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Prata & Mastrale Tailoring - suits and tailored shirts Lanieri Tailoring F. Caraceni Sartoria A. Caraceni May Faber | Abbigliamento uomo su misura a Milano Atelier Iavarazzo Di Milano Acquadimare Tailoring Suitable Sartoria VIRUM NAPOLI

1. Prata & Mastrale Tailoring - suits and tailored shirts - Municipio 1

· 71 reviews

Via Andrea Appiani, 1, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Prata & Mastrale Tailoring - suits and tailored shirts: what do users think?

G CB: Kindness, elegance and culture. Best quality and variety of fabrics. Prices very much adequate for the excellence of the tailoring.

rahul ramesh: Mr Aldo is one amazing person and the two women in the reception greeting me so well and I’ve absolutely loved each bit of the store, It’s pure class and comfort. Must visit Thanks Mr Aldo.

Virginia Ellis: I would rate this store 5 plus stars because of the excellent level of customer service and quality clothes they deliver. If you want to look good and feel good, then this is definitely the store for you! They look at every detail when making their clothes (from the stitching, to the buttons and specially the cut) to deliver super comfortable clothes. The one thing Prata e Mastrale does others stores don’t do as well is the advise they give to help you look you look your very best, proper and well put together. Aldo and his tailors have the refined eye others lack, and there is a lot of value in that.

cathal stanley: As a visitor to Milan, my experience with Aldo and the Prata & Mastrale team met all my expectations. What was particularly impressive was the informed, if not sophisticated way, Aldo and the team understood the type of suit I was looking for. This resulted in a cloth choice and suit finish that I am extremely happy with. I would highly recommend Patra & Mastrale without reservation.

Amir Brenner: We had the pleasure of working with Aldo and the team at Prata & Mastrale in their boutique in Milan. The entire experience with Aldo was fantastic, from the beginning to the end. I cannot say enough how professional, classy, and detailed Aldo and his team were. We arrived at the boutique and looked through many different fabrics. Once we decided on a fabric, we were measured to ensure the suits were made specifically for us. In addition, we were able to choose different lining, buttons, pockets, and other small details that can set a custom suit apart from a suit bought from a store. We had the suits shipped to the United States, and they arrived neatly packed in a Prata & Mastrale suit bag. The fit of the suit was perfect and each detail was incredible. We were blown away to say the least. We will be going back to Milan to purchase more suits from Prata & Mastrale in the future. Thank you Aldo!

georges A Bouboulis: Very Good Tailor • Attentive to details • Excellent choice of fabrics • Time of manufacturing reasonable • impeccable client service

Andrea Monti: A go-to place in Milan for made-to-measure and entirely bespoke suits and shirts. Very high quality, wide selection of fabrics, excellent professionalism and attention to details. The owner Aldo and his team provided a very attentive service. Highly recommended.

Federico Mosca: Great value for money, very central location and quick turnaround. Ask for Aldo, he is the star of the show there !

giovanni dellorto: You’ll have always a very special attention and you’ll feel the most important customer!! Be sure, you’ll have also the best personalized dress!!

2. Lanieri - Municipio 9



· 259 reviews

Via Pietro Maroncelli, 13, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

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Lanieri: what do users think?

Benjamin S: I came across Lanieri by accident and before that I was usually a customer of big labels which I started to dislike more and more.l: plenty of my money goes into ads and not into the product. Lanieri is different and luckily so. The products are made in Italy, they use Italian fabrics, too. So, hopefully no cheap labor involved here. Secondly, their approach leads to less waste as they make garments made to measurement. I had so far two suits, three shirts and three ties made by them. The first try of each garment required some modifications and the customer support is really helpful and motivated. They aim at a happy customer and it seems they are willing to invest in the customer relationship a lot. The products are all exceptional, especially considered their prices. A three piece suit, half canvases and a great fabric for roughly 1000€. None of the big labels cannot compete with this. A special treat are their ties. I am absolutely in love with their choice of patterns and fabrics. But what sets Lanieri apart from the rest of the fashion world I know so far, is their customer support. They respond -although often with some delay - in a friendly, personal way. They have recently taken that to a new level with their virtual consultation using a video call. This is simply amazing. Next time, I make sure I have a shot of espresso next to me during the call and it will be almost as cool as visiting them in Italy. Luisa also responded on some chat messages I sent late in the evening. What a dedication and I really have the impression that the Lanieri management does not forget their staff. So, I am convinced to return again and again to them.

