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1. Piscina Cozzi - Municipio 2

· 1001 reviews

Viale Tunisia, 35, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Piscina Cozzi: what do users think?

胡惜缘: !!!A 5 meters swimming pool !! How amazing it is! Also you can find freediving course here!

Maria Rose: I enjoyed the swim. Nice big pool. Wide lanes, very considerate swimmers, nice changing rooms, very clean, reasonable price. Beautiful place made of marble, diving boards made of marble. The past is here. I loved it.

Filippo: Very nice and clean 33m pool walking distance from Isola. Fee is 7€, make sure to bring also a lock as they are not provided. Staff is young and helpful.

Claire Gauthier: Historical milanese swimming pool. The place can get crowded, in my experience around 11am is usually the best time. If you plan on going regularly I recommend taking a membership.

Olia Tkachenko: Great courses, amazing coachesVery recommended

2. Piscine Jacarandà - Milano - Municipio 8



· 14 reviews

Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini, 69, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

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Piscine Jacarandà - Milano: what do users think?

Filippo Dicorato: Beautiful swimming pool, very kind staff... We have just renewed the course for my 8 month old son, with the new instructor we are even better than in the first 3 months. Prices certainly not low, but well spent seeing how well my son is and how many steps he takes forward. Perhaps the only flaw, having skipped 2 lessons due to the holiday closures, they do not give the possibility to recover the lesson (but they had already warned us when we signed up)

Aldo Cicchini Violin: New, beautiful and clean! I go there often with my daughter and even alone. We find ourselves very well

Cecilia Ahumada: Great professionalism. Gorgeous pools and modern, clean changing rooms. The best!

3. Milanosport - Swimming Solari - Municipio 6

· 526 reviews

Via Montevideo, 20, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

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Milanosport - Swimming Solari: what do users think?

Vincenzo Di Pisa: Clean, not so crowded and conveniently priced

Anna Aglietti: my favourite pool in Milano. sadly often crowded. great window with view on the park. clean facilities.

Amelia: Great place to swim for real, people who want to tan also have a space outside. If you want to have fun and play in the water, I would suggest going to another swimming pool as this one only have lanes to swim

Lisa Duranton Jones: Nice little pool but they do too many aquagym classes - swimmers beware !

Natalia Kuznetsova: Typical public swimming pool, but clean and nicely located

4. Milanosport - Swimming - Municipio 5

· 544 reviews

Via Sant'Abbondio, 12, 20142 Milano MI, Italy

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Milanosport - Swimming: what do users think?

Fei Zuo: Very spacious changing room with great water flow from the shower. There are not many people in the 50-meter pool.

Amanda Ereiz: Not the best swimming facility but I still go there. The ppl are very nice. The lockers are clean.. the showers could be cleaner but for a public pool it is good. The pool is clean. I like that you just pay when you want to use it. It is a nice place to go. You feel welcomed.

Vincenzo Prestera: Swimming pool just close to Piazza Abbiategrasso Metro station. You can reach this swimming pool by walking (5 minutes from P.zza Abbiategrasso) or with Tram 3,15 or 79, 65 buses. The Swimming pool is opened throughout all the year. During the summer the swimming pool is obviously without roof/covering structure and you can enjoy it relaxing on the surrounding garden. The swimming pool is equipped with several services (bar, showers, surveillance). During the winter/autumn are organized several courses for children, youngs and adults. The building is well maintened and cleaned. Average pricing.

eddie27387: Great👍🏻

Olga Kapitonova: Good

Enola Maer: Nice,clean helpful personal

Ahmed Mansi: Looking forward to trying it.

Lidia Aiello: Okay

5. Milanosport - Piscina Bacone - Municipio 3

· 706 reviews

Via Nicola Piccinni, 8, 20131 Milano MI, Italy

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Milanosport - Piscina Bacone: what do users think?

Jonathan Chung Yee: Good pool for swimming. Entry fee is 6 €

Susan Adams: Clean, wonderful 25-meter pool with clean, warm locker room. Hot showers in locker room and on pool deck. Crowded during weekend hours. As of March 2022, reservations were required. You reserve for a two-hour period and you can stay in the water as long as you like. The swimmers in the fast lane are not very fast and oddly, pay no attention to swimmers who need to pass, even if you tap their feet. Challenging during crowded hours! But I love this pool. Cost: 7 euros. Staff is friendly. I showed my NYC vaccination app and that was sufficient.

P. Kerr: Great spot for a swim. Caters for Lane swimmers of all speeds. Friendly staff and good facilities. Very clean. Recommended. They also organise courses.

David Clarke: An inexpensive means of getting in a few lengths whilst in the sprawling metropolis. The staff are very helpful; the facilities are clean and tidy.

Alessandro Barbone: Nice people in a nice area in Milano.25 m pool only bit not too crowded.Very convenient location for Milan center

Massimiliano Matacena: Public swimming pool (25m) well organized. The changing room are little (but they restructuring now - Jul 17).

Tajheer Mohamed Jaffar: Lovely environment with amiable people... Enjiyed the weekend with friends playing badminton 🏸 is fun... Its a worth to spend the money and time here..

