Best Electronic Cigarette Shops In Milan Near Me

Puff Electronic Cigarettes Crazy Vapor - Electronic Cigarettes Milan Red Smoke - Electronic cigarettes Puff Electronic Cigarettes Milan Lunigiana SMOC Milano Sas City Vape Milano Island Steam - Electronic cigarettes eSvapo Store - Port Vercellina Sigarette Elettroniche Classic Vape Milano Vapo Store Milano Mondo Svapo Vape Shop VapeBoss Store Puff Electronic Cigarettes Smookie's Bar Step 3 Electronic Cigarettes

1. Puff Electronic Cigarettes - Municipio 1

· 243 reviews

Corso Europa, 18, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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Puff Electronic Cigarettes: what do users think?

Mark Tangeman: Good prices and only quality products.Very good personal advice for my smoking friend who wants to try vaping!

Silk Rings: Amazing staff super friendly and English speaking. Just good vibes :)

Amoon A: Very good store with nice flavors for e - cigarettes I recommend it

Patrice Sadler: Nice staff. Thanks for the vape and the assistance in chosing one, after losing mine yesterday :)

Dylan Jolly: Very knowledgeable staff, and the store has a lot of really good flavors.

Frank Camilleri: Great service, great products. I would recommend to any smoker to pay a visit.

Ahmed Samir: Good price, stuff, and a nice guy called Eric

h: Very good place for vape products

2. Crazy Vapor - Electronic Cigarettes Milan - Municipio 4



· 187 reviews

Corso Lodi, 106, 20139 Milano MI, Italy

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Crazy Vapor - Electronic Cigarettes Milan: what do users think?

Asher Saldanha: Marco is an amazing guy!! The kind of experience and knowledge he has on the kind of products he sells is amazing!!! He made sure that the product he offered me was exactly as per my liking and requirement and didn’t force any expensive product like any other salesman would! The most honest businessman I have ever come across! Definitely recommend any beginner to go visit Crazy Vapor!!

daniel mocean: It was a very nice experience. The guy who works there ( I believe Marko is his name) is a great guy. He had so much patience with me and explained everything very well. He knows a lot about vaping and the devices he sells. Very nice guy.

Noone Important: Marco the magnificent, excellent knowledge of products, does not push you into buying what he sells, great guy and really friendly, 1st time customer and definitely not the last time, fully recommended

Rosi Markova: Thank you!

riccardo marzorati: The owner is very professional and always knows how to help the customer in the purchase.

Marco Ussia: The owner is very professional, nice and knows how to advise you. It has many blends.

Antonio Claudio Virzi': Marco is prepared in his field, available and I have always found myself well

3. Red Smoke - Electronic cigarettes - Municipio 4

· 258 reviews

Viale Corsica, 74, 20137 Milano MI, Italy

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Red Smoke - Electronic cigarettes: what do users think?

Rashid Cruz: Highly recommended. Perfect and kind helpful staff :)

Ant F: Excellent products and very helpful staff in attendance

Ali Tecik: Perfect service and very friendly!

Matteo Pirbeco: Large number of choices, clerks prepared

Luca Torretti: Excellent vape shop, trained and kind staff. Always ready to advise the best. Great job guys, keep it up

Rawja Barikhan: Complete shop for e-cigarettes and liquids. Really kind, welcoming and nice staff. Find a wide choice, always open, top

Alessia: Super supplied, always open, nice and helpful staff.

Giorgio “GiPod” POD: Well stocked shop

4. Puff Electronic Cigarettes Milan Lunigiana - Municipio 2

· 74 reviews

Via Cristoforo Gluck, 1, 20125 Milano MI, Italy

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Puff Electronic Cigarettes Milan Lunigiana: what do users think?

Tolga Duranay: I was running low on liquid and I stop by this place. Owner was very helpful they great selections of liquids.Highly recommend

Cristian Dana: Top service, professionalism and friendliness! Staff always smiling and ready to give advice on the most suitable product for individual needs! Thank you. Super Recommended!

Arian Cortese: Store very stocked, both hardware and liquids, for all tastes. Trained and very kind staff, but above all moved by an evident passion for what they do and an enviable professional ethics. Definitely recommended experience and, of course, a very loyal customer.

