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BACKFLIP Records Serendeepity Massive Music Store Vinylbrokers - Groovin Snc Il Vinile Vinyl Records The Discomane Snc Volume - Dischi e Libri Discovery by gigi ROSSETTI RECORDS & BOOKS Green Tunnel Records New San Francisco LP Vinili Disco Express Milano Metropolis Dischi Buscemi Dischi

1. BACKFLIP Records - Municipio 5

· 75 reviews

Via Salasco, 17, 20136 Milano MI, Italy

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BACKFLIP Records: what do users think?

Coen den Haan: This place is amazing. A lovely small record shop. The owner is a real boss! She is a big music lover with a wide range of music styles in the shop. It is not a record shop where you need to be for the classic “big name” vinyls. The record shop is a real pearl for diggers/selectors and underground music from various styles. Go check this place out if you are open to learn about music and listen to new unknown stuff.

Victoria: Everything was cool, but I forgot my bag and no one took the phone. Called for 3 days, and when I went there today, and waited for an hour, no one showed up. Now I have to leave Italy without my bag, because no answered phone.

Al M: Great record shop in central Milan. Wide ranging selection from techno to Italian pop and really friendly owner. Found some nice soul 7”s.

SWPRecords: This is a record shop as it should be - with a personal selection of vinyl, genuine positive vibe, professional expertise on sound, true understanding that music is a healing force!

Jonathan Josué López Guevara: Lovely place :)

Ross Bergman: Great little record shop with rare Italian labels and friendly service.

Cedric Sabras: Very cool record store.Lots of used and new vinyls.

Stu Sibley: Great selection for #vinyldiggers will be visiting again soon

2. Serendeepity - Municipio 1



· 288 reviews

Corso di Porta Ticinese, 100, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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Serendeepity: what do users think?

Tomás Miranda: One of the best music stores in Milan. Has loads of cds/vinyls for every style. Staff is well informed.

Andy Arriaga: The best record store in Milano. Great selection of vinyl and cds . A Lot of electronic music and also synths, midi controllers and mixers. Helpful employee.

Nenad Borovic: Real boutique for vinyl lovers. Recent and actual releases. Just new stuff. Selection is outstanding.

Miroslav Nanovski: Wide selection of vinyls.Awesome interior.Would definitely recommend!

Emre Ferhat Sakizli: Great staff, very wide selection of vinyls and good music!

Aadil Moosa: Great selection, could have spent a few hours here

3. Massive Music Store - Municipio 9

· 303 reviews

Via Gustavo Fara, 4, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Massive Music Store: what do users think?

Tomás Miranda: Very coool and familiar store! It has loads of cds, vinyls and dvds/blu-rays. Staff is very friendly. A must go when visiting Milan.

K W: Dense collection of CDs, records and dvds. Would visit again if I was in Milan. Set aside some time here, the collection is really big - the CDs are in slips and theyll get the case and disc from the back.

Crz Bloody: Great place for music lovers, vinyl,cds and dvd. Rock, jazz, funk as reference but i spotted many different styles. Owner really kind.

Jeff: The LP was as described, well packaged and shipped promptly from Italy to the UK. Customer service was excellent throughout.

Robert Feenan: Good selection of new and used vinyl. Always worth checking for that elusive gem

4. Vinylbrokers - Groovin Snc - Municipio 2

· 93 reviews

Via Privata Pericle, 4, 20126 Milano MI, Italy

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Vinylbrokers - Groovin Snc: what do users think?

Andres Diamond: Best record store in Milan! Such good prices and amazing deals

Laila Faria: Amazing selection, best vinyl shop on town!

The Rejected: Awesome prices!

Paolo Babelegoto: The diggers paradise

Rug: Not for everyone

Matteo Faranna: Always a customer, great shop for black music, in particular 12" dj mixes, funk, soul, disco (70s and 80s), including independent labels. Also present, as genres, rap and house, as well as to a space for rock and jazz. You can find everything, but black music is the main specialization. It also offers an online service for purchase via discogs and local collection and is the reference point of the Groovin label.

F. M.: fulfilled. Prices perhaps sometimes a little exaggerated but the "rarity" is normal to find it quoted. Very well stocked. Impossible to go out without having bought anything.

