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LAPTOP CLINIC MILANO Computer Milano Zip Computer Srl - Assistenza Computer Milano zeroduepc assistance pc Riparazione pc milano a Lorenteggio, Barona, famagosta, San Siro, Bande nere, Gambara e Bisceglie. Artebyte AZ Tecnologia I ragazzi del PC AGP Computer snc B&B Computer Quantum Fix · Q FIX · MacBook · Computer · Phone · Console · PlayStation · Repair · Italian & English Service


· 174 reviews

Via Beato Angelico, 29, 20133 Milano MI, Italy

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LAPTOP CLINIC MILANO: what do users think?

yuhan chien: The staffs speak perfect English and are very friendly and willing to help dealing my laptop issue with a sound plan. They explained everything very clear and update you your laptop situation instantly so that you could have a clear schedule of the fixing procedure. Also, since I still need my laptop to work while waiting for the replacement to ship, they offered me a temporary alternative plan to keep my laptop while waiting for the shipment. All in all, I will highly recommend this shop to fix your laptop : )

Anand Bhat: Professional and polite. We were accommodated without an appointment as I landed there via a referral. They request an appointment based visit. We were dealt with Sasan and he was extremely polite and provided all information and options. Price was reasonable. Service completion was notified by email from where we could fix an appointment online for the pickup as well. In all, pleasant experience! Expat alert - Staff speaks English

Gaia Bergamaschi: I went there without an appointment (they are mandatory) because my computer shut down unexpectedly, and they tried their best to accomodate me anche check my computer. They checked my laptop, explained me the problem and estimated a price. 3 days later my computer was completely fixed. Fast service and reasonable prices

Kian JafariNejad: Very friendly and professional. They take a look at your system and give you an estimated cost so you can decide better.And you receive your system repaired and with warranty.And they are fluent in english.

Chaltu Dereje: The best service and best people!!! I had a problem with my laptop charger- they help me replace with an original from the campany it self! They are very kind and respectful!Thanks alot!!

Minh Châu Phạm: Highly recommend. They give the discount for students. The staffs are professional, passionate and helpful. They did the check and fix and everything so fast. Thank you for saving my laptop. The best service in Milan.

Kai Bjerget: I had just moved to Milan for my study and had never gone to a laptop repair shop in another country before, so was unsure where to go. I needed to get a new battery because the old one emptied very quickly. I chose this one because of the reviews and the service was incredible! Super friendly, helpful, great English and will definitely go here again if I need any laptop help. If you are a foreign student in Milan and are unsure where to go for laptop help, then this is the place to go for quick and amazing service and results.

El Bz: Very professional place!! Fast and clear in prices and goals. I definetly suggest it!

Masha Baykova: Highly recommend this service.Solved my problem very quickly.Everything explained in detail.Very friendly and nice people. Special thanks for helping the Ukrainian people of the current situation. I wish you only friendly clients and all the best. Thanks a lot for your help!

2. Computer Milano - Municipio 2



· 132 reviews

Via Melchiorre Gioia, 66, 20125 Milano MI, Italy

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Computer Milano: what do users think?

Dario Ravanelli: I have been speaking to for a while now , Computer Milano when I have computer problems and they have always put me in a position to operate despite my computer being rather dated. I recently had a problem with replacing the printer and they came home on a Saturday morning, it took an hour and the problem was solved. What can I say, they are young competent and willing to work. Thank you

Federico Scarfò: I went to Computer Milano with a rather tanned laptop and within a day I had the estimate and the explanation of the job. My pc was repaired quickly and competently. Highly recommended

graziana carianni: young guys, very competent and efficient. My trusted shop! Congratulations Luke and Matthew

vincenzo ciampi: Very satisfied. A good technician and also very willing to inform the customer about other issues. Then the value for money is really valid. Having your computer fixed at home is a great thing.

A. L.: Courtesy, competence and professionalism. Too bad they are a bit out of the way, but an effort is made to receive great service.

alberto mascheroni: Courteous and professional. Work carried out within the agreed terms and advisable. Fulfilled.

