliën: Cozy little bar in a really nice area. Staff are nice, food is good but a little on the expensive side. I do recommend to check this place out.
gazel: The staff was so nice, and were actually able to get iced coffee around 8 pm. The proce was really good too, we payed 3 euros for each
Radek Maziarka
Radek Maziarka: Great coffees and drinks. Quick cold inside, we have to wear jackets.
MrATL247: The ambience was excellent and the staff was friendly. There are sofas in the back which makes for a comfortable time with friends for the night. Their wine portions are average, but tasty. They have an additional food menu with pastries and food and a full bar as well. Highly recommend coming here before headed to your major dinner spot.
Eva Marleen Kiili
Eva Marleen Kiili: I was looking for a café around Navigli area and checked reviews for many places and decided to try out Sofa Bar. It exceeded all my expectations. Cappucino XL was huge and the muffin as well as crostoni were delicious. I enjoyed the tranquil vibe and the playlist suited very well. Loved the decor and the setup of the bar and seating area. I highly recommend!
M. Andó
M. Andó: Nice bar on the Navigli streets. As mentioned in the name of this place, the bar is cozy and food and drinks are tasty, but mind that it is also quite expensive.
Rahma M.M
Rahma M.M: This tiny cafe have best croissants you can have in Milan, the interior is lovely and different than other cafes.
Lex Z.
Lex Z.: Delicious coffee and croissants in beautiful scenery

2. STRAFhotel&bar - Municipio 1

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290 reviews
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Address: Via S. Raffaele, 3, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +39 02 8050 8715

Business type: Bar

STRAFhotel&bar: what do users think?
Marcella Menzi
Marcella Menzi: super nice & local place for aperitivo in milan. cristan is a super nice guy who is doing all to let the guests feel good. best place, will return for sure. (the design of the bar / hotel is top) 🔥
Dan Shuttleworth
Dan Shuttleworth: Great cocktails and location by the Duomo, dropped in several times over a long weekend in Milan. Rum Cooler and Moscow Mule recommended.
AsH: Best place for Aperitivo... In 10 euro we get a drink with unlimited snacks buffet... Very easy access next to Duomo and Galleria Vittorio
Sara Craven
Sara Craven: 4.5 stars. Great aperitivo box, drinks and fabulous view of the duomo. Not much else you could ask for!! Great people watching and vibe.
Husain Kamal
Husain Kamal: Very practical and friendly caffe/bar. We had coffee and hot chocolate. Nice and simple setting outside. Very close to the Cathedral in a quiet street. The prices are reasonable despite the central location. Nice place to have a smoke while having a drink setting outside. Very cool atmosphere place.
Yury P
Yury P: Great bar at reasonable prices with a view of the Duomo. Thank you for the great atmosphere and Wi-Fi)
Mithu Sen
Mithu Sen: Good Cocktails near Duomo Simple place offering good Cocktails. A bit expensive. But if you consider the quality and location, might as well accept the price. Bar tenders are courteous. There are some places inside. Also you may sit outside (crowd of young people). Recommended.
Giselle Perez
Giselle Perez: Franco, our waiter made us feel like we were in hos dinning room!! Best server in all of Milan!! And the food!! Where to start, ALL of it from apps, salads, pasta, meats INCREDIBLE!!! Definitely a MUST return!!
Julien Perron
Julien Perron: Excellent cocktails and side dishes. Staff was very nice.

3. Backdoor 43 - Municipio 6

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204 reviews
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Backdoor 43
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Address: Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 43, 20143 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30 PM

