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Hobby Garden Navigli Giardini Galbiati Centro Giardinaggio PUNTO VERDE MILANO Crespi Bonsai Botanica Urbana Obiettivo Garden Viridea Garden Center Rho Viridea Garden Center Rodano (MI) Comella Garden

1. Hobby Garden Navigli - Municipio 6

· 286 reviews

Viale Cassala, 15, 20143 Milano MI, Italy

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Hobby Garden Navigli: what do users think?

Raiad Elfellani: Very nice place, staff were very helpful.

Lorenzo Porta: Beautiful shop, very well stocked and in a very central position! Staff available and prepared for any question, huge choice of plants and flowers. You can also find pots, gardening tools, fertilizers and the like!

ANDREA DELLE CANNE: After hearing them on the phone, I went to them to evaluate one of my diseased plants. They were professional, clear and courteous; they are very well stocked with all plant care products. The nursery is really beautiful! Recommended

Laura Baiardini: I read a lot of negative reviews. I loved it !! There are few places like this in Milan! Lots of choice of furniture and plants (mostly outdoor) with surprise even animals running around like geese and parrot. Enjoyable :)

Simona Sabato: Beautiful oasis in the city surrounded by carterine geese strolling among plants, flowers and accessories. Well stocked and staff (many) very attentive and kind...

2. Giardini Galbiati - Municipio 3



· 422 reviews

Via Rombon, 97, 20134 Milano MI, Italy

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Giardini Galbiati: what do users think?

Denise: Wonderful garden center with wide choice of indoor/outdoor plants of all sizes, stylish homeware and very friendly knowledgeable staff. Just bought a very nice Christmas tree and had it delivered at a very good price. There is also a fabulous Christmas wonderland, great for kids.

alessandro amici: Everything you need for gardening. Kind and skilled personnel.

Joshua Baldassarre: Good service, not pretty.

d p: Very beautiful. Very big. Lots of plants. I was also struck by the vast assortment of vases. With small play area for children and library with books to read on site.

Claudia gus: Beautiful shop. Plants of all kinds and everything for gardening, from pots to plant products. Large outdoor nursery. Wide range of Christmas trees in the Christmas period both real and fake and the latter also already packaged. It deserves 5 stars if it were not for the prices which are not very low.

3. Centro Giardinaggio - Municipio 7

· 45 reviews

Via Novara, 387, 20153 Milano MI, Italy

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Centro Giardinaggio: what do users think?

Paolo Bongianino: Still within the city limits, it offers a vast assortment of potted plants as well as equipment for care in pots and in the ground. It offers the possibility of avoiding the transfer to the centers of the belt qus Ibla comfort of the shop near the house.

Roby Rossi: Wide range of home and DIY materials

Donato Saulle: Nice place with lots of outdoor plants and great supply of pots. Very nice staff

ANNA MEAZZI: A unique nursery. Elia Maggiore is highly experienced and well as nice. He always solves my problems just by looking at the diseased leaves I bring him...

Salvatore Calaci: Nice you buy well honest

4. PUNTO VERDE MILANO - Municipio 3

· 74 reviews

Via Cavriana, 60, 20134 Milano MI, Italy

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PUNTO VERDE MILANO: what do users think?

Njomo Stephen: They have beautiful plants,tress flowers

Ren: My family and I go there very often, it is difficult to find the same passion and competence elsewhere that we find in this greenhouse. They mostly have a large assortment of outdoor plants, but there are also many indoor plants, cacti of various species and sizes, and even rare plants. Very nice owners who always have something curious to show and explain to my daughter (the last time the stick insects)

Silvia Chiappalupi: I go there often because they always give excellent advice on the most suitable plants for my terrace. They also have a great choice of pots and treatments for diseased plants

Silvana Boschetti: Beautiful place a real nursery you can see that it is managed by competent staff. Indoor plants, in the greenhouse, are very assorted both in size and in rare and unusual varieties The exterior surprised me for the extension of the crops and the huge variety of plants often difficult to find, the prices are average, with a good value for money. Place that I can highly recommend.

Alessia Bevilacqua: Nursery stocked, very kind owner who helps you in the choice, fair prices

rosa gesuito: I advise! Dear! The lady recommended the plants to renew the appearance of a balcony, we are very satisfied, we will soon be back for the second balcony.

Valentina Ungaro: I got a wonderful ficus for home and several plants for the terrace. Very courteous and competent owner

Otello Spinelli: I have been a customer of this nursery for many years now. Also this year I am proud of the flowering of my terrace ... it could only be like this because I followed the precise instructions of the owners. Always clear, prepared and competent

5. Crespi Bonsai - Municipio 1

· 95 reviews

Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 4, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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Crespi Bonsai: what do users think?

Julio Leva: very helpful and nice

Nil Maurel: Cool

Igor Pace: Milanese store of the well-known brand based in Parabiago. Absolutely enchanting, unmistakable style and a beautiful selection of bonsai with continuous arrivals of goods. To underline the possibility of "sitting" for the plants if the owner is missing from home. Definitely a place to go if you are in Milan and appreciate bonsai.

Giulia J: 5 stars for interior design. Amazing shop, feels like Japan. The choice of finishes is spot on. I recommend a visit

Edoardo Callegaro: Beautiful shop in the center of Milan! Friendly staff with whom I was also able to discuss different aspects of the art of bonsai. Well-kept and well-stocked shop that creates a unique atmosphere in its small size. For fans it is mandatory to take a tour. The idea of ​​offering people the retirement of their plants at any time of the year is excellent! Keep it up 💪🏼

Valerio Mazzeo: I have been a customer of Crespi (and in particular of the Milan store) since 2016, and I am really happy with the services they offer. Crespi is a guarantee for the world of bonsai in Italy. Valerio, from the store in via Boccaccio, has always been kind and helpful for my novice doubts!

