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1. Hobby Garden Navigli - Municipio 6

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286 reviews
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Hobby Garden Navigli
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Address: Viale Cassala, 15, 20143 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2 PM

Telephone: +39 02 8940 0144

Business type: Garden center

Hobby Garden Navigli: what do users think?
Raiad Elfellani
Raiad Elfellani: Very nice place, staff were very helpful.
Ippo Production
Ippo Production: Alone at the cashier trying to pay for literally two bricks (which we had to get out of the spider nets and dust), one lady free saying “wait till the other lady done with the phone” and the other lady not even looking at us taking all of the time of the world. Got bored after almost 10 minutes and just left.
Lorenzo Porta
Lorenzo Porta: Beautiful shop, very well stocked and in a very central position! Staff available and prepared for any question, huge choice of plants and flowers. You can also find pots, gardening tools, fertilizers and the like!
Response: Thank you Lorenzo for the beautiful review. Until next time!
ANDREA DELLE CANNE: After hearing them on the phone, I went to them to evaluate one of my diseased plants. They were professional, clear and courteous; they are very well stocked with all plant care products. The nursery is really beautiful! Recommended
Response: Hi Andrew, thank you for the review. Each evaluation of our customers allows us to constantly improve. We look forward to seeing you again!
Davide Paolo Bassi
Davide Paolo Bassi: Bought three expensive gardenias, earth and pot from them asking for advice on how and where to keep them. You feel bad right away. A month later all 3 are almost dead .... The plants are located on the ground floor inside a courtyard, position explained to the sales clerk who followed us (at this point I would say badly), where they do not get more than three hours of sunshine a day.
Response: Dear Mr. Bassi, we are sorry to read what you wrote and become aware of the problem with a negative review on our store. From the photographs you have attached to the review it seems that the plants have not been wet enough and exposed to full and direct sun. The gardenia, like all acidophiles, prefers a shady position. Otherwise the leaves dry up, the flowers turn yellow and dry immediately and any buds fall without starting the flowering process. Hoping to have been of assistance in resolving your problem, we cordially greet you.
Laura Baiardini
Laura Baiardini: I read a lot of negative reviews. I loved it !! There are few places like this in Milan! Lots of choice of furniture and plants (mostly outdoor) with surprise even animals running around like geese and parrot. Enjoyable :)
Response: Dear Laura, thank you for your review. We look forward to seeing you again at our store ... see you next time!
Simona Sabato
Simona Sabato: Beautiful oasis in the city surrounded by carterine geese strolling among plants, flowers and accessories. Well stocked and staff (many) very attentive and kind...
Response: Thanks Simona for the review. Soon!

2. Giardini Galbiati - Municipio 3

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422 reviews
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Giardini Galbiati
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Address: Via Rombon, 97, 20134 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +39 02 2641 3810

Business type: Garden center

Giardini Galbiati: what do users think?
Denise: Wonderful garden center with wide choice of indoor/outdoor plants of all sizes, stylish homeware and very friendly knowledgeable staff. Just bought a very nice Christmas tree and had it delivered at a very good price. There is also a fabulous Christmas wonderland, great for kids.
alessandro amici
alessandro amici: Everything you need for gardening. Kind and skilled personnel.
Joshua Baldassarre
Joshua Baldassarre: Good service, not pretty.
d p
d p: Very beautiful. Very big. Lots of plants. I was also struck by the vast assortment of vases. With small play area for children and library with books to read on site.
Response: A thousand thanks
Claudia gus
Claudia gus: Beautiful shop. Plants of all kinds and everything for gardening, from pots to plant products. Large outdoor nursery. Wide range of Christmas trees in the Christmas period both real and fake and the latter also already packaged. It deserves 5 stars if it were not for the prices which are not very low.
Response: A thousand thanks
Massimo Marchese
Massimo Marchese: Last June we bought a houseplant for our new home. We followed the indications relating to the maintenance of the plant, but after two days the leaves began to stain and fall off (I am posting some photos about it). At the end of June we brought the fallen leaves from Galbiati and we were told to water it less or more and that they ruled out problems related to mold or fungi, unfortunately the plant kept getting worse. At the end of August we brought the plant and this time we were told that it had a fungus ... and to buy a fungicidal product ... all of which had never been mentioned until then. After two days we returned to collect the plant which we found in pitiful conditions and we decided to leave. In all of this we literally threw away 70 euros and met people with no care for the customer. Although we live very close and have always seen the Galbiati Gardens as a point of reference, something in the management and customer care has evidently broken and we will never return both due to the quality of the products and the bad service. We remain quite perplexed, even in reading the tone of the answers on other reviews, on the inability to want to question critically in the face of problems of this type. A real shame for the city of Milan. Massimo Marquis
Response: Dear Mr Marquis, First of all we are very sorry for your dissatisfaction, our agronomists are one of our strengths and we are very sorry they did not live up to your expectations and did not solve the problem of your plant in a timely manner. We take note of it and we will try to improve ourselves more and more. We are also sorry that you do not like the tone in which we take the liberty of responding to reviews which are gratuitously negative and which are based on fabricated facts and on photos which do not portray the current situation, but we do not consider this to be correct behavior and we believe that like anyone who has the freedom to be able to express one's opinion on social media, even invented, or exasperated, so there must be the freedom to be able to defend oneself, criticisms are always welcome if constructive, free wickedness a little less. Sincerely.
Sara Penati
Sara Penati: Attention they sell plants that get sick after 20 days. THE ONLY SICK PLANTS ON THE ENTIRE TERRACE! bad customer management service
Response: ATTENTION! Precisely because they get sick, as you claimed, after 20 DAYS, it cannot be attributable to us. Our agronomists are available to offer you correct advice if you wish. Sincerely

