Best Kebabs In Milan Near Me

Anatolia Kebab & Pizza Milano Istanbul Kebab Restaurant Mekan Kebap Duomo Kebap Halal Grill Pizza Turkish Star Zagros Kebap ILK Kebap Kebab Pizza Istanbul Ayasofya Lodi Kebab & Pizza Bosforo Aksaray Istanbul Kebap Ayasofya-Santa Sofia Kebap Pizza Kebap Pizza Gril Palastine Halal Food GEMELLI حلال Milano Kebap House

1. Anatolia Kebab & Pizza Milano - Municipio 6

· 761 reviews

Via Giambellino, 15, 20146 Milano MI, Italy

Anatolia Kebab & Pizza Milano: what do users think?

Lenn Müller: Good value for money, first ever kebab plate where I got the bread as well, not even in Berlin!

Ishu Chauhan: Very good place to try kebabs with touch of authenticity and great selection 9f meat very yummy I must say and they also provide kebabs with cow meat 🍖 which is the real kebab although I enjoyed the one with chicken, not really more choice in veggies but still the main meal can breat through --- pizzas are good although the bread is not really well cooked and added yeast an opinion from me but still a decent place to enjoy your meal without alot of complaints - thsnks for the yummy baklawas great selection with dessert too 😍

Valeed Siddiqi: This place is pretty good and the service is great. Big portions for a small price. All halal and no alcohol available. Vegetarian options: They have falafel and salad Dietary restrictions: Halal

Umar S.: Polite staff and very clean space. Meats are not overly salted as usually expected from kebab joints. Tasty simple and cheap. Halal.

Vukašin Gligorijević: Fresh, fast, delicious, fair price. Extremely pleasant staff. Best doner in Milan

Richard Stephenson: Very good doner kebab 🍢

mish mush: the best Kebab in Milan. the place is very modest but they do a real good kebab. note: ask for Piadina not panino, it is much more delicious. great staff and very quick in preparing orders. they also have delicious desserts .

igor nob: I visit often because its close to home. The people always so polite so quick and the food has always been delicious

2. Istanbul Kebab Restaurant - Municipio 3



· 527 reviews

Italia, Via Vitruvio, 30, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Address WhatsApp
Istanbul Kebab Restaurant: what do users think?

Yunus Emre BOLGÖNÜL: The first istanbul and the best. They are so cleand and nice workers. Sütlac and kadayıf are so good.

Nadir Zulfugarli: Very kind staff. The guy from Egypt is super friendly. Food is also okay. They work till 2am and the restaurant is located close to central railway station. Vegetarian options: Falafel, fries and many meatless options

Raju Miah: Service was good, lovely lady who spoke English so no trouble ordering, food was good. Dietary restrictions: Halal

Muditha Ferdinando: Good fast service and friendly.. Has Pizzas, kebabs and rice.. Have seating for about 30-35 people .

Hafsa El Fekri: Good food. We ate very well! We took the chicken And lamchops. Very Nice! Really Nice rice.

Luka Loteng TM: Delicious pizza and French fries at a very affordable price. Clean and tidy place too.

Kai Ibrahim: Clean restaurant, fast and lovely kebab and margherita pizzas that are halal 😋. Prices are reasonable.

Ayaka H: Good and reasonable pizza and kebab! Friendly staff :) Open till late

3. Mekan Kebap - Municipio 6

· 534 reviews

Viale Carlo Troya, 10, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

Address WhatsApp
Mekan Kebap: what do users think?

Abdullah Munad Ahmed: I have tasted Kebab from a lots of places in Lombardia. This is one of those places I wanted to write a good review because they deserve it. The first time I got mozzarella in the Pizza Kebab here. The price is also an important issue to consider. Few days back there was a news report about how unhealthy Kebab could be. They have given some clues to find the differeces bad and good ones. I consider this place among healthy Kebab seller.

Dipo Master: So far my favorite kebab restaurant in Milan

Alessio Ganci: Wanted to have a little snack and as I love baklava pastry, I have decided to stop here. The staff is nice and their baklavas were delicious.

