Best Ethiopian Restaurants In Milan Near Me

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1. Habesha Restaurant

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Habesha Restaurant

Address: Via Panfilo Castaldi, 19, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11:30 p.m.

Telephone: +39 02 204 6996

Business type: Ethiopian restaurant

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Habesha Restaurant: what do users think?

Nishan Ranabhat: I went to this place with my wife who is an Ethiopian. We really liked the food here. What impressed us and specially my wife was the fact that the owner was really nice to us.

Enrique Spacca: The music was encouraging and the atmosphere felt nice and I thougtht could have been cheap, but I was wrong. Food is preatty autentic ethiopian.

Emba Fila: Their food is good, but the place is not better take away.

BMG Kenya: Nice food I love the african food and the staff are soo friendly...

Njomo Stephen: The perfect place for african food

Stefano Teshome: Good food keep it up

Alfred Kittu: Good African food

Lorenzo C: Ethiopian dishes prepared with love and the freshest ingredients. We tried outstanding gored gored and divinely spiced Ethiopian style kitfo. Highly recommended for lovers of Ethiopian-Eritrean cuisine who want to try recipes and ingredients in the Ethiopian version in Milan.

2. Savana Ristorante Eritreo

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780 reviews
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Savana Ristorante Eritreo

Address: Via Luigi Canonica, 45, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7 p.m.

Telephone: +39 366 407 3136

Business type: African restaurant

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Savana Ristorante Eritreo: what do users think?

B: What an incredible restaurant and Host! If you come to Milan, you MUST come to Savana! The moment you enter the restaurant, the ambience and the warm smile of Biniam draws you in. You feel like you are entering Narnia. Ambience is spot on for whatever the occasion. The food was beyond delicious. The service exceptional! I can’t reiterate how amazing this restaurant is. Not only did I feel like I was back home (Asmara) but I felt the real love of the culture too. You have to go and try it for your self! Vegetarian options: Plenty ! Parking: Plenty of parking spot outside the restaurant. Dietary restrictions: They have diverse vegan, vegetarian options.

Eleonora Efevberha: The best Ethiopian food in the whole world … is so delicious and the location make you feel you are in Africa for real for real . Biniam the owner is very lovable and kind. I use to eat at his restaurant at least once at week when I was living in Milano . I miss that a lot . I have been tryng all around the world Ethiopian restaurant but no one can compare . I highly recommend this food experience . Enjoy ! PS when I read the review of people that says that you only eat with hands … lol well that’s a Ethiopian restaurant you should know a little about their culture …. Vegetarian options: Si ci sono legumi e verdure varie Kid-friendliness: Si piace anche ai bambini Wheelchair accessibility: Si c’è la rampa

Joe Rodrigo: If you have never tried Eritrean cuisine before, Savana is great for your first experience. Charming decor, no-fuss straightforward service and easily accessible by tram (2, 4, 12 or 14) and bus (43 or 57). Pro Tip: Reserve your table in advance for weekend seatings, and pre-order one portion of the fish zighini (zighini di pesce) as well!

Gregory Bustos: Great food, great service, great prices. Had Eritean food for the first time here. The injera and zighini were delicious. It tastes like a combination of Mexican and Indian food, without being either. Biniam the owner is so nice. He made the whole experience that much better. You need to try this place.

Gaia Gaibazzi: Great dining experience with your own hands!Absolutely recommended and I will come back.

Natalie Giacchina: delicious food, great service and vegan options!

Valentina Fontana: Super place, great service, awesome food experienceAbsolutely recommended!

3. Warsa Restaurant

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1016 reviews
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Warsa Restaurant

Address: Via Melzo, 16, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3 p.m. ⋅ Reopens 7 p.m.

Telephone: +39 334 308 2993

Business type: Ethiopian restaurant

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Warsa Restaurant: what do users think?

Nicole D. (Nica): Really different experience! Delicious african food, with a very good service! It is a cultural experience more than just culinary! You eat with your hands and taste everything very deeply!
Response: Dear Nicole, Thank you for your visit and your review.

