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Personal Trainer Milano - REVERBIA Studio Missori Personal Trainer Milano - Roberto Eusebio - Preparatore Atletico Personal Trainer Milano - Luigi Cordella - Trainer a domicilio Milano Personal Trainer Milano - REVERBIA Studio Bocconi Personal Trainer Milano - Preparatore Fisico/Atletico - Emanuele Massarotti Personal Trainer Studio | Arco Della Pace Fusco Fitness Milano D'Alviano - Personal Trainer Rebostocchi Personal Trainer Milano Personal Trainer Milano - REVERBIA Studio Risorgimento Universo Personal Trainer OFFLIMITS MILANO Karime Personal Trainer - Milano The Loft Milano Villapizzone - Personal Trainer Studio Personal Trainer Milano - REVERBIA Studio 5 Giornate

1. Personal Trainer Milano - REVERBIA Studio Missori - Municipio 1

路 99 reviews

Via Amedei, 6, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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Personal Trainer Milano - REVERBIA Studio Missori: what do users think?

emi gliozheni: I had an excellent fitness experience in AR personal training studio in Milano. The instructors are all very professional and attentive to give you customized training programs. The location is great and the studio is very well equipped, organized and absolutely clean.

Desforges Guillaume: TOP!

Euplio Iascone: Top!

Antonio Vaghi: Top 馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎

Giorgio Nicolis: I have had Martina as my Pilates personal trainer for almost two years. Very competent, attentive to my needs, she offers a high-level personalized service. An excellent professional.

fra raul: Thanks to reverbia I can train in all the centers of milan. I feel great and the trainers are very prepared. A great place to train safely

Anastasiia Yatsuk: Martina is a very professional trainer with great approach and attitude. It helps to stretch and work on particular areas of my body if I feel pain there. I would like to come more often for his lessons.

chiara maggioni: A lot of competence, a lot of professionalism and a lot of irony of Augusto and Nicol貌 have been good for our bodies but above all for our souls for almost a year! Chiara and Il Signorino

2. Personal Trainer Milano - Roberto Eusebio - Preparatore Atletico - Municipio 8



路 170 reviews

Viale Certosa, 121, 20151 Milano MI, Italy

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Personal Trainer Milano - Roberto Eusebio - Preparatore Atletico: what do users think?

Federico Marchesi: Roberto is by far the best personal trainer I encountered so far. He brings the right mix of knowledge and experience in training plan, food and overall attitude to body building. He is extremely focus on anti-ageing diet (somehow a plus for who like me already crossed the 30s) and he is really expert in this field. He is an amazing motivator, able to keep myself focused on my goal and supporting in any time I had a lack of discipline.

Sonia Bortoni: I met Roberto this summer. With patience and dedication, he encouraged me to train methodically, in order to obtain the desired results, step by step. Roberto is a serious and well-prepared professional, even in the field of nutrition, but above all an empathetic and sensitive person, capable of transmitting grit and determination to those who decide to embark on a path of physical improvement with him.

Francesco Proverbio: I have always worked well with Robi, she helped me post-surgery and pre-summer;) I have always found professionalism and preparation in the way he relates to customers. I can only recommend it to those who want to improve and get involved

SNIPER_COD_06: A very prepared personal trainer that helps to make the body feel good and when you eat well and train you get maximum results because the mind is also good. It is helping me so much to improve my performance.

Giovanna Marangio: We met Roberto about 3 months ago, my husband and I. After a thorough check, we began to train and follow a healthy and balanced diet recommended by him. I actually started a little bit x play, to keep company with my husband who really felt the need to lose weight and revise his whole lifestyle. Slowly I too have begun to get passionate and understand that I could do better for my body and my mind. Roberto is a person who does not promise miracles. His motto is hard training and proper nutrition. Indeed it was. The results after two months were visible to the naked eye. The body slowly changes and at the same time our head too. The lifestyle changes totally x貌 you have to be convinced and determined. What can I say, I highly recommend it for any goal you want to achieve x your physical and mental well-being. Giovanna

Francesco Sica: Roberto is a true professional, he puts passion and mind into his work .. he explains how best to approach training. Very serious and competent person, already in a short time thanks to him I see excellent results !!! Thanks Roby you are great !!!! Francis.

