Best Magic Shops In Milan Near Me

Funtastic shop TuttoMagia Point La Servente | Articoli per prestigiatori Aldo Castelli Editore - Tempio di Alta Magia Alk Kass AF Games - Negozio di Giochi, Magic Milano Party Magic Party Magic Magic Sex Max Sex Shop Magiclove Sexy Shop Milano Fantamagus Giochi da Tavolo / GDR/ Miniature/ Gadgets Excalibur Games Table Games / Boardgames Sexy Shop Magic moments sexy shop Joker - comics&games

1. Funtastic shop TuttoMagia Point - Municipio 2

· 195 reviews

Via Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, 34, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Funtastic shop TuttoMagia Point: what do users think?

Florian Van Bael: The only place in Milano that sells real good proper magic stuff! I have been there and spent like 2 hours in the shop trying to figure out what to buy. Loved it

luis velife: Very nace

David Bederak: As a card collector I really enjoyed the great selection in the store, the guys in the store are kind and patient. Really highly recommend.

David Jin Zeng: The shop has all the necessary equipment for a magician. Also the staff was very friendly. Highly recommended

Dario Lazzarini: Small but with a world inside. The owner is also a magician and makes the search for the product to buy a show, at least x who, like me, is not a magician

Mattia Riscica: THE magic shop in Milan. Stefano is always available to help in the choice of products and maximum availability to get what you need. Kindness and availability are guaranteed. You feel the magic! Highly recommended

Alessandro Morra: the product was delivered to me within the indicated times; in the package I received a gift that pleasantly surprised me. The articles are of quality, with one exception for an article that had a flaw. However, Stefano and the assistance promptly assisted and reimbursed me. overall great.

2. La Servente | Articoli per prestigiatori - Municipio 4



· 26 reviews

Via Monte Cengio, 4, 20138 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
La Servente | Articoli per prestigiatori: what do users think?

BHY Office: Very good service, the salesman explained and demonstrated magic tricks for us.

Andrea Mondo: Absolutely the best physical magic shop in Italy. Many and excellent products, from books to stage effects, from already assembled gimmicks, to tools to create them. Everything and more. Top quality and prices equally. Aesthetically beautiful shop, as well as the site. Very nice owners and always available, it is always a real pleasure to buy from them. Extremely recommended.

Umberto Galli: He is great! Very kind and passionate. I went by again to get advice on some games to leave children speechless but I was screwed by the opening hours.

ivano palumbo: New voice in the magical Milanese landscape ... in we will hear more and more often. Great passion and seriousness. Visit it now!

Davide Bossi: Well-kept environment, the products offered are wisely selected and Paolo is very competent and helpful. Highly recommended!

Daria Rivalta: Interesting well stocked

Paolo Pegorari: The Servant was very helpful and kind, I needed an invisible thread to make an object move in a commercial and I found what I was looking for plus valuable advice! Magical!;)

daniele cerra: One of the most well-stocked and competent professional and amateur magic shops in northern Italy!

3. Aldo Castelli Editore - Tempio di Alta Magia Alk Kass - Municipio 2

· 48 reviews

Via Rovereto, 3, 20127 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Aldo Castelli Editore - Tempio di Alta Magia Alk Kass: what do users think?

Lara Regazzi: I ordered their products and although I have not yet had the pleasure of being able to meet the owners personally, I received prompt and courteous responses to all my questions, a great and rare preparation also shines through.

Chiara Tomio: The atmosphere is magical and unique, you can see the seriousness of their company! Products made in their workshops and consecrated in the Temple!


George Anapliotis: I had a great time, and I have products shipped to Greece without any problem. Enrico super professional and prepared.

Sara Pretegiani: Given that if necessary it has everything you need to take a right path full of results. The place is enchanting!

Flory Cocco: Punctual deliveries and advice full of wisdom. I recommend it to those who want serious and professional articles.

Carla G.: If you ask for seriousness and reliability, you are in the right place!

4. AF Games - Negozio di Giochi, Magic Milano - Municipio 8

· 107 reviews

Via Marcantonio Colonna, 2/4, 20149 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
AF Games - Negozio di Giochi, Magic Milano: what do users think?