Stefano Caneparo: very polite and competent staff

Giovanni Serra (GioMk1): Puff store well stocked, always with all the news and their unrivaled 50/50 liquids. Staff always friendly and helpful even if you have any kind of problem. Really top Super recommended.

Daniele Fazio: Very kind and super-prepared staff. Excellent knowledge of everything they sell, they manage to guide you by making you try every single flavor of the liquids in order to make you leave the shop satisfied!

Lorenzo Fracchiolla: Top staff, quality liquids, impeccable shop. The real flaw is that liquids are only a brand, so it becomes difficult to vary tastes in the long run. Absolutely honest prices

arturo aiello: I went after reading the other reviews and I must say that I found everything responsive, helpful, courteous, competent and it helped me choose the right product well. Well stocked and beautiful environment super recommended.


Luca Giardino: What if we were all dreams that someone dreams? Well in that case I would thank the one who dreams of me for introducing me to the puff products! Puff Milano Lunigiana TOP both in terms of personnel and products! I recommend this shop to everyone who already smokes e-cigarettes and for all those who quit smoking other like cigarettes etc 👌🏻
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5. SMOC Milano Sas - Municipio 1

· 147 reviews

Via Solferino, 25, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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SMOC Milano Sas: what do users think?

Jim Travis: Wife dropped her vape and smashed the glass tank- oh no!! Found the Smoc shop easy enough. Lovely chap, he tried to find a new glass but didn’t have the right size. So we bought a new tank. Filled up, made sure we were up and running again. What a legend. Price was comparable to UK and he didn’t try upselling. Just a pleasant experience.

STEVEN W: very nice staff in the store. I do not speak much Italian, but they helped me to select the first electronic cigarette in English. They are very helpful and do not rush to sell you the stuff. Highly recommend.

Falk Baumhauer: One of the best vape shops I have been to! I went there to buy some new liquid and they have a plethora of different aromas and took the time to find the right one with me. I’ve bought a RTA too and they even built it for me. True masters at work, whenever I will come back to Milano I will visit them again. Thank you very much

Gareth Mangan: Best vape shop in Milan. Friendly staff, great selection of juices and mods at reasonable prices, and a section for discounted atomisers 😁

Ahmed Abrar: Awesome store. Very friendly team. Speaks good English and always there to help you with anything you need. Definitely recommend.

Aleksandra Lebedeva: They know everything about the cigarettes and can help you with the choice. Very good service and a huge choice of cigarettes and flavours for them

Glen Tan: Fantastic service even in English. Great recommendations and will visit again!

6. City Vape Milano - Municipio 1

· 21 reviews

Via Cesare Correnti, 21, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
City Vape Milano: what do users think?

muhammet serdar: The best vape shop in the town. They are very friendly and helped a lot.

Stefan Timofti: top shop

Matteo Spinelli: Well-stocked shop with quality products, friendly and well-prepared staff to advise you on the best solution for your every need.

Samuele Toby: Well stocked shop and very knowledgeable staff. highly recommended!!!

Anastasia Kim: Very assorted shop, staff always available and very kind

Matteo Massimo Meloni: very nice and helpful guy especially if you are a destroyer like me, good products and excellent customer reception

thomas grandi: I found myself in front of it by chance, a nice discovery, basically 2 steps from the Duomo, very practical, the other shops are all very far away

Paolo stramandinoli: Excellent shop and fantastic and super professional owners

Stefano: Well stocked and trained staff!

7. Island Steam - Electronic cigarettes - Municipio 9

· 82 reviews

Via Lario, 13a, 20159 Milano MI, Italy

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Island Steam - Electronic cigarettes: what do users think?

Emir Ramel: Pleasantly surprised place in hand and who served me was kind, polite and honest as well as giving me advice in an optimal way highly recommended

taglio mania: I am a recent customer and I am very happy Advise

Luca Furlano: Chosen this shop among those in the area due to the positive reviews. I confirm everything: extremely attentive and competent owner, he gave me many excellent tips to get started. Even on liquids, excellent competence and a beautiful choice. I have not smoked for 4 months and have no regrets. Well done. Highly recommended!

Nicola Tesone: I have not yet tried the liquid purchased but I can already say that the holder is very professional. He assisted me during the path of choice knowing perfectly what we were talking about. Very kind and prepared. The small shop is well-stocked and the prices are average. The quality of the goods is certainly on expectation with what has already been perceived.