Klaus The Room: Excuse me for a question, do you even take care of assembling a pc if you supply the various components purchased elsewhere (case, motherboard, processor, video card, etc.)?

Nicola Pitea: For me it is only confirmation of the professionalism of Luca and Matteo I just wanted other users to know about it

3. Zip Computer Srl - Assistenza Computer Milano - Municipio 1

· 83 reviews

Viale Gian Galeazzo, 9, 20136 Milano MI, Italy

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Zip Computer Srl - Assistenza Computer Milano: what do users think?

Nikol Valkanova: Very kind and professional staff. They helped me a lot with fixing my computer and did it pretty fast. I can highly recommend!

Michael Sepúlveda: Great customer attention! This man saved my day!

Khyal Kay Sath: Nice place

Francesco Mastrogiovanni: Super helpful and professional staff, they supported me in an internal battery change of my laptop + internal cleaning. What can I say in a very short time and at very honest prices they managed to solve my problem. For any other problem both on the software and hardware side, I already know who I can rely on!

Kristie Zühlke: My laptop broke during my semester abroad in Milan and I needed quick help to have the problem analyzed and save my data. I received very quick and competent help here. The man who helped me made a great effort to communicate with me in English and explained everything to me in detail. My laptop ended up being irreversibly damaged but all my data was transferred here and I received both hard drives from the laptop back separately to keep as a backup and I was advised to dispose of the laptop as repairs would be disproportionately expensive would. I received the problem analysis by e-mail after just one day and it took almost two days to save my data (1TB), which was of course due to the amount of data. The problem analysis (30€) and saving the data (70€) cost a total of 100€+tax, which I found to be fair and reasonable. I am very grateful to have found such a competent, reliable and friendly service. I would 100% recommend this repair service! My laptop broke during my semester abroad in Milan and I needed quick help to have the problem analyzed and my data recovered. I got very quick and competent help here. The man who helped me made a great effort to communicate with me in English and explained everything in detail. In the end, my laptop was irreversibly damaged, but all my data was transferred here and I got back both hard drives from the laptop separately to keep them as a backup and I was told to rather dispose the laptop because the reparation would be disproportionately expensive . I received the problem analysis by e-mail after just one day and the rescue of my data (1TB) took under two days, due to the amount of data of course. The problem analysis (30€) and the recovery of the data (70€) cost a total of 100€+taxes, which I considered fair and reasonable. I am very grateful to have found such a competent, reliable and friendly service. I would recommend this repair service one hundred percent!

Rino Pannichella (Ciccioford): The best technicians in Milan, professional, honest, fast... and above all nice. Highly recommended for those who need for pc, tablet smartphone. Months later I can only confirm what has already been written previously... A reality like few existing on the market. The advice they give is true and genuine without an ulterior motive… Everyone (any job) should work like this.

Luca Andreola: In addition to being very professional, Mirko and Luca are also extremely empathetic and attentive to finding the best solutions for the customer. They do not make you spend unnecessarily if there is actually no reason to do so, moreover they are always available to provide clarifications or further support even for completed transactions. Recommended!

Federico Klausner: Highly recommended! I brought my pc worried about the CPU reaching 100 °. Cleaned and replaced the paste, new heatsink, second fan. Time since they received the heatsink: 1 day. Cost of materials and labor, BIOS update to recognize memories that the system did not recognize € 100. The CPU now travels between 40 and 50 °. Magical, competent and friendly. Always on the side of the customer in suggestions to contain costs

4. zeroduepc assistance pc - Municipio 1

· 180 reviews

Piazza Velasca, 6, citofono 58. Corridoio a destra, 6° piano, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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zeroduepc assistance pc: what do users think?

Sergiu Ene: Zeroduepc saved my life! I arrived on a business trip in Milan with the wrong charger for my laptop… It’s something that can happen to anybody, but I never thought it would happen to me. No charger in the office was fitting my laptop and the baterry was slowly dying… The “universal” charger that I bought from Unieuro also didn’t fit - beware, they don’t give you money back, they give you a voucher to buy something that you probably don’t need from their shop. Anyway, in this darkest hour, a friend of mine suggested that I try Zeroduepc and my day just got better. Zeroduepc is located in the center of Milan, at walking distance from Duomo. The service is very friendly and the guys sure know what they’re doing. My laptop being a bit older, they managed to build a custom made charger and to delivered it to my office in just 2 hours! My day was saved! I strongly recommend Zeroduepc for any hardware related stuff! Thank you, guys! Sergiu

juana maria botet de lacaze: I would highly recommend ZeroDuePC to everyone needing pc assistance. I Am fully satisfied with this guys by their job done with my MacBookPro.