3. Greentown Growshop & Seedshop - Municipio 3

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118 reviews
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Greentown Growshop & Seedshop
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Address: Via Ciro Menotti, 28, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +39 02 3653 9824

Business type: Landscaping supply store

Greentown Growshop & Seedshop: what do users think?
Ufak tefek itiraflar
Ufak tefek itiraflar: Very good shop and nice staff 👍
Silvia Rossetti
Silvia Rossetti: Greentown is run by two nice and extremely helpful professionals: not only do they sell and advise, but they also provide assistance to absolute total denied beginners like me. I bring them dying plants and they diagnose, if the situation is desperate they have a corner of the shop used as a "clinic" where they try to revive and treat them (and they never asked me for anything for this service). I also bring them photos of plants that I have at home and we study together what to do. In short, it is much more than a shop: it is a lifeline for those like me who do not know where to turn their heads (when I look for answers on the internet I find everything and its opposite). Advise.
Response: Thank you!
Caterina Nincevich
Caterina Nincevich: Highly recommended to all lovers of greenery in the city! Super supplied and very experienced and friendly guys. There are also many innovations to experiment with alternative types of cultivation such as hydroponics. Well done!
Andrea Rainoldi
Andrea Rainoldi: Very competent people in a shop where nothing is missing. Above all there is no lack of kindness and availability.
Response: Thank you!
Marco Nicolini
Marco Nicolini: Always professional, kind and well stocked A thousand thanks
Rosa Cresci
Rosa Cresci: They have everything, absolutely everything for the maniacs and experts in plants and gardening. The guys are kind, experienced and ready to give advice or help solve problems related to plants, flowers, soil. The only downside is the lack of parking ...
Giorgia Panizza
Giorgia Panizza: I went to this shop to look for vermiculite and loose perlite to create a perfect substrate for my Sarracenia (carnivorous plant) seeds. The shop is well stocked with highly trained staff. For all gardening enthusiasts, I recommend this shop! You will find everything you need!
Amalia B
Amalia B: Discovered by chance on a secondary street. It seems to me very well supplied but above all very kind and very well prepared the salesman
Response: Thank you!
Alessandro Cappa
Alessandro Cappa: The best in Milan. Are you looking for something for your garden? Do you want to start growing indoors? You just want to talk to a nice staff. Well here you will find all this! See you soon!
Mathias Gonzalez
Mathias Gonzalez: Great gods. Punctual serious accurate and kind .. i had ordered during quarantine and they were super professional .. now i placed another order and they were super fast. keep it up.

