Best Climbing Stores Milan Near Me

Oliunìd Shop Milano Loreto Oliunìd Shop Milano @ Urban Wall Salewa Store Milano Alpstation Milano Srl Vertical No Limits Milano (ex-La Montagna Sport) Carton Tutto Per Lo Sport Milano Decathlon Milano Cairoli Decathlon Milano Portello Cisalfa Sport Milan Salewa Outlet Scalo Milano Survival Shop Daniel Soana Cisalfa Sport Milano Arona

1. Oliunìd Shop Milano Loreto - Municipio 3

· 113 reviews

Via Andrea Costa, 7, 20131 Milano MI, Italy

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Oliunìd Shop Milano Loreto: what do users think?

Andie Ker: Big variety of things specifically for climbing. The lady working is very pleasant and willing to guide you based on your level, skills and aims. Small shop but it has pretty much everything. Great quality of the products and service. There also a lot of offers online that you can take advantage of. Definitely will come back for more.

Merle Schmidt: The girl who helped me pick my new climbing shoes spoke perfect English and apparently has magic hands - the second shoe she picked was exactly what I had in mind, fit perfectly and even came with a 30€ discount! I also bought some quick draws and carabiners later, all reasonably priced, and last week I found my new ice axe for half the original price! 10/10 would recommend

flavio (Valios): Top💣

Alessandro Fiora: I went to them to buy a pair of climbing shoes and being a novice I needed a hand in choosing the right model. The girl who followed me immediately proved to be super helpful and competent, answering all my questions and giving me valuable advice on how to fit the shoes. Thanks to his help I found the perfect model for me and I bought it right away. The prices are super competitive even compared to other online stores (with the plus that when you buy in a store you are looked after by competent personnel). They also have a nice assortment of technical clothing for outdoor activities, always with competitive prices. In conclusion, I recommend everyone to visit this store and I will definitely come back for other purchases.

Maddalena: I bought hiking shoes for both myself and my husband, a shop very well stocked with all kinds of mountain shoes and clothing. Excellent saleswoman, prepared and kind, quality not always taken for granted. I absolutely recommend it

Marcello Tettamanti: Well-stocked shop for mountain sports, mainly climbing. I was able to try on my first pair of climbing shoes by choosing from many models and sizes. Polite and prepared staff. I will definitely be back for my next purchases

Davide Zanella (Davez89): Fantastic! There is everything and the girls are super nice! I think I have tried at least 5 pairs of shoes in half an hour, they know exactly what to recommend and offer a lot of alternatives. Unbeatable

Fabrizio Lucchetti: Very nice staff, I had to change shoes and the two girls who work there were always available. A thousand thanks!! I recommend it 100%

Jacopo Tintori: my trusted shop for climbing and trekking, very kind and trained staff, with infinite patience

2. Oliunìd Shop Milano @ Urban Wall - Municipio 8



· 21 reviews

Via Antonio Gramsci, 29, 20016 Pero MI, Italy

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Oliunìd Shop Milano @ Urban Wall: what do users think?

angelocharles98 musa: Excellent experience! I was really satisfied. The saleswoman Erika, very kind and very nice, was able to help me and answer all my questions despite my ignorance about the various types of shoes. For any future purchase I will come here!

Sofia Terbisi: 5 stars more than you deserve !! small but super stocked shop, I was looking for new shoes and they have them of every size and every brand! the five stars, however, are for the super availability and competence of the girl who works there, she was able to advise me on shoes tailored to me !!!! highly recommended

Daniele Delú: The shop, although small, really has a lot of material inside, with the possibility of ordering what is missing from the company website and deciding whether to pick it up at the store or have it shipped to your home. Erica the really competent and kind saleswoman, what about ... THE TOP !!!

Marco Rubioli: I highly recommend! Small, welcoming and above all well-stocked shop, from climbing shoes to ropes, equipment and clothes! Last Saturday I made my first purchase, a kind and helpful, but above all competent saleswoman!

Mattia Fumagalli: After half a day wandering around Milan, we found what we were looking for at Oliunid! In addition to a rich assortment, competitive prices, also competent people to ask for opinions and moreover nice. We will definitely be back!

Gabriel Amoruso: I bought online on their website, perfect service, very fast delivery and products corresponding to the description, I will probably buy again in the future!