Business type: Bar

Backdoor 43: what do users think?
Gilad Izrael
Gilad Izrael: One of the best craft cocktails experiences I’ve ever had. The personalized 1-1 service is superb. I wish they’ve had a smaller portions tasting menu since the cocktails are exquisite and special, and it’s getting hard to drink more than 2-3 cocktails within an hour. I want to taste them all :) Highly recommended for cocktail lovers
Eugene Brock
Eugene Brock: Back door 43 is nestled in between the hustle and bustle of the Navigli Canal and an awesome bar scene. Don’t walk too fast or you might miss it. It has a small window that you knock on that offers to go drinks as well as the inside bar experience that fits up to four people. What an amazing experience! Alberto made 3 magical cocktail creations from my reference point of a spirit forward boulevardier, an old fashion and a Milanese Negroni. I highly recommend
Donya Shoubasi
Donya Shoubasi: Perfect "speakeasy" hidden away. Small, only 2 seats but very intimate if you enjoy the exclusivity of being the only ones in the building.No menu, just tell the bartender what you like and have something made for you. A must for anyone that appreciates craft cocktails.
Jenny Zaerr
Jenny Zaerr: Very cool experience here. It is the smallest bar in the world only seating 4 people max. They only take five 1-hour reservations per evening, starting at 730pm and ending at 1230am. You can also get takeaway (to go) cocktails at the window all night until 3 am. Our server Jacopo (or maybe jacob, not entirely sure with the Italian accent lol) was so friendly and you could tell he knew a lot about the cocktails. It is a totally personalized experience. I told him that I looked mezcal, not sweet and like spicy, and he made me a special martini that was very spirit forward and had a little kick to it. So good! They also have their riff of a campari that is so delicious… it’s called fusetti. I took a bottle home! Thanks for a great stop here!
Jérémie Astori
Jérémie Astori: Loved this tiny bar (1 party of 2-4 people at a time), very customized experience. Sister bar to Mag Café next door, also worth a stop!
Priyanka Pattni
Priyanka Pattni: This cocktail experience was nothing like I’ve ever seen before! Super exciting and had a lovely bartender who made some amazing drinks for me and my family. Great location by the canals would 100% recommend visiting
Maria Agustina Chalub
Maria Agustina Chalub: The experience is cool. The place is unique and what the offer is worth it. This bar is not celiac friendly. One of our biggest concern is about Federico (bartender), he doesn’t have a clear knowledge about celiac disease or cross contamination since he keep using the same cutlery and not washing it for every drink. Last but not least, he was trying the drinks while he was preparing them by sucking the spoon and using it again on the same glass, several times.
Terry Lyons
Terry Lyons: Superb great cocktails and service
Alan: Incredible personalized experience! Great way to learn more about cocktails and try new things. Bartender was very hospitable. Make sure to reserve ahead.
Thea92F: An absolutely incredible experience. Our bartender Alberto was lovely and so knowledgeable. Never experienced anything like this. You can get cocktails from a list to take away from the hatch but I highly recommend booking a slot to have the full experience and sample the amazing cocktails made for you according to your tastes. Brilliant!!!

4. Monkey Cocktail Bar - Municipio 2

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608 reviews
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Monkey Cocktail Bar
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Address: Via Napo Torriani, 5, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30 PM

