Best Preschool Education Schools Milan Near Me

Montessori School Milan American School of Milan Istituto Maria Consolatrice The British American Pre-School - Asilo Bilingue Internazionale Milano Asilo Nido e Scuola dell'Infanzia Bilingue Crescendo Insieme Fondazione e Scuole Private Cristiano Cattoliche Regina Mundi School Puntino Colorato sede di Mora - Scuola dell'infanzia - Asilo nido The British School of Milan - Sir James Henderson Puntino Colorato

1. Montessori School Milan - Municipio 1

· 11 reviews

Via Milazzo, 7/9, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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2. American School of Milan - Opera



· 34 reviews

Via Karl Marx, 14, 20073 Noverasco MI, Italy

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American School of Milan: what do users think?

Anna Parini: Asm in my opinion is a great School. In all of the years I have been here, this school left me great memories. My first reason, is that all the teachers try to do their best to make children improve on their weaknesses. As an example, my weekness was used to be math, and the all my teachers never gave up on making me understand math. My second reason, is that we can help kinds who don’t know English much. I know you might be thinking that it’s really hard for your kid to learn, but I’m here to introduce you to the ELL teachers. They bring out the ELL students during the week, and with fun activities and learning, they improve so much. I’m not an ELL student myself, but I have friends who are, and they confirmed me this. We also have Italian lessons, to keep up with the work for Italians, and don’t worry, for kids struggling with English, there is Italian C. My third reason, is that the results are great! If your child studies, of course, they’ll get a great score, but if the teachers make the lessons fun, that will make the kid want to study. I know this because, in my Italian A classes, I’ve always had teachers who where hilarious, and they are still now. In third grade, I had this teacher who now left, but his teaching strategy’s where almost making studying a game. (In a good was of course). He was used to make awards to who got the greatest score, but don’t worry, he gave an award of hard work to the others, and I can’t complain of the teachers I have now. In conclusion, I think ASM is a great school because teachers do their best to help the students, we can help improving Italian and English, and the last one is that the results are great. I just want to give a big thank you to all of my teachers, and staff who keep us safe, ASM was always a home to me.

Keegan Donovan: this school is one i attend and i would recommend it. the school is huge. the teachers are great!!

Nadheer Almenayan: It was amazing school I have been studying for 2 years and I like this school so much

Robin: This school is an absolute paradise. Best years of my life spent here on this spectacular school.

Dior: It was amazing school with even awesome facilities. The rock wall is so sick.

Anna Fiorentino: I was at ASM only for my Senior Year but it also changed my life for the better. Thank you

Ioana Ghe: The best international school in Milan.

YEET BOYS: It was amazing school visited for MUN and loved it

3. Istituto Maria Consolatrice - Municipio 9

· 50 reviews

Via Melchiorre Gioia, 51, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Istituto Maria Consolatrice: what do users think?

Martina Gasperoni: I am a former student of the High Schools of Maria Consolatrice. My experience was not only excellent from an educational point of view, but also from a human and educational point of view. The linguistic high school, thanks to internship proposals abroad and hours with mother tongue teachers, allows for an in-depth knowledge of languages. The teachers are very prepared and attentive to the needs of the individual. Finally, it is a school that, through recent technologies, allows current and adequate learning methods. If I had to choose a school today, I would no doubt choose this one again.

Viola Gatti: I graduated from this institute a few years ago, but still today I still have a wonderful relationship with all the teachers and time permitting I have always tried to find some time to visit all of them, because for me it is not it was only a school that taught me "school subjects" but a school of life, and for this very reason I am immensely sorry to read such negative comments. I had teachers who were so prepared that they gave me the same desire and passion to teach me too, teachers who were so patient, professional and determined at the same time as to give everyone the same ability to learn, from the best to those who applied less, no one excluded. I learned some study techniques that allowed me to finish university in an excellent way and to spend the first year practically on an income (having done accountancy and having chosen economics). Good and strict teachers at the same time who allow you to learn and have an open mind that you need for a lifetime. From a human point of view, warm and caring, the school as well as the teachers themselves transmit those formative values ​​that remain with you throughout your life. Same goes for the secretariat, prepared, competent and caring. Having said that I can only thank my parents for letting me attend this institute, now I am a mother and I would recommend it to everyone to enroll their children, and if I could I would enroll my child from elementary to high school because it would be the best money well spent, education and human growth are important and by opting for this institute I know that I would give my daughter a great opportunity. My experience is extremely positive, thank you very much to all the wonderful teachers I have had. Purple Cats

Eleonora Avanzi: I attended this Institute graduating in Administration, Finance and Marketing in 2019. The highly trained teachers have always followed me in the path of both scholastic and human growth. I remember with pleasure trips, projects and end-of-year parties. Beautiful experiences that made me grow.