Toni toni: To have discovered it sooner! Despite being an avid smoker, thanks to this shop I gave up traditional cigarettes in five minutes and without regrets. All thanks to the attentive advice and competence of the seller in identifying the right product for me. Thank you!

johnnymax svapo: I went for a stroll in this little shop on my lunch break. It is not big, but it has a lot of material, especially entry level, for those who want to quit smoking. Wide assortment of high-level liquids and aromas. The owner is very friendly, nice and knowledgeable. Convenient area both with public transport and with your own vehicle. Even the fact that it is open until 13:30, allows those who work, to be able to make a quick escape during their lunch break, to make their own vaping purchases. It gave me a great impression, highly recommended!

giacomo martinazzo: Super friendly and helpful owner, explains everything in great detail; patient and kind, qualities that are worth every euro spent. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in "vaping", a greeting!

Simone Sagone: Quiet and relaxed environment. This is my first experience with the electronic cigarette and the guy at the cash desk explained everything to me very clearly and gave me several very useful tips. Recommended for beginners like me. I will definitely come back

Pietro Bondi: this is hands down the best shop i have ever been to the owner was super helpful Explained a lot of things to me, really a pro. Thank you thank you you have won a customer

Gabriela: One day I stopped smoking, after a couple of hours by chance I find this shop, a very experienced owner who convinced me of vaping products. What about his professionalism, the store offers a wide range of choices for those who find themselves novice, simply exceptional, thank you

8. eSvapo Store - Port Vercellina - Municipio 1

· 52 reviews

Viale di Porta Vercellina, 2, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
eSvapo Store - Port Vercellina: what do users think?

Adrien Cremer: Good selection of products

Abdulla Fahad: Nice shop, wide range of products, very helpful staff, good prices.

Michal (Majk): I bought here liquids and RDA.Proffesional service with english speaking people.Best in Milano.

nuri abdurraheim: Amazing supplies

Iasmina Stancu: The girl is very nice and kind 😊

Chiara Munno: I went to this shop on the recommendation of several friends who use their products, and I was very happy. The company is a family business and in fact I interacted with my mother, who is highly trained in the products she sells. The daughter, a girl with excellent communication skills, explained to me the differences between the various electronic cigarettes (cheek or lung) and sold me nicotine-free liquids that come from the food sector, therefore absolutely harmless. Note of merit: they were highly attentive to Problem soliving when my favorite liquid (Geneva) was missing, in fact my mother proposed me a substitute, King Arthur, really good!

Francesco Mistretta: The shop is very assorted, they are very careful about cleaning and the staff is really very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this shop both for the products and for the experience, definitely better than others.

Cris “SilentCrow”: Very well prepared and available staff. High attention to the customer, pleasant interaction and many products that cover all the needs of the vape. Atom, coil, rebuildable, mod, cotton, ready liquids and DIY bases. Great shop.

Pino Di Gerardo: Well-stocked shop, competent owners always available to advise according to your needs. Prices in line with the market, quality products. My favorite vaping shop.

9. Sigarette Elettroniche Classic Vape Milano - Municipio 7

· 70 reviews

Via delle Forze Armate, 26, 20147 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Sigarette Elettroniche Classic Vape Milano: what do users think?

ovlasli: Well organized shop stocked with a wide variety of liquids and products. The owner was able to guide me in the choice of the electronic cigarette, illustrating the various technical and market differences, without however forcing the purchase of one product rather than another. Subsequently same operated for the choice of the liquid. He was also very helpful in the after-sales support for any doubts or concerns. 👍👍👍👍👍

Lorenzo Pizzi: Young guy, polite and very professional

jimmy doppiax: Always well-stocked shop, the owner is really helpful and very competent

Cristiano Castagnacci: Competence, preparation and friendliness are the main qualities of those who manage this fantastic shop. The shop is stocked with all the products you need to vape from entry level to products for the more expert. I smoked about 20-25 cigarettes a day and thanks to a great effort on my part and above all to a base of valuable advice provided here by Classic Vape, I managed to reduce it until I never touched a cigarette again. In fact, the fundamental quality of a vape shop is precisely what I found here and which is rarely found, patience and the desire to satisfy the customer. Top 5 stars safe and highly recommended 💪🏻

vasca nellavasca: Small but well-stocked shop but its peculiarity is its owner, a very well-trained and very honest boy, who follows you throughout the journey and explains everything to you without ever being intrusive. I have been buying from him for more than a year and I feel great. I highly recommend this shop.