Mex: Friendly shopowner, Gives great advice and service! Speaks English extremely well. Gave me a great set of cards, dice and boosters at very reasonable prices, definitely a place you should visit if you want (to start) to play cardgames. Has events too!

Marko Macanovic: Amazing seller and store! Many products with great prices. Also, fantastic service and kind owner.Check them at Card Market! AF Games Best in Milano!

Diana P: During my stay in Milan I went to the MTG draft on Tuesday. The shopowner is a really nice guy who gave me lots of information on how to get to the store and helped me translating Italian cards. The shop is quite small but clean and comfortable. All in all a Great Place to play magic that i can really recommend!:)

Ingibjorn Ingibjornsson: Nice little place. Went there for a draft while travelling to Milano, owner super friendly and helpful. Other customers also friendly. Will go again for a draft if I am in the area.

Ticvoria lee: Very nice place to play mtg. Shopkeeper speaks english very well and is willing to help.

Loh Ri Fei: Friendly boss . Very kind to help .Would come again!

Emiliano Manfrin: Top owner, nice people to play with.

Stefano Emanuele Braschi: Always a pleasure to go through, recommended more for Magic than other card games, events practically every day and even when there are no events you often find people to play a game
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5. Party Magic - Municipio 1

· 30 reviews

Viale S. Michele del Carso, 10, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Party Magic: what do users think?

Tisa Semrajc: Great store with quite a few sexy costume Hallowen options and very friendly staff!! They were super helpful 😊

Emily Gray: Great shop for all things party-related: fancy dress, helium balloons, gift wrap, tableware etc

Simona Chinnici: Kindness and availability in a small, discreetly assorted boutique!

SARA RUBIN: Simply fantastic! Kind, helpful, great prices! 100% recommended

Gloria Mandracchia: Really very kind and attentive to needs. Store clean and stocked with everything. Well done site.

federica bestetti: Well-stocked, kind, competent: I feel really good and I always recommend them to all friends. I discovered them years ago for costumes, but they have a lot of nice things for all kinds of events and to decorate the environment.

Monica Cavallari: in such a difficult historical moment you have been able to create Magic together with Giorgia, who followed and recommended me step by step in this emotion ... and finally she got excited with me! We arranged surprise wedding arrangements for my neighbors! all this meant that the whole palace collaborated on this splendid party, dedicating time, collaboration and lots of love to the newlyweds❤ I can only say thank you from the heart❤

marianna camilleri: Excellent balloon shop and excellent courtesy of all the staff. Congratulations

6. Party Magic - Municipio 3

· 67 reviews

Via S. Gregorio, 6, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Party Magic: what do users think?

Leandro Roma: Went on the occasion of hallowen, desperate Because I could not find anything in other shops that suited me, I went to them after closing time and to my surprise I found them open to still serve a mountain of people who kept arriving in the my own situation. Inside the shop there is really spoiled for choice, I dare not imagine how many fantastic things there are once stocked. Good good.

anna paola Martino: For any need you will find what you need. The lady has a courageous, proactive and very polite sympathy. Great

LUCA MARCHI: Excellent service, I was followed in my purchases, I am very satisfied and I recommend it without any doubt. He solved a problem for me in no time. Here is a picture of one of the costumes I got. It was a success for my business.

Michela Giulia Iasilli: Nice shop that has everything for every party. I found my carnival dress, like a Japanese geisha.

Gaia Zucchi: I was looking for plates to organize the Christmas party at the office and I know that I always find some nice lines here. When I arrived, my ideas were a bit confused, but with great patience the store manager showed me all the possibilities and we evaluated how to combine everything (plates, napkins, glasses, tablecloths, trays, forks). The paper Christmas decorations are also beautiful, I bought a couple to make atmospheres. They are competent and well stocked. Since I was there, I also bought a wooden advent calendar for my daughter and a princess costume for my granddaughter, yay!!!, so I also solved a Christmas present!

Vanellope Von Schweetz (DeniseLaGallina): First purchase this morning. Very kind, professional and helpful staff. They had a lot of patience with me and I came up with a thousand confused ideas, finding the right solution for me it is definitely a place where I will definitely go back to shopping. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Fabrizio Giagoni: Kind and helpful, especially well assorted. Not just on halloween.