Carlo “Il Cente” Centemeri: Interesting assortment, good prices. To be visited repeatedly

BAR-JAY MAXIM: TOP VINYL SHOP IN MILAN! My ritual stop in Milan, My favorite vinyl music pushers. Fully stocked both new and used, you can find the right groove here.
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5. Il Vinile Vinyl Records - Municipio 3

· 14 reviews

Via Ruggero Leoncavallo, 10, 20131 Milano MI, Italy

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Il Vinile Vinyl Records: what do users think?

Sofia Mollova: Great shop, good organisation of the different music genres and well-known artists. The manager was very kind and helpful, he suggested and even insisted on playing all the vinyl I was going to buy, he even shared me a story about one of it, he was a wonderful and warming person. He also put my records in a safety box because I was travelling from a different country. The records are in good quality and the price varies from 5€ to 50€ and also there were all the different sizes.

Rafael Parra: Very nice shop, records are well taken care of, well organized and sorted. The owner/manager is a nice person and excellent advisor. I definetly recommend to visit when in town for a good digging in a diverse and well sorted collection!

Fiona Chiari: The owners very friendly, lots of records and genre to choose from and you can play them

Marco Carnevale: Tidy and quiet shop, great for looking for some vinyl from the past on the shelves. The manager was very kindly available to let me hear the discs to test the quality. I consider it a small oasis.

Marco Lovisetto: Very neat and clean shop. The impression is excellent. The catalog is not huge, but the prices are fair. There is vinyl only.

Gino Keij: Exceptional collection of records from around the 1980s.

6. The Discomane Snc - Municipio 6

· 160 reviews

Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 38, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

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The Discomane Snc: what do users think?

Peder Bjerring: Il Discomane is a glorious store where the high walls are decorated with pictures and posters of rock idols from the many years the store has existed. The proprietor and staff are exceptionally accommodating and helpful. And then there is of course also a large selection of LPs. The store is located by the canal in the legendary Navigli district. If you are there, you should take a look inside Il Discomane and have a good experience and maybe find a gem to tour collection.

Elektra Keyn: Amazing record store!!!Special thanks to the owner Valeria for her time spent for my requests!Hope to come back soon!

Federica Colombo: Respect to one of the founding record stores in Milan, always great awesome music and take your time, you’ll need it for they got a lot of gems. Precious record store 🙏

Alberto Zorzato: Loved the place, great choice and extremely kind personnel

7. Volume - Dischi e Libri - Municipio 9

· 62 reviews

Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi, 20, 20159 Milano MI, Italy

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Volume - Dischi e Libri: what do users think?

Shireen Tawil: A wonderful selection of books and records, and some really cool, obscure Afro-pop/rock/funk!

Teo Segale: Best "leftfield" (for lack of a better term) store in town!

Alex Eftimie: Great curation of discs!

claudia genocchio: The owner is super-competent and very kind, he wanted a record shop like that!

Matteo Cantaluppi: Very small, but well stocked with mostly experimental music discs (ambient, electronic, etc…). My favorite in Milan

Elisa Regali: Small but very nice shop. The girl who greeted us was very kind and super helpful! We were able to listen to the vinyls before buying them and get great advice!

Deya Alverman: Beautiful discovery. Small record shop with a lot you interesting titles. There are also excellent offers and the books section which has titles that are not easy to find. The girl was very kind and competent even when I asked him for info on still sealed discs or boxes. I will be back for sure.

xTHRASHMANIACx: Nice little shop full of new and used records, books and cassettes. Pity the prices a little high on the new material, but it is generally so with the fresh exits. Weird sounds, punk hc, ethnic music, we say that there are very little "pop" sounds, and this me is undoubtedly the strong point. Absolutely to jump in if you are in the area!

lino nobili: Nothing trivial!! Small shop, but very large... both for vinyl and for books

8. Discovery by gigi - Municipio 1

· 1 reviews

Via Santa Margherita, 20100 Milano MI, Italy

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Discovery by gigi: what do users think?

Gigi Galluzzi: Excellent shop for Vintage vinyl records, friendly person very prepared in advising purchases on tt musical genres, possibility of listening to records, a detour is a must since it is also the only store that sells Vinyl in the center of Milan.


· 88 reviews

Via Cesare da Sesto, 24, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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ROSSETTI RECORDS & BOOKS: what do users think?