Telephone: +39 320 297 3647

Business type: Cocktail bar

Monkey Cocktail Bar: what do users think?
J.M. Walker
J.M. Walker: This is the best bar in Milan. Locally owned by people who are passionate about what they do. Craft cocktails, muddled by hand ingredients, beautifully presented. It is as much of a pleasure to watch them make the drinks as it is to enjoy them. Highly recommend.
Response: Heilà J.M., thanks for nice review, best regard.
Ryan Dalton
Ryan Dalton: This place was awesome. Randomly walked by and liked the vibe it was putting off. Good music and noticed the drinks were bougie looking so we had to stop by for a patio cocktail. We were not disappointed. Drinks are amazing and the bites that come with the tails were perfect.
Response: Thanks Ryan for nice review, you are welcome.
Jesse Sanberg
Jesse Sanberg: Fantastic cocktail bar with excellent cocktails and beers. Drinks are served with a complementary plate of bites (incl. cheese, olives, ham, crisps). If you are a fan of cocktails and you’re looking for a cocktail bar in Milan, this is a great option.
Response: Many thanks Jesse for nice review, you are welcome.
Dominik Werner
Dominik Werner: The cocktails where very tasty and the people there where very nice. Getting an entire platter of food for free with the drinks was a very pleasant surprise. Definitely recommending this place!
Kaan: Great vibe and cocktails. Nice that the menu is not overwhelming. The tables o the street give you a breeze in hot summer nights. If you like sweet and sour - -> or orange monkey, sour & fresh - -> jungle fizz, fresh with ginger ale --> esvito
Response: Many thanks Kaan,nice comment,see you soon
Maria Granados
Maria Granados: I would resume in a phrase: There is no culture of cocktail at this bar, and they don’t use cocktail jiggers. We went after reviewing the good reviews of this bar and hope it was a good option to finish the day. We took a Negroni and on the QR code it was detailed that it was made with Bulldog gin. When they were preparing the drink, we saw that they took a gin with a transparent bottle (this was not Bulldog). After taking the first swallow we just could’t go on with the drink and spoke with the bartender. He was suprised about what we detailed and did not want to try the drink, also he said that this drink wasn’t made with Bulldog gin. We detailed that it was written on the QR code but they denied it (and did not give us the QR code back to check it). A woman came and told us that the Negroni was a “hard drink” and make us look that we never hadn’t tried this drink. She offered to change the drink and said that they were going to put Bulldog gin on it. We just gave them a second chance but the drink was bad as the first one. We ordered the bill and leave the both Negronis full on the table. They did not even check if everything was OK, just take the money and didn’t look back. We did not want a discussion and that’s why we paid and leaved, but surely won’t recommed this to anyone.
Chrissy Turner
Chrissy Turner: The best drinks in Milan. Fun place. Great staff.
Response: Thanks Chrissy for best Review, you are welcome.
Denis Aleks
Denis Aleks: Not large, but nice & interesting bar with its unique atmosphere & interior. Positive staff, funny music and a lot of cocktails! Perfect place - I liked it )))
Lina Marcela Mosquera Palomeque
Lina Marcela Mosquera Palomeque: I really fall in love with this place it’s cozy and very small, but the attention it’s perfect, the personal it’s so kind, and they work fast! I need to say that the aperitivo it’s ok ! The music it’s perfect jazz blues and rock&roll but the most incredible thing here in this little bar is the taste of the cocktails ! 🥇

5. Moscow Mule Bar Milano - Municipio 3

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1777 reviews
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Moscow Mule Bar Milano
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Address: Via Teodosio, 60, 20131 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +39 393 352 7617

Business type: Cocktail bar

Moscow Mule Bar Milano: what do users think?
Javier Hernández
Javier Hernández: The cocktails are good and at a reasonable price, the food is nice for an after dinner or for the typical aperitivo (not so much and not much variety). The location is nice
Tapana: One of my hidden gem place to drink. Good drink and the cheapest (6€) in the area. But don’t underestimate their drink with the price, it’s real good. Every friends I took here love the place. The only downside is the place some day can be to pack. Anyway recommended!!!
Alan Darra
Alan Darra: Really good drinks, fast and friendly service. Cozy atmosphere. My favorite place to have drinks.
Brad Wolff
Brad Wolff: Excellent, inexpensive drinks. The precision that they put into making the Moscow Mule with fresh ginger, ginger powder, and their own ginger beer. Delicious. Spicy. Jam packed on a Saturday night.
Rob Afton
Rob Afton: First time in Milan, randomly walked into this place, it was incredible.Creative, fun, inviting. Ricardo spoke English and was very nice to me even though I spoke very, very little Italian.Will be going back again as soon as possible!
Consuelo Angioni
Consuelo Angioni: Great cocktails (both traditional and original ones, the "cocktail of the month" is always worth a try) and CHEAP, which is unusual in Milan. The barthender is amazing. Gold!

6. Banco - Municipio 6

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437 reviews
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Address: Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 46, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM Mon