4. Crespi Bonsai - Municipio 1

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95 reviews
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Crespi Bonsai
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Address: Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 4, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 1:30 PM ⋅ Reopens 3 PM

Telephone: +39 02 4819 3301

Business type: Garden center

Crespi Bonsai: what do users think?
Julio Leva
Julio Leva: very helpful and nice
Nil Maurel
Nil Maurel: Cool
Igor Pace
Igor Pace: Milanese store of the well-known brand based in Parabiago. Absolutely enchanting, unmistakable style and a beautiful selection of bonsai with continuous arrivals of goods. To underline the possibility of "sitting" for the plants if the owner is missing from home. Definitely a place to go if you are in Milan and appreciate bonsai.
Giulia J
Giulia J: 5 stars for interior design. Amazing shop, feels like Japan. The choice of finishes is spot on. I recommend a visit
Edoardo Callegaro
Edoardo Callegaro: Beautiful shop in the center of Milan! Friendly staff with whom I was also able to discuss different aspects of the art of bonsai. Well-kept and well-stocked shop that creates a unique atmosphere in its small size. For fans it is mandatory to take a tour. The idea of ​​offering people the retirement of their plants at any time of the year is excellent! Keep it up 💪🏼
Valerio Mazzeo
Valerio Mazzeo: I have been a customer of Crespi (and in particular of the Milan store) since 2016, and I am really happy with the services they offer. Crespi is a guarantee for the world of bonsai in Italy. Valerio, from the store in via Boccaccio, has always been kind and helpful for my novice doubts!
Elena Zannini
Elena Zannini: In my opinion a real gem in Milan. Beautiful shop, clean, well cared for. Very kind owner. I highly recommend it.
Roberto Zilocchi
Roberto Zilocchi: Excellent experience and very kind staff at the counter. Well done
Gloria Montonati
Gloria Montonati: Lovely shop and kind and well-trained staff.

5. Obiettivo Garden - Municipio 5

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184 reviews
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Obiettivo Garden
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Address: Via Giuseppe Ripamonti, 549, 20141 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 1 PM ⋅ Reopens 2:30 PM

Telephone: +39 02 539 8418

Business type: Plant nursery

Obiettivo Garden: what do users think?
Nicolas Crivellaro
Nicolas Crivellaro: Stage bellisimo
walter zanca
walter zanca: Excellent shop in via Ripamonti on the outskirts of Milan easily reachable by car from the west ring road and exiting at Vigentina. Very large parking for customers. Excellent selection and offer of flowers, plants, themed furniture and fertilizers and everything you need for gardening. The staff is very courteous, helpful and above all prepared to answer our questions and make suggestions. Although there were many people, no one was in a hurry and indeed followed our requests with patience and competence. Prices are normal. Always new arrivals. Highly recommended
Artravelling: Nursery with sufficient supply but poorly maintained. We bought two very beautiful balcony plants that bloomed abundantly. Good value for money.
Jlenia Coco
Jlenia Coco: Well stocked and large nursery, plenty of choice of indoor and outdoor plants. Too bad that customer care is almost nil. As an inexperienced person, I was looking for someone to give me directives on purchasing, after having wandered in the ether for half an hour I finally find an employee: it would have been better not to find her at all. Rude, impolite and unavailable for communication: she interrupted me several times, condescendingly. He also reserved the same tone for other customers. I left without shopping!
Simone Salatino
Simone Salatino: An empire in decline. Good choice of plants exhibited at random, lots of junk disorganized inside. Inside it is dirty and really sad. You see a structure that used to be a jewel, now unkempt. Staff for information non-existent and you can turn inside even dangerously without being disturbed. They even got to sell used fruit crates… my heart is crying
vittorio messori
vittorio messori: Remembered ➕️ stocked and with knowledgeable and friendlier staff
Alessio Roveda
Alessio Roveda: Very helpful and knowledgeable staff, good prices! Advise!
Brenda Verderio
Brenda Verderio: Lately I have seen a deterioration in both the service and the treatment, care and display of the plants. The only positive note is the kind lady who mainly takes care of the cash desk, but otherwise we have not had the opportunity to interface with experienced professionals. Sin. Last episode: I asked for a hanging plant and was given a hybrid that will never actually fall off. Too bad I took 8 and discovered it too late.