Vera Anahory: Excellent service. I spilled water in my computer and Zeroduepc saved my life. In 5 days, they repaired the computer completely and managed to save all my old files. Thank you very much. I recommend this service to everyone.

Anton Boyarinov: Changed HDD in iMac and CD drive in Playstation. All work perfect and without hidden costs.

Claude: Best computer repair store at Italy. Very kind and patient. You will find all you need here.

Ali Shadman: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueAs a student a fast service is what I wanted a fast service is what I got perfect and kind 👌👌👌

Umer Ali Khan Bajoee: Best in architectural work

maurizio zuppardo: Top

Filippo Sala: Never seen such an efficient and professional service ... never again without for any kind of technological problem ... truly super attention to the customer ... it saved me in many emergency situations ... super reliable

Gi B.: I entrusted him with my Ps4 for maintenance and repair of the ventilation system. Great prices. Fully satisfied with the result, I absolutely recommend them: D
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5. Riparazione pc milano a Lorenteggio, Barona, famagosta, San Siro, Bande nere, Gambara e Bisceglie. - Municipio 6

· 80 reviews

Via Val Blenio, 10, 20147 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Riparazione pc milano a Lorenteggio, Barona, famagosta, San Siro, Bande nere, Gambara e Bisceglie.: what do users think?

Panagiotis Rovilos: Very helpful and precise in his work, thank you !!!

Ste Col: They were very kind and professional in explaining the various options I had to fix my pc or at least try to save the data. They proved to be reliable by promptly updating me on the outcome of the diagnosis. Highly recommended

Fabio Streparola: Fast, competent and honest prices. The only flaw not having saved the apps that I had requested because they were obsolete, for the rest I highly recommend them

Marta Fuse: How efficiently and quickly they fixed my PC really surprised me! brought in the afternoon for 2 defective fans and punctually returned the following morning in perfect working order. Great!

Branzino B.: Excellent service followed me even after I bought a gaming pc from them. Highly recommended!

Mara Pasini: Good job! I took my PC to them and they fixed my problem within 30 min I recommend it to everybody

6. Artebyte - Municipio 4

· 52 reviews

Via Macedonio Melloni, 37, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

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Artebyte: what do users think?

NikFont: Ivan manages an IT business with professionalism and competence, always in step with the times. The shop welcomes both competent and non-competent people, always finding adequate feedback to their needs.

fabrizio garofoli: A shop and PC assistance center as it once was with availability and courtesy. There is certainly no shortage of competence 😉

Paye Falcone: Personalized service and above all great availability of the owner Ivan. I also recommend counseling carried out directly at your home

Tulipano CSCR: Quick and available. Recommended by all CSRC Tulipano members!

Claudio Fieschi (Pcprice): Excellent computer shop, serious competent and nice owner

Massimo Monnanni: Professional, competent, fast. Perfect!!!!

giugiu bri: If you have problems with your PC or mobile phone or anything else go to Ivan !!!!!

ezio preziosa: Great shop and a lot of friendliness.

Sabine Mensing: Very nice and very up to date

7. Centro Assistenza Computer - Municipio 3

· 26 reviews

Largo Oreste Murani, 4, 20133 Milano MI, Italy

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Centro Assistenza Computer: what do users think?

Antonio Benedetti: Kind and professional. They did a great job on my notebook and quickly.

Andrea Ravelli: Fully satisfied with the excellent work done by these guys! I had collected my macbook pro from another service center to which I had previously taken it, they told me that the repair would be excessively expensive and they had offered me the sale of a new notebook. Not resigned, also given the high amount with which I had paid for the new mac and what I would have had to spend to buy a new one, surfing the net I found this assistance center, with a modest expense they managed to repair my mac while keeping it unchanged programs and operating system installed, times were reasonable, I also found them always available and courteous. Positive experience will definitely go back.