Joan Marquez: If you want to get out of your comfort zone and experience something different in Milan, eat in this restaurant. Too bad, we feel so full right away coz the dish is so big. Good recommendation to just get 1 dish for 2.
Response: Thanks for your review

Tuana Haznedar: The interior was really nice when we entered. I went there with my Turkish mom and dad who are used to really good food with meat. They give a 2 course meal (zighini) the first one is vegetables with meat and the second one is chicken and eggs. It is 18 eurous each portion and since we were 3 they gave us the 3 portion together as seen in the pictures. In my opinion it wasn’t worth it because we didn’t find the food tasty and the portions were too small for 18 euros so we left still not completely full. This might be because we just simply didn’t like the eritrean food and did not understand how it was supposed to be. The staff was gentle but overall we didn’t find it worthy.
Response: Thank you

elif bengu: it is a tiny restaurant and do not go there without a reservation. the wine and the food was really good ... oh my🤩 I may overeaten
Response: Thank you for your visit and your feedback. See you soo ☺️

Barış Ekin Alfar: Such authenticity in the middle of Porta Venezia. The beauty of the space is hidden inside with beautiful cultural decorations. The food is amazing and very much, we ordered for 4 and struggled to finish all with the meat, the sauces and the complementary snacks, and it’s all with hands! Lovely atmosphere, the problem would be the lack of service inside, when we got in, we weren’t guided in the most helpful way and it took us a while to order, but they were polite. The price is definitely worth the size and the taste but its weird that everyone needs to pay for one so you can’t share the price. I would recommend for a change of culture.
Response: Thank you for your visit and for your recension.

Sara Comuzzo: Very yummy food, the owner is the kindest person on earth
Response: Thank you for your visit and your review. :)

Consuelo Angioni: The place is really cute and cozy, eating with your hands and sitting almost on the floor give you a sense of exotic (although you can choose the regular chairs and tables if you prefer). The food is tasty and filling and the price is reasonable. Shame for the service, which is super lazy and slow / when almost non existent.

4. Ristorante Hdmona

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178 reviews
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Ristorante Hdmona

Address: Via Lazzaro Palazzi, 10, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12:30 p.m.

Telephone: +39 324 681 5542

Business type: Ethiopian restaurant

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Ristorante Hdmona: what do users think?

nicola migliori: Food is nice and typical. The staff is kind and available to explain the menu. Prices are fair.

Francesca Priante: Fantastic with the perfect amount of food. Service staff were very friendly, clean place and will definately return.

tizu ashu: Delicious and authentic habesha food ...with great hospitality. I really recommend this place for anyone who wants to try an amazing cusine😘😘😘

Eyuel Zewdu: A great place to dine Ethiopian and Eritrean foods.

ዮኒ ወድ ስቲፍ: Wow i love it they serve delicious meal
Response: Thanks. It was a pleasure. Come back at anytime.

Teklit Gebregiorgis Ambaye: The most best habesha restaurant in Milan

temesghen aklilu: Best Eritrean food ever!
Response: You are very kind Temesghen, thank you.

5. Ristorante Zula

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80 reviews
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Ristorante Zula

Address: Tadino 6, Via Alessandro Tadino, 6, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 p.m.

Telephone: +39 02 9710 3019

Business type: African restaurant

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Ristorante Zula: what do users think?

Teklai Ezghihaye: One of the best spicy and delicious Habesha restaurants in Milano!!!Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

dan doon: One of the best Ethiopian dinners I’ve had! I’ve had the vegetarian dish (which was vegan) and it was fully satisfying. People and the service are very welcoming and friendly!

Yang Wang: Delicious Food and impressive arts !!! Very good culinary experience :)

Cezar Sas: Good Ethiopian food!

Ermias M Shallom: Keep it up

Leonardo Pasquinotti: Attention because the restaurant is not the one in the photos and descriptions: they have moved to the nearby restaurant called malibu caffe. Starting from the place, completely different, there is no decoration that recalls Africa, very aseptic, it looks like a bar. Dark room with blue light. The photos probably date back to a few years ago. Expensive dishes and drinks, single course € 15 (not as described) and anything but African cuisine; salad with balsamic vinegar, boiled potatoes and green beans, dry and tasteless meat. The only positive note, waiter / barman / cashier all in one nice and helpful (but South American that there was nothing).

Alessio Betteni: One of the best Eritrean restaurants in Milan!
Response: Thank you

Andrea palazzi: Pleasant surprise, in this retro restaurant he eats really well and the owner is really kind and nice.