Steve Moore: Always a pleasure to visit Rossetti’s record and book shop. It is not the biggest or smartest record store in Milan but it is definitely one of the best. Small selection of second hand LP’s normally in excellent condition. The owner cleans all LP’s using a Degritter ultrasonic cleaner. Really makes a huge difference. Found a few gems here over the last fe months since living in Milano

Tom Claude: Great Catalogue and very nice owner :)

Lashan Perera: Books maketh a man. So calma..

aashish chhiller: Amazing feel.

Sujith Jayawarna: McDonald

alessandra scipioni: Courtesy, culture, I bought a vinyl for the first time today...I think the first of many...

Otterley: Nice assortment of music! Sift through I found many interesting things. The managers very helpful and competent!

10. Green Tunnel Records - Municipio 1

· 16 reviews

Corso di Porta Ticinese, 76, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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Green Tunnel Records: what do users think?

Anna Simakova: Sick store! (Especially if you are looking for some minimal techno records in Milan, which is challenging) really liked the collection, cool new and used records. Friendly prices and the experience felt personal. Thanks a lot🙌🏽

Malte Staeblein: Nice small place. Friendly staff and a nice Collection of 2nd hand records.

Constantin Rallo: Green Tunnel Milano: high quality, super professional service, amazing music, what more could you want?? :)

Sibyl lew: We met the nicest people there and had a real good time. True people with soul and a love for the things they are doing! Awesome 😊

Pino Trinchise: Small shop but with a lot of offer of refined music and rarities. T-shirts

lucrezia foscari: Green Tunnel is cool. There are not only CBD, but also oils, shower gels and inflorescences. The owner is very professional and the musical selecta inside is a bomb.

Efe Serio: It is a must-stop spot when you come to Milan, where you can find the best quality CBD-based products. I definitely recommend!!

11. New San Francisco - Municipio 3

· 58 reviews

Via Pinturicchio, 5, 20133 Milano MI, Italy

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New San Francisco: what do users think?

Marialuisa Pasotti: I found this shop by accident on Google. It was more or less in the area where I was and I went there (four or five stops on the tram, the 33, from Porta Venezia). Il Caso rewarded me because I came across a record shop that was tiny in size but gigantic in offer. The owner of the shop, in addition to being a person with whom it is a pleasure to talk to, did his utmost to help me find the right vinyls for my son, advising me for the best. It is the ideal place for lovers of vinyl and quality music. I can say that I have found my point of reference. Thanks again Mr Francis!

Pelussje Lordsofnothing: Small store of records, DVDs and collectible film posters, well stocked and full of personality. Francesco, the owner, is very nice and very helpful. The "DISCHI" sign outside dates back to the 70s, it is one of the few shops in Milan that has never changed its use since then, and fortunately! Beautiful experience

Loris Capone: Francesco has many years of experience in the sector and in his shop you will surely find what you are looking for or something new to appreciate Recommended

Marianna Dell'Otto: I went to this shop looking for movie posters and I found everything I was looking for. Really well stocked with original posters of all genres and all price ranges, very suitable for gifts. Very kind and passionate owner. Really recommended

andrea m.: Very well stocked, the owner is a very courteous and precise connoisseur of vinyl, I recommend it to everyone

12. LP Vinili Disco Express Milano - Municipio 7

· 119 reviews

Piazzale Veronica Gambara, 5, 20146 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
LP Vinili Disco Express Milano: what do users think?

Fulan Perez: Lovely cozy shop with various selection from italo disco to new electronica and everything in between. Owner is quite pleasent to talk to and shows general interest in the customers. Offers free espresso, and is even happier when you take it without the sugar😀. I got three little gems for 20 euros. The shop is not in the center but worth the trip.

Dariusz Dylski: Excellent place. The owner is very nice person and he has great selection of records. What is very important all records that I have reviewed ware in mint or near mint condition - this is unique in Italy.

Andrea Palmiotta: I discovered this little record shop by pure chance, I had to be in that square for another appointment, and actually scrolling through Google images to see where I could park I discovered it, and it was a pleasant discovery, Mr. After my telephone contact, Gianpiero kindly put aside some vinyls for me, and gave me a nice welcome discount on the one I was interested in, which is now rare in the world of retail trade. If the case does not exist, the kindness, courtesy and professionalism of its owner is a tangible and concrete reality ... Thanks for everything and see you next time!