Telephone: +39 02 8941 5868

Business type: Cocktail bar

Banco: what do users think?
Adrian Zatreanu
Adrian Zatreanu: Great place right near the canals with a vast collection of drinks, but most of the cocktail collection felt very bland. The staff was very helpful and nice and helped us with recommendations and custom cocktails, so that was very appreciated! It’s also right near the canal so the view is very pretty! However, there’s like dozens of cocktails (mostly gin) but as a whiskey/rum drinker, I felt it very hard to pick something (there was one called Tree of Life which was amazing.. but that was it..)
Merush Atmaram-Mamtora
Merush Atmaram-Mamtora: Excellent cocktails and service! The barman will greet you with open arms and suggest a drink to your liking. They serve little toast and olives with your drinks. Totally worth it!
L W: My boyfriend lived in Milan for several years. Came back after 8 years and had an ‘emotional’ catch up with the bartender discussing that this had been his favourite bar, who then charged him 30 euros for an entry level whisky “…. His son and wife was then set on him to pay the extortionate charge… they can make a fine cocktail but they’re absolutely cutthroat and you can’t trust a smile from a thousand miles. Personally I would never go back
Alda Lima
Alda Lima: Such a cool, laid-back bar! I went with a friend for my last night in Milan and had a blast - amazing dry martinis and staff, great place to meet people. Thank you Francesco and all the bar’s people... got back to the hotel with funny souvenirs, a hangover, and stories to tell!
Alex: Just ordered 2 excellent cocktails and that’s what we got. Perfect service and very nice atmosphere! Prices are also fine!Would come again! 10/10
Andrew Allday
Andrew Allday: Great cocktails in a cool setting, however rating 3 star as we had a phone stolen right out of a bag!
georgepapageorgre7: Excellent store, we enjoyed a very good coffe in a sunny day...Happy owners and reasonable prices!!!!
Maxime Dubail
Maxime Dubail: We were kicked out of our table to place 4 people instead of us. Very rude and desapointing...

7. UGO Cocktail Bar - Bistrot - Municipio 6

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1035 reviews
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UGO Cocktail Bar - Bistrot
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Address: Via Corsico, 12, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +39 02 3981 1557

Business type: Cocktail bar

UGO Cocktail Bar - Bistrot: what do users think?
Noura Sakr
Noura Sakr: Passed by around 22:30 to have a few glasses of wine and some nibbles, it was okay. I personally did not enjoy the bottle of wine we got especially compared to its price. I tried the mozzarella in carrozza which were delicous but they had anchovies in them and it was not mentioned on the menu! The atmosphere was nice and the staff was fine nothing special though!
Joseph Raczynski
Joseph Raczynski: Great little spot for a bitter or sour beverage to start the night. Nice staff and a good display of food with the drink.
Consuelo Angioni
Consuelo Angioni: Cute and well designed cocktail bar. An innovative menu, a cozy atmosphere, great drinks for fair prices. Recommended!
אנה קלבאנוב
אנה קלבאנוב: Great place with very tasty cocktails with snakes on the aperitif time
Denis Riftin
Denis Riftin: Perfect local place with cocktails! Friendly staff and very good cocktails! MUST to visit.
Olivier JOUIN
Olivier JOUIN: Excellent cocktail place with great apéritivo - super nice decoration too
Dahliana Philip
Dahliana Philip: It was a beautiful evening but sadly the sun was along the canal and not in the side street where Ugo is located. The drinks menu is a little difficult to navigate, especially if you prefer a really standard cocktail and not one of their specials. Staff are great though!
Maria Moraki
Maria Moraki: Unfortunately the rude staff ruins the whole experience. The cocktail was nice but service was awful. We asked for water twice and no response. I donnot at all recommend it! Find another more friendly bar
Mariela Tsopanova
Mariela Tsopanova: One of the nicest bars in Milan with the best drinks. Cosy and warm atmosphere. Great selection of wines and delicious food. Highly recommended!
Brett Stamp
Brett Stamp: Service was amazing taking their time to talk us through what cocktail we would likeSetting is wonderful and before you know it hours have gone by!Will be back again next time we are in Milan

8. Kilburn Cocktail Bar Milano - Municipio 3

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871 reviews
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Kilburn Cocktail Bar Milano
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Address: Via Panfilo Castaldi, 25, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7 PM

