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1. Accademia Scacchi Milano

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Accademia Scacchi Milano

Address: Via Edmondo de Amicis, 17, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3 PM

Telephone: +39 328 719 4921

Business type: Social club

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Accademia Scacchi Milano: what do users think?

Stefano Alderighi: My children and I came across this chess club recently and randomly. The place is amazing and organizes very many chess related activities for children, kids and teenagers. There are a lot of chess teachers, classes and tournaments, all in an elegant, yet relaxed atmosphere. We particularly liked the strong relationships that the club maintains with International chess environments. We are planning to join the club starting from September and I am confident that from a deeper and better knowledge of the club I will be able to grant an additional star.

Schussel Hast: I am a tourist and was told somewhat unfriendly that this is a private place and that I would have to come on saturday to register for membership and i can not just come in. I have visited some chess clubs (in rome for example) and they were all much more welcoming and flexible (pay 2 € and play rapid or something).
Response: Hello! We apologize for what's happened, that situation was surely caused by a misunderstanding: our club is open to anyone who'd like to play a casual game for free, and for that you'll be treated as a guest; however if you intend to come by multiple times we must register you for legal reasons. If you'll make to visit again Milan you'll be our guest: we hope to make up for all this! Thanks for the feedback and keep playing: gens una sumus! Accademia Scacchi Milano

Ahmed Sharata: It wonderful culture place. Remind me with similar building in Tripoli Libya. Arts & Professions School. Antiche and super.

caesarfaissal: Amateur Association affiliated to the Italian Chess Federation, Associated Discipline of CONI. Born in 2005, to promote the sport of chess (amateur and competitive) with particular attention to the youth movement. They are in via De Amicis 17 in Milan, at the "I Navigli" cultural club. didactic activity: public libraries (Affori, Vigentina, Sicily) and district houses (Bollate, San Vittore, Beccaria) in Milan; Schools, both public and private (Gonzaga Institute, FAES, Montessori, Deutsch Schule Miland); on-site courses: for adults (Quick Full Immersion Promotional, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, single lessons) and for children (Sunday Morning School; Top Agonistic Training Program Under 16, lessons in small groups on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, individual lessons); competitive activity: organization of tournaments both in-house (evening, weekly and youth circuits) and off-site (Lainate, Magenta, Campodolcino, Mercallo, Arese) with inter-school youth training tournaments at the CGS - Student Youth Championships; promotion of chess culture: organization of cultural meetings and chess-related debates (presentation of thematic books, conferences, art exhibitions and chess).

Marla Zulu: Surely of all the places where you can play chess it is the best

Simona Isone: In the heart of Milan in an ancient cloister, a magical place that takes you back to the ancient splendor of the past... chess for all ages masterfully followed by Walter and the sweetest Fiorenza... the internal restaurant is also excellent.

Nicoletta Di Raimondo: Historical place where children and teenagers are accompanied to discover the game of chess in an atmosphere of kindness and respect that encourages learning and comparison

Ivano Porpora: Very pleasant premises, a welcoming atmosphere even for the new ones - and it is not to be taken for granted. There are also women and children. Continuous training.

Roberto Greco: A pleasant place in which to learn to play chess and enjoy healthy competition. The instructors are very welcoming, as well as competent. Furthermore, Fiorenza, Walter and Francesco know how to make people feel at ease and make their stay in the splendid premises in via De Amicis even more pleasant. 🎖🏆🏅

2. ASD Bollate Chess Club

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ASD Bollate Chess Club

Address: Via Don Vincenzo Donadeo, 2, 20021 Bollate MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30 PM

Telephone: +39 329 479 1030

Business type: Chess club

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ASD Bollate Chess Club: what do users think?

Giorgio Favarato: Well organized club. Large and comfortable spaces. Well done.


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Address: Piazza Sant'Antonio M. Zaccaria, 5 a, 20851 Lissone MB, Italy

Telephone: +39 349 131 1483

Business type: Chess club


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Studio Ugliotti: The club is constantly evolving and it is setting ambitious goals aimed at an ever greater, more widespread and solid chess preparation. President Giuseppe Megna is an extraordinary and engaging instructor.

Fortunato Rinaldi: Beautiful chess club for fans and for young people who want to learn and grow in the world of this fantastic millennial game of strategy and tactics.

DaVide S.: Mythical Giuseppe instructor !!!! Bravo and nice

4. La Casa dei Giochi

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La Casa dei Giochi

Address: Via Sant'Uguzzone, 8, 20126 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30 PM

Business type: Board game club

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La Casa dei Giochi: what do users think?

andrea grandi: Used to take chess lessons in here, now I only play d&d. Great place, you can pretty much play any game you want by yourself, or see on Facebook groups or websites if some group organizes bigger sessions. Recommended. Oh and food is fine, they have good selection.

xNiklaZz 2: lit.