Massimiliano Conti: What about this place is gorgeous stup 100% recommended

Lara Pavanello: What to say ... This place has liquids of all kinds and beautiful e-cigs. The owner is very competent and above all very patient and kind. Great place.

Francesca e Marco Massa: The owner is extremely knowledgeable. With great patience he directs you to the best choice but above all suitable for you. Although it is not within my reach every day, I only supply myself from him.

Mirko Cattabriga: Remarkable variety of products to satisfy any need. I bought a new ecig and I had all the info I needed plus a few more tips. All with great courtesy and competence. Prices in line with the market. I definitely come back

10. Vapo Store Milano - Municipio 3

· 81 reviews

Via Rombon, 38, 20134 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Vapo Store Milano: what do users think?

Natalia Marrero Krinitzky: They sold a huge varsity of products for smoking! I founded what I was looking for easily

Gabriele “IL Gabri” D.: Top!!!

theycallmeflavio: Store stocked and owner very helpful and knowledgeable. With their card, every 10 liquids of 60ml they give 1 free. Excellent initiative

Silvia Silveri: Well stocked, clean and tidy shop. Owner very helpful and attentive to different needs. He follows you personally and spends time explaining the procedures and operating mechanisms of electronic cigarettes. Anti Covid rules respected (which in this period does not hurt). I hope you become my trusted supplier!

ro_ne: The sales assistant in this shop is very professional, precise and punctual. Always smiling (the thing does not taste) and ready to answer any question, doubt or curiosity. Parking on white lines a few meters away always available. For every 10 liquids purchased, you receive one free thanks to the points card. Although I have other shops of the same type near my home, I shop in this shop because I find it very good.

valerio grossi: Finally an assorted shop with competent staff. I appreciated the variety of liquids available, high quality products that I have not found in other stores. Fair prices and great location.

Alberto: The person I spoke to was really nice and friendly. He explained everything I wanted to know very well. I highly recommend this place.

11. Mondo Svapo Vape Shop - Municipio 6

· 82 reviews

Viale Famagosta, 21, 20142 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Mondo Svapo Vape Shop: what do users think?

sergio delle: 💯 Recommended. Good customer service. Great shop, Marco is friendly, professional and very competent. 💯 Grazie!

Matteo P: Beautiful well-stocked shop and above all with the owner, Marco, available, competent and friendly. A reference!

Rosita Silvestro: Super stocked shop. The staff is kind, nice and very knowledgeable. I recommend it and will definitely be back.

Arianna Angelastri: I bought my first electronic cigarette, the shop is very nice and welcoming, it reflects who manages it, Marco is a very kind guy and very experienced in advising and illustrating everything related to the "vape world". I had a great time, it was a real pleasure to acquire the knowledge of these products from his stories, full of enthusiasm and professionalism. Thanks again!

alessandro colombo: Well what about Marco is very kind and super competent, I had a great time and I will continue to go there MAKE A TOUR IS WORTH IT

Federico Zampedri: Professionalism and courtesy, shop with attention to detail, vast assortment and availability even after the purchase. I advise!

Matteo Mameli: I live in Sardinia and I asked Marco to send me some products. The package takes two to three working days. Excellent service, there was only a small misunderstanding about a product, but nothing serious so great💪🏼

emiliano lapadula: Excellent shop and Marco really kind and prepared follows you in everything with absolute competence and patience. A thousand thanks!

Antonio Prosperi: The owner is really really competent, there are few like that, in addition to being kind that never hurts, the shop is over-stocked, and if in the absurd case something is missing in a few days he gets it to you, for this is a top shop

12. VapeBoss Store - Municipio 3

· 92 reviews

Viale Romagna, 67, 20133 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
VapeBoss Store: what do users think?

Zatriox: Came in with no experience, but the staff delivered and show me the ropes of how Vaping works, I 100% recommend the place, great hospitality.

Mario Calixtro: Hey guys! A very kind Hospitality and a very nice service as well. All the stocks are orginals and good quality. I suggest you to go in. Cheers thumbs up! Staff Qatar Airways

Queso Rockz: Nice and great owner of the store!Doing his best to help you on whatever you need!