6. Fratelli Ingegnoli il Vivaio - Municipio 4

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939 reviews
new review
Fratelli Ingegnoli il Vivaio
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Address: Via Oreste Salomone, 68, 20138 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 1 PM ⋅ Reopens 2 PM

Telephone: +39 02 5801 2227

Business type: Plant nursery

Fratelli Ingegnoli il Vivaio: what do users think?
helen ampt
helen ampt: Great service, great seeds!
claudio giampani
claudio giampani: Ok
Charles Sunday
Charles Sunday: It is not easy us but we have no other work to do, is better than nothing
Santina Grioli
Santina Grioli: Number one
Eleonora Delfrate
Eleonora Delfrate: Beautiful historic nursery. The variety of plants available is always incredible, from succulents, to hoye philodendrons alocasias and beautiful begonias. Always worth a visit just to look. The prices are very high.
Mabelx66x: Rectification As I thought, the second time went very well. I got a climbing grate and some manure. The courteous ladies plus the lady who served us was very competent and very kind, putting me at ease, explaining everything to me. Thank you. To all. For real.
Montanaro Felice
Montanaro Felice: Ordered 2 mulberry plants punctual and fast delivery. One of the two was broken at the graft, the packaging was damaged but unfortunately the courier had already left when I noticed it. Immediately called the offices where a very kind girl told me that I had to send emails to the agronomist who would contact me as soon as possible. And so it was. Extremely helpful, he immediately told me that they would have replaced the map, however, recommending that I check the goods in the presence of the courier to avoid other problems in the future. They left me the broken seedling advising me to plant it anyway. What can I say professional, kind and helpful. If I could 10 stars... Thank you

7. Royal Garden - Municipio 5

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38 reviews
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Royal Garden
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Address: Via Giuseppe Ripamonti, 436, 20141 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2:30 PM

Telephone: +39 339 654 9848

Business type: Plant nursery

Royal Garden: what do users think?
monica dametto
monica dametto: Very beautiful and varied indoor and terrace plants. From philodendron to ficus, to giant monstera. Very good price / quality ratio. Competent and helpful staff
Angela Ballarini
Angela Ballarini: Many beautiful indoor and outdoor plants. It is really nice to visit this garden!
Response: Thank you thank you We look forward to seeing you even just for a relaxing visit. Soon
DEMETRIO MONORCHIO: The prices seem fair to me. In Milan for a laurel tree they asked me 180 euros here it costs 80. Here attached you will find a beautiful cactus price 80 euros
Brenda Verderio
Brenda Verderio: The variety of plants is wide. The staff are professional, kind and hearted. The parrot is very nice. We bought several outdoor plants, something for indoors (including cactus and prickly pears). We are always happy, so we are happy to come back.
Response: Candy and all of us are always waiting for you
Paola Bongiorni
Paola Bongiorni: Nursery not very large but very well cared for, plants kept very well and in perfect health. Competence and kindness also in advising on the purchase. One more point for Candy, the cute cockatoo
Response: Candy thanks and we with her
Kalina Clerici
Kalina Clerici: The best in the south!!!! Variety of plants, kindness and competence. The owner Barbara is always very helpful .... as regards the masks we are outdoors ... just keep your distance. It remains my heart nursery, a corner of paradise
Response: Dear !!!
Ilaria Mirandola
Ilaria Mirandola: I went in this afternoon to buy a plant. None of the 3 owner-employees wore the mask or kept the right distance from the customers (who, on the contrary, were all with the mask). For this, I went out without buying anything.
Response: Good evening. Maybe I would have to explain to you why I personally didn't wear a mask. As for keeping your distance, unfortunately it is an action that does not depend only on us. If the customer approaches and we invite him to leave and he does not, we cannot invite him to go out but only to go away. However, if she didn't feel safe, she was right to leave. We regret it but understand
Diego Lorenzi
Diego Lorenzi: Unacceptable that only one of the employees had a mask! Obviously I went out immediately and went 200 meters further on to another nursery where safety standards were respected. I leave the negative comment but, I should have called the local police.
Response: If he left he felt safer, he did well. Have a good evening
maria marinosci
maria marinosci: Kind and helpful. Average prices. Plus they let you breathe peacefully outdoors, and these days it makes a difference.
Response: Thank you Madam. It was a pleasure. The place is big and it's easy to keep great distances. A few minutes of air refresh the spirit without causing damage
roberto scarpone
roberto scarpone: Even if the variety of plants on display is fair, the prices are very high. The staff were friendly and willing to help you

8. Viridea Garden Center Rho - Rho

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1639 reviews
new review
Viridea Garden Center Rho
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Address: Corso Europa, 325, 20017 Rho MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30 PM