Maciej Marek Hubisz: I was fortunate to find assistance of Fabrizio, who took a great care of me in choosing the best fitting smoking. Definitely recommended.

Manley Francois: Amazing place, very elegant place. Luisa was amazing, she was patient and made the experience better.

Alexander Dahlin: Made to measure suit of high quality that fits comfortably. Fabrizio was professional and provided excellent customer service. Would recommend!

Sébastien Courbin: Great results and great service by Fabrizio and his colleagues. Can recommend for a quality Made in Italy suit!

Arthur Tresse: Perfect measurements made with talented people. The shirt was made quickly and fits perfectly. Great job and english speakers.

Zach Roesler: Excellent quality and excellent service! Very satisfied with the service of Fabrizio and with Lanieri

LORENZO C_alies_bighousecomx: The Very good Design Man

Andrea Rizzato: I had an excellent experience creating my 2 jackets, 2 trousers and a bespoke shirt at the Lanieri atelier in Milan. Fabrizio and Luisa were exceptional Style Advisors, giving me precious advice on the fabrics and details that best suited my style and my needs. I was pleasantly pleased with the end result and look forward to returning for more tailored garments in the future. I highly recommend the Lanieri atelier to anyone looking for high quality garments and excellent service, as well as the friendliness and professionalism of those who work there.

3. Tailoring F. Caraceni - Municipio 1

· 13 reviews

Via S. Marco, 22/a, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Tailoring F. Caraceni: what do users think?

Stefania Caltabiano: Caraceni is a Milan based taylor but its reputation goes well beyond the northern capital. There is no doubt that Caraceni is the most reputed taylor in Italy with unrivalled fame. Think Savil Road, but all in one shop. Mind you, understatement seems to be the atelier motto and the " sartoria" is nothing to write home about: a huge room lined with rows of the best cloth in the world, a smaller, cozy room filled with light, a huge, ancient mirror and the necessities of the trade nearby. All is done in person and it takes a few sessions to reach perfection. If luxury is to possess little but perfect than their suits are luxury at its purest state.

Andrew Borda: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueExcellent bespoke tailor. Before coming to F. Caraceni, I had tried other tailors in London and Italy and nobody else comes close to the level of service, quality or style of an F. Caraceni bespoke suit. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Crown Custom Clothing: Great Experience

Sergio Benetti Lanzerath: Absolutely the best bespoke tailoring in Italy if not European. Mrs. Nicoletta Carapranzi is the quintessence of competence and style: she knows how to advise the customer in the best possible way and I must say that in many years I have never been disappointed or even not fully satisfied.

Giovanni Antonangeli: Along with a few other Italian tailors ... They are all very high-ranking English tailors are instead very heavy ..

Andrea Romanet: tailored tailored suits of excellent workmanship #madeinitaly

Francesco Falciola: The best tailoring in Milan!

김진석: They are kind.

luca de luca: Positive: Professionalism

4. Sartoria A. Caraceni - Municipio 1

· 10 reviews

Via Fatebenefratelli, 16, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Sartoria A. Caraceni: what do users think?

Elena Sartorio: Top of tailoring! Very good real artists !!! Highly recommended!