Giulia N: Nice kebab, nice place, not so incredible kebab, but a good place to have dinner for not too much.

John Void: Mekan is the best kebab in Milan, they do the kebab themselves in stated of buying it frozen.

Giuseppe Fiori: Friendly people, one of the best kebab in Milano (locals say so)

4. Duomo Kebap Halal Grill Pizza Turkish - Municipio 1

· 498 reviews

Via Flavio Baracchini, 7, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website
Duomo Kebap Halal Grill Pizza Turkish: what do users think?

Mo Elmorsy: Great food, service and very reasonable prices. We got the chicken shawarma pizza and plate and both were great. The bread that came with the plate was made fresh to order which was pretty tasty. The kids loved their cheese pizza and fries.

Ubayde Roham: A portion can easily serve two. The bread 🍞 is extra fresh and hot. Place is also well maintained and clean. Waiter was friendly and service was fast. Highly recommend this place to eat for cheap in Milan.

Masooma Zaidi: Guys if you are looking for the delicious shawarma don’t waste your time to look for places!! Their Piato kabab platter is mouthwateringly delicious! Me and my husband we were looking for some halal restaurants and found our about Duomo Kebap halal grill! We were truly amazed by the taste and quick service. The pizza was delicious too!!!

Niaz Ahmad: Everything ordered from Kebab, Falafel, Salad and sandwiches/wraps were great in taste and with healthy portions size. Served with fresh ingredients and piping hot. Must place for our family every time we visit Milano...

Azman Abdul Aziz: Service was surprisingly quite slow despite a few customers. But the food was very good. We had burger with fries and Grill Chicken with Rice and potatoes. It was delicious and soon all was gone 😋. We took a stroll before getting on the Metro back to Sondrio station, where our apartment is located.Food: 5/5 | Service: 3/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More

Andrew Muttiah: A very great place right near the Cathedral. About a 5 mins walk from the church. The place looks brand new and very clean. Staff are nice and friendly. Perfect location. Food was great and very reasonable. They also have a restroom here for customers. Definitely try this place out sometime.

Pauline Ji: Great food and service! The place is nice and clean. Staff are so nice! Definitely recommend!

Hajar Almatrooshi: Best kebap u can eatAnd it is halalThanksAll the best

5. Star Zagros Kebap - Municipio 4

· 809 reviews

Corso Ventidue Marzo, 38, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Star Zagros Kebap: what do users think?

bambèr: Best kebab in town. They have a kind of gourmet kebab and you can also drink their special cocktails. We tried 2 different kind and shared.

Nana Yaa: Very nice ambience with an incredible host!Cocktail was out of this world and the kebab was amazing10/10 will recommend

Mark de Waal: If you are looking for a next level kebap experience you have come to the right place. One of the best, if not the best, kebap I have had in Milan. You actually need to make a reservation for Friday or Saturday evenings if you want to dine in. Which is rare for kebap places. A little more pricey compared to most kebap places, but it shows in quality. Would highly recommend.

Draga Marijanovski: The best kebab in Milan.Small place with friendly staff and good food.Its not opened all day.

6. ILK Kebap - Municipio 1

· 122 reviews

Via Orefici, 24, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Address WhatsApp
ILK Kebap: what do users think?

Saso Ristevski: Very tasty food, pleasant staff, but knowledge of English language is welcomed, and the person on payment counter can put a smile 😃 on his face. Twice I had a meal there, same person on payment counter, same angry face. If you want a tasty food, Highly Recommend to visit! Great little restaurant with decent prices in center of Milan

Kensho Ando Heng: One of the best doner kebabs ive had in a while! Great service, good value, very fresh and very tasty

Onie Mtintsilana Gushman: Great food! Loved the falafel wrap. The place was cramped though.Vegetarian options: They had a vegetarian option and their falafel didn’t have a sauce which I enjoyed cause am plant based.

Michael Cabot: Made from scratch panini with a ton of food. Would come here again

Alicja Drzazga: Delicious kebab, no 25 and 15Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

7. Kebab Pizza Istanbul Ayasofya - Municipio 1

· 418 reviews

Via Manfredo Camperio, 17, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website
Kebab Pizza Istanbul Ayasofya: what do users think?