Telephone: +39 02 9320 8201

Business type: Plant nursery

Viridea Garden Center Rho: what do users think?
Ausra Januliene
Ausra Januliene: 100% Christmas spirit😊
Response: 100% thanks Ausra Januliene! 😍😍😍😍😍🎄
Long Francesco Forever Aino
Long Francesco Forever Aino: do you have paradise fish?
Response: Hi Long Francesco Forever Aino, sorry but the paradise fish is not among those for sale... 👋
Massimiliano Curcillo
Massimiliano Curcillo: Top
Response: Really too kind dear Massimiliano. Thank you very much for your visit, rating and "Top" review!
Paola Irene Iacona
Paola Irene Iacona: Top!!!
Response: Seeing all these stars makes us very happy, but knowing that you came to visit us excites us. Thanks Paola! 😍😍😍😍😍
József Szalai
József Szalai: Perfect! Beautiful!
Response: Thank you!!!
Eileen Clark
Eileen Clark: Very nice 😍
Response: Very kind of you, dear Eileen. Thank you!
Rox Tar
Rox Tar: Incense cones.
Response: Hi Rox and thank you for visiting us.
Elisa Barbato
Elisa Barbato: Garden ben fòrnito
Response: Thank you Elisa, really a beautiful review. We look forward to seeing you soon with lots of news!

9. Growshop Garden West - Municipio 7

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100 reviews
new review
Growshop Garden West
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Address: Via Pasquale Fornari, 4, 20146 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30 PM

Telephone: +39 351 523 8333

Business type: Landscaping supply store

Growshop Garden West: what do users think?
Fabio Furlanetto
Fabio Furlanetto: Top
Davide Galli
Davide Galli: A nice place, very equipped and well stocked, where the managers welcome you in a very courteous way and where they follow you in the purchase of the various products. Recommended.
EMILIANO LAUZI: Super equipped shop and guys available and very competent
Mattia Antonio Lacopo
Mattia Antonio Lacopo: Great range of products and high quality. Impeccable discretion, professionalism and competence. Pick up or home delivery. Pre and post sales advice and availability. Excellent Grow from every point of view.. Highly recommended!
Davide Docinto
Davide Docinto: I have been a customer for several years and it is always a great pleasure to visit them. The guys are very helpful and prepared to recommend the most suitable products for your needs. ADVICE!
luca chiappara
luca chiappara: Very trained staff, they offered me a telephone consultation for the purchase of a complete kit, explaining in detail the function of each single piece and the operations to be carried out. Once the purchase was made, they also offered to deliver the order directly in person to their home to avoid damaging the products. Numerous gifts and advice at any time of the day. I recommend the Garden West to everyone !!!
Lucky Weeed
Lucky Weeed: Lots of useful products both for indoor cultivation and for the whole world regarding legal cannabis. The guys, who are also the owners, were able to help me solve all my doubts.
Luca Forlai
Luca Forlai: Store known by chance being in the stretch between home and office, the first time I entered out of curiosity, I was surprised by the professionalism and competence of the owners, who in addition to being always available are also particularly nice. So to conclude, a highly recommended shop.
Riccardo Murante
Riccardo Murante: Granted that I am not an expert in the field, but despite everything I found a very kind and helpful guy who helped me in the best possible way! I will definitely be back so I can only say one thing highly recommended!

10. IndoorGardens growshops Indoorline point - Municipio 2

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74 reviews
new review
IndoorGardens growshops Indoorline point
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Address: Via Ferrante Aporti, 68, 20125 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30 PM

Telephone: +39 02 9286 1934

Business type: Landscaping supply store

IndoorGardens growshops Indoorline point: what do users think?
Mara Balla
Mara Balla: Competent, precise and very kind the clerk of via peoples united. I confirm the above.
Davide Sansone
Davide Sansone: Professionalism and courtesy are at home
Francesco Napolitano
Francesco Napolitano: Very large assortment for all types of crops. Very competent staff who always manage to satisfy the needs of the customer. Excellent choice also of inflorescences, all very valid Recommended!
Ahmed Said
Ahmed Said: Really very kind and well-stocked, I thank again the staff guy who put up with me and spent time explaining me step by step how to make the best of what I cultivate, according to my needs and my wallet. 5 stars more than you deserve!
Fabio B
Fabio B: Large assortment, staff trained polite and always available to support with precise advice
Andrea Pavone
Andrea Pavone: Friendly and helpful staff, excellent quality of products. Recommended!
Gilda Candeloro
Gilda Candeloro: A truly stocked growshop, quality grow boxes, fertilizers of all kinds and many seed banks already available. Very well versed in indoor and outdoor cultivation. Recommended!!!!
Marco Dodaro
Marco Dodaro: Very kind and very competent. Well stocked shop.
Marco Pulce
Marco Pulce: Well stocked, prices much more than honest, competent and nice guys ... show !!
Stefano Conti
Stefano Conti: Kind and professional staff, you will find everything you need to grow in greenhouses and more.