ORNELLA SANCHEZ DEXTRE: I attended high school in this institute until I graduated. For me, the adolescence phase was heavy and I was about to lose the year but thanks to the teachers, worrying about it, they came to meet me with advice and afternoon remedial courses. Only thanks to them I went on probably in many schools it does not care if you are doing badly or well but here, from my own experience, I can say that it is totally different.

Carlotta Mauri: I attended the linguistic high school at the Maria consolatrice institute. I carry those years in my heart. The school is committed to both the education of its students and their human growth. It is fortunate that there are still schools that make a daily effort to offer this type of training. Consequently I can only recommend this school to everyone!

4. The British American Pre-School - Asilo Bilingue Internazionale Milano - Municipio 9

· 6 reviews

Via Val Cismon, 9, 20162 Milano MI, Italy

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The British American Pre-School - Asilo Bilingue Internazionale Milano: what do users think?

Jaime Abad Caldeiro: Great school!

Cristina Stirpe: Very very happy with everything
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5. Asilo Nido e Scuola dell'Infanzia Bilingue Crescendo Insieme - Municipio 6

· 22 reviews

Via Leone Tolstoi, 72/74, 20146 Milano MI, Italy

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Asilo Nido e Scuola dell'Infanzia Bilingue Crescendo Insieme: what do users think?

Arianna.K: Very welcoming nursery and really loving educators who are attentive to the needs of the little ones. Structure, also in agreement with the Municipality of Milan, small and cozy, well thought out that soon becomes a "family environment" for children. Very nice outdoor garden. They organize interesting and stimulating activities for children every day. You are always up to date on what your children are doing, both because the educators are always available for direct confrontation, and because they are sent almost daily photos or short videos of their children intent on carrying out their activities in kindergarten. The educators also speak English to the children and this allows them a first approach to the language. My son has always been happy to go to kindergarten and is very fond of both the educators and his friends.

Elena Ghisoni: I could not be more satisfied and happy with this school, both for the nursery and kindergarten. The choice of the nest is always a delicate moment for every parent ... it will be the first place to leave your child, who until now has been with us 24 hours a day. Camilla, who is now almost 8 years old, attended both kindergarten and kindergarten ... and we immediately found a serene and welcoming environment, with highly trained educators, ready to support and advise parents in every step, from insertion to "diploma" . They accompany you with sweetness and competence in this path of growth, goals and achievements; they are always available and ready to listen to all needs. The structure has large, well-organized spaces that create a stimulating and fun environment, plus the large equipped garden helps to make it a unique nest! Not to forget the kitchen inside. You eat better than at home! The proposed activities are always different, fun and creative. Now I accompany my little Matteo there and I could not have chosen otherwise !! When your child makes you understand that he wants to go to kindergarten even on the weekend, you understand that you have made the right choice! ;-) Fantastic experience, I always recommend it to everyone !!

Roberta Argiolas: I have been taking my 20-month-old daughter to this kindergarten for over a year and I have a great time. The choice fell on this kindergarten because it is one of the few in the bilingual area. They do a lot of activities and every day they send photos of the children to their parents. The teachers are very sweet and competent.

Alice Gonnella: Seeing my daughter come and go to hug the teachers in the morning makes me realize how comfortable she is there. This is just one of the many aspects that allows me to live my days serene away from my girls. A team of teachers attentive to the needs of children and very sweet. A program that allows children to make new discoveries and lots of chores every day. I would send my daughters right away.