3. Personal Trainer Milano - Luigi Cordella - Trainer a domicilio Milano - Municipio 8

路 62 reviews

Viale Certosa, 14, 20155 Milano MI, Italy

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Personal Trainer Milano - Luigi Cordella - Trainer a domicilio Milano: what do users think?

Anders White: I have been training with Luigi for 2 months now and have found him to be highly organized and professional. I was impressed with the way in which he responded immediately to my request for information about his services and the speed in which he organized our initial session. He completed a fitness check when we started and we identified a set of goals. He provided me with a nutrition plan to support my training. He has always been punctual and has been very kind in providing me with towels, mats and water, none of which I had received from other trainers in the past. Finally he is kind, an important requisite in someone who is trying to help others.

Nicholas Fotiadis: Great personal trainer! Luigi is very attentive and will perfectly tailor a program to your needs. He is also very serious and organised. I trained with him for 5 months, starting from being very out of shape, and my progress exceeded my expectations I Highly recommend him!

Michael Goldschmiedt: I had been trained by Luigi for few days whilst he was here in the UK and I had the best training ever.I defenetly reccomend Luigi to all those who are looking for a bespoke and functional training.

Mattia R: I was skeptical at the begin, now after 6 months I have to say that Gigi is a real professional and I can see results that i never get after years of gym by myself or following other PT. Based on my aims he developed a personalized course which is different every week so i never get annoyed

Davide Selvitano: I called him many times and he helped me. I achieved my goals. He is a great personal trainer 馃槉

Clara Diana: I met Luigi 3 years ago: with patience and dedication he encouraged me to approach and achieve excellent results starting from scratch, finding the right and most suitable formula for me every time. Throughout the lock down period he followed me online and still today he is helping me to resume training after an accident, never failing to find a space for me despite my always different work shifts. If you want honesty, concreteness and motivation, Luigi is a guarantee from a human and professional point of view.

Francesco Butteri: I have known Luigi for many years and I can assure you that he is a very prepared professional, as he constantly studies and updates himself to help his customers achieve the desired results! One of his particular qualities is to be able to convey a lot of grit and determination to those who decide to embark on a path of physical improvement with him! I highly recommend!

Flavia Ambra: Luigi is a truly wonderful person, he immediately puts you at ease, he is very professional and can follow you at 360 degrees, he is a very prepared and kind person, he is really able to do his job, I recommend it to anyone! He is always available and ready to give you the right advice at the right time !!! Really a personal trainer recommended !!!!

4. Powerline - Personal Training & Fitness Studio - Municipio 1

路 56 reviews

Viale Regina Margherita, 28, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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Powerline - Personal Training & Fitness Studio: what do users think?

Attilio Pecorari: Positive: ProfessionalismThe right place where to be after a stressful day: a friendly and full equipped environment for any kind of workout. Also, the trainers tailor the workout program according to the specific needs of the athletes in order to reach meaningful and enduring results

alex R: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityBeautiful gym and atmosphere. Sam is an amazing trainer who really pushes you to the limits!

Alessandra Favata: Comfortable and welcoming environment. I recommend Michael, a graduate physiotherapist, who had been suggested to me by friends. Thanks to his listening skills and his professionalism, he managed to improve the quality of my life.

cesare cerboni: The best Personal studio in Milan, they are prepared from physiotherapy to postural gymnastics to contact sports. The studio is elegant, functional and clean. Recommended to all!!!