11. Flower Farm - Municipio 1

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37 reviews
new review
Flower Farm
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Address: Via Urbano III, 4, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM

Telephone: +39 02 3659 3835

Business type: Store

Flower Farm: what do users think?
KONOPOLIS Tomasz Jarosiewicz
KONOPOLIS Tomasz Jarosiewicz: Great cooperation! Highest quality products!
Whiptongue: Super cool products.
Massimo Ferronato
Massimo Ferronato: I am a dealer in Vicenza, I am quite angry (x to say the least) of the prices you charge online, you make us pay a lot more and we are forced to resell them twice as much !!! It is not the first time, but this will be the last that I place an order from you, among other things (which I communicated to your representative) the atomizers have leakage problems and I have not seen many satisfied customers .. Thanks anyway, good work
Valentino Di Luca
Valentino Di Luca: Probably the best shop in central Milan in this area. A great variety of quality products at more than fair prices, often on offer with strong discounts. Lucy welcomes customers always smiling, friendly and nice.
Bryan Kroos
Bryan Kroos: The best products at a great price. You can feel the love and passion for this fantastic sector on the part of the company. Lucy deserves a comment, the kind and helpful saleswoman, who is also beautiful! Well done 👏🏻💚
orly stas
orly stas: Store for cbd products of the company flo wer farm. The saleswoman in the store was very professional, gave an explanation of the products, the prices are good, I bought tea from a sleeping job ... after I try it I can evaluate the quality of the product 😊
Dario Solazzo
Dario Solazzo: Second time in this store, Lucy was spectacular. Kindness and availability are never lacking, we will definitely be back!

12. Maryflor - Municipio 6

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104 reviews
new review
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Address: Via Andrea Solari, 4, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM

Telephone: +39 02 466556

Business type: Florist

Maryflor: what do users think?
Alina Aldi
Alina Aldi: Exceptional!💐 I was looking for a special bouquet of flowers to give to my grandmother, I found this beautiful florist on Instagram where her bouquets have conquered me! I ordered a bouquet with ranunculus which I was very satisfied with my choice! many compliments for his professionalism, kindness, availability and sympathy, it really shows when one does his job with passion! I recommend to everyone if you want to surprise your loved one with a nice special bouquet because believe me they are fabulous! The most important thing that I forgot to add that after a week they were still very fresh and they have not withered which is no small thing!
Response: ☺️🙏🏻
Alessandro Gasparini
Alessandro Gasparini: I have rarely found such high quality plants. Wide range, friendly and creative staff. This is the right place if you need to amaze someone with a bouquet that arouses wonder
Response: ☺️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Dario Leone
Dario Leone: It is not a simple bouquet of flowers. They understood my tastes as soon as I entered the shop and advised me to come back a few hours later as more flowers would arrive. The trip to this flower shop is really a unique experience not only for the kindness and professionalism but also for the variety and uniqueness of plants. Thank you
Response: 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻☺️ thanks ☺️
Francesca Gariboldi
Francesca Gariboldi: The good taste in creating bouquets is a must. I think the most accurate, professional and "good" florist in Milan. For any occasion or a thought, I pass from here. Without any doubt.
Response: Good evening Francesca, thank you for the wonderful review. Happy to always live up to expectations.
Mao: Small shop but full of flowers and plants, kind professional staff, fast deliveries even outside the region Congratulations to the next
Response: ☺️🙏🏻
Giovanni Merlo
Giovanni Merlo: Very kind, I think one of the best florists in the city. Succulents to go and see!
Response: 😊

13. Albonsai - Municipio 8

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Address: Viale Certosa, 242, 20156 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3 PM

