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1. National Shooting - Section of Milan - Municipio 8

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National Shooting - Section of Milan
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Address: Viale Achille Papa, 22B, 20149 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 12:30 PM ⋅ Reopens 2:15 PM

Telephone: +39 02 3300 2418

Business type: Shooting range

National Shooting - Section of Milan: what do users think?
ivano anselmi
ivano anselmi: N° 1
Giovanni Di Matola
Giovanni Di Matola: Sport
Jacopo Sala
Jacopo Sala: Unfortunately, unfortunately for me I was unable to enter to be able to register because the polygon is closed for holidays. Of course it is right, but knowing it through the internet and not going there personally would have been good and right. Obviously I called earlier and I was answered by the disc with times of the week ... Hopefully when I go there next time we can shoot
Olivier Divisionali
Olivier Divisionali: Beautiful structure… the range marshals are always ready to give you (good) advice if requested. Very useful for a beginner like me. "Weapons handling" course done seriously... Priority to safety...
Ranya korva
Ranya korva: I tried to contact you to find out if you issue certificates for the gpg, and how much does it cost for 3 days? But only an answering machine answers, during opening hours. While I urgently need to talk to someone. Give other numbers.
federick joshua
federick joshua: Great for a pizza ride with friends without many pretensions, the pizzas are not Neapolitan pizzeria quality but better than the classic kebbabaro pizza, the slices are small which in my opinion is a great way to try various types of pizza
Federico Previtera (FEDPREVITERA)
Federico Previtera (FEDPREVITERA): Very cozy place. Reference point for enthusiasts like me. Attentive, helpful and very friendly staff. Rightly strict rules given the environment. Modest prices. The attached bar/restaurant is excellent.
Calisto Piovesan
Calisto Piovesan: Beautiful location, I did the race on Sunday 26 June ex ordinance well prepared and excellent lines, also good the bar / restaurant.

2. National Shooting | RHO Section - Rho

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National Shooting | RHO Section
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Address: Corso Europa, 198, 20017 Rho MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2 PM Wed

Telephone: +39 02 930 7206

Business type: Shooting range

National Shooting | RHO Section: what do users think?
Alfredo C.
Alfredo C.: A historical polygon. With rustic architecture. But they have been able to innovate and improve the headquarters with commitment and passion. The lines at 50 meters for shooting with small caliber rifles are equipped with tablets for viewing the target. The response of the image is a bit slow. But still the image is sharp and bright. The external screens allow guests and companions to follow the races. The shooting commissioners and the entire administration are extremely competent and friendly. They know how to involve, correct and help with competence. They are safety conscious. I have not had the opportunity to test the 25m lines for short firearms. The parking is not huge but large. Be careful when it rains because you park on the lawn. There are no architectural access impediments for the lines. The disabled bathroom is under construction. There is no club house, but in the courtyard there is a gazebo where you can sit and take the coffee purchased at the vending machine (not for change). Bring your 50 cent coins. I am always happy with it. The polygon and the staff are welcoming. Recommended for those in the area who want to get closer to shooting in all its forms.
Carlo Carrino
Carlo Carrino: Today I was for the first time in this T.S.N. is I was really pleased with the people who frequent it. I immediately felt immersed in a cordial and familiar environment. Mario, the director, was extremely helpful and kind, and Sergio, the deputy director, and Clemente, the shooting instructor, were no exception. My heartfelt thanks go to these three people for welcoming me and making me feel at home.
Nicola Russano
Nicola Russano: Competent and courteous staff, TRUE PROFESSIONALS
Ilenia P.
Ilenia P.: The environment is familiar, the staff competent and helpful. They also organize social competitions which are a nice moment of sharing.
david rocco marchesi
david rocco marchesi: What can I say, a family! Very kind and super competent staff, they also use instructors specialized in self-defense. Highly recommended!
Calisto Piovesan
Calisto Piovesan: I was there for a race, I felt really good and the staff were very prepared
Karla Bandeira
Karla Bandeira: Fantastic experience!! Super recommended!!
Tablet Bersaglio
Tablet Bersaglio: really good shooting range. a lot of work has been recently done to adapt the structures and the climate is really hospitable. There are also extremely competent people, I will certainly renew my membership
Franco Cassani
Franco Cassani: Given the recent episode which highlighted a certain danger, I think it would be more correct for the shooting range to be moved outside the city centre. We count a lot on the correctness and controls of the managers who operate with maximum respect for the rules

3. A.S.D. Air Shooting Desio - Desio

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A.S.D. Air Shooting Desio
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Address: c/o Centro Sportivo Comunale, Via Gaetana Agnesi, 20832 Desio MB, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11:30 PM