Filippo: Super friendly and professional staff, restrooms very tidy and nice pool, not too crowded over the weekends.

6. Piscina Colonna - Municipio 1

· 129 reviews

Via Conservatorio, 2, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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Piscina Colonna: what do users think?

Marian Bula: A good swmming place for childrens to leanr how to swim.

matteo grillo: Best indoor swimming in Milan DT. Quietly environment

Candice Howe: Hot

David Clarke: Excellent

Antonio Castiglia: The swimming pool is very well maintained and has recently been renovated. It is clean and efficient, the staff polite and professional. The main pool is only 20 meters long but you just need to know that ... do more laps. Crowded on peak days and times but almost deserted on Saturdays after 4pm. I particularly recommend the activities for children who have a dedicated pool, the instructors are really very good and able to involve the little ones.

ivano pezzera: We bring the nephew, who is happy. Kind staff and instructor who seems prepared and who stays with the children and calms them down a lot

daniele celauro: Excellent swimming pool in the center of Milan, position a little hidden and underground with respect to the ground. Competent, friendly and polite staff. Very clean and well looked after place. There are many activities and courses for children and babies. Perhaps the only flaw is the swimming pool a bit small compared to the average.

Domenica Di Pierro: Clean, organized and top quality. The instructors from 10 and praise. The girl at the desk with long red hair is an angel on earth with the sweetest smile and manners in the world. Thank you

7. Milanosport - Piscina Quarto Cagnino - Municipio 7

· 285 reviews

Via Benjamin Constant, 15, 20153 Milano MI, Italy

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Milanosport - Piscina Quarto Cagnino: what do users think?

ANDREA: Hot water Pool

Valerio Fonti: An excellent structure, clean and equipped with all services. Courteous and prepared staff

Sara Fiorella: Quiet swimming pool, large and very well equipped changing rooms for small children with playpen and changing tables, very friendly staff. The only flaw is the water temperature, which is warmer than a normal pool, but still a bit cold for babies

Matteo Arienti: Municipal neighborhood swimming pool. They have many courses available, especially for babies and children. Super friendly and helpful staff

Carmen LD: Excellent swimming courses also for children / babies. Good level of cleanliness

Maristella: Beautiful, welcoming, kind and attentive staff.

Paolo Piscitelli: Small, ok for children but not so much for adults. Generally clean and equipped with all necessities. Good and friendly instructors. I negatively noticed an excessive ease in accessing the changing rooms, no one who asked me for a card, a document ... being also full of children ... I would prefer a little more security.

Luca Ambrosini: Swimming pool that I often go to for free swimming. Managed by Milanosport, it has good prices, the changing rooms are clean, as is the pool area. The water is very hot, and this can be an advantage for those who want to do less strenuous activities, but it is a disadvantage for those who, like me, want to swim "fast". Boards and pull buoy are provided. The staff is courteous and there is a parking space for bikes and motorbikes

8. Milanosport - Piscina De Marchi - Municipio 2

· 296 reviews

Via Emilio de Marchi, 17, 20125 Milano MI, Italy

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Milanosport - Piscina De Marchi: what do users think?

Stef Kostov: The staffs is nice, also it is not crowded like some other public pools. The dress rooms are kept clean and there are hair dryers. The pools are two - one 25m and the pther is for children.

Carlo Pietrasanta: Two swimming pools, the smaller for beginners and the bigger, 25 meter long, for swimmers. There are swimming courses for all levels and hours for free swimming. The personnel is friendly and helpful, the instructors competent and skilled with children. If you reach it by car, you will look for a parking lot in the nearby streets; better to go by bus, it stops very close to the entrance.

Massimiliano Matacena: Nice swimming pool close to the Central Station. Size is 25 meters and the changing room are always clean.

Raffaella R: nice public swimming pool

Victor Zanni: Swam for almost 2 years and had a great time. Few people and most of the time a lane all to ourselves. Low cost and huge changing rooms. Too bad it is no longer open on weekends.

La Li: The structure is old and needs updating. The courses are well done, as well as in all the swimming pools of the Milano sport circuit.

9. Milanosport - Piscina Mincio - Municipio 4

· 396 reviews

Via Mincio, 13, 20139 Milano MI, Italy

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Milanosport - Piscina Mincio: what do users think?

H. G.: Great pool, clean, with big windows and lots of sunlight. Also they have hair driers!

Surya Teja Ambati: Quite near to my home, during the weekend find then pool with less public... And the maintainence is satisfactory

Felice Iannuzzi: Località pubblici swimming pool. With only six euros unlimited daily access

Milorad Djukanovic: Ok

Md Maniruzzaman: Nice place

Davide Mina: Not too crowded on a lunch break. The best days: Tuesday and Friday. Fairly clean even if the system is very dated. Good assistance from lifeguards (at least 2 always present). It happens to wait a while at the entrance.

Michela “micpoet” Bellini: Historic municipal swimming pool partially renovated several years ago. 25-metre warm water pool and well-heated rooms.

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