Elena Zannini: In my opinion a real gem in Milan. Beautiful shop, clean, well cared for. Very kind owner. I highly recommend it.

Roberto Zilocchi: Excellent experience and very kind staff at the counter. Well done

Gloria Montonati: Lovely shop and kind and well-trained staff.

6. Botanica Urbana - Municipio 3

· 88 reviews

Via Crescenzago, 28, 20134 Milano MI, Italy

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Botanica Urbana: what do users think?

fedso 13: Honest prices, professionalism and competence make this shop a welcoming and interesting place to visit.

Elisabetta Clementel: Well stocked and impeccable service, I wish I could buy more. Very kind.

Paolo Lagana (Pabloescobar): There is a small easy descent and a very small step. I had no problems getting in with the electric wheel.

Max Carava: Alberto is super-competent. Full of quality botanical products. I bought a liquid algae fertilizer for my chili plants at a special price.

Vittorio De Giuseppe: Very kind attention and a nice shop !! I recommend 100% !!

Fabio Lagreca: Everything you need for indoor botany, technological innovations for garden automation, home automation in the grow. The staff is very friendly and helpful, prices are fair

7. Obiettivo Garden - Municipio 5

· 184 reviews

Via Giuseppe Ripamonti, 549, 20141 Milano MI, Italy

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Obiettivo Garden: what do users think?

Nicolas Crivellaro: Stage bellisimo

walter zanca: Excellent shop in via Ripamonti on the outskirts of Milan easily reachable by car from the west ring road and exiting at Vigentina. Very large parking for customers. Excellent selection and offer of flowers, plants, themed furniture and fertilizers and everything you need for gardening. The staff is very courteous, helpful and above all prepared to answer our questions and make suggestions. Although there were many people, no one was in a hurry and indeed followed our requests with patience and competence. Prices are normal. Always new arrivals. Highly recommended

Alessio Roveda: Very helpful and knowledgeable staff, good prices! Advise!

8. Viridea Garden Center Rho - Rho

· 1639 reviews

Corso Europa, 325, 20017 Rho MI, Italy

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Viridea Garden Center Rho: what do users think?

Ausra Januliene: 100% Christmas spirit😊

Long Francesco Forever Aino: do you have paradise fish?

Massimiliano Curcillo: Top

Paola Irene Iacona: Top!!!

József Szalai: Perfect! Beautiful!

Eileen Clark: Very nice 😍

Rox Tar: Incense cones.

Elisa Barbato: Garden ben fòrnito

9. Viridea Garden Center Rodano (MI) - Rodano

· 2320 reviews

Strada Provinciale SP14, 20053 Rodano MI, Italy

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Viridea Garden Center Rodano (MI): what do users think?

Fabrizio Iozzi: A lot of plants and flowers, some of them at a discounted price

Margaret Carraro: Absolutely fantastic, one of my favourite stores, has a vast assortment of plants,flowers,gardening equipment, super hobby area, pet food and accessories and they have a christmas area which is truly magical.

Matteo Doni: Modern garden centre and retail business. As well as being a modern garden centre with a wide selection of indoor and outdoor plants, tools and decorations, this location sells a wide selection of arts and crafts and home improvement/decoration products. There is a pet store section where you can purchase live animals, even some exotic snakes and mammals as well as fish for acquariums. In the run up to Christmas, there is a Christmas grotto section with a very wide selection of decorations and lights. Great place to take kids too. The landscaped garden/park has a playground section and a few Ingress portals too.

Kimberly Mcdougle: Love this place!! Great even just for an afternoon outing with the family

j. d: Top👍

Vlad Nedita: Good for house shopping in a sunday

Gonzaga Reyva Anne: For all your garden and outdoor needs.

fabiano gallazzi: Wow

10. Comella Garden - Lodi

· 837 reviews

Viale Milano, 59, 26900 Lodi LO, Italy

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Comella Garden: what do users think?

Tiziano Pasquale Priore: Ok.

chiara dadda: Wonderfull place with wonderfull People!

Adriano Mazzucco: Very good

Paul Iordache: SUPER

Elettra Morgia: For Christmas lovers, the Comella is an unmissable place in this period! In addition to outdoor and outdoor decorations, trees, lights, nativity scene figurines, candles and everything that makes the Christmas atmosphere magical, the Comella is a safe point for those who want to buy plants and flowers of any kind, create bouquets or flower arrangements to give, etc. It also has a large department of fake flowers.

Laetitia De Gaetanis: I bought from them the laurel wreath and the bouquet of flowers for my graduation. They accepted my requests by doing an extremely accurate and precise job, also advising me on what could be better. The bouquet is still beautiful after almost a week.

Claudia: I trusted them for the laurel wreath of my degree, they were very kind and did a wonderful job. The attention to detail and the quality of the work really amazed me. The florists were a love, in particular I was looked after by Carolina who was very nice and very professional. He went out of his way to please me with a lot of patience and always with a smile. I will definitely come back to them next time.

andrea gennari: Comella synonymous with experience and availability! Based on our tastes, they recommended some beautiful compositions for our wedding. The church was beautiful from the churchyard to the altar! We had a great time, we recommend it to all future spouses !!!! Maximum number 1 !!!

FIORELISA BERTOLA: Garden very assorted. Good quality of products.

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