Piccolabelozoglu Squit: It seems small but I would define it more as a jewel, beautiful climate, beautiful courses, beautiful people, highly recommended for those who want to try their hand at boxing and for those who simply want to keep fit. Super trained staff and very clean gym. R.

alin tomulet: The gym offers a service that stands out for the professionalism of the staff, the sports equipment and an environment that favors the productivity of those who train. The design is innovative and modern, perfect for those who love to train intensely in a sophisticated place. Strongly recommended.

giulia malnati: The gym is extremely welcoming and clean. The instructors are very professional and attentive to personal needs and inclinations. The tools are all new, as is the newly remodeled space. Maximum mark 10+

andrea altana: The study and the service are exceptional. Above all I thank Michael for helping me during my rehabilitation period. Great professionalism and experience. I highly recommend

Matteo Capuzzi: A young team, prepared and passionate about what they practice on a daily basis, with attention not only to strengthening but also to the correct functioning of the body. A modern and well-equipped space for training in maximum safety.

5. Personal Trainer Milano - REVERBIA Studio Bocconi - Municipio 1

路 90 reviews

Via San Martino, 14, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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Personal Trainer Milano - REVERBIA Studio Bocconi: what do users think?

fra raul: I have been training in reverbia for several months and I feel great, trained trainers and an elegant, welcoming and clean studio

Francesco Leoni: Finally the gym with a capital P! Here I found quality and professionalism, but above all a motivating place where you are followed with extreme care and your training hours are truly exclusive with the gym practically at your disposal. More than this...

Marcello Pravettoni: I really enjoyed it. Qualified staff, private and welcoming environment. Already a frequent visitor to the AR studio in via Amedei (Missori area), the new opening in via San Martino allows me to be even closer to home. There is no registration fee and you pay only for every hour of personal training you use. Ultimately it is a structure that allows you to make the most of your time and have a professional at your disposal who takes care of your body and your well-being with a personalized program.

Giulia Suriani: What can I say, I have been training with these guys for almost a year now in the Via Amedei headquarters and I could not be more satisfied with the professionalism and extreme competence of everyone. Good, motivating and very nice, they prepare workouts studied on the single person and follow you step by step in a path of constant improvement. The new center of via San Martino, then, is truly splendid: in the heart of Milan, modern but at the same time very elegant, it seems to be in a gym in New York! Good guys keep it up!

Chez Sylvie Home Restaurant e Viaggi su Misura: Finally, after years of money wasted on time-based subscriptions, I found the perfect solution for me: training by appointment with a personal trainer who follows you for an entire hour exclusively. In this way I do not risk potentially harmful incorrect movements, I do not get bored because the training is gradually modulated on the basis of needs. Pleasant environment, top trainer!

carlo suriani: A unique reality in Milan. Staff made up of qualified professionals able to create ad hoc athletic training programs for all needs, from amateurs to professional sportsmen. Well-kept environment, cleanliness and maximum attention to the smallest of details. In here you feel at home, it is hard and you can breathe passion.

Alice Salvagnin: Congratulations to Alessio and his fantastic team for the center of via San Martino, a real new pearl. I have been a loyal customer of AR Personal Training Studio for more than a year and I advise anyone who wants to approach the world of fitness to sign up without hesitation: professionalism, friendliness and modern environments are at home.

francesco malena: A place where physical and mental form come together in a great way! Attention to detail and professionalism, kindness and competence that put anyone who wants to dedicate time and well-being to himself at ease. Thanks to Alessio and his staff who gave me back the desire to go back to the "gym" after a long time.

6. Personal Trainer Milano - Preparatore Fisico/Atletico - Emanuele Massarotti - Municipio 9

路 39 reviews

Via Luigi Galvani, 23, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Personal Trainer Milano - Preparatore Fisico/Atletico - Emanuele Massarotti: what do users think?

RAFFAELLA MARRA: I met Emanuele in Fitmi and I must say that from the first meeting he convinced me with his enthusiasm and professionalism. We have been working together since mid-October and the excellent results obtained in such a short time are truly surprising thanks to his very precise and meticulous working method, in short, a great professional to whom you can entrust your body! I highly recommend to all those who want to undertake a path made by a serious and qualified professional.