7. Magic Sex Max Sex Shop - Municipio 4

· 7 reviews

Viale Umbria, 50, 20137 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Magic Sex Max Sex Shop: what do users think?

Alice Bulloni (Frikysniky): Top!!

Rajiv Singh: Rajiv singh

Enzo Galli: A small shop but you can find all the very competent manager you will find the novelties of the objects if it is not present in the shop it orders it maximum 48 hours it arrives give 5 stars because it deserves it thanks again see you soon good work thanks

Mubarak Isshak: Thanks very much

8. Magiclove Sexy Shop Milano - Municipio 2

· 17 reviews

Viale Brianza, 28, 20127 Milano MI, Italy

Address WhatsApp
Magiclove Sexy Shop Milano: what do users think?

Dario: Kind and discreet staff.

Sirlo Milano: Quiet place and the owner is not all over you. Very nice items and also the dresses. I had a great time and I recommend it.

Patrice Sangiorgio: The shop is adequately stocked. The owner is an excellent person

Magiclove Sexy Shop Milano: Magiclove the Sexy Shop in Milan in Viale Brianza 28 Piazzale Loreto area, where you can buy all the best Sex Toys Sexy Lingerie and much more to stimulate the pleasure of the couple or the single.

Renato Barrionuevo: Really great shop, well stocked and comfortable, very helpful staff, congratulations !!!

Marck Bonois: And all clean love from a porn star

Davide Cossu Berte: There is everything and the prices are not bad

Mark Bonolis: They are part of the love and magic between the sexes

9. Fantamagus Giochi da Tavolo / GDR/ Miniature/ Gadgets - Municipio 3

· 311 reviews

Viale Romagna, 50, 20133 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Fantamagus Giochi da Tavolo / GDR/ Miniature/ Gadgets: what do users think?

Sheeraz Ahmad: Coming from Seattle which has some great board game stores, this was not very impressive to me. They have a decent collection but sadly the one I wanted was missing: new Star Realms - Colony Wars. I was still happy to visit a gaming store because I was really missing my game nights. There was a magic tournament underway as well, and the attendant was very helpful.

Michael Parziale: A whole lot of awesome packed into a small space. Many games, minis, paints, models and more. Fantastic shop!

Anthony G: great game store. they hold mtg drafts and have cards in both English and Italian. They also have an awesome selection of board games.

Janine Traini: Friendly helpful staff and nice selection.

Antonio Blaze: Very good variety of games in a store managed by a passionate guy always willing to help. Strongly recommended.

Ozcan Aktas: My favorite place in Milan!

Marco Parini: Great shop for both board games and RPGs. One of the few shops I know that offers a really wide choice in both areas. Kind and knowledgeable trader. The only negative note is that in the summer it is too hot inside the shop (but I admit that I am sensitive, so others may have a different experience)

Giandomenico Manna: Great shop for board games, miniatures games (Warhammer), role-playing games and more! Despite the small spaces, Fantamagus is full of excellent products, I suggest you take a tour and scan every corner of the store. Worthy of note is the fidelity card, where it is very easy to accumulate points and the benefits are tangible!

Jonathan Rojas: The place is not very big but I was surprised by the great variety it has. It has a large stock of not only board games but also miniatures, paintings, puzzles and related accessories. The prices are normal, neither very expensive nor cheap.

10. Excalibur Games Table Games / Boardgames - Municipio 4

· 301 reviews

Via Macedonio Melloni, 23, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Excalibur Games Table Games / Boardgames: what do users think?

Peter Briggs: I have been to the store a couple times now and everyone has been very helpful and friendly. I will certainly return in the future. Great selection of Magic the Gathering products in both English and Italian along with a large number of tabletop and other card games.

Henrique Verçosa Custódio: Definitely my favorite board and card games store in Milan! Always good old and new games for sale at a good price.

Vick Wolve: Awesome Community 👌Thx for everything and greetings from Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪

Chris Weatherwax: I was passing through milan on a trip through Italy. I like to stop into shops and buy magic cards as keepsakes. I have to say this was a lovely shop and the owner was extremely friendly. He even recommended a gelato shop nearby and multiple pizza restaurants.