Fernando Marchese: I would like to thank you for repairing my laptop and the excellent service provided. Just to point out that I took my laptop to several service centers and no one was able to fix the problem, which eventually turned out to be a video card defect. In addition to identifying the problem on the graphics chip they were able to replace it quickly from my delivery. Thank you for the service offered at a reasonable cost.

Rosanna Bestazzoni: Kind and very knowledgeable staff. Quickly fixed the PC problem.

Gerardo Cavallo: Quick repair at a more than acceptable price. Definitely recommended

Cristina Corona: Efficient, I trusted, they solved the problem.

Andrea Filippi: Very competent staff

8. AZ Tecnologia - Municipio 3

· 27 reviews

Via Marcello Malpighi, 1, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
AZ Tecnologia: what do users think?

andrea orlandini: TOP!

Valeria Galbiati: Alberto is extremely helpful and honest, in fact he checked me for free the transformer of the PC that I feared had a problem, giving me advice on what to do. Very polite way of doing it. Recommended.

Dawn Zhang: Alberto is very professional, he carefully checked the hardware of my laptop and found the problem, he helped me to fix it! He did a great job!

Elena Meneghin: Top telephone assistance, I also found availability, cooperation and courtesy. Thanks Alberto!

Leopoldo Romagnoli: Alberto did a great job, quickly and professionally

Gianmaria Possidente: Definitely professional advice for assistance on PCs and smartphones. If you are looking for availability, competence and speed, you know who to trust. Super recommended!

Juan José Muñiz Rebassa: Great place for drinks and drinks by the Navigli canal

Rubens Rainelli (RubensRainelli): Available, competent and valid. Absolutely recommended, he did an excellent job, quickly solved the problem at a fair cost.

Fabio Massimo Patricelli: AZ, the owner, is highly competent in the cryptocurrency field, in general, with particular reference to the BTC. And I can well say it almost two years after our first meeting, when I knew almost nothing about the ongoing revolution

Fabio Deotto: Maximum competence, availability and courtesy. I finally have a safe reference for any problem of this kind. Highly recommended!

9. I ragazzi del PC - Municipio 5

· 70 reviews

Via Volvinio, 25, 20141 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
I ragazzi del PC: what do users think?

Ermete Trismegisto: Efficient and professional, a real pleasure to do business with

Anna Manfredini: I went to this repair shop today for my broken computer recommended by a friend. I found reliable and capable young people to confirm the great reviews. At low prices. Well done. Keep it up. They have become a point of reference for the whole area. I highly recommend it

E.V: Really competent and kind. Yesterday afternoon I called about a problem with the connection between my printer and my PC and with great availability they helped me and advised me on how to proceed to resolve ttt. Following their advice I was able to fix ttt. I thank them for their professionalism and I absolutely recommend this shop.

Toscano Torretta: I asked to assemble a pc and they proved to be efficient right away. They met all my needs quickly and exceptionally well. I absolutely recommend these guys for their friendliness, professionalism and availability. Thanks again for everything

Giovanni Moscatelli: Three subsequent interventions, both Hardware and Software, solved great, quick interventions, truly HONEST prices !! and maximum courtesy on all occasions !!!! Really satisfied.

10. AGP Computer snc - Municipio 4

· 145 reviews

Viale Monte Nero, 44, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
AGP Computer snc: what do users think?

tara upadhyay: Agostino was incredibly helpful! Great service and very trustworthy.

Roberto Carenzi: I repaired my phone there. Professional workers, kind and fast.

Casey Lewis: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueRecommended! Great Service.

Alessandro Serlenga: TOP!!!!

Alessandro F: Great service and super fast, I had some problems with the motherboard of my dell pc and they fixed it for me in 5 very fast days. The only flaw is that despite having given me a link where to follow the status of the repair they have never updated anything so after 5 days without news I received a call saying that the computer was ready to be picked up.