Silvia Lacchini: Emanuele is a great trainer! He has been following me for some time now with always new and stimulating programs. He always demonstrates preparation and professionalism to the point of having been decisive even in the post-LCA recovery phases. Listens to individual needs and transmits energy and enthusiasm.

Antonio Ragnanese: Emanuele was the first trainer to make me understand that each of us has the potential to achieve the goals he wants. His workouts are proactive without imposing them and push you to always give the best of yourself. It also helped me to better manage the diet and food supplements that are the most important part of training. Even if sometimes when we see the board with the new exercises together or do a functional circuit I would like to cry and take it into words, in the end the efforts made always give me great results. Thanks to Emanuele, now I look in the mirror satisfied, not even a year later!

Andrea Salomoni: To say that Emanuele is a personal trainer would be really an understatement. It involves you and upsets you to the point that it changes your beliefs, your habits and above all your limits. His technical preparation combined with a natural motivator gift, are the perfect combo to bring home the best possible result. Highly recommended. 馃挭馃徎馃挭馃徎馃挭馃徎馃挭馃徎

Paolo Monte: Emanuele is a true professional, he always manages to motivate his customers both during and after training. Training is always an achievable challenge that allows you to achieve visible results even in a short time.

Nicolo Palestino: A personal trainer is not the "guardian" who watches and sticks you while you train, and Emanuele knows this well. He analyzed my starting conditions, asked me what kind of goal I had, whether aesthetic or athletic, and has been working with me for almost a year to help me push myself beyond my limits. Scientific preparation, advice for healthy eating and innovative methods accompanied by a clear and precise description of why a certain exercise is done, what kind of results it brings and what are the correct movements to perform it. I would recommend Emanuele and his Dixfit without thinking about it.

Salvatore Spano: Emanuele is not a simple PT, he is a motivator, an athletic trainer who works with you to achieve the desired results. It completely changes your habits, from nutrition to the type of training! Sometimes you come to hate it for the intensity of the cards but at the first results you understand that it was worth it! Super super mega recommended 馃馃徏

7. Personal Trainer Studio | Arco Della Pace - Municipio 1

路 71 reviews

Via Morazzone, 7, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

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Personal Trainer Studio | Arco Della Pace: what do users think?

Celia Lee: When I was in Milan I had great training time there! I really recommend to go there 馃挭

Daniela Ritrovato: My experience as a PTS is super positive, because I have set myself a very challenging goal and the training that Silvia has set for me has already given me excellent results and this motivates me even more. In addition, the training is varied and learning many new exercises. They are also very professional and very nice

Valerio Gamondi: Preparation, sympathy but above all RESULTS. I recommend to anyone who cares about their fitness and is looking for a quiet and well-equipped place to be followed from A to Z. Thanks!

diletta dissegna: I have been entrusting myself to the students of the Personal Trainer Studio Milan for more than 6 months. I am fortunate to have Luca as a personal trainer who always prepares different, fun and personalized workouts that are able to satisfy my requests. I have seen several results in recent months, I was training in other gyms before starting this path but here I learned a lot, especially on the technique. By perfecting the technique I was able to have more results. That said, my weekly workout with Luca is one of my favorite moments of the week. I recommend this studio to everyone, even the lazy ones, because being in such a positive and professional environment will surely make you want to train.

Simone Soccol: Highly recommended! They are all professionals (with a degree behind them), passionate and nice. It is a place where you want to go to give your best, because you feel followed .. The training is really individual and is studied on your needs and your physical characteristics, the only way to get great results. Good guys!

Federico C.: Spectacular studio !! The difficulty that I have always encountered since I was training in the gym were: - boredom - few results - little continuity With them in 3 months I achieved concrete and visible results, I feel motivated and involved in doing activities and above all I enjoy myself. A great preparation and reliability is perceived. Entertainment ... good guys ...

8. Fusco Fitness Milano D'Alviano - Personal Trainer - Municipio 6

路 38 reviews

Via Bartolomeo D'Alviano, 55, 20146 Milano MI, Italy

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Fusco Fitness Milano D'Alviano - Personal Trainer: what do users think?