Giuseppe Landino: Great food, possibly the best injera in all of Milan. As in almost all the places without frills and with essential furnishings, here they pay attention to the point: what they serve is genuinely Eritrean food and in fact many of their customers are Eritrean or Ethiopian, sometimes Somali and the food is really fresh and badly, as happens in other so-called "ethnic" places with a similar menu because of which, however, I had a slight dysentery: not here, at Zula the food is genuine, fresh and exquisitely original. Well done! 👍🤗

6. Mosobna

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503 reviews
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Address: Via Alessandro Tadino, 9, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12 a.m.

Telephone: +39 324 600 4065

Business type: East African restaurant

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Mosobna: what do users think?

X Wey: A really wonderful experience, very nice and delicate dishes with good wine.Will absolutely come back.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Rene Jokl: Good Food and reasonable prices. Friendly stuff...we recommend it.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More

王文龙: It is the first time I try Ethiopian food. That is fantastic! The taste of dishes is very good. The ingredients are very healthy, meat, potatoes, beans, vegetables and carrots. The quantity of food is very big and the cost is reasonable. My favorite is the sauce made by Ceci beans. That is wonderful! In order to eat the dishes there, you need use your hand directly to grab the food. That is an amazing experience! I like it very much!

Ej Me: I think it was the best eritrean dish which i ate besides homemade. It was so delicious its not possible to describe in words. The meat, vegetables and the injera tasted so good and looked fresh. Also it was very good seasoned. We had a mixed plate with different sauces (red and white meat sauce, lenses also some potatos carrots peas)👌🏾👌🏾 🏾

tizu ashu: You will find an authentic and super tasty Habesha(Ethiopia/Eritrea) Dishes here with an amazing hospitality

Helen Abbott: I have loved Ethiopian food all my life, so I was super excited to try some in Milan, and WOW this placed lived up to all my expectations! We ordered a mix of stuff which is definitely the way to do it with Ethiopian food, and I was very pleased with the array of delicious foods. The injera is very tasty and has great texture, and the meat and vegetable shiros were very flavorful and melted in your mouth. The staff was incredibly friendly even though there was a little bit of a language barrier because we only speak english. Anyways, I highly recommend trying this place out because you will be pleased!

Justin Martinelli: Delicious food. Great service. Great prices. Great change of food for when you want something different but delicious.

Al Kamber: Beautiful experience, not my first time trying Eritrean food but this has perhaps become my restaurant of choice due to exceptional quality/price ratio; food is of great quality and the general ambience made for a great lunch with a friend while not impacting my wallet too much. Will surely come back.

Giorgio Zamburlini: Nice place to eat Eritrean food. The owner is very kind and will explain you all the ingredients in the plates.Food is spicy, but is delicious.

7. Ristorante Africa

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285 reviews
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Ristorante Africa

Address: Via Lazzaro Palazzi, 9, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12 a.m.

Telephone: +39 02 2952 5984

Business type: Ethiopian restaurant

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Ristorante Africa: what do users think?

Mark Blumberg: Really enjoyed the Ethiopian food. Great service.

Akshat Jain: Excellent food with vegetarian option and exceptional level of service despite arriving close to closing time and staying way past the closing time.

Natnael NA: Thank you for your Hospitality. You cooked the meal to perfection it was so appetizing THE BEST HABESHA RESTURANT. --‐-------RISTORANTE AFRICA-----------

Yosief III: Fantastic experience!! Food was amazing! Place was clean and it felt like being inn Eritrea. vegan option widely available.

Serenella Fanelli: We went on a late Saturday night and we were also a big group of people but they welcomed us anyway. I really liked the food and I loved the cozy atmosphere given by the retro furniture. I was expecting lower prices but I think it’s in line with the milanese average price per person

Anna Aglietti: Really nice food. The room may look basic, but the quality more than makes up for it. You can have sambusa, a Vegetarian zighinì option, a lamb or a mixed zighinì, and sweet halva and spiced tea as dessert. The ingera bread is soft, thin and really tasty. The meat and veggy options are both quite good, even though the veg plate is just a larger portion of the vegetables you get with the meat... but hey, they come with a larger portion of sauce, and it’so delicious that I am not complaining at all. The meat options are a great balance of taste and spicy flavour. Also they’re not overloaded with oil or butter, so they’re lighter than most of the Eritrean dishes you find in Milano. The menu is short and does not change much, so you may not want to go there every day. (or you may? I could eat zighinì for a month). The philosophy here seems to be: “stick with what works”. Overall, a nice unassuming little joint with great (but limited choice-wise) food, perfect for a chat with friends.