Telephone: +39 02 3800 5602

Business type: Plant nursery

Albonsai: what do users think?
Arsela Lufi
Arsela Lufi: We went to Albonsai to get our first bonsai. We met Alberto who, with his passion and expertise, was able to advise us in the best possible way. It was also great to see all the other bonsai on display, they require care and knowledge. Alberto gave us all the useful information for the care of our bonsai and proved to be available in case of future help. A place where bonsai are not simply sold, but where you get to know and deepen (if you want) the knowledge and care for these wonderful trees. Thanks Albert, see you soon. Absolutely recommended.
Eleonora b
Eleonora b: Excellent experience: helpful owner who knows how to guide you in your choice but above all a professional. Enchanting bonsai (and not only).
Antonino Martino
Antonino Martino: Updated opening and closing times. I came on purpose on Sunday, an hour by car. And it was closed
Sil Xue
Sil Xue: Kind and competent, but above all a true enthusiast of his work.
Response: 🙏 Thank you we are always available Any questions please contact me!!!!!
Villa Alberto
Villa Alberto: A beautiful shop, very competent and friendly person👍
Maurizio Peramezza
Maurizio Peramezza: The bonsai expert. Need to say more? Yes, the Bergamini is nice, kind, he can stand my wife too;)
Response: 🙏 thanks !!! Doubtful questions Feel free to contact me !!!!
Caterina Combi
Caterina Combi: Trained and "loving" owner ... They also keep them retired and try to cure them when they are not well ....
Response: Thank you!!! 🙏 Professionalism And competence ... Doubtful questions we are at your disposal
Alessandro Chirco
Alessandro Chirco: Very kind person who allowed me to visit, with lots of explanations, his kingdom despite having assumed that I could not buy, since I was passing through and returned to Sicily by plane and I could not bring with me the bonsai that were to my liking
Response: Thanks 🙏 Too kind!! Doubtful questions I'm available!!!!
Gianluca Ladogana
Gianluca Ladogana: I have been using him for several years... A bit "strange" character but GREAT expert!!!! I advise!!!!!!
Response: Thank you I like it weird!!!!!! 🙏 Doubtful questions contact me!!!

14. IF Creative Hub: Piante Verdi e Piante Grasse - Municipio 5

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87 reviews
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IF Creative Hub: Piante Verdi e Piante Grasse
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Address: Via Giuseppe Ripamonti, 114, 20141 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 AM Sat