Sasy Cleter: Great Team, Great Job, Clear PlaceAbsolutly Perfect

Simona Panzeri: I have been a Fusco student for several years now. I trained first in the gym now at home given the working hours. Unfortunately, for the same reason, I am not always able to go to check-in. In any case, the times I went I always found a very nice, competent and helpful staff. The results with training and nutrition are immediately visible. Highly recommended!

Youssef Shouman: They are all very professional and prepared. Personally I feel great and I am constantly followed. The results can be seen immediately, but the improvement in both physical fitness and performance is also visible (and above all) over time. Highly recommended!

lisa miglietta: Top of the top! Where found... passion, preparation and professionalism to achieve great results. 100000000 stars staff!

Samantha Palmieri: It has now been about three years since I started this journey with Fusco. I state that I train at home or in the gym following their cards, unfortunately it is not possible for me to go to the studio in Milan.Precisamente I started with Luca, very good and prepared, in fact shortly after he passed grade annual with Gaetano, what to say ... very prepared and ready to explain my requests, I absolutely recommend馃挭馃徎馃挭馃徎

Laura Bonazzi Carra: I have been a student of this studio for almost 3 years now and I can only talk about it very well !! I started with training at home, but then I wanted to be followed by the trainers in the studio once a week (continuing to train at home of course). Now I have come to train in the studio twice a week, if I could I would even do 3! They are very good guys, prepared and who give you a crazy charge as well as really put you to the test !! Get out of there and you are destroyed but soooo satisfied !!

9. Rebostocchi Personal Trainer Milano - Municipio 8

路 104 reviews

Via Monte Rosa, 86, 20149 Milano MI, Italy

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Rebostocchi Personal Trainer Milano: what do users think?

Anita Colombo: Positive: Professionalism, QualityEdel is a fantastic, she is full of energy and really loves her job. Her workouts are always different and challenging.

Matteo Ettorre (Matte): A Great website experience...Interesting topics with awesome graphic.I know Roberto and Elisa and day by day i love more their commitment.Go ANIMAAALS!!

Ylenia Forner: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityLIFE CHANGING

Maria Grazia Mignano: Robi and Elisa are super qualified trainers and, by now, two dear friends ...! Competence and charisma but also sympathy and empathy ... All this enclosed in a couple who have made fitness their vocation and who always manage to keep the interest high! Always challenging and tough workouts! Last but not least, they have been able to create a community of "crazy" people who share the joys and pains of training, which no one can do without. Not even at 6:30 in the morning 馃槀 I started training with them in lockdown, now more than two years ago and have not stopped since then. They have always been able to motivate me and find the right words at the right time, with their determination and competence combined with an always massive dose of good humor. All this to say that, thanks to them, training is really a pleasure!

Annamaria Volpato: Training with Elisa improves my life. It is not only the care of the body, but also and above all the care of the soul. It is really true: "Mens sana in corpore sano". That said, the scrupulous professionalism, absolute dedication and sympathy, also made up of self-irony, are the super added values, and not taken for granted, that I have met and I do not intend to lose. What to say ? THANK YOU 馃檹 If I were you who read: try it !!!

Fabio Vaccarono: Rebo is the best Personal Trainer ever experienced. With an international background, it combines science, psychology and passion to accompany the customer step by step towards the best version of himself. Challenger, with great professional ability, transforms each session into an intense and expected pleasure and a great satisfaction afterwards. Huge progress guaranteed, truly number one professional in Milan.

10. Personal Trainer Milano - REVERBIA Studio Risorgimento - Municipio 4

路 75 reviews

Via Macedonio Melloni, 18, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

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Personal Trainer Milano - REVERBIA Studio Risorgimento: what do users think?

Spiros Theocharis: They offer an exceptional environment for training and fitness. There, I can experience Functional training and Pilates as they should be. All the fitness instructors are excellent and certified professionals. Extremely satisfied by a the services offered.