Simon Goitom: Very nice service the food was very delicious.

8. Adulis Restaurant

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739 reviews
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Adulis Restaurant

Address: Via Melzo, 24, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3 p.m. ⋅ Reopens 6 p.m.

Telephone: +39 02 2951 5816

Business type: Eritrean restaurant

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Adulis Restaurant: what do users think?

Phuc Nguyen: The atmosfere was very particular, of Eritrean culture, I think. I ordered chicken zighini with low level of spiciness and some sweets. The zighini was accompanied by some fermented bread, grinded chicken peas and some vegetables. The dish was very nice; however, it was still a bit spicy to me, so be careful with the level of spiciness. The vegetables were not so fresh, but they were ok. The sweets were nice!

Anna Pokrovsky: Amazing food, friendly stafff and unique experience in Milan. I highly recommend stopping here if you have never tried Eritrean cuisine, it will not disappoint you!

Eden B: The restorant is full of every cultural equipment . Very cosy and busy atmosphere. I have had a great time with some delicious food. Stuff are supper friendly. I would call this place a mini Eritrea in milan.

Rexii Oper: Food was really not good. Chicken was incredibly tough and greasy. The side vegetables were a tasteless unseasoned mush. The only redeeming part of the meal was the injera which was light and fluffy and a side of what may have been lentils which had a lot of flavour.

Yagmur Oztoklu: Great restaurant with helpful staff. The meal was really spicy.

Maurizio Morolli: A rare experience in African culture, this restaurant look authentic enough, as far as I can tell, and the offering is of good quality. The restaurant is nicely arranged with exotics and low table (avoid, ask for “normal” table). The menu offer a kind of one dish, a serving of veal, lamb and chicken with vegetables and and spices on a large spongy bread. The plate is placed in the centre of the table and everybody serves himself with his hands. Emergency forks are provided on request, though. We were a party of four and we went for a plate with all different meats. Portions are very generous and almost all patrons left some food. The meats were perfectly cooked and very tender. A good experience. Service extremely kind and attentive, waiters all Eritrean. Bill came at a very reasonable 25€ per person, 2 beers, water and typical sweets included.

Diego Ajassa: Amazing Eritrean dishes and experience. I suggest to try the South African Red wine with the main course

9. Ristorante Eritrea e Etiope Pizzeria Abissinia

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108 reviews
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Ristorante Eritrea e Etiope Pizzeria Abissinia

Address: Viale Molise, 20137 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12:30 p.m.

Telephone: +39 327 542 0296

Business type: Restaurant

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Ristorante Eritrea e Etiope Pizzeria Abissinia: what do users think?

Ana M Barbosa Gómez: Delicious food, nice atmosphere, very recomended.The waiter was very gentle and gave us good advice about the food taste.

Jacob Carter Duran: Went to this place a little while back for a nice dinner! Quiet atmosphere, good service, delicious food and well-priced. Would recommend this hidden gem to anyone. Book with the fork for a discount!

Jean Pascal: Eating here is like a travel to Eritrea and Ethiopia. The place was relaxed and well decorated with many African art. People are so nice and helpful. And the most important : I enjoyed food so much. It’s tasty !! And all this for a good price. So cool !

M African: Excellent service

Sfera Lunare: We booked with The Fork and I have to say it was a great find. The dishes are really very good especially the Gored gored with exquisite spicy rare meat. They offered us the appetizer we never had we eat, spicy and good. We will be back. I advise

Yasanthi Ilayperuma: We were two diners. Location The place is small and welcoming. Souvenirs from Eritrea and Ethiopia hang on the walls which create a warm and welcoming climate. There is music (at a decent volume) in the Amharic language. Food The menu is divided into three: two appetizers, about ten single dishes, as many side dishes. We took one of the starters and two different first courses (chicken and beef zigini) on the advice of the host. He actually brought us the other starter and a selection of side dishes as a gift. Zigini is the "bread" of this cuisine accompanied by stewed meat. The "bread" is a kind of soft and spongy piadina. He offered us cutlery or to eat with your hands. With your hands you practically make the shoe for stews and side dishes. The starters were spicy. It was all spicy but not overly spicy. The portions were really generous. Service It was a flat evening, so the host was practically dedicated to us alone. He was present but unobtrusive, very cool and nice. Bathrooms Clean and well kept. Costs We went out rolling and, including half a liter of house red and a liter of water, we spent € 15 / head. We will be back!

tullia speriani: I must say that I always come back here very willingly. Not for the venue but for the food and the treatment. The dishes are really delicious and they are delicious, always very kind, helpful and welcoming. As well as honest. Last night there were two of us and we took the dish in the picture, two beers and 2 waters: cost 14 euros each. Absolutely recommended !!!!!!!