Angry Golem (ANGRY GOLEM GAMES): If you enjoy playing rpg and tabletop games this is the place you are looking for in Milán

Twentythree Eightyeight: A lot of very friendly people playing all kinds of boardgames. Must visit if this is your thing.

Renzo Vannucci: Boardgames, rpgs, gaming tournaments. Inexpensive membership required.

Marco Milanta: Very good place to play board games

Alessandro Buggin: local place to play card games, chess and go and table games in general

M. A.: Goooood

RobinFood83: Wow

5. Circolo Scacchistico Famiglia Legnanese

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Circolo Scacchistico Famiglia Legnanese

Address: Via Giacomo Matteotti, 3, 20025 Legnano MI, Italy

Telephone: +39 0331 545178

Business type: Chess club

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Circolo Scacchistico Famiglia Legnanese: what do users think?

Davide Volpi: Chess club with several master category players, open every Friday evening from 9pm to midnight, organizes various non-approved tournaments throughout the year for members and non-members. In recent years he has taken care of the youth sector, counting among his two regional champions, 5 young people qualified for the Italian final in Salsomaggiore, 4 of which also participating in the European Youth Championship in Bratislava. The under 16 team also qualified against all odds for the final in Arco di Trento.

Oscar Casazza: Very friendly people it is a nice place for children to learn chess Cozzi55: I believe it is a close-knit group capable of success!

Angelo Garanzini: Cozy well structured and organized at the reception

Orietta Valero: I like it

J J: Very interesting

Roberto Genoni: Okay

6. Società Scacchistica Gallaratese

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Società Scacchistica Gallaratese

Address: Via Parrocchiale, Via Belgioioso, 21013 Gallarate VA, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 PM

Telephone: +39 348 644 0357

Business type: Chess and card club

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Società Scacchistica Gallaratese: what do users think?

Salvatore Benvenga: More than a hundred years of history, one of the very few Italian chess clubs equipped with inlaid game tables. The introductory school and competitive preparation for the very young is excellent.

EGIDIO FERRANDO: Historical club, frequented by beautiful people, prepared and very competitive. Guaranteed fun
Response: Thanks, Egidio! Come and visit us sometime! A hug from all of us!

7. MILE School Scuola Bilingue

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MILE School Scuola Bilingue

Address: Via Francesco Olgiati, 14, 20143 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +39 02 8723 5414

Business type: School

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MILE School Scuola Bilingue: what do users think?

Samantha Maria Rizzo: I fell in love with the mile school when, with my husband, we went to the facility to get information about the school and its programs ... While we waited to be received, I saw these little girls pass by with their beautiful uniforms and their impeccable English accent! In September my "little girl" will attend the 3rd elementary school and is, we are, enthusiastic! From the teaching staff, to the teachers, to the director ... what to say? Always kind, helpful and precise. The school is super stimulating and I find their method of learning to be the best possible approach. If I went back I would choose it again and again W mile !!!

Laura Cavestri: We spent a few years at the Mile because I strongly believe in bilingualism (which I still perfectly pursue by other means). All as per brochure. It is a school that parents like. But between theory and practice there is a complete lack of a coherent teaching method to keep the Italian and English sphere in balance (one prevails from time to time also based on the charisma of one of the two teachers) and an adequate selection of teachers: there are of formidable and not up to par for total lack of experience. And it would take a lot to keep two paths together. This often causes severe stress in children (which is resolved with personalized courses, private lessons already at 7-8 years old). Excellent English (from our point of view) but you cannot leave primary school without knowing how to write in Italian (which often requires parents to become teachers). Also because the fees are important It depends what you are looking for. For us, no thanks.
Response: Thanks Laura, we thank you for your review. Finding the correct balance between the Italian and the English sphere is a great challenge. We thank you for your praise and treasure your observations. Our courses are well specified in the school's PTOF and in the admission phase. It is also difficult to assess the path of one's children when this is interrupted prematurely. Our best wishes!

Eleonora Piccoli: I have two daughters who attend kindergarten and are now almost at the end of the primary / middle course: absolutely satisfied both for teaching and for the speed of adaptation in particular periods such as 'COVID' and for family needs.
Response: Thanks for 🧡 Eleonora!

Claudio Cairone: Great school my son is excited to go there.
Response: Thank you Claudio for your review!

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