Telephone: +39 02 3658 0751

Business type: Cocktail bar

Kilburn Cocktail Bar Milano: what do users think?
Joshua Cornutt
Joshua Cornutt: Sophisticated, classic cocktail bar with unique recipes and knowledgeable waiters. The bartender had excellent recommendations for us based on our preferences and the overall atmosphere was romantic and elegant. A real Milanese gem.
Anat Orgad
Anat Orgad: Great place for cocktails, the serving is beautiful. The tapas is so limited, only one option with 3 varieties… a bit strange but the drinks are well worth it.
Iryna Korenevych
Iryna Korenevych: Amazing fancy location with very delicious cocktails. The best bar I have ever visited.There are not so many places, so its better to reserve in advance.
Emma: Absolutely exquisite! The cocktails are of high quality, original, fancy and very tasty. The atmosphere of the bar is super enjoyable, I loved the decoration! The service is also excellent: welcoming and friendly.
Response: Thank you so much Emma for your nice review. We hope to see you back soon!
Anastasia Marie Krstevska
Anastasia Marie Krstevska: One of the best places in Milan to go for a drink on a night out. Really classy with an amazing atmosphere and music. But the thing that stood out the most was the outstanding service and the unique presentation of the drinks that very really high quality crafted with great pairing of the the the ingredients, giving an unforgettable taste.
Charmaine Ch'ng
Charmaine Ch'ng: The cocktails that we ordered, 4 in total, were all hits. We thoroughly enjoyed the combination of bitter and sweet. It is more on the pricey side, where some cocktails are priced 2 euros more than stated in the menu bcos of using a more premium rum/whisky.

9. Bar Basso - Municipio 3

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2329 reviews
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Bar Basso
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Address: Via Plinio, 39, 20133 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 AM Wed

Telephone: +39 02 2940 0580

Business type: Cocktail bar

Bar Basso: what do users think?
Monica More Petroski
Monica More Petroski: The popular place for Negroni Sbaliato. The price is a bit expensive. The glass is huge (so, if you like you are lucky). The aperitivo is basic but worth it.
Sforza Giovanni
Sforza Giovanni: I like this aperitivo place. However, it is a bit overpriced as this place created Negroni sbagliato and so they use their notoriety. But they still serve nice drinks, some in huge glasses, with nice aperitivo
Nikolai Pragovski
Nikolai Pragovski: Best traditional Italian apperitivo bar. They serve small dishes with something to eat with each of their wonderful negronis. I loved the feeling of a bar that’s there too long but welcomes both older and young guests
MrVasanth1990: Historic landmark, Birthday place of the Negroni cocktail, I suggest to order directly at the bar and not be served at the table. Definitely a great place to hang out amidst artists.
LA Angel
LA Angel: After changing subways and walking for 10 minutes, I was lucky to find it open on the day after Christmas. I wanted to check out their Negroni sbagliato (or Negroni Wrong), with champagne instead of gin, which is claimed to have had its origins here- as mentioned by fellow LA traveler.. Bar was OK, Negroni for 11 Euros was pricey but cheaper compared to 15 Euros Aperol Spritz at Rooftop of the department store in front of Duomo. What I enjoyed the most- was the familial atmosphere. Bartenders knew almost every customer and had a small talk. Single lady came for a cappuccino, couples enjoyed their orange juice and coke in a small glass bottle, some locals were seen sipping wine. Even super seniors came and enjoyed their time. What I did not like was the hygiene. Bartenders, although in impeccably white ironed shirts and ties did not wash hands after smoking in the back which I could see, since I was sitting in front of kitchen entrance. One elderly bartender was munching on olives, pretzels while talking to customers- again not washing hands. I had tough time munching on my olives. I dared not use their restroom. Although we can never find out what goes on behind the kitchen doors, when we see such things in front of us- it leaves bad taste no matter how exotic the Negroni. No tip was given nor did the elderly man on the register cared.
Tuana Haznedar
Tuana Haznedar: It is one of the most popular bars in milan and the creator of negroni sbagliato. I found the price (11 euros) exaggerated considering sitting on uncomfy plastic chairs (when sitting outside) and nothing much special.

10. LiQuido Rooftop Bar - Municipio 2

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90 reviews
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LiQuido Rooftop Bar
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Address: Via Giovanni Battista Pirelli, 5B, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +39 02 8498 0810

Business type: Bar

LiQuido Rooftop Bar: what do users think?
David Anderson
David Anderson: Fantastic place. Great vibe, fantastic staff, wonderful cocktails and complimentary snacks which go a long way!
Jessica King
Jessica King: Stopped in for drinks. Very little flavor to the mixed drinks and staff was not attentive. Had to get up to order everything even though we had a table.
HM NC: Really nice view. Cocktails are simply FABULOUS, so sophisticated and prices 👍 👌Waiters are gentle and nice. Thank you !
Andrew: When I read rooftop bar, I expected something else. It is just a normal hotel bar in the upper floor. But the cocktails were not bad and they have a very good regional beer on their menu.
Anna Tasca
Anna Tasca: Very nice bar inside the IQ Hotel
Raed Al Haddad
Raed Al Haddad: Modern fascinating hotel with high level of service and a very welcoming skilful staff and reception whose manager Mr Davide proved to be a reliable man with old experience in hotels management.
Jacob Nørgaard
Jacob Nørgaard: Very cozy bar, great service, awesome drinks. Loved it.
-: The view from the rooftop is nice, but everything else is not thrilling for the price you pay.