Stefano Mantegazza: More than positive experience, we took two starters and, although a little spicy, they were very good. The beef zighini and the zil zil are truly noteworthy. With thefork discount the value for money is excellent. Very kind waiter.

10. Dibi221 Ristorante Africano

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67 reviews
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Dibi221 Ristorante Africano

Address: Via Palmanova, 143, 20132 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 p.m.

Telephone: +39 389 000 8623

Business type: Restaurant

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Dibi221 Ristorante Africano: what do users think?

Paola Leo: Small Senegalese restaurant, quite welcoming. Excellent food, perhaps slightly spicier than that of other restaurants of the genre (as per original cuisine). Their specialty is dibi, spiced and grilled lamb meat (€25/kg), accompanied by onions and sauces. The other dishes (thiebu, mafe, yassa etc.) cost 10 euros. Discreet service.

Gibi Seck: Very harmonious, festive setting... the owner with her staff so nice, professional and above all the Senegalese atmosphere and the teranga and the African beauty just all that... It deserves to go curiosity 🤙💯😘

daniel borella: A small restaurant of Senegalese cuisine, for those who miss the flavors of home and for those who want to try the flavors of a sincere and genuine ethnic cuisine of excellent quality. Excellent the grilled and the stew of meat and cassava, the ginger drink does not make you feel the lack of alcoholic beverages. The welcome is kind and sunny and the value for money is excellent. I will be back to try the fish dishes. Absolutely recommended.

Savio M.: A bowl with potatoes and 4 or 5 pieces of meat inside, one of which with a bone of a certain size. The seasoning sauce was very good, the meat a little less because it was very fatty .. Another bowl of white rice next to it. All this, without drinks, 10 euros. I love African cuisine with its simple and genuine flavors but here the quality (and quantity) of what is eaten is really disappointing. I will not return.

Luridbeatle IT: Guys if you want to taste a piece of Senegal, this is the place for you! The small shop with a shop window is in Senegalese style, it seems to be right there, the typical small street restaurant, unpretentious and convivial. The cuisine is of good quality, not too many dishes (better) but enough to appreciate it. I recommend the grilled lamb and/or the Thieboudienne (rice and fish)... We are talking about spicy and spicy dishes. Conclude the meal with a cup of Caffé Touba or Mint Tea. I forgot: the environment is super popular with Senegalese, a good sign for good cuisine.

Leo: Excellent restaurant. Their Senegalese specialties are truly delicious. Their mafé is probably the best I have been able to eat (both in Milan and elsewhere in France). The grilled meat dish is also very good and appetizing. I highly recommend this restaurant, gistito knows very nice and warm people where the dishes are abundant, high quality for a more than reasonable price.

11. Alhambra Risto veg

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1128 reviews
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Alhambra Risto veg

Address: Via S. Gregorio, 17, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3 p.m. ⋅ Reopens 7 p.m.

Telephone: +39 02 5251 9085

Business type: Vegan restaurant

Near Alhambra Risto veg:

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Alhambra Risto veg: what do users think?

Maayan: A really great vegan buffet! delicious food. The lasagna for example is amazing. and as beggining we got a nice bread with a dip! Just a little too greasy, and also the food in the lunch box on top of each other, which is less fun ..

pedro nekoi: Very delicious and affordable vegan option in Milano! It was very tasteful and with lots of options. The staff was also super nice and spoke English! 💕

Justin Boyle: You can fill up for less than a traditional restaurant, but the food isn’t good. Had some cauliflower that was overcooked and very bland, and some Asian rice noodles that tasted like they contained half a bottle of soy sauce. I’m glad that I took a small portion because the food isn’t agreeing with me. Everything was kept cold behind the case and then reheated, seems like a recipe for food-borne illness (I believe most buffets use heat lamps for warm foods to maintain proper temperature)

Hari swaminathan: Excellent vegan food. Large variety. Great service. Alcohol served. Decently priced. I would definite go back here again!