3. Salewa Store Milano - Municipio 1

· 146 reviews

Corso Garibaldi, 59, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Salewa Store Milano: what do users think?

Paul Irofti: Good and not very expensive footwear. Staff speaks English, is very patient and takes care of your needs.

Alex Kwhite: Super

Matteo Bottegal: I tried on a pair of boots. The two salesgirls were very kind and helpful. The shop is well stocked (backpacks, tents, boots, climbing gear and more) and everything is neatly displayed.

Roberto Knez: Brand shop with technical and sports clothing. Medium-high prices

Alberto Doimo: Gentili and salewa products are excellent and a little less expensive than the competition

PIETRO LOGUERCIO: Point of sale of the well-known Bolzano brand Remarkable the display of backpacks

A. Rossi: Very elegant and well-stocked store. Competent and kind staff.

4. Alpstation Milano Srl - Municipio 4

· 242 reviews

Via Mantova, 21, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

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Alpstation Milano Srl: what do users think?

Bianca Bonetti: There’s a good selection of different products. The staff is nice and knowledgeable. They have the best brands and so the prices are high but you can ask for recommendations

Ohad Carny: Medium sized hiking and sport gear shop, including climbing equipment. Good selection and the prices are ok. There was no tax refund for non-EU residents.

David Siorpaes: Best place in Milan to buy mountaineering gear. Only best in class brands, no cheap stuff.

Ana Karla Nobre Dias: The store is nice but it is overpriced.

Angela Fenwick: Good selection and professional service.

Andrea Guido Biasi: Great place for everything mountain.

Luca Demartini: Really supplied and kind, wonderful shop !!! The guy who followed me really courteous and attentive! I highly recommend!!!

Valentina Quadrio: Super store stocked with remarkable technology products. Friendly and professional staff.
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5. Vertical No Limits Milano (ex-La Montagna Sport) - Municipio 2

· 176 reviews

Via Mauro Macchi, 13, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Vertical No Limits Milano (ex-La Montagna Sport): what do users think?

Harsha Vardhana: The owner and staff were quite helpful and nice. The store itself has everything necessary for all levels of mountaineering.

Michela Casale Rossi: A bit expensive but great stuff and kind clerk

Maryam Eslami: Go place cut not so big

John Pedersen: Friendly staff and great products

Ben Bogin: Great service

Lorenzo Cassina: Excellent choice of quality and high-end products, friendly staff who were able to give me valuable advice for my purchases, competitive prices.

6. Carton Tutto Per Lo Sport Milano - Municipio 1

· 116 reviews

Via Cesare Correnti, 2, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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Carton Tutto Per Lo Sport Milano: what do users think?

Kje Nil: The highest quality of outdoor brands I have ever seen collected in one physical store. Everything is top notch, and no product is mediocre. Extremely impressing. And also very nice and serviceminded staff!

Ohad Carny: Medium sized hiking and sports gear shop, including climbing equipment. The prices are fair and there is some selection of products. There is tax refund for non-EU residents.

Neil Bedwell: A nice selection, and very helpful staff!

Rits M: Nice scarpa shop

kayhan abbasian: Great people

DEMETRIO MONORCHIO: Well stocked shop. Staff available even just to give information. It was a pleasure to meet Andrea.

7. Decathlon Milano Cairoli - Municipio 1

· 11639 reviews

Foro Buonaparte, 74-76, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Decathlon Milano Cairoli: what do users think?

Ouissal Benameur: They have a wide variety of sport items at very low prices. Including cycling gadgets, swimwear, swimming gadgets, protein bars and shakes and many other things. It is very easy to access it from the metro stop.

Balaji Ramalingam: The lowest price collections are being sold quickly. Swimming dresses for summer vacation is interesting. Easy purchase.

Iacopo Moles: Big sport equipment store, you can even check online the availability for every single piece.Their bike repair shop is really qualified.

יובל רובין: The have an amazing variety of items, in a lot of different departments. There’s self check out so you can also skip the line usually.

Ken Zhou: Great place, great team, I want to transport my bike on the plane ang they gave me free boxes to pack, great store and staff

8. Decathlon Milano Portello - Municipio 8

· 957 reviews

Via Grosotto, 7, 20149 Milano MI, Italy

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Decathlon Milano Portello: what do users think?

Maryam Eslami: There is a variety of products, including most sport, but they are not high quality, the are mostly cheap ones.