Deirdre Doyle: I wanted to buy two family board games in English. The owner was very helpful offering me many games and explaining everything very well. Excellent choices too.

Karl Burgess: Fantastic shop! Alberto was great and helped me with my DnD needs. Spoke great English and was very informative.

Tomer (TG): A lot of products with fair prices.

11. Sexy Shop - Municipio 2

· 14 reviews

Viale Lunigiana, 20, 20125 Milano MI, Italy

Address WhatsApp
Sexy Shop: what do users think?

Benedetta Giacinti: I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of the shop, Ivano, a very kind person and he put me at ease right away. I asked him about products and ways to use the "tools" and he was really exhaustive, an expert verse. If you are passing through, come to his shop because you will truly find a wonderful world 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Aronne Di Ronza: Very knowledgeable shop manager gave me great tips for a wonderful evening. Find everything

Jessica: the owner knows how to advise you in an excellent way the articles an exhibition. I found myself very well and I found everything I was looking for!

Michele Fusco: Top owner! Super stocked! Let yourself be tempted for an evening outside the box… .😜

Massimiliano Oreste: Very friendly and knowledgeable manager Well-stocked shop and excellent quality items

Jose Grabriel: Really well stocked I was fine I will return, good guys

Carlo Cosentino: Very polite and well stocked manager

Michele Agosteo: Management changed. The boy is very nice

Ivano La neve: Reopened for 6 months under new management

12. Magic moments sexy shop - Municipio 9

· 30 reviews

P.le Lugano, 4, 20158 Milano MI, Italy

Address WhatsApp
Magic moments sexy shop: what do users think?

Michel: Best sexy shop in Milan! Go take a look and get something kinky for yoursels and your girlfriend!

Mark Evans: Great welcome, they make you feel at home. Wide choice of products and good price.

Marco Vivirito: Exquisitely welcoming, helpful and professional staff. All very young !!! Clean and welcoming, it offers a wide selection of products able to satisfy all tastes, needs and desires. The selection of products entirely made in Italy is very interesting! Even through WhatsApp and instagram you can get information and photos in real time ... Super efficient!

E. S. Sciuto: Shop in very good condition, there is a wide range of products. Clerks with excellent knowledge, very kind and very well prepared .. I really recommend to everyone !!!

Lo_Steph: I recommend visiting this show room for the quality and exclusivity of the goods and the very welcoming place. The owner is a very helpful person also in making discounts.

Fedele Belluschi: A nice sexy shop with polite and friendly staff

Giacomo Bordoni: I find the service excellent! They make you feel pampered

Andrea Cannici: Fantastic service, the owners are super nice.

13. Joker - comics&games - Municipio 9

· 117 reviews

Via Giuseppe Candiani, 7, 20158 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Joker - comics&games: what do users think?

Ahmed Al-lawati: Great staff, they even respond very quickly via google maps chat!

Gior Ciccio: Very kind. There are so many board games, comics and cards!

Sheng Ming Davide Zhou: Comic shop very stocked, not only with comics, but also with various gadgets, tools and manuals of D & D, board games and card games with related accessories. A little paradise for nerds. It is certainly a very welcoming meeting place for those who play card games. Personally I come there to play Yu-Gi-Oh, but they also offer Magic, final fantasy, digimon, pokemon and flesh and blood. The community is very competent and constantly expanding. It is a place you love.

Giorgio Carbone: I was fine. The shop is well stocked. They evaluate, buy and exchange cards. I recommend it!

ALESSIO VENNERI: Very nice place with tables where you can do YU-GI-OH tournament and more!

Federico Burlon: Very wide range of products for TCG. Competent and helpful staff.

Camilla Navicello: You will find availability, sympathy and professionalism. The best RPG shop, trading cards and comics in the Milanese scene. Recommended for Magic players, in fact there are numerous events dedicated to this game. There is also a showcase dedicated to the merchandising of Harry Potter, Saylor Moon and funko pop of all kinds. Excellent place to spend the afternoon in company, suitable for both adults and children.

Alessandro Gandini: find everything, recommended!

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