11. The Doping Bar - Municipio 1

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592 reviews
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The Doping Bar
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Address: Piazza Ventiquattro Maggio, 8, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +39 02 8941 5901

Business type: Bar

The Doping Bar: what do users think?
Alex Andreanov
Alex Andreanov: Was having my birthday party there. Place is nice, very well decorated. Stuff is helpful and nice. Why 3 stars? 1. One of the guys who served us was totally unpleasant 2. They took a 100 euros for curing a cake! 😵‍💫without even mentioning it cost extra.. So considering all we have paid, including 100 euro for 2 waiters tip, asking for 100 euro for cake cutting is rude! By the way if you are hiring: here I’m a great cake cutter I can cut 3 cakes in 10 min.
Response: Dear Alex, we are really sorry for our staff not beeing pleasant with you, It's not in our standards. We do constant price benchmark with establishments that we feel offer a similar experience to ours, in terms of setting, service and offerings. For serving cakes, we always asks fiscal receipt, ingredients list, and a fee per person. For any other infos, feedbacks or jokes please eamil me at: Alberto Corvi – Bar Manager
You Cannot Be Found
You Cannot Be Found: It’s a really cute lounge bar with amazing interior decorations. Their cocktails are OK but the space is so beautiful perfect for hanging out with friends here. The only thing I don’t like is there people smoking inside and the smell is a bit not so nice
Mady Ryan
Mady Ryan: I loved this place! We had an early aperitivo and it was empty at 6 pm but it looks like this place would light up at night. It has a slatted ceiling so it is technically outdoors and people can smoke in here, so be prepared for that!
Response: Dear Mady Ryan, thank you first of all for taking a few minutes to review Doping Bar. We always do our best to make the experience as good as possible for our guests. Thank you from all the team! Alberto Corvi – Bar Manager
Beatrice Carra
Beatrice Carra: Horrible experience. Super unaccomadating. Rude staff. Drink are honestly whatever, with major ice cubes watering down the extremely expensive drink in their tiny small glasses. Extremely over hyped. Would give zero stars if I could. NOT TO MENTION the bodyguard or whoever the heck that guy was kept pressuring me and my friend to leave while we were just saying hi to some friends that we saw on our way out and not two seconds later this guy that was working there told us to leave. Talk about rude! This place needs to learn a lesson or more like a DOZEN on customer service. I honestly don’t understand how this place has the rating it has… Saying you benchmark your prices according to other establishments giving the same experience as yours is BS considerING I’ve never been to any place this bad
Response: Good evening Beatrice, we are sorry that our staff was not hospitable, it is not in our standards. Our ice is specially designed to maintain the temperature of the drinks and not water them down, while our glasses are designed according to the drink required. Thanks for your feedback, we will treasure it to keep improving! Alberto Corvi - Bar Manager As specified at the entrance, your table is reserved for a limited time. Having all of you finished eating and having the next booking at the entrance, we kindly asked you to free the table, making you stay even longer than the scheduled time. Our staff has great experience in hospitality, and you have little common sense in writing such an untruthful review. I leave you my email address and remain available for any clarification:
Ann Phelan
Ann Phelan: Lively, busy, trendy and fun. The place is chock full of trash and treasures and it works. Lots of little alcoves to sit. This place is popular with the 20 something crowd. Smoking allowed.
Johan van Vuuren
Johan van Vuuren: We have now been all over Italy and the hotel, doping bar and restaurant is one of the coolest places with the best food and ambience we’ve had anywhere in Italy. If there is one place we will visit again in Milan, it’s this one!
Emanuele Noseda
Emanuele Noseda: Best place in town for an incredible experience. Drinks are perfectly done. Prices are above average but it is definitely worth it. Apart from the complexity in taste and ingredients in the drinks the atmosphere is wonderful. Just the interior design of The Doping Club is worth a visit, but be sure to taste something as well. The service is attentive and friendly. Overall a great experience I would recommend to anyone.
silvia certani
silvia certani: A hidden gem in Milan, if you are looking for a peaceful place with an amazing atmosphere, the Doping Club is the place for you! The cocktails are very well balanced with quality ingredients, moreover they are super cute! Really recommended