Francesco Bubbo: Great place for vegan food. You pick what you want to have in your plate and pay by its wheight. Vegeteblas tasty but not too spiced. Staff polite and nice. This is a 5 star + place
Response: thanks Francesco we are happy that you enjoyed our food and so much work we do every day. We look forward to seeing you again at your next visit thanks from the Alhambra Team

Mike Johnson: Quite tasty. Definitely on the hip/pricey side of things. 100% vegan if you are into variations of seitan and other ultraprocessed stuff. You choose what you want from a buffet and pay by the weight. Drinks are surprisingly not very original or healthy for such a place. Good selection of wines.

Jai Sheffield: This place is so awesome! Food is delicious! Staff are lovely and speak English, easy to find, reasonably priced, heaps of options to choose from to suit every fancy (food related fancy 😉) I enjoyed a beer, vegan tiramisu by the way is a winner and an espresso. I highly recommend this place! Top quality vegan food, check it out!

Tung: Delicious vegetarian food. Super fast. Complimentary hummus 👌
Response: Thanks Tung.

12. Doriani Solferino Restaurant

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330 reviews
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Doriani Solferino Restaurant

Address: Via Solferino, 12, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2:30 p.m. ⋅ Reopens 7 p.m.

Telephone: +39 02 659 8972

Business type: Italian restaurant

Near Doriani Solferino Restaurant:

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Doriani Solferino Restaurant: what do users think?

Eugene Malobrodsky: For the most part the food was excellent, the only thing that was not cooked correctly was the octopus. Everything else was excellent. Staff was friendly and made great food suggestions. The fish for two is not just a fish its lots of different seafood. It was really good. Pizza was also very good. Black Angus steak melted in your mouth. Tomato soup is actually not a soup but tastes amazing. Aubergine lasagna is excellent and I usually never eat aubergine.
Response: Thanks 🙏

J. Renx: I had a great business lunch at Doriani. Although we came very late for the lunch service, they still welcomed us for the last order. We were probably customers for the lunch. I had scallops for a starter and lobster for a main dish. A waiter was very friendly, attentive and accommodating for every single wish that I had. The restaurant is beautiful in and out. Highly recommended.

Pedro Queirós: The food and service was great. We ordered the fish mixed grill and it was a bit on the cold side. But besides that everything was perfect. The milleflogie di melanzana was really tasty.

Luis Ottoni: Amazing food (had the milanesse risotto, and it was FANTASTIC); the service is so good as well. Also, if you’re looking for an aunthetic Italian place, you’ve got it. It’s always packed with Italians. Price is pretty fair for location and for what’s offered. Will certainly come back while in Milan!
Response: Thanks 🤩

Miles Taylor: So good! Sea bass with aubergine and squid in pea sauce. Tasted even better than it looked. Staff were great too, and the background music was mellow, very pleasant evening.
Response: Thanks 🤩

Jade T: First time trying this restaurant. Creative combination of ingredients and flavors. Nice presentation on the plate. I was a little disappointed by the flavors and Was expecting more of a wow on my palate. The salads need more refinement. An overall good experience with attentive and friendly service.

Max: Great whole wheat pasta. Risotto milanese was ok.
Response: Thanks 🙏

Tessa Irla: Dani was AMAZING!!! Friends of ours introduced us to this fabulous establishment and we fell in love. The people, the FOOD, the pricing, the ambiance….everything spot on! We even decided to celebrate our oldest daughter’s birthday here and Dani was so thoughtful to make her a personalized birthday cake (with birthday candle) just for her special day. Thank you so much for making this such a fantastic memory!!!! 💕
Response: Thank you so much 💖

Matt Mastrangelo: What a great and special place. This is the spot in Milan to eat with the locals and leave the tourists behind. Portions were good, not to big and not to small. Menu was amazing and the service was great. Simply put. Classic Italian, let the food do the talking and oh boy does this place talk!!!!

13. L'immagine Bistrot Ristorante

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1716 reviews
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L'immagine Bistrot Ristorante

Address: Via Varesina, 61, 20156 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:15 p.m.

Telephone: +39 02 3926 4564

Business type: Restaurant

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L'immagine Bistrot Ristorante: what do users think?