Telephone: +39 392 723 0856

Business type: Shooting range

A.S.D. Air Shooting Desio: what do users think?
Ferruccio Cattaneo
Ferruccio Cattaneo: Excellent sports club. A place where you can concentrate and relax at the same time to get to the "center" of the problem 🎯
Response: Thank you for the favorable review it is gratifying for us, our commitment to members is a constant unchanged over time.
raffaella franchi
raffaella franchi: What can I say ... gorgeous !! Super organized registration fee and prices within the reach of all perfect platforms and in case of explanations or assistance you are never alone, I absolutely recommend it to all fans but above all to those who are not! Because you will discover a new way of doing sport that helps self-control, concentration and frees the mind from everyday stress! Bravi excellent Polygon.
Response: Thank you your satisfaction is an incentive for us to improve.
Pierpaolo Roberto
Pierpaolo Roberto: I have been enrolled in the A. S. D. Air Shooting for a year and I am fully satisfied! I had the pleasure of meeting great people and making great friends! I also had the opportunity to grow in this sport, thanks above all to the president of the association Marco Ghezzi and his very professional collaborators! Thanks to all of you !!!!
Response: Thank you very much
Alfio Privitera
Alfio Privitera: I found a very kind welcome, excellent professionalism and above all extreme willingness to teach the basics and secrets of this splendid discipline! Congratulations to the President and to all the responsible members of the structure!
Response: Thanks 😁 we'll see you on the shooting lines when this whole thing is over
attilio vignola
attilio vignola: What can I say ... cheerful evening company ... excellent instructors ... none with a stink on their nose ... and people trained in all fields. What to do ... get passionate about shooting. Nice place to spend some time in active relaxation.
Response: Thanks for your satisfaction and the best reward to all our efforts.
Luigi Foschetti
Luigi Foschetti: A truly beautiful and unique shooting range or shooting range within a radius of many kilometers. Convenient positioning within the municipal sports center
Response: thanks for the review ;-)
Giovanni Lusso
Giovanni Lusso: Polygon for weakened compressed air, informal and friendly environment even if the staff is competent and professional. Excellent both for leisure and for high level sporting ambitions, absolutely recommended
Response: Thank you your satisfaction is gasoline that powers our engine.
Giovanni Lochis
Giovanni Lochis: ... An amazing environment where sport leads to socializing with self-esteem ...
Response: Thank you for the 5 stars and the excellent review, they are an incentive for our commitment to continuous research to improve our activities. Good day
Emilio Sangregorio
Emilio Sangregorio: Excellent association where you can combine pure fun with healthy competition. Qualified staff is always available
Response: Thanks for the favorable review

4. Tiro a Segno Nazionale Sezione di Monza - Monza

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90 reviews
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Tiro a Segno Nazionale Sezione di Monza
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Address: Via Ticino, 14, 20900 Monza MB, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2 PM

Telephone: +39 039 741122

Business type: Shooting range

Tiro a Segno Nazionale Sezione di Monza: what do users think?
Elena Veprikova
Elena Veprikova: Done the course, very interesting 🤔. The lesson explained in minimal detail. TSN of Monza open every day and is located in the San Fruttuoso area. Polygon at various distances: from 10-50 meters in the open air and in the tunnel. For competitive activities with short firearms and for the use of long guns with compressed air (rifle)
Claudio Cavallaro
Claudio Cavallaro: Entered out of curiosity ..... after three days I had completed the process for the request for the PdA. Friendly and helpful place and staff.
Claudio Polloni
Claudio Polloni: 3/1/23h. 5pm closed communication area for users on the site: zero communication in this regard! compliments!! if there was I put half a star
Bruno Manzi
Bruno Manzi: Actio et reactio It was well known that the TSN of Monza had problems of coexistence with the neighboring inhabitants, due to the noise. But that the problem is not solved by adapting the structure is quite another thing. Upon entering, the perception is from the era and evokes emotions of 30 years ago. Secretariat cannot be defined as "friendly", the institution takes precedence (even if you are in line); The Registered Attendant comes next. Education is not perceived as indispensable, for some the "you" does not exist; Only the "YOU" from the barracks, even if not in confidence. Outdoor rifle line strictly only 22LR and subsonic ammunition otherwise you are attentive. You make too much "mess". Gun line, in the current situation, given the closure of the tunnel, on the other line the calibers are 7.65 and 38 wc. Here adjustments to the structure would be needed. OR NOT ! Also in this case the institutional staff are welcome, the private person (as they call you) is tolerated, but must be silent and hurry up. I am going to thank Mr. Mario Collini for their availability and courtesy; Zaninelli Pietro and the young and educated Mattia Larocca.
Tonino86: Bad and rude staff, you clearly understand that the customer is annoying, a shame, passed this morning for interest in a possible registration, I simply asked the reception if it was possible to stay and watch, I was replied: "there is nothing to look but if you want, look quickly and go away ”with an arrogant attitude, they are convinced that a person can register immediately without looking at anything and without having information. Bad experience for being only 10 minutes ... not recommended .. I had to put 1 star to post a review, but I want to clarify that it is 0 stars
mario levato
mario levato: Professional and polite
Sergio Centremero
Sergio Centremero: Historic structure in Monza and a point of reference for Brianza, the TSM stands out for its competence, safety and seriousness.
Michele De Angelis
Michele De Angelis: Never again.......trained instructors give you satisfaction but having to deal with the staff at the reception is a matter of heart.....NEVER AGAIN

5. Beretta Gallery Milan - Municipio 1

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90 reviews
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Beretta Gallery Milan
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Address: Via Ulrico Hoepli, 3, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +39 02 7602 8325