Olivia Petrucione: Positive: ProfessionalismGreat instructors who cater to your personal fitness goals. Love using the pilates machines

Luca Alippi: Nice Place

Benedetta De Simone: I went back to training in this studio after the summer break and I found two new super competent trainers welcoming me. Nicol貌 and Guena are professional and helpful, I immediately felt welcomed and followed with great attention in the path that we are pursuing together. I can always train with desire and motivation. I absolutely recommend Reverbia and Nicol貌!

monica piscozzi: REVERBIA Melloni top. Very professional PT. I felt welcomed and followed with great competence, in a really pleasant general climate. Special mention to Valentina: very good at 360 degrees!

Raffaela Scognamiglio: The best in Milan! Nico immediately demonstrated professionalism, care and attention above all expectations. Contact him and you will undoubtedly be satisfied.

Maria Chiara Arona: I have been enrolled for 3 months and now I am addicted to Valentina: professional, excellent Pilates teacher. She immediately put me at ease, I seem to have known her for years!

Giovanni Volpe: I started training with Valentina a few months ago, after major problems with cervical hernias. Having had the opportunity to work with several trainers, I can say that Valentina has shown competence, professionalism and ability to customize training and / or pilates, of which she has a deep knowledge. This has allowed me to achieve appreciable results. Very serious person.

Beatrice Sagona: Very clean environment, impeccable service. Valentina is very kind and professional. It is helping me a lot to regain the correct posture and to improve the fluidity of movements following a herniated disc. I highly recommend Reverbia :)

Patrizia Scabbia: I approached pilates after many years of gym with equipment and I have to be honest I was a little hesitant .... today I must say this discipline has changed my life .... my instructor Valentina is fantastic and adapts our lessons to my different needs. I could no longer do without pilates but above all without a good and attentive instructor like her.

11. Universo Personal Trainer - Municipio 1

路 30 reviews

Via Crocefisso, 5, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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Universo Personal Trainer: what do users think?

Sadie Johnson: Wonderful atmosphere and even more lovely welcoming staff! The gym is smaller so even if you don鈥檛 get a one on one session they are willing to help with any of your questions! Highly recommend checking it out and embarking on your workout journey in a very uplifting environment that will leave you excited to go back.

Andrea Gravellu: Alex and Neve are two personal trainers who make you feel at home but at the same time make you grow and achieve your goals. For me one of the best gyms in Milan. Here you are sure to be followed in detail and in the single movement. With them I made a super qualitative leap. Top!

silvana giallanza: I went to Alessandro because I had been suffering from low back pain for three months and he got me back on my feet with just a few sessions. Thanks to him I went back to training properly !! I highly recommend !!

Francesca Ricci Picciloni: Neve and Alex are professionals as well as extremely kind and helpful people, you feel at home in their gym. If you want an effective workout this is the place

Michele Stanca: Super cozy space and top staff. In the center of Milan and easy to reach. Top personal trainers and comfortable changing rooms. PT universe of 100. Highly recommended

Max Barisione: Sweating has never been so fun Alex is unsurpassed in taking you beyond your limits with a smile Highly recommended

Gianluigi Russo: If you are looking for a familiar yet professional atmosphere, this is definitely the place. Alex and Neve are always extremely available and very prepared. I absolutely recommend.

Massimo Trivelli: Nice gym, equipped, I went for the massages: never been so good. Well done

12. OFFLIMITS MILANO "personal training studio" - Municipio 4

路 63 reviews

Via Lomellina, 47, 20133 Milano MI, Italy

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OFFLIMITS MILANO "personal training studio": what do users think?

faryal fatima: My friend suggested Gabriele to me and had spoken of his good experience. I am so relieved that i took his advice and joined this gym. The environment is absolutely friendly and very motivating. Gabriele puts a lot of effort into creating exercises that serve each persons needs individually. The equipment at the gym is very helpful with his training to help you reach your goals. His constant encouragement and efforts are very instrumental in helping you get better.