Abbie Loshuk: Highly recommend! Amazing food and service. We are visiting from Canada and the owner came by our table to make sure we were enjoying ourselves and gave us recommendations for where to visit while in Milan. The food (especially the pasta) was amazing! At the start of the meal they brought us free baked AND fried bread with their house meatballs and marinara. At the end of our meal they brought us free house made limoncello and a bunch of candy, love it!
Response: Thanks a lot, it's a pleasure to make our customers feel like at home. We love this job and we try to do it at our best. We are really proud to read words as yours. Grazie ancora e arrivederci, Mirko Fragale

Jason Wong: Really good food at a beautifully decorated restaurant with very welcoming staff. We ordered Beef Tartare, Artichoke Ravioli, Bone Marrow Risotto, Black Angus Tenderloin (Perfect medium rare!) and Melon cello. In short 10/10 food and service!!
Response: Ciao Jason !!!! you are very kind !!!! we are very happy to have given you a great experience !!!! I hope to see you soon !!!! Mirko Ristorante L’Immagine Bistrot

Ryan Gauci: What a little gem!!! Went out of my hotel in search of a quick bite and I stumbled across this wonderful Bistro. Staff friendly, decor exquisite, food delicious, menu well balanced, pricing good value. Wish I had the chance to come more often. Well Done - truly memorable.
Response: thank you very much for your beautiful story !!!! you are very nice !!! 😀😀😀

Rosario Domenico Giordano: This restaurant is really great, the portions are generous (Just look the cotoletta in my pictures), small attentions are brought to the clients (delicious free tomato meat balls) and the servers are very friendly. At the end of the meal some candies are provided which is really adorable !
Response: Thank you so much for your wonderful review and see you soon! Mirko & Staff

Manu Shrivastava: Must go place in Milan! Everything about this place is absolutely amazing. Upon arrival, we were served with complimentary breads which melted in your mouth and some sun dried tomatoes in olive oil. Pasta was really good and tiramisu for dinner was so yummy we didn’t click any pictures and had if all in one go! Delightful food, cozy ambience and great staff. Definitely worth a visit.
Response: Hello !!!! thank you so much for your great review !! you are very kind !!! we look forward to seeing you soon !!!! hello Mirko and Staff

Izzy: Great restaurant with a range of tasty dishes! I would recommend the ravioli with the pears, walnuts and cheese! All antipasto come with delicious fried bread which melts in your mouth. Fun tradition of jars of candy/sweets at the end of the meal along with refreshing meloncello.
Response: hello Izzy !!!! thank you very much for your fantastic words !!! you made us happy !!!!! 😀😀😀

Herr Ullmann: I came for the steak and it was awesome. The service is very lovely and served great regional treats. Gnocci Fritto! So delicious. We will come again and then also follow the wine recommendations.
Response: a thousand thanks !!!!!! 😃😃😃 🍷🍷🍷

Dariusz Dlugopolski: In our second night in Milan we got recommendations to go to this restaurant. The restaurant is cosy, very good food! And the big portion. The staff is friendly but very busy so make sure to book the table before coming. 100% recommended.
Response: Ciao Dariusz!!!! thank you so much for your great review !! gratifies us great !!! we look forward to seeing you soon !!!! hello Mirko and Staff Ristorante L’Immagine Bistrot 😊😊

Or Saar: Beautiful place, managed by lovely smiling and welcoming staff. Great food and price. Strongly recommended!
Response: Hello !!!! thank you very much for your words and for your photos !!!! we thank you and look forward to seeing you soon !! Mirko & Staff 😊

14. Eataly Milano Smeraldo

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10647 reviews
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Eataly Milano Smeraldo

Address: Piazza Venticinque Aprile, 10, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 p.m.

Telephone: +39 02 0999 7900

Business type: Italian restaurant

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Eataly Milano Smeraldo: what do users think?

Emad Abdelhamid: Nice place if you fancy buying expensive but very good quality of food. I had spaghetti pasta with mozzarella buffalo cheese. It was delicious but not the cheapest. The quality of food was good though. You could buy other food from there such as vegetables, fruits, cheese, wine, alcohol, meat, pasta, flowers, plants, sweets, chocolates, and many other things. The mall is located in the city centre and easy to get to. There is a place to park your bike for free.

Jezzer Pezzer: Was in Milan for business and stayed nearby. There’s one of these in London that I’ve yet to try but this one is pretty good and reasonably priced. Yes, it is a bit of a ‘tourist trap’ and you can get better food wandering off the beaten track but Eataly nicely captures the essence of good Italian food with plenty of fresh produce all in one place. The simple spaghetti in tomato sauce with mozzarella was tasty and so was the pizza. I bought some huge cherries too. They were delicious. Service was fine if a little matter of fact.