Khyal Kay Sath: Amazing stuff with affordable prices...

John S.: Excellent shopping experience! Great selection and prices.

Alison Idemudia: I went to this store to search for ski pants because they did not have them in another Decathlon location anymore. When I got here, I could not find the pants. I asked for help and Massimilliano helped me. He did everything in his power to find these pants for me. He searched in the store and online. After a while, it seemed like we were not going to be able to order the pants online due to a software error in the app. Then he showed me ski pants that were similar to the ones I was looking for. While I was trying these on, he came by to tell me that he found the pants in the back. This was not even his department but he helped me so well! I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you Massimilliano!

David WEBER: Smaller than other but with a lot of product Net Nice Plus good staff Thanks

Hassan Nasreddin: I found what I was looking for which is a nice pair of boots to walk in the mud.

9. Cisalfa Sport Milan - Municipio 1

· 991 reviews

Via Cesare Beccaria, 2, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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Cisalfa Sport Milan: what do users think?

Maha: Great selection of items.Shoutout to the men’s shoe section staff for their patience and assistance.

ATHANASIOS LOUKADAKIS: Good store with a range of price for all.behaind the duomo .

Roberto Lauro: Kind staff always ready to sutisfy your needs. Excellent products, brands and sport equipments. Also prices are always affordable!

Roberto Gennaccari: Well, u can see for sure the majority brand new things. Nicely organized. But really for sport equipment ( tennis rackets, ski,...) Better chose another place

hrvoje borosak: Very dedicated personnel.Very solid assortment with solid prices.

Thushan Shashith: I founded things with discounted rates

Hamed mirhashemi: Perfect attitude from the staff, kind and helping and the offers are aweaome

Eddie DoNascimento: Beautiful sports clothing, organized and great variety, service much less than impressive, unfortunately.

10. Salewa Outlet Scalo Milano - Locate di Triulzi

· 486 reviews

Via Milano, 5, 20085 Locate di Triulzi MI, Italy

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Salewa Outlet Scalo Milano: what do users think?

Jalal Ghelichzadeh: A good store in the outlet, most of the goods has the outlet price

Yordan Georgiev: rich selection of all kinds of equipment. they also have a lot of trail shoes and running shoes that are usually hard to find

Justie J: Lovely location but needs more designer outlet stores

Silvia Arena: Ssssuper 🎊🍿💥

Stanislav Slivinsky: Very good, nise

Gianluca Colombo: Love it

Mehmood Khan: Nice

Jumana Moawad: I LOVED IT!!!

Valentin Ianev: Shopping

11. Survival Shop Daniel Soana - Municipio 3

· 84 reviews

Via Maniago, 4, 20134 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Survival Shop Daniel Soana: what do users think?

Pierre Haond: Rly good place, plenty of tools for bushcraft : perfect for any planer and survival lover

kevin conde: Great store

Lyubov Muntyanu: Top!!👍

P G: Kindness, competence and excellent communication with the customer. I made an online purchase with in-store pickup and everything went perfectly. In the age of "algorithms" it is comforting to still find these small and precious activities where human contact is still at the centre. Super recommended to all fans of the sector!

Stefano Allaria: excellent products, very kind, very competent in his field and always available both to give advice on products and to help people. super super recommended. I will definitely only buy from him.

Enrico Magni: Great service even off line. I asked to order some tools from the Fiskars line and I was promptly satisfied. If you are in the area it is definitely worth the time to pay a visit to their showroom, so much stuff all at once invites you to buy! Thank you! Enrico Magni

12. Cisalfa Sport Milano Arona - Municipio 8

· 1216 reviews

Via Arona, 15, 20149 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Cisalfa Sport Milano Arona: what do users think?

Kevin Mmxi: Nice offers!!big show room!!mostly gentle staff. Parking is a problem for customers who visit with vehicles. Nice pay back scheme. And interesting instant nice discounts of 30%, 50% announced in your next bill. !!!

Roberto L.: Very kind store manager

Dan Benezra: Great selection

Marco_ Capo7: top


ste. rav04: Shish

Juan Pablo Cordoba: Good place

Max Chopin: Wow

Z N: Good store with good variety

giocatto2003: I have already been there twice to buy running shoes and have always found the staff helpful and professional. Today Gianluca was there and I can reconfirm my excellent judgment. 👍

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