12. Turnè - Municipio 3

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551 reviews
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Address: Via Paolo Frisi, 3, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30 PM

Telephone: +39 02 3650 8515

Business type: Cocktail bar

Turnè: what do users think?
Dinesh Raj KHAREL
Dinesh Raj KHAREL: One of small/ medium bar in Via Paolo Frisi, 3, 20129 Milano MI. Here , you can find lot of beers on your choice and aperitivo Is quite good. Price Is not expensive. They have Also tried their best to occupy the outside space in the most convenient way. Do go and eat something as people are friendly here !
Alex Aman
Alex Aman: I say best bar to hangout and go for drinks and to meet new people and to find cool local milano people, my fav bar in the city.
Marco DL
Marco DL: Good cocktails, awful food and service
eh yuval
eh yuval: Good service. Reasonable prices and great service. Highly reccomend, especially for aperitivo
Gui Urqui
Gui Urqui: Nice spot. You can actually have a conversation and still listen to the excellent rnb selection. Prices are low for this side of town.
Anna Yakovleva
Anna Yakovleva: Very nice and simple place for Italian Aperitivo. Only for 5 euro I got a drink and some snacks too.
Alexander Roe
Alexander Roe: A cool and trendy Milan bar. Good for evening drinks in company. Get there early if you want seats :)

13. Bar Bianco - Municipio 1

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2517 reviews
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Bar Bianco
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Address: Viale Enrico Ibsen, 4, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12 AM

Telephone: +39 02 8699 2026

Business type: Bar

Bar Bianco: what do users think?
David Z
David Z: Nice coffe shop in the center of a great park. Really likes it. Very good coffee and nice healthy food. Just a shame that they still use a lot of plastic when they serve you: plastic cutlerty, plastic glass, ... Hope it changes soon!
Kinga Byrska
Kinga Byrska: Good location, nice view but pricey and tasteless dishes. Drinks were fine but still overpriced. Tables and service should be better, especially if you consider included mandatory tax. Won’t come again
Cumhur Erdin
Cumhur Erdin: They have two places up terrace is more for party and really noisy. Medium small cocktails 10euros, bigger ones 12 euros. Tasty food but they have less number of variety for the aperitivo. Drinks are close to average.
Coco Fitz
Coco Fitz: Nice, outdoor cafe in the park with numerous drink offerings and a small menu. Halfway between Sforza Castle and Arc, next to small lake.
Roland Kosa
Roland Kosa: The place only gets 4 stars because of the rentable 4 people bike cars ;) They are cheap fun (10 Euro 30 min). Otherwise the olace would have potential, but it needs more care. Especially the toilets, they stink and it is also dirty.
Jakub Racek
Jakub Racek: The worst and the most expensive bar in Italia...Never again...Got 12 eur pinacolada in plastic cup without straw, full of ice...
Susan Washington
Susan Washington: This is such a lovely little café in beautiful Sempione Park. The spritz was delicious, and the service was friendly.
Bassel Moussa
Bassel Moussa: We’ve been here with friends, The didn’t find our reservation, The music was. Really high even thought we asked many times to turn it down, Non è euro for a cocktail in a plastic glass?? With 1 euro plus for the service, We asked for a burger without salt but didn’t serve it, Tue cocktails are ok but I don’t recommend it tbh,

14. Leccomilano - Municipio 3

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980 reviews
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Address: Via Lecco, 5, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3 PM ⋅ Reopens 6 PM

