Best 24 Hour Pharmacies In Milan Near Me

Farmacia Liberty Farmacia Ambreck Farmacia Boccaccio Pharmacy Ferrarini SNC

1. Farmacia Liberty - Municipio 1

路 43 reviews

Galleria Sala dei Longobardi, Via S. Paolo, 13, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Farmacia Liberty: what do users think?

Oscar Santiago: Nice personal and friendly. They do Covid-19 test for pre-travel documentation (13:30-14:30 break)15 Euros. 7 days a week.

Alexandra Leighton: The gentleman was kind, knowledgeable and welcoming even as the store was closing very soon and I spoke no Italian.

Rahul Biswas: I bought two bars of soap here. The store is clean, typical of European pharmacies.

Trefor Williams: Very helpful and friendly - even at 4:30 am

Cristina Marochko: Well stocked place and very comfortable armchairs inside. I will definitely be back

2. Farmacia Ambreck - Municipio 3



路 483 reviews

Via Antonio Stradivari, 1, 20131 Milano MI, Italy

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Farmacia Ambreck: what do users think?

Tim Beilby: Perhaps the finest pharmacy I have ever used. Highly efficient, prompt service, spotlessy clean and very good staff! I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Elham Motalleb: Great farmacia. I get my medicine every month from them. They are really precise and explain everything to you patiently. They also can speak english which is helpful for people who are not Italian and need medicine

Nadia Marni: Farmacia AMBREK has the top quality products about medicines, natural medicines, cosmetics, galenic products. The Customer Service is absolutely excellent: they are really kind and always ready to give explanations and make you fell very comfortable. I have learned a lot by them and using the products suggested my health has improved a lot . I am very grateful to Farmacia AMBREK and its own staff, Farmacia AMBREK has a place in my heart and I warmly recommend it.

Limitless Subconscious: My favorite pharmacy in Milan.Qualified staff and open 24/24.Most medicines are always available and the line is regulated by numbered tickets.

Luca Sansaro: Top

3. Farmacia Boccaccio - Municipio 1

路 244 reviews

Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 26, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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Farmacia Boccaccio: what do users think?

DroneScapes By Atellani (By Atellani): Always open! A rarity in Milan. Staff is nice and helpful.

Raffaella Angelelli: Big pharmacy in Milan. The staff is really kind and you can find everything here

Wookie Paste: No lines, good service, medicines in stock

Nicolas Nemni: Historic pharmacy in Milano.

4. Pharmacy Ferrarini SNC - Municipio 1

路 110 reviews

Piazza Cinque Giornate, 6, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

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Pharmacy Ferrarini SNC: what do users think?

Sanjeeva Weerasinghe: Very friendly staff

Carlo M. Bajetta: Almost always open. Quick service.

ruel calalo: very good

Arina Sk: Friendly staff, quick service.

lawyer free: The pharmacy operates within 24 hours something worth appreciating

Devhook 90: Excellent pharmacy, equipped with everything, the Doctor who was there today 07/02/2021, who works the evening shift is really courteous and has a solution to everything! I went around 9pm or earlier. It is already the second time that he solves my health problems! Optimal! 5 stars all deserved. I also add that they delivered the medicines to my home 2 months ago, they use the whatsapp service. I rarely leave reviews, and in this case I leave it because the Doctor really deserves it! Hello everybody

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