Andrea Romanet: Splendid haute couture suits for men, strictly handmade #made in Italy

Giuseppe Sgorbati: The university of classic tailoring. A worldwide reference
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5. May Faber | Abbigliamento uomo su misura a Milano - Municipio 8

· 260 reviews

Via Canonica angolo, Via Giuseppe Prina, 1, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

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May Faber | Abbigliamento uomo su misura a Milano: what do users think?

Manu: I had two custom dress shirts made at May Faber. Very nice shop. Personnel is very professional. Shirts took around two weeks to make. Had to take one back for a small adjustment and they were happy to make adjustment. You will have to practice your Italian or use Google translate to communicate. Overall good experience.

Francesco Cocco: I had a very nice experience by buying my wedding dress at Mayfaber. My dress was ready in a reasonable waiting time, and a problem with trousers was quickly sorted out. The quality of all the items was utterly satisfying.

Massimiliano Barbato: TOP

Davide Bianchi: Great experience - they made my wedding dress last September. The process began in mid-April with the taking of the measurements and ended at the end of July with the delivery of the dress. In between there have been numerous tests, during which Roberta and team have always addressed, supported and endured me ... the result was truly excellent, with many compliments from family and friends! I will definitely come back to make clothes for work.

Edoardo Martinelli: The dress is gorgeous it was very successful !!! Excellent fabrics and precious advice from Roberta in the design phase of the dress. The shop was recommended to me and for sure I will recommend it myself.

6. Atelier Iavarazzo - Municipio 1

· 1 reviews

Via della Moscova, 40/6, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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7. Di Milano Acquadimare Tailoring - Municipio 3

· 45 reviews

Via Cesare Saldini, 30, 20133 Milano MI, Italy

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Di Milano Acquadimare Tailoring: what do users think?

Antonio Maria Bovo: Quality, professionalism, courtesy and availability. For years I have relied on Sartoria Di Milano Acquadimare for the purchase of tailor-made shirts always made in an impeccable way and with quality fabrics. For my wedding I therefore decided to have a tailored suit made and also in this case they proved to be true professionals. In addition to the beauty and quality of the dress that was made for me (but I had no doubts), I appreciated the great availability of Roberto who accepted without any objection the change of date of the wedding that had the bow tie requested to be delivered to Puglia. last moment. Thanks again!

claudio cavallotti: In a world dominated by big brands, it is positively surprising to find a place from the past like this, where everything is in the expert and passionate hands of the owner and his son. I chose my wedding suit here for my most important day. Roberto guided me in customizing every little detail. The construction times were fully respected and already after the first test the changes to be made were minimal, a sign of the care taken in the realization. I would like to recommend this tailor shop with my eyes closed.

Andrea Annibali: Competence, quality and courtesy. Roberto and his staff are ready to satisfy their customers without missing their discreet advice of elegance experts. First-rate fabrics and a wide choice with commensurate prices. A true laboratory of elegance, highly recommended.

Michele Santacesaria: I went to this tailor shop after visiting others, also intrigued by its history. The occasion was important to me, as it was the dress for my wedding. I must say that, from the first meeting, Roberto was able to interpret my inputs by providing me with precious and fundamental suggestions so that the final result was perfect: together with the quality of the product, this was the added value I was looking for and that I found! The whole process of choosing the fabrics, defining every single detail and personalization took place with great naturalness, even though it was my first experience with tailoring suits. The deadlines were met on time and the final result was exceptional. I would like to thank Roberto again for the quality of the product and the ideas provided. I will definitely recommend to all my friends who want to treat themselves to a unique dress and a fascinating experience.

Francesco Petrone: If you are looking for quality fabrics, professionalism, tailoring experience and style in a single company, then you must try Sartoria Acquadimare. Historic artisan workshop that has handed down knowledge and passion for three generations. Roberto and his son Joao are a guarantee 😉👍

Joshua Alberti Grossi: High-level tailoring with a wide choice of fabrics. Truly exceptional courtesy and professionalism on the part of Roberto. The dress that was made for me is fantastic, all at a more than fair price, considering the quality of the fabric chosen. A security, I recommend it!