Faris Alh: This place is superb, we visited it 4 times during our travels to Milan, an excellent restaurant in first floor where they serve a very delicious fresh pasta and pizza. I love their margarita and four cheese pizza it was very delicious and crispy You can find all the ingredients they use in their supermarket downstairs and big variety of Italian pasta and cheese and herbs to cook the best dishes at home The staff were very helpful and nice, this is a must visit destination in Milan

Andra-Irina Vasile: Lovely market both for groceries and souvenirs as it has lots of artizanal brands as well. It is a bit pricey, but worth a visit. The restaurant upstairs has nice food, but the portions are not so big for the amount of money that you pay.

Kate Cast: I absolutely love this place. For a quick bite or high quality grocery. High quality meat, cheese, chocolate and any typical Italian dishes & food. Not the cheapest but deff worthy.Recommended dishes Pastries …More

The Schlatter Brothers: A very nice place with a great concept! It was my second time in an Eataly, after visiting the one in Sao Paulo. Eataly has a lot of excellent products, of high quality and therefore quite high prices. We took a cappuccino and were very surprised at the low price. Only 1,5 euro for a consuming it on site, where many other restaurants and stores in Milan charge 3 euro or more for it. This store is worth a visit.

Lori Adamson-Salas: One thing, do not come here if you are hungry and everything inside for dine in- dinner is closed. Nice place though for grocery shopping. A bit on the expensive side for some items, but there is a great selection of various food items. We really enjoyed the gelato inside.

15. Solferino

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732 reviews
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Address: Via Castelfidardo, 2, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2:30 p.m. ⋅ Reopens 7 p.m.

Telephone: +39 02 2900 5748

Business type: Italian restaurant

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Solferino: what do users think?

Ivano Milan: The atmosphere of this place and the food is what makes me choose to assign 5 stars (4.5 realistically ) . I’ll have to come back to try more dishes. I’m not surprised to see some complaints about the staff and service which can really be improved. Fortunately our server was professional, however I did have the feeling some people were less happy to work there. I would choose this place for both business lunches and date nights.

Marina Verbenska: Top restaurant that I have been to in Milano. The ambience and service were excellent, cozy table arrangement in a minimal space. Very impressive wine selection, we ended up spending more for a glass of wine than for an entree :) Loved their polenta and porcine stuffed ravioli. Will be back for dessert next time!

Lisa Do (thisislisax): The atmosphere was very beautiful! The food however was quite average and pretty expensive for what it was. We paid 98€ for a bottle of water, 2 glasses of wine, a starter and 2 pastas. We had a nice experience but rather try another restaurant next time

Maka Chel: Amazing experience in probably the most authentic and old restaurant in Milano. This place has been up and running since 1909. The staff is extremly polite and friendly, their english is perfect! Now in the eve of Christmas the atmosphere was amazing, lots of lights, christmas trees and decorations. The wine pallet is exceptional all types and a price range from 30 to couple of hundreds of euros per botlle. Really good food and overall a traditional restaurant that is worth every cent. A really special experience, if you come to Milano you must visit this place!

Adam Lorenti: Our second visit at this definitive Milanese style Trattoria - the look, the sounds, the flavours it’s all there. The front of house staff are like no other, fun to be around and happy to entertain (they don’t have high chairs, but were happy to play around with our 2yo). The food is traditional but mixed in with some new ideas. The Ossobuco and Tiramisu are fantastic and very flavourful and traditional. King Shrimp came with strawberries less so traditional, but still tasty. Look forward to eating here again soon. Book ahead too btw!

Luciana Wolosker: Amazing food, strachiatella was breathtaking, ossobuco was the most soft meat I’ve ever eaten, and tiramissu was so sweet and tasty!Make a reservation and GO!

Abrar Alhamri: We had an absolutely amazing experience at this authentic local restaurant! Enzo made our experience pleasant and memorable! The lobster spaghetti is very delicious. And the creamy burrata is highly recommended. If you’re visiting Milan, this place should on your must-visit list.

Stephanie Wei: Had a lovely dinner at Solferino. I made a same day reservation online. The wine list is impressive. Service was very friendly. The kids gnocchi was a hit. Black spaghetti with squid was really delicious. Osso bucco was great too. Asparagus side dish was over cooked and a bit mushy. Tiramisu was a hit. Would return on my future visits.

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