Yulia Kosharych: The food was delicious and the portion was huge. The price was super reasonable considering the location of this restaurant. The staff was very friendly and the place was very clean. Would definitely recommend!

Jenny Kantelius: Super friendly and helpful even though it was crowded and many people waited to place their orders. The food was really fresh and tasty. Small but very clean place. We chose take away boxes and got all we needed. We had the kebab with fries. 👍

Eli Wright: Good food and fast too.I got myself a water and the guy behind the counter wanted to make sure I got the coldest one so he went to the back of the fridge and switched it out. Real nice guy, please support his business!

Lillo Costa: Very good kebab. Fresh ingredients and crispy chips. The quality of the meet is good. Stuff very nice! I definitely recommend this kebab place!

Priit Tõnisson: Delicious food and large portions for a reasonable price. Also the staff spoke English on a sufficient level.

Lin Simon: Great foods and clean ambiance. The staff kindly offers me WiFi.

Jeffrey Zhang: Great value, amazing size

Radek Zygulski: Kind staff, nice kebab, very clean place

8. Lodi Kebab & Pizza - Municipio 4

· 163 reviews

Corso Lodi, 24, 20139 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website
Lodi Kebab & Pizza: what do users think?

Christian Meesters: We were looking for some option for a cheap dinner and stumbled over this place. Prices are fair and the portions are big enough. Both, pizza and also kebap were tasty. The only downside was that the knive was not sharp at all, and the width on its "sharp" side indicated that it was rather intended for stretching but on bread than cutting pizza comfortably.

Mohammad Jomah Mahmoud Bataineh: Great Kebab by Turkish people.The bread is amazing and taste so good.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Louise van Camp: Excellent falafel kebab. Freshly made. Would definitely recommend.

Simon Callaghan: Great for a kebab. Food good and staff friendly.

Sloboz Latava: Quiet place,low budget and tasty food....nice.

David Khalifa: Awesome. Great location, good stuff

T Movies: The bes place to get your kebab

Roman Hillje: Surprisingly good kebab.

9. Bosforo - Municipio 3

· 147 reviews

Viale Abruzzi, 1, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

Address WhatsApp
Bosforo: what do users think?

Jo Jo: Best pizza of Milan always my favorite! Great customer service & food!

Giovanni Khoury: Great kebab and super nice staff

Diego A Barba G: So the best part about this kebab place is that they make the bread or piadina fresh in the oven right after you order so you always end up with a soft/crunchy warm bread or a beautiful piadina that really enhances the kebab, meat is juicy and what can I say but one of my favourites in Milan.

Alexander Stumpf: Great food and friendly staff!

SAI DHEERAJ REDDY NUKALA: One of the best piadina/panino kebabs I’ve had in Milan at the most affordable price possible!

Rogerio ZP: This kebab is really good! The bread was super fresh ❤️

Ali Khonya: Fresh food, very friendly staff, recommended!

Diana Uvidia: Very good kebab sandwich, there is an upper floor where you can eat and it brings you on what you ordered. Clean bathroom, there is no AC but there is fan. Recommended.

10. Aksaray Istanbul Kebap - Municipio 4

· 345 reviews

Corso Lodi, 84, 20139 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Aksaray Istanbul Kebap: what do users think?

XOURCE: These people have the best Turkish kebab that I have tried, The place is clean, and so are the bathrooms, the staff are very friendly and I am friends with them. the food is clean and every ingredient is fresh. they also serve pizza.

Carol Scandolara: clean, fast, cheap, friendly, and good food....what else can you ask for in a Kabap shop. If you are a regular, or even go one or two times they will remember just how you like your food. I recomend this Turkish kabaps in town!

Miodrag Liliom: Excellent foodFood: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Saiful Nizam A Bakar: Always ask the ingredients inside it. Not all pizza halal. Kebab is nice

P A: Nice and clean place, staff really polite and friendly. Kebab is ok.