Oleg Karandin: Gabriele is very experienced and attentive to details. His friendly attitude makes the atmosphere so personal and homelike. Gym itself is well equipped with classical and also many nontrivial elements that make the exercise process more exciting. I鈥檝e arrived there with only practical goals but now I鈥檓 impatiently waiting for the next day of training just because it鈥檚 a great fun and pleasure)

Matteo Braibanti: figata estrema , palestra ineguagliabile 馃馃徏馃憤馃徏 insanely cool for the ones who are looking for a true american training made in Italia馃嚠馃嚬馃嚭馃嚫

alessandro pesenti: Gabriele is really prepared and follows you every moment. After years of stopping physical activity due to back problems and after a careful analysis, with Gabriele I resumed training with excellent results. The location is perfect and the discretion is total. Offlimits is the ideal place to reach your goals and exceed them.

Corrado Barone: Professional, competent, capable, engaging, motivating ... all the characteristics that distinguish Coach Gabriele. OFFLIMITS is the new frontier of multidisciplinary training where you will find everything you need to train your body and improve physical fitness.

cristina ferraris: Reliable friendly cordial. Professionally flawless. For over two years in treatment, never disappointed, never dissatisfied. A friend

Mario Cammarata: I have been training weekly with Gabriele Dimasi for almost four years now and I can only speak highly of him. Before meeting him, I was enrolled in the gym for years without ever being able to do much. Gabriele was able to quickly understand my needs, motivating me workout after workout. Excellent professional, with an in-depth knowledge of motor sciences and an uncommon passion for his work. Super recommended if you are tired of the usual boring gym sessions!!

13. Karime Personal Trainer - Milano - Municipio 2

路 65 reviews

Via Privata Giovanni Battista Carta, 8, 20128 Milano MI, Italy

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Karime Personal Trainer - Milano: what do users think?

Elena Kondratenkova: Karime is very professional and inspiring. The first time in my life, I finally started to see and to feel the difference in my body change and improving in just few months. Would suggest to anybody to workout with Karime

Luca Bistrattin: Karime is Google Italy鈥檚 employees personal trainer: she manages the course I personally enjoy the most and I appreciate her individual approach and her attitude to push everyone to do their best. She also helps me personally with macros and overall exercise routines. I definitively recommend her! 馃挭馃従

Natalie Watkins: Karime is fantastic, she provides a really tailored service, listening to exactly what you need. She also gives a great balance of pushing you and kindness and her expert knowledge gives great results. Very happy to recommend her.

Maria Pia Tamponi: karime is the best personal trainer, the most skilled if you are pregnant 馃ぐ She helped me not only physically but also psychologically, giving me the right boost to get ready for such an important event. Thank you Karime, you were fundamental for me. 馃挭馃挭

Alejandra Eslava: Karime is the best personal trainer ever, a complete 360鈥 trainer passionate with your job. Extremely recommended if you want to change yourself.Thanks Kari!!!

Luca Politi: I have worked with Karime for years now and loved the work we did on posture, strength training and nutrition with macro calculation. Absolutely recommended!

Essi Virtanen: Karime did not only get me into the best shape of my life physically but she also brought me back to life mentally. Having gone through the hardest time of my life, I reached out to her asking her to help me find my best self again through training. Gym was my therapy and I needed someone to coach my past my pain. With her pushing me at the gym, I became stronger than ever and she also made me find my mental strength. She does not just coach you to your limits but she coaches you go beyond. She considers all aspects of fitness, nutrition and even what is going on in your head and can help you use that as fuel to push you more. Her energy is radiating and that alone will uplift you. She trains you hard but results are inevitable: If you commit and do the work. With her, training was so fun. I would recommend her to anyone, who wants to get to the next level! She will get you there! And you will have a good time during the process! Now I am coaching people to be mentally stronger and Karime was one of the inspirations in my path that led me here.