Telephone: +39 351 599 4549

Business type: Plant nursery

IF Creative Hub: Piante Verdi e Piante Grasse: what do users think?
Luca De Maria
Luca De Maria: DO NOT BUY THE TERRARIUM KIT!!! I bought the terrarium kit and unfortunately I was very disappointed by the content, absolutely not as described on the site or as advertised on the platforms: almost dying seedlings and of a distinctly different type, negligible quantity of terrarium components (perlite who?!, charcoal powder, minimal-chic bark). Also in the video tutorial they show completely different qualities and above all quantities of plants and components. Indicate on the site "similar plant for need" or "vegetable charcoal according to availability" and send the kit as I received it, in my opinion it is making money. Luckily the business was started out of passion...
Response: Good morning Luca, the seedlings you received weren't nearly dying, otherwise they wouldn't have been sent. They were simply different from those shown in the product photo, exactly as written in the description. Precisely by virtue of our transparency, if you had the need to have ficus ginseng, fittonia and ivy, you could have contacted us and we would have updated you on availability. We would like to underline that for 95% of the year ficus, fittonia and ivy appear inside the kit, but during the last few days of Christmas orders, stocks run out and for this reason we insert clear and correct textual specifications. I don't know why you are emphasizing that coal is in powder form, perhaps you don't know that in powder form it is easier to dose and therefore performs its function more effectively within an ecosystem? Where does it say that the coal would have been in another form? The bark is present in the right dose, in fact filling a terrarium with immoderate quantities of materials does only harm as unbalanced situations can be created which lead to mould, excess humidity, rot. What are the different components? In conclusion, we are very surprised that you did not want to contact customer service but preferred to write your review here, we believe a lot in the exchange and for this reason we are always available to listen and fulfill, where possible, the requests of our customers. Thank you
deborah Carcione
deborah Carcione: Beautiful terrarium kit! I loved making it along with the video tutorial. I highly recommend the purchase to be able to spend a few hours relaxing with your hands in the earth. Very kind girls also in answering some info that I asked for. Go find them
Response: Thanks Deborah, we are happy that our kit made you have a good time!
Giovanni Rago
Giovanni Rago: FANTASTIC TERRARIUM KIT !!! I gave 5 Terrarium Kits for Christmas: two from the store and 3 online. Perfect packaging, they all arrived intact and, despite the couriers (often clumsy), the plants were in perfect condition. Inside the kit there are all the materials to compose the terrarium in abundance. Brilliant idea and original and highly appreciated gifts 5 out of 5 !!!
Response: Thanks Giovanni! We are happy to have been part of your Christmas!
fabio m
fabio m: Went to the office to collect an order at the times communicated in the confirmation email, but it was closed! Everything lit inside but no answer, not even on the phone. Definitely unreliable, I hope they will solve it with an express shipment by Christmas given the mix-up.
Roxana Serban
Roxana Serban: Absolutely inadequate for online sale. I contact the shop for information on the vase that is sold together with the plant and I decide to buy a calathea orbifolia for a total of 66 euros. The plant arrived with the leaves ruined, damaged and full of earth and the pot is absolutely not corresponding to the description, it is in fact a badly worked outdoor pot. I try to contact support without getting a reply, finally I write an email without getting any reply. Do not trust the reviews you find directly on the site.
Response: Good morning Roxana, What you have ordered corresponds exactly to what is shown on the site and to what has been received. The white ceramic vase is just what he chose. What feature makes it an outdoor vase? It is not even perforated, which makes it an indoor pot cover, not an outdoor pot. We are happy that you have shared the photo of the calathea orbifolia in excellent condition, only a little dirty of the soil that may have moved during the journey. If the plant had been completely overturned, given the delicacy, the leaves would have been torn off and the stems broken. The reviews he refers to are true, as are those on google and facebook. Our business is based precisely on online, if we were not adequate we would have had to close a long time ago. Thank you have a nice day
Alexandra D'Auria
Alexandra D'Auria: I ordered some plants with collection on site and I am very satisfied! The plants are gorgeous and the place is crazy. It is clear that they have a love of greenery and are super nice! I will definitely buy from them again! Great !!!!
Response: wow! Thanks Alexandra, if you need advice contact us on IG or by mail.
Francesca Romana D'Urso
Francesca Romana D'Urso: I am very satisfied with my purchases. Shipping was lightning fast and the plants are packaged very well and sustainably. my order included an item that was no longer available in the store and the staff guys promptly replaced the baby plant with a larger plant at no additional cost. I will buy again for sure.
Response: Thanks Francesca, it is very gratifying for us to see our commitment appreciated. Thanks for your trust!
Giovanni Bortolomiol
Giovanni Bortolomiol: Beautiful website, with a large choice of plants that led me to place an order. Unfortunately, of 3 plants ordered, two arrived in insufficient conditions and one arrived wrong. The pothos with the stake arrived with the broken pot on the side and also underneath. The pot was not standing, so I had to repot the plant. From the stress of the trip plus various blows, the plant died after two weeks. While a third plant got it wrong. I ordered a large monstera plant and the small one arrived. I gave a star not so much for how the plants arrived (the transport is out of control of this shop, but it is entrusted to couriers like sda ​​or gls), but for the customer service. There may be problems but how they are solved makes the difference. I found a person not up to par who wanted me to believe that the plant was the correct size. After about 15 days and several messages and emails, the correct size plant was sent to me.
Response: Dear John, We are sorry to verify that in your description of how things went, the part where we sent you the monstera of the correct size and also left the smaller monstera for free is completely missing. Certain that we have done something pleasant and that the plant has arrived in excellent condition, we are calm because in the face of an unforeseen event we have solved and satisfied your request. Mistakes can happen, we always try to do our best. Thanks, Have a good evening


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10 reviews
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Address: Via Savona, 21, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +39 02 5004 3657

Business type: Florist

GREEN FINGERS MARKET MILANO: what do users think?
Luca Massimino
Luca Massimino: What a lovely place this one ❤️
Michele Barp
Michele Barp: Since living in Milan I have bought plants everywhere, 150 euros for a 30 cm tall cactus without even the ornamental pot is ridiculous. As well as the other prices when compared with other nurseries in Milan. Not because the shop is located in via Savona you can afford crazy prices. It will be another space for rent or out of business shortly.
Roberto Mereghetti
Roberto Mereghetti: Stupendous

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