Kerven Bayramov: Amazing

11. Ayasofya-Santa Sofia Kebap Pizza - Municipio 3

· 1024 reviews

Corso Buenos Aires, 72, 20131 Milano MI, Italy

Ayasofya-Santa Sofia Kebap Pizza: what do users think?

Sforza Giovanni: I first tried it when I came home late at night. The staff is nice, the meat and veggies are fresh and tasty. They also have a few sweets like baklava for the Turkish food fans !!

The Every Day Family: See why this place is hands down THE BEST Kebap/Gyro place in Milan. There are a few important things that are really important to us. Cleanliness of the location including the bathroom and if the food preparer is touching money or taking payments. The quality of food, and atmosphere. They got a "10" on each one. See more at Thanks for watching!

Vladyslav Snisar: It was very delicious! Nice and clean place. Thank you so muchFood: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Muhammad Fahad Sohail: One of the best Milan. Affordable. Fresh. Tasty. Juicy. Halal. Value for money. I have tried the kebab plate and the kebab pizza. Both were good in terms of flavor and portion size. It is usually crowded at peak hours.

Kenan Hodzic: Very delicious beef kebab.super nice people working there.

Muayyad Abu-Hindi: A very nice restaurant with Halal food

Ant Tony: Stopped by for a quick lunch the kebabs are great and they have very economical prices. A kebab with fries and a Heineken was €7. The customer service was awesome too

Fernan Claudio: We ate brunch there and it was nice, i ate piadini so good.

Mattia Davario: We had no time for sharing the entire pizza! It was so tasty!

12. Kebap Pizza Gril Palastine Halal Food GEMELLI حلال - Municipio 1

· 886 reviews

Via Paolo da Cannobio, 8, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Address WhatsApp
Kebap Pizza Gril Palastine Halal Food GEMELLI حلال: what do users think?

Ghulam Murtaza: One of the best Halal food shop that I tried in Milan. Tried their Italian Chicken Pizza, Kebab plate and Beef burger. All were tasty. The lady at the reception was very polite and the staff was co-operative; also gave us the sweets to enjoy. Had a good experience overall. Would recommend if you are looking for Halal food in Milan.

Noorzidah M N: Small place but they served good food. The hummus is the best we have ever tasted. Even the falafel is soft and nice. Good pizza too.

M F: Great food and great owner. He accommodated to our needs when asked for sweetcorn and extra tomato paste. Nice doner kebab and sauce! Great price. 👍 Dietary restrictions: Halal friendly

Inti Ahm: Perfect if you search for a good tasting halal restaurant with no alcohol or other haram items. Taste is very food and very clean restaurant. They had a renovation and it looks really good now.

Auguste Ciplyte: Great local kebabs, delicious food full of flavor! Good prices as well, took some baclavas home to enjoy, not to sweet or overpowering in sugar, just the right amount! Lovely family business and customer service :)

Lukas Misiūnas: We came here on a really rainy day when we stayed in Milan. People in this place took us really friendly, the food is amazing and halal, baklava is amazing, just a perfect sweetness as it should be. We are really happy that we found this place. Greetings from Lithuania!

Alya Nabila: Its definitely halal! Food is good, the kebab and chicken thighs is awesome!! And thank you to the employees there, they treat us very well❤️ Love from Malaysia.

Ancona An: The dishes are very delicious,and specially pizza is very tasty .we really love this restaurant dishes.thank you so much for to make us happy

13. Milano Kebap House - Municipio 1

· 109 reviews

Via Palermo, 18, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website
Milano Kebap House: what do users think?

꾸작가: This restaurant was really nice when my milano honeymoon. We just felt really hungry so visited there. espcailly we’ve been not forgotten turkeish salad, so we were back to korea and made similar good as this restaurant. Show my pictures. And also enjoy lunch and dinner !

Max: Very nice and relax guy ❤️😘😘😘 and very nice food😍

Ane: Taste really good and cool guy

Kaibigan Network: One of the best tasting kebab in Milan.good prices. Try it

Anar Gadirli: Great prices and decent food.

Prajaith Chithrangadan: Loved it!

Asanka Dilruksha Bandara Kumbure Gedara: Good

Adam Brzeziński: Good food.

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