Maria: Two of my three children attended this kindergarten, my great regret is not having sent all three of them there. I believe that kindergarten should be a help for parents and give children an edge ... in this structure you have the guarantee that your children will make great strides, every day they try their hand at many experiential activities and we parents we are constantly updated on the activities carried out and we enjoy the opportunity to see our children having fun and experimenting through photos sent daily. My eldest son who is now in first grade they tell me that he is well schooled, I can thank Crescendo Insieme for the precious contribution he has given to achieving this goal. I absolutely recommend it, the educators are all prepared and do their job with passion, as well as the manager is always present and vigilant on the well-being of the children. Trust and entrust your little ones with peace of mind to this nest!!

Roberto Radice: My son Riccardo attended this fantastic school for three years. Very good teachers and teachers, prepared, always available and affectionate with the children. A school where children enter with a smile and stay with pleasure. I highly recommend it ... so much so that this year my second son Tommaso started nursery school

Stefania Rizzi: The best choice my partner and I could make for our little girl. The educators are very attentive and engaging. An educational but at the same time familiar environment transpires from the serenity of my daughter.

Barbara Panzeri: A special school where my daughter felt at home from day one. Valentina together with the educators establish a relationship of mutual trust with the children, creating a serene environment in which the children hang a lot, experiment, grow and create bonds with their peers. Highly recommended!

Ema Ela: I highly recommend this school from direct experience: children have the opportunity to spontaneously learn the first words in English from an early age; there are many activities organized during the week (in the pre-Ovid era there were judo-dance-music and swimming and now they are starting new activities), the educators are sunny, competent and affectionate towards each child to make them feel as much as possible pampered; moreover, children can play outdoors in any season of the year thanks to the beautiful fenced garden inside the condominium park. We will always keep a beautiful memory of the years spent here!

6. Fondazione e Scuole Private Cristiano Cattoliche " Sacro Cuore " - Milano - Municipio 3

· 38 reviews

Via Rombon, 78, 20134 Milano MI, Italy

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Fondazione e Scuole Private Cristiano Cattoliche " Sacro Cuore " - Milano: what do users think?

michele berra: I really liked the Sacred Heart Institute because there are also spaces to play football, volleyball and even in the swimming pool! The teachers were good and I got along very well with my high school friends

Cristina Cecchetti: As a former student of the Liceo Artistico I can only thank the various teachers and all the Sisters, who taught me not only mere education but also to approach life, at the University and to civil life. my grandchildren with more than excellent results.

Paolo Toso: As a former phonation student, I can only thank this place for everything it has given me and what I am realizing after a year of university! Something that goes beyond simple school training and the cultural foundations that we all need but a way to face everyday challenges!!!

Dwight Turconi: Beautiful private school that starts from kindergarten up to the three high schools

Family Cortex: Unique port!

Pietro De Marchi: Excellent school!

7. Regina Mundi School - Municipio 4

· 45 reviews

Via Carlo Boncompagni, 18, 20139 Milano MI, Italy

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Regina Mundi School: what do users think?

Pierluigi Taverni: The training offer is clear, the relationship between the level of teaching and the annual fee is excellent. The opendays are useful for learning about the structures and the shared educational method of the nursery, childhood, primary, middle school, scientific and linguistic high school, all this through the stories and the works of the students themselves.

Giuseppina Cimmarusti: It is not "simply" a school, it is an educational "village". Amazing experience for my children (4 between childhood, elementary and middle school) and for us parents.

Sabina Simonetti: hello I sent my three children, from kindergarten to high school, I found myself very well, I recommend her, especially for professors and teachers, I recommend going to the open-days to get an idea

francesca de petro: A beautiful school, which offers children an educational experience of great value within a beautiful, welcoming and well-kept structural space. High-level didactic proposal

Massimo Motta: Excellent school ... The advice prof. very prepared and excellent human relationship.

Francesca Avvocato Benussi: My son attended from kindergarten to middle school. An excellent school with competent and attentive teachers to the difficulties of the pupils. I highly recommend it.

Anna Cordini: My daughter attended the Regina Mundi Linguistic High School. Welcoming and positive environment, very prepared and available teachers. The training offer is excellent. I highly recommend it.

8. Puntino Colorato sede di Mora - Scuola dell'infanzia - Asilo nido - Municipio 1

· 11 reviews

Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 22, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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Puntino Colorato sede di Mora - Scuola dell'infanzia - Asilo nido: what do users think?