Dominika Grnova: I loved being trained by Karime! I鈥檝e been modeling over 15 years now & I needed to toned up & feel healthier & stronger. I鈥檓 naturally skinny I wanted to build some muscles. Me & Karime had an immediate bond, a trust between us, & lots of fun!!! she listen carefully to what I wanted and delivered amazing results!!! I鈥檝e never seen my body being so fit!!! I definitely recommend her if u wanna laugh & build the body you always dreamed of!

Vanessa Cantoviski: Karime has trained me for more than 5 years. Since she started to study to became a professional personal trainer . We started to train together and the results are absolutely fantastic. When I moved back to Australia we kept the work by distance , building my monthly diet meals and my weekly exercises programs . She is reliable, fit and professional. Has the capacity and potential to energises whoever is not in a mood to sweat. With her expertises and carisma is impossible to do not get fit. I extremely recommend Karime El Hawat! She is a star 猸愶笍!

Vanessa Brina: Thank you Karime for helping me to get the body I always dreamed of. The modelling life required me to be on shape all the time and have high level of energy to keep up with all shootings. Karime gave so much attention to my needs and goals, personalising the training and being always present, making the process easy and fun.

14. The Loft Milano Villapizzone - Personal Trainer Studio - Municipio 8

路 22 reviews

Via Villapizzone, 26, 20156 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
The Loft Milano Villapizzone - Personal Trainer Studio: what do users think?

simone galbusera: Super team!

Theological Mind: Good, competent and nice personal trainers. Small but tidy environment full of high quality tools !! Recommended gym !!

Giada Tanghetti: Not a gym, much more unique environment, true and serious professionals, flexibility. You can have a Personal Trainer, or an Osteopath or a Massager (sports or. aesthetic) Advice

Chinea Davide: Small and well cared for. Find what you need for your workouts. Staff on the piece. Great

William Selmo: Kind, professional and hard workers. Great location. Clean bathrooms and high-end equipment

Teresa Greco: I found The LOFT a very welcoming place, with great attention to detail and above all managed by serious and competent professionals.

Teresa Genuardi: Personal Trainer very prepared for problems related to sciatica and very nice

Selene caldarone: Professional, helpful and easy-going personal trainers, recommended!!

Roberta Testa: The personal trainer Romeo is strongly recommended

15. Personal Trainer Milano - REVERBIA Studio 5 Giornate - Municipio 1

路 61 reviews

Via Pompeo Litta, 2, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Personal Trainer Milano - REVERBIA Studio 5 Giornate: what do users think?

fra raul: Training in reverbia is a unique experience, one hour one to one in a gym completely at your disposal. Excellent changing rooms with towels included for the shower

Margherita Bertolini: Fantastic pilates lessons! Especially if you follow with the Coach Alessio, very prepared, professional and nice! Well-equipped gym, clean and equipped with all comforts, including towels, shampoos, creams and deodorant, which are all included and always available. I highly recommend it!

Federica Favetti: Very well equipped studio. A special thanks to Alessio, who trains me with great professionalism, attention and sympathy, alternating punctual exercises and motivating me every time to achieve my goals. I recommend to go for a comparison on the choice of the training program and try a lesson. When you are well looked after, you can see the results!

Francesca Pozzobon: First experience with individual lessons, I highly recommend this center. PT very prepared and helpful, you work hard 馃槈

massimo pitis: Kind and prepared personal trainers. Very willing to meet the needs of those who use the structure. The space is comfortable and the equipment is new and in general the service is well managed even with the use of digital tools.

Elisa Hu: I feel very comfortable in this center. I am followed by Andony in the center of Pompeo Litta, I do Pilates reformer there but I would also like to try fitness. They are very professional, friendly and helpful. advise

Lucia Valerio: Excellent experience with Alessio as PT. I highly recommend!

A R.P.: Very happy with the results after training

massimo amati: Professional spotless and flexible 鈽猴笍 Were there long + discounted offers it would be from 5star +

Claudio Prete: Excellent structure and Personal Trainer really prepared!

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