8. Suitable Sartoria - Municipio 8

· 19 reviews

Via Gaetano Previati, 14, 20149 Milano MI, Italy

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Suitable Sartoria: what do users think?

Mattia Beraldo: An environment where you can feel pampered while choosing a quality dress, perfect for every need. Attention to detail and customers. Simply outstanding

Sergio Fusco: Straconsigliato, Owner is very well prepared, suits, shirts all in size, Top quality, very high quality / price ratio. I recommend a visit

Simone Gagliardi: Innovative tailoring near Milan City Life. I bought some shirts, trousers and a suit and I was fully satisfied. Courtesy and professionalism accompany you in choosing the garment you want, which can be designed in all its parts. The fabrics are of high quality and the delivery is made within a few weeks.

Xiaoli Tu: Given a voucher for the made-to-measure shirt, it was very welcome

Matteo Re Depaolini: Cozy place in excellent English style. The owner demonstrates knowledge of tailoring and great skill in identifying customer needs.

nicolò franza: I am a customer for shirts. Beautiful fabrics and Stefano very helpful and kind. Very competitive prices.

Alessio Specchiulli: Excellent value for money. Wide choice and versatility of products. Very helpful and competent owner. Suitable to highly recommend !!

Dario Lobini: Suitable represents an innovative shopping experience. Absolutely to try and try again!

9. VIRUM NAPOLI - Municipio 1

· 96 reviews

Via Giovanni Rasori, 7, 20145 Milano MI, Italy

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VIRUM NAPOLI: what do users think?

Fabrizio L.: great quality at affordable price.

M.C. Dpr aka Zorro Häberle: Excellent quality, outstanding service, fast delivery, perfect fit, great price ! You have a new customer !

Nick Tz: I just received my ΜΤΜ suit today in Greece from virum . Perfect suit. The guys are the best. Neapolitan tailoring at its best. You should try to have a suit from Virum

Angelo Lacerenza: I bought a beige Virum washed chino pants. What can I say, fantastic and well finished product. Perfect fit and really good quality. The tailored cut is immediately noticeable. The service was excellent. For availability and kindness of the owners. I strongly recommend this brand. Virum is a guarantee.

Umberto Babusci: I met Virum last year because I was interested in a pair of made-to-measure trousers. I found not only clothes of splendid workmanship and with the best fabrics, but also rare professionalism and cordiality. Meeting Filippo and studying together a new garment according to my tastes is a highly gratifying experience and a personal pleasure, but also the various online purchases have proved to be highly satisfying with the beauty of the garments received, both in terms of workmanship and materials and style. always exceeding expectations.

MICHELE GARAVELLO: I have been a Virum customer since 2021 and so far I have made two purchases on VIRUM to be precise 4 pants and I found myself very well. They are well made and very elegant. The online purchase procedure was also very simple and the delivery was fast. I recommend Virum to anyone who wants to dress elegantly. Good job everyone.

andrea cascio: I bought a pair of pants, they looked beautiful from the site. As soon as I arrived my feeling was confirmed, they are beautiful beautiful fabric beautiful packaging. They arrived with the hem already done with the reverse. Perfect.

Giulio Verro: I met Virum through an advertisement on Instagram, I visited the site and bought a pair of pants. The delivery was immediate and above all, the trousers conform to what is described and represented in the photos and on the site. I was very satisfied with the panetalone. Excellent quality-price relation.

Gianni Beglia: I bought two pants. All excellent starting from the courtesy in the interaction (I needed a clarification), shipping. The particularly careful packaging was a surprise. Product quality seems great but I just wore them.

Andrea Bianco: I met Virum online by chance and tried to buy 2 trousers which I was very satisfied with so I bought another two summer ones. I must admit that the wait was a little longer than I expected but being products to be manufactured there is. Good service and top product

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