Best Ethiopian Restaurants In Milan Near Me

Habesha Restaurant Warsa Restaurant Ristorante Hdmona Mosobna Ristorante Africa


1. Habesha Restaurant - Municipio 3

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· 29 reviews

Via Panfilo Castaldi, 19, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Habesha Restaurant: what do users think?

Nishan Ranabhat: I went to this place with my wife who is an Ethiopian. We really liked the food here. What impressed us and specially my wife was the fact that the owner was really nice to us.

BMG Kenya: Nice food I love the african food and the staff are soo friendly...

Njomo Stephen: The perfect place for african food

Stefano Teshome: Good food keep it up

Alfred Kittu: Good African food

Lorenzo C: Ethiopian dishes prepared with love and the freshest ingredients. We tried outstanding gored gored and divinely spiced Ethiopian style kitfo. Highly recommended for lovers of Ethiopian-Eritrean cuisine who want to try recipes and ingredients in the Ethiopian version in Milan.

2. Warsa Restaurant - Municipio 3



· 1016 reviews

Via Melzo, 16, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

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Warsa Restaurant: what do users think?

Nicole D. (Nica): Really different experience! Delicious african food, with a very good service! It is a cultural experience more than just culinary! You eat with your hands and taste everything very deeply!

Joan Marquez: If you want to get out of your comfort zone and experience something different in Milan, eat in this restaurant. Too bad, we feel so full right away coz the dish is so big. Good recommendation to just get 1 dish for 2.

elif bengu: it is a tiny restaurant and do not go there without a reservation. the wine and the food was really good ... oh my🤩 I may overeaten

Barış Ekin Alfar: Such authenticity in the middle of Porta Venezia. The beauty of the space is hidden inside with beautiful cultural decorations. The food is amazing and very much, we ordered for 4 and struggled to finish all with the meat, the sauces and the complementary snacks, and it’s all with hands! Lovely atmosphere, the problem would be the lack of service inside, when we got in, we weren’t guided in the most helpful way and it took us a while to order, but they were polite. The price is definitely worth the size and the taste but its weird that everyone needs to pay for one so you can’t share the price. I would recommend for a change of culture.

Sara Comuzzo: Very yummy food, the owner is the kindest person on earth

Consuelo Angioni: The place is really cute and cozy, eating with your hands and sitting almost on the floor give you a sense of exotic (although you can choose the regular chairs and tables if you prefer). The food is tasty and filling and the price is reasonable. Shame for the service, which is super lazy and slow / when almost non existent.

3. Ristorante Hdmona - Municipio 3

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· 178 reviews

Via Lazzaro Palazzi, 10, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Ristorante Hdmona: what do users think?

nicola migliori: Food is nice and typical. The staff is kind and available to explain the menu. Prices are fair.

Francesca Priante: Fantastic with the perfect amount of food. Service staff were very friendly, clean place and will definately return.

tizu ashu: Delicious and authentic habesha food ...with great hospitality. I really recommend this place for anyone who wants to try an amazing cusine😘😘😘

Eyuel Zewdu: A great place to dine Ethiopian and Eritrean foods.

ዮኒ ወድ ስቲፍ: Wow i love it they serve delicious meal

Teklit Gebregiorgis Ambaye: The most best habesha restaurant in Milan

temesghen aklilu: Best Eritrean food ever!

4. Mosobna - Municipio 3

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· 503 reviews

Via Alessandro Tadino, 9, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Mosobna: what do users think?

X Wey: A really wonderful experience, very nice and delicate dishes with good wine.Will absolutely come back.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Rene Jokl: Good Food and reasonable prices. Friendly stuff...we recommend it.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More

王文龙: It is the first time I try Ethiopian food. That is fantastic! The taste of dishes is very good. The ingredients are very healthy, meat, potatoes, beans, vegetables and carrots. The quantity of food is very big and the cost is reasonable. My favorite is the sauce made by Ceci beans. That is wonderful! In order to eat the dishes there, you need use your hand directly to grab the food. That is an amazing experience! I like it very much!

Ej Me: I think it was the best eritrean dish which i ate besides homemade. It was so delicious its not possible to describe in words. The meat, vegetables and the injera tasted so good and looked fresh. Also it was very good seasoned. We had a mixed plate with different sauces (red and white meat sauce, lenses also some potatos carrots peas)👌🏾👌🏾 🏾

tizu ashu: You will find an authentic and super tasty Habesha(Ethiopia/Eritrea) Dishes here with an amazing hospitality

Helen Abbott: I have loved Ethiopian food all my life, so I was super excited to try some in Milan, and WOW this placed lived up to all my expectations! We ordered a mix of stuff which is definitely the way to do it with Ethiopian food, and I was very pleased with the array of delicious foods. The injera is very tasty and has great texture, and the meat and vegetable shiros were very flavorful and melted in your mouth. The staff was incredibly friendly even though there was a little bit of a language barrier because we only speak english. Anyways, I highly recommend trying this place out because you will be pleased!

Justin Martinelli: Delicious food. Great service. Great prices. Great change of food for when you want something different but delicious.

Al Kamber: Beautiful experience, not my first time trying Eritrean food but this has perhaps become my restaurant of choice due to exceptional quality/price ratio; food is of great quality and the general ambience made for a great lunch with a friend while not impacting my wallet too much. Will surely come back.

Giorgio Zamburlini: Nice place to eat Eritrean food. The owner is very kind and will explain you all the ingredients in the plates.Food is spicy, but is delicious.

5. Ristorante Africa - Municipio 3

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· 285 reviews

Via Lazzaro Palazzi, 9, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Ristorante Africa: what do users think?

Mark Blumberg: Really enjoyed the Ethiopian food. Great service.

Akshat Jain: Excellent food with vegetarian option and exceptional level of service despite arriving close to closing time and staying way past the closing time.

Natnael NA: Thank you for your Hospitality. You cooked the meal to perfection it was so appetizing THE BEST HABESHA RESTURANT. --‐-------RISTORANTE AFRICA-----------

Yosief III: Fantastic experience!! Food was amazing! Place was clean and it felt like being inn Eritrea. vegan option widely available.

Serenella Fanelli: We went on a late Saturday night and we were also a big group of people but they welcomed us anyway. I really liked the food and I loved the cozy atmosphere given by the retro furniture. I was expecting lower prices but I think it’s in line with the milanese average price per person

Anna Aglietti: Really nice food. The room may look basic, but the quality more than makes up for it. You can have sambusa, a Vegetarian zighinì option, a lamb or a mixed zighinì, and sweet halva and spiced tea as dessert. The ingera bread is soft, thin and really tasty. The meat and veggy options are both quite good, even though the veg plate is just a larger portion of the vegetables you get with the meat... but hey, they come with a larger portion of sauce, and it’so delicious that I am not complaining at all. The meat options are a great balance of taste and spicy flavour. Also they’re not overloaded with oil or butter, so they’re lighter than most of the Eritrean dishes you find in Milano. The menu is short and does not change much, so you may not want to go there every day. (or you may? I could eat zighinì for a month). The philosophy here seems to be: “stick with what works”. Overall, a nice unassuming little joint with great (but limited choice-wise) food, perfect for a chat with friends.

Simon Goitom: Very nice service the food was very delicious.

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