Telephone: +39 02 9163 9877

Business type: Bar

Leccomilano: what do users think?
Felise Hanniske
Felise Hanniske: Nice atmosphere with great people around. The drinks are all pretty special and taste great but quite expensive.
Emma Sanchez
Emma Sanchez: The admosphere and the music great, the food was not that good and the negroni a bit weak
Anatole Miriouk
Anatole Miriouk: Very nice and Friendly place. Careful on cocktails: the barman is generous with alcohol !
selen sarıtaş
selen sarıtaş: We took spritz and cocktail with aperitivo (12€) and they are offering the vegetarian option for it. It has different kinds of food in the plate and its portion is enough.
Marko Blatnik
Marko Blatnik: Nice and relaxed atmosphere
Anna Dedovez
Anna Dedovez: The most ridiculous bar in the area. NO SERVICE and NO GOOD COCTAILS either. Do not recoment to choose this bar. They should close, it is soo many alternatives in the area
MAMA BROWN: Loved it, perfect service, lovely rooms, food is excellent
Irem Yurdasan
Irem Yurdasan: 8 euro for aperitivo not bad. Cosy place, the drinks were really delicious

15. Nottingham Forest - Municipio 1

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2478 reviews
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Nottingham Forest
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Address: Viale Piave, 1, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30 PM

Business type: Cocktail bar

Nottingham Forest: what do users think?
ROMAN GIULIANO: Amazing place, nice cocktails, we have been there last month with my girlfriend. The ambient is amazing, the details on the drinks very curated. The decoration is epic and the access is good also. If you love cocktails and want to try something different for sure you will love this place. Be ready for the prices that for sure worth it. So now you know if you are in Milano this is a place you should must visit.
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Djordjiana Buric
Djordjiana Buric: Super cute bar with seating and heaters outside. Gran variety of cocktails, too many to choose from. Servers are very kind and accommodating. Welcoming atmosphere. Very interesting interior space, cozy with dim lighting. Cute place to visit in Milano.
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Mandy F
Mandy F: One of the best if not the best cocktail experience I’ve ever had! The interior design is amazing. Presentation of the cocktails is super cool. Quite expensive for a cocktail but you pay for atmosphere and presentation! Would advise you to be there 10 minutes before the opening time.. otherwise you will find yourself in a que on everyday they are opened!
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E Musgrave
E Musgrave: Visited mid-week and was able to get a table without a wait. Atmosphere was really fun - there were lots of tourists inside enjoying drinks and making recommendations to each other. The bar staff were friendly, prompt and helpful. The drinks were delicious and strong!
Response: thanks
JC: Where do I start from… the weird decoration that reminds me of a pirates tavern…? Or the cocktails fireworks that I’ve never ever experienced..? 1 thing is for sure… get your a** there before opening hours, not after, be there with an open minded and let yourself immerse in a lifetime experience and finally, appreciate the work behind the creativity and imagination of this super cool concept! Just go and enjoy… an out of this world experience 💕
Response: thanks
Lea Welb
Lea Welb: I loooooved the cocktails. They have a good mix of classic and quirkier ones. I tried a few and they were all tasty! Cocktails also come with some nice cichetti which is always a plus. The staff was friendly and the atmosphere relaxed. Enjoyed and recommended
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Dennis Kniep
Dennis Kniep: Great experience! Endless choice of cocktails, all with a story and a different way of serving. Some cocktails are mostly fun to try and definitely creative way of serving, but not great in flavour. But others have great taste as well!
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Clyde Marit
Clyde Marit: If you like cocktails and are in Milan, you need to visit this place at least once. They make cocktails with cool extra’s! We were served fast and friendly.Price is good if you count in the extra’s. Cozy, but a bit of music wouldn’t be wrong.
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Emma Adam
Emma Adam: Lots of cocktail options for anyone and any taste. Lots of creative and innovative cocktail ideas. Everything is thought out from the form of the glass to the pairings :) highly recommended for a different twist to cocktails
Response: thanks
Salman Tahir
Salman Tahir: Great cocktails experience. Good points for the ambience inside the place. A bit foresty feels. Some light jazz music could make the place even more better, this was missing. They have some best seller cocktails that we tried and they were really good and big servings. They dont take bookings, you have to make a line from 5 to get in when it opens at 6. Which is a bit hectic. Not sure if i will ever go back though, the hastle is too much. Good for one time experience.
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