Francesco Musajo Somma: Competence, kindness, friendliness of the owner Gianpiero who is a real mine of information and often manages to find even the rarest "pieces". Often listening to good music and even offering you a coffee. Truly a reference point for vinyl lovers. Mythical

Filippo O.: Shop with excellent vinyls, CDs, DVDs and various. Impeccable originals, unavailable elsewhere, at a super price. Competent and professional owner. If you want a unique experience you have to enter this little shop. Highly recommended.

Monica Basanisi: I state that I asked for an impossible mission, to find me an LP, unfortunately not imported into Italy, Mr. Giampiero, immediately made himself very available to be able to get me the disc, with a commitment and courtesy that is very rare to find, unfortunately the disc cannot be recovered, but the same I am happy, because I have relied on his high professionalism level, and highly recommend it for your purchases.

Elena Scarnecchia: Impeccable friendliness and experience of the owner. Beautiful little shop, with vinyls that are often unobtainable and good coffee. A nice find!

Marco Di Patti: Availability, professionalism, kindness and sympathy. Absolutely THE reference point for vinyls in Milan. For those like me who love music it is heaven.

13. Metropolis Dischi - Municipio 3

· 314 reviews

Via Carlo Esterle, 29, 20132 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Metropolis Dischi: what do users think?

Ivan Minuti: If Italy has heroes, Mr. Sebastiano and Mr. Alfiero are part of them. Rare precious people like the records they sell. The music curation is maniacal, the quality and condition of records superb, and the knowledge and passion for music limitless. The shop has a huge collection of records, mostly 60s 70s, and 80s. They have a great collection of original motion pictures. A week will be not enough to check all the records they meticulously collected. The trip is worth it just to meet these two legendary Milanese institutions, a lifetime into music and a kindness rare to find. Long life to this piece of Italian legacy and excellence. I would say a 10 out of 10 for music selection and passion for their work.

Adrian Ross: I’ve been traveling around Europe and visiting many record shops and this is my favourite! Metropolis had a great selection, courteous employees, and awesome prices too. Couldn’t recommend them more!

Tom Ullathorne: Great selection of classic and rare vinyl. I could have spent hundreds of euros and many hours in this shop 😉

nikolaos mpournias: Beest place in Milano to find rare cds fantastic prices...ideal for music and movie lovers

DJ KoolKuts: Cool record store with a awesome selection of black music 🎶

Teddy Chima: Good place

Ivan Messi: I can only say that this shop is a guarantee, every record I have bought (and I have bought several) are in excellent condition, and the professionalism of the shopkeeper always puts me at ease. Thank you!!!!

Tartaruga Dispersa: Great shop to find used vinyls, even of high level! I highly recommend going there, it will be difficult to leave the shop without having found some gems to listen to.

14. Buscemi Dischi - Municipio 1

· 182 reviews

Corso Magenta, 31/ ingresso via Terraggio, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Buscemi Dischi: what do users think?

Cansu Kirindi: Prices are fairly okay and found a few cd copies that I had been searching for.

Chris Terzi: Great selection, great prices along with good service!

Paolo Marchesi: N 1

Miguel Andrade: Great selection of discs

Alessandro Guerri: Beautiful record shop (as unfortunately there are almost no more) with a lot of choice between new and used. Very competent and courteous staff! highly recommended!!!

Antonio Basoli: Seeing these photos, I am sorry for the closure of an important shop, now that vinyls are back in fashion also because they are the best in terms of sound! Who knows if he sells them and sends them abroad, that would be excellent!

Francesco La Notte: In Milan, the history of music also passes through this shop. Buscemi deserves the Ambrogino for having supported the musical culture in the city.

max taddei: Shop not to be missed for vinyl enthusiasts Good prices and professionalism Definitely better than the two shops on the canals

Nicola Barreca: Historical record shop in Milan. Quite varied in genres, especially jazz and rock. Both new and used records with the possibility of bringing your own records for sale. Honestly, I expected something more, but every now and then, an enthusiast can stop by to see if they find something interesting. Average shop prices. Courteous staff.

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