Luca Diaferio (LucaPià): Hi everyone! After a long time I go back to writing a review. Maybe this covid has blocked me a bit. I am writing to thank and give my full support to anyone looking for a place to show, get advice and repair PCs! Agp is the solution for you! Before Agp Computer I ended up in other places where they carried out repairs taking money and without verifying its correct functioning, with negative results. Thanks to them I was able to stop this total crisis by solving the problem. I wanted to add that they are very helpful and transparent about any risks and costs and therefore I always recommend going to the store in order to better clarify any doubts and perplexities. I will definitely keep Agp Computer in first place as a choice to repair any future damage to my PC. As soon as I get there I will also try their desktop PC assembly service! Thanks again and keep it up! Pià - Local Guide

Morris *: I chose AGP Computer for my Asus notebook repair. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of the repair, the professionalism and the excellent service, including the sympathy of Agostino whom I thank very much. Even in the price, Agp proved to be impeccable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

rita pigon: Very helpful staff also to offer telephone support

11. B&B Computer - Municipio 7

· 408 reviews

Viale Daniele Ranzoni, 25, 20149 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
B&B Computer: what do users think?

edoardo mazza: Fast as regards the resolution of the problems of my pc. Safe and reliable

GIULIANO GROSSI: I bought a new SmartPhone here, in the price they included the cloning from the old to the new Phone + various configurations, Great Service, thank you very much!

Claudio Vaccari: Purchased a new high-end HP notebook. Passing data and settings from an old notebook that no longer turned on. Everything perfect, very good

Vittorio Pezzoni: iPhone 7 Perfectly repaired, as good as ALWAYS !!! From them my PC is always updated, clean and optimized in an excellent way!

Mario Prova: I had the 2 monitor hinges plus the flat cable of the touchpad of my Acer NoteBook replaced, it is now like New, Thanks, you have been very kind

alessandra Ozza: i did upgrade my windows 10 to pro version and upgrade ram ddr3 to 8gb, all ok, thanks again

Roberto Bini: I had my NoteBook repaired here. Had several problems and they fixed everything for me. Really good, thanks again!

12. Quantum Fix · Q FIX · MacBook · Computer · Phone · Console · PlayStation · Repair · Italian & English Service - Municipio 1

· 46 reviews

Via Antonio Rosmini, 15, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Quantum Fix · Q FIX · MacBook · Computer · Phone · Console · PlayStation · Repair · Italian & English Service: what do users think?

Esther Zhang: Super professional! Fast and cheap

Renzo Prandoni: I brought my old but efficient Iphone 7; with a problem with the microphone in just 40 min with extreme courtesy they replaced the part for me, they also gave me a glass saver… really efficient beyond professional and cheaper than other laboratories. Thank you and highly recommend for your repairs. Thank you

enrico orlandelli: Very young guys, available and very prepared. They fixed me a bluetooth headset that no one else in the area wanted to take charge of. €20 well spent. I highly recommend them!

Ying Yang: Excellent service! I have been to various shops near my home several times trying to fix my Macbook, but unfortunately they failed. Today in this shop, however, they have succeeded !!! I highly recommend !!!

Giacomo gagliardi: Available, fast and friendly. Mac battery changed in one afternoon. I highly recommend!

Rocco Trombetta: Young, helpful and very good guys. They changed the glass of an iPhone 8 in no time

13. Computer Service Milano di Paolo Confalonieri - Municipio 2

· 10 reviews

Via delle Leghe, 10, 20127 Milano MI, Italy

Address WhatsApp
Computer Service Milano di Paolo Confalonieri: what do users think?

Luca Sioli: Paolo, a great IT expert. With dedication and honesty (which is rare today) I can say that it completely solved the problem on my laptop. I highly recommend.

Fabio _____: Thanks to Paolo for checking my gaming pc.

stefania moratti: Courtesy, competence and professionalism. highly recommended

Marina Mariani: Careful assistance and customer orientation

Harald Knoll: Good and always available

Gabriele Brisco: Always available and kind.

OSCAR PETRONI: Excellent technician

14. P.H.S. COMPUTER - Municipio 1

· 3 reviews

Via S. Vincenzo, 22, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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