Business type: Gun shop

Beretta Gallery Milan: what do users think?
Manny: As a big fan of Beretta as well as owning several of their firearms I was disappointed to find out the armory was closed and only open once a week. Additionally, the sales lady that was there was super unhelpful and followed us around as if we were looking to steal something? Very uncomfortable.
Jason Betchkal
Jason Betchkal: This place is terrible don’t go here. I went in to see their beautiful shot guns and the personal inside was so lazy they said that part of the store was closed. No explanation as to why just did not want go upstairs to accompany me.
Levan: Absolutely the best experience an enthusiast can have. If you visit, ask for Silvio. He is a second (possibly 3rd) generation gun smith that really understands the art and craft that is being slowly lost and forgotten in the rest of the world. Thank you Silvio.
Rene Renteria
Rene Renteria: Great selection of weapons .. and the products down stairs were awesome expensive but good quality
Marshall Kendo
Marshall Kendo: Nice store but prices are high. In a great in general for shopping and food
Sripad Ashwath
Sripad Ashwath: A really good place to shop for shooting accessories.
Shoaib Zafar Bajwa
Shoaib Zafar Bajwa: Must visit place, excellent place for gun lovers
Jayantha Rajapaksha
Jayantha Rajapaksha: Good service , Great peoples
My Daily Art - Anthony Edgar
My Daily Art - Anthony Edgar: Beautiful and unique quality

6. A.S.D. Tiro a Volo Accademia Lombarda - Battuda

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52 reviews
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A.S.D. Tiro a Volo Accademia Lombarda
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Address: Strada Provinciale 151 Km 2+900, 27020 Località Cerro, PV, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1:30 PM

Telephone: +39 0382 185 6050

Business type: Skeet shooting range

A.S.D. Tiro a Volo Accademia Lombarda: what do users think?
Tommaso Carlo Felice Farè
Tommaso Carlo Felice Farè: A sport not to be underestimated, if you like weapons you will not be able to do without them, very kind staff and manager!
Omar R
Omar R: Nice field. Well equipped. Friendly staff. Valid armory.
Alberta Ruffolo
Alberta Ruffolo: A beautiful, well-structured, well-managed and welcoming field that employs an excellent instructor, the Federal Technician Bison Vincenzo, very professional who knows how to combine safety and discipline at the base of a good technique in clay pigeon shooting. Congratulations to all, it is definitely recommended.
Mario Ruotolo
Mario Ruotolo: Beautiful location both inside and out. The restaurant has 50 seats, better to book. I ordered spaghetti with clams and mussels in sauce. All very good, only limited menu.
daniele bozzolan
daniele bozzolan: excellent structure, managed by friendly and helpful staff. Place where you can spend a pleasant day at 360 °
Matteo Raina
Matteo Raina: very beautiful the field and with all the services, ample parking well arranged, excellent bar, restaurant, the armory that offers an excellent service
ALESSANDRO DI MARTINO: genuine cuisine Nice guys
Tiziana Gusmaroli
Tiziana Gusmaroli: It has a lot of outdoor space with a good number of places. Mr. Bison is a great instructor.

7. Campo di tiro Traversera - Verano Brianza

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19 reviews
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Campo di tiro Traversera
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Address: Via Alberto da Giussano, 20843 Verano Brianza MB, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2 PM Thu

Telephone: +39 331 570 6245

Business type: Shooting range

Campo di tiro Traversera: what do users think?
Simone ADEL
Simone ADEL: Outdoor shooting range, absolutely up to the task. The staff is HIGHLY specialized, the areas are well cared for and it is excellent both for training and for spending a pleasant day in company, perhaps during one of the exploding western shows organized on site. I absolutely recommend it. GOOD!
Der Atorak
Der Atorak: Extremely spartan field, for an afternoon of shooting with friends it is always great fun, some luxuries are lacking as in other shooting areas, such as a shooting director per pitch and more refined control of the equipment available. Gear up, bring everything you need and you will surely have fun, targets included. Furthermore, it is not possible to buy ammunition on site. YouTube: DerAtorak Instagram: @deratorak
Roberto Carofiglio
Roberto Carofiglio: Excellent location for dynamic, western and classic shooting. Informal and friendly environment with tables outside. Staff very attentive to safety. I have been attending it for about 8 years and I continue to do so
Stefano Camilla
Stefano Camilla: Ambushed in the middle of a quarry, it is very dusty and without vegetation. The club house is very welcoming and the staff are precise and competent. It allows dynamic shooting with all weapons in a safe way and has sufficient parking.
Francesco Bin
Francesco Bin: Excellent polygon obtained in a quarry, where it is possible to train in peace and safety. Kind and nice person. Large parking. There is also a refreshment area where you can enjoy a good meal in company after training.
ViperRules 717
ViperRules 717: Exceptional shooting range always at the highest levels of safety, very kind and experienced staff
Walter C
Walter C: Good shooting range where you can have fun with peace and security
Pignolona: Nice people and helpful
N. S.
N. S.: Great field🎯
Paolo Turato
Paolo Turato: Nice field👍

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