Flixbus Italia: I am the father of a little girl who began attending the Puntino Colore when she was only two and a half years old and is now in the last year of kindergarten. I write this review during the period when the schools are all closed due to the Coronavirus. I find it significant that Giada is asking me to play in English at home these days...she says she misses it. This was for me the confirmation that English at Puntino is transmitted as the language of affectivity: I find this to be an invaluable gift.

Omy Isra: The best nest I could find for my daughter. The teachers are lovely, kind and always available. I advise.

Valeria Fornelli: I attended an art workshop with my 4 year old son and it was great to see his enthusiasm and his active participation. The approach used with the children is excellent, and through their imagination and play they learn art while having fun. I was really positively impressed!

Giulia Camera: Unique place that allows you to develop the imagination of our children by teaching the love for art and creativity. Also we speak in English, very useful!

Valentina Nigrotti: Positive: Professionalism

9. The British School of Milan - Sir James Henderson - Municipio 3

· 26 reviews

Via Carlo Alberto Pisani Dossi, 16, 20134 Milano MI, Italy

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The British School of Milan - Sir James Henderson: what do users think?

Ian Frankish: A massive thank you to all the teachers and staff at the British School of Milan! Our children had an incredibly positive experience at the school both in and out of the classroom. You have helped to form my kids into well rounded, thoughtful, and academically successful students and for that we are incredibly grateful. Your Covid response was second to none and your commitment to employing dedicated and engaging teachers commendable. Our children are well travelled and BSM was the their third international school. Academically by far the best and a thoroughly enjoyable 4 years! All the best for the future! Ian

Jane: I loved this school ❤️ I was treated nicely and respectfully by all teachers and despite being very quiet and not always the most sociable or well liked person, they made me feel really included and they really gave me the best memories. They gave me a lot of encouragement and that is very important for a young person.

The Noobs: This school is awesome,Alex, Bernat, Gianmarco, Pablo, Eliah, Ben. Y7

Eugenio Confalonieri: the best English school outside of the UK

杨凡: 米兰最好的国际学校之一,提供至13年级的教育,老师非常有责任心,工作人员都非常专业! One of the best international schools in Milan, providing education up to grade 13, the teachers are very responsible and the staff are very professional!

antonino miceli: English School of Milan, located in Via Dossani 12 in part of the park. The exterior is well cared for with a large adjacent car park. and the blue-colored fence stands out from the 2-story glass and brick structure. There is an internal surveillance - reception service. In addition, the structure is protected by private surveillance which goes through daily checks. The school is located about 10 minutes on foot from the Lambrate railway station in the direction of the ring road entrance to the motorway. Bus service line present with the stop located 2 minutes walk away from the office. Score 8 compared to the average of public institutions in the area. To evaluate and update the overall judgment because at the moment the school works on a reduced basis due to obvious COVID-19 protection measures.

Maria Assunta Melli: It was once the Marco Polo state middle school. What happened to it?

10. Puntino Colorato - Municipio 3

· 19 reviews

Via Sangallo, 10/12, 20133 Milano MI, Italy

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Puntino Colorato: what do users think?

Elisabetta Argenti: Finding a kindergarten like the Colored Dot for our 3-year-old daughter fills us with joy. The children are happy, they learn important values ​​such as independence, autonomy, friendship, respect through art and English. They are accompanied to growth every day with sweetness, kindness and attention. The teachers are very good. A little jewel in the heart of Milan!

Teresa Russo: The insertion of my baby, not exactly easy, was very well taken care of and we parents felt very supported in this phase. The children carry out many creative and motor activities and my son always comes back very amused from the day spent at school. The teachers and support people are very sweet and the children love them. There is constant dialogue with the educators and the director. We found ourselves very well!

ilaria fontana: cared for and attentive inclusion of children, detailed training plan and implemented through creative and experiential activities, constant constructive dialogue with teachers and director.

Monika P: Better choice I could not make !!!! 😉 Very happy girls !!! ❤️ Everything taken care of to perfection…. My daughters do not want to go home from kindergarten… colored dot is the TOP !!!! 👌🏻 Thanks for being there 🙏🏻😉

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