Dяin Dяin: I 9999999% Highly Reccomended this of the best vapestore in milan. VapeOn💨💨💨💨💨

Ralph Maldia: Authentic vgod items.. One of the best vape store in milan.

David “Shisha king” Pablico: Would recommend 100% if not satisfied message me

lesther bho: One of the best shop in Italy💪🔥

Atoy Zkie: Best of the best no other words 💯 #vapeon#vapesafe

jeff emralino: the vendor is always ready to help you

13. Puff Electronic Cigarettes - Municipio 2

· 135 reviews

Viale Monza, 79, 20125 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Puff Electronic Cigarettes: what do users think?

Saul Garofalo: Super! 💨

Francesco Lio: Well-stocked and well-stocked shop, highly trained and kind staff, highly recommended.

Fabrizio Di Miceli: Excellent products, good advice and sympathy

filippo porcu: Serious, prepared and courteous staff. Highly recommended

Michela Dell'Atti: Good supply of e-liquids

Matteo Pozzi: I was served by a girl who helped me in choosing another aroma besides the one I usually vape. Prepared and nice. Finding a shop open on August 16th is not easy, congratulations.

Fabio Di Falco (Fabione): Very kind and very prepared girl, she always has excellent advice. Shop well stocked with top quality products. I advise.

Davide Cairoli: Quite well stocked, very competent, friendly and courteous manager. Good supply of liquids and hardware. The only flaw is that it sells almost only products selected by the Puff brand but still offers everything you need to vape even in regenerable. Overall I am satisfied and recommend it.

14. Smookie's - Municipio 5

· 165 reviews

Via Volvinio, 28, 20141 Milano MI, Italy

Address WhatsApp
Smookie's: what do users think?

Mass Training: the best


Flavio Stringhetti: Super super shop for those who want to find both advice and what you need to get started or for those looking for something in particular ... The staff is nothing short of galactic .. you spend even half an hour chatting trying to help you choose the one that you may like more ... I went last week for something summer and they recommended me kiwi green apple .... Galactic ... You want to eat it ... So super happy and highly recommended ... Even just for information ...

Samantha Candy: I decided to start with the electronic cigarette, and I started from the shop and from the right person, Matteo. A very kind and helpful person explained everything to me very well, showed and showed all kinds of choices with a lot of patience. I recommend this shop to everyone. A compliment to the really top staff

Andres de jesus: Just dropped by to get liquid and stamina the girl who works there is really nice and capable! 6 stars💪🏾💪🏾

allora dai: Apart from the shop, which is super stocked with everything you need and at fair prices, I would like to congratulate Matteo who introduced me to the world of vaping and also thanks to his valuable advice after 30 years I quit smoking! Good, professional and nice staff in a well-stocked, clean and well-organized shop… what more could you ask for ?? 10 and praise ... super-super-recommended!

Emanuel .O doppia elle y: Excellent and friendly staff and environment and wide choice of products, I would suggest more discounted promotions as the only drawback.

Rex 32: Super nice friendly and helpful. Will I go back? Obviously yes, also because you find few such kind and honest people. Super recommended 🔥

Mario Mariani: Excellent service and super helpful staff. I remained their client even though I moved to another city and had liquids and resistances sent to me periodically. They also have a lot of products on offer.

15. Bar Step 3 Electronic Cigarettes - Municipio 2

· 126 reviews

Via Salvatore Pianell, 32, 20125 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Bar Step 3 Electronic Cigarettes: what do users think?

Buck Rogers: Great place for a coffee and to purchase a top electronic cigarette products. I totally recommend it


Pawel Szyld: Nice little bar.

leonardo Rocha Rocha: Owner and staff always kind and ready to help. If you have any doubts ask them and they will be able to advise you well. Shop based on the world of electronic cigarettes and more. More than positive experience

D: Very competent staff who advised me to buy an electronic cigarette. Great cappuccino. Well done.

Andrea: Lots of choice of liquids and electronic cigarettes, even disposable. Good prices

ivan Mhar Tizon: It is a bar that also sells e-cigarettes and liquids, I recommend the prices of liquids are great

I. A.: Clean and well-stocked environment. Recommended

Laura: Nice and professional staff Excellent light cappuccino, few know how to do it, the cream is excellent After years I ate a real 🥐, albeit a big one I go back and recommend it .... Even for those who smoke electronic cigarettes, there are many choices ... 😅

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