Best Seafood Restaurants In Milan Near Me

Langosteria Marea Seafood & Beverage Trattoria del Pescatore Shannara 2 da Danilo Pescetto Glauco Shannara 3 Primè - Ristorante Pesce Milano Delfino Restaurant La Taverna Del Pesce Ballerino - Fish Dancer L'Officina Del Pesce Bottega Sicula Fishbar De Milan Langosteria Bistrot

1. Langosteria - Municipio 6

· 1659 reviews

Via Savona, 10, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

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Langosteria: what do users think?

Jean-Baptiste L.: Wonderful experience: food, service, atmosphere. All the food served here is made from fresh top quality products. Most of the dishes include sea food with a great variety of fishes and shellfish, all perfectly cooked, savoury sauces. Beautiful pasta. The wine list is endless (including champagne). Service is absolutely perfect. Excellent desserts too.

Justin Scofield: Overall great high end food. Especially great seafood. They have fancy blue and red lobster options which they bring to your plate alive before they prepare it. Pasta was amazing too. You can find one of the best wine collections I’ve came across so far. Service was far above average. Price too. You easily pay 200+ euro pp. But it’s definitely worth the food. You might even jump into a few celebrities (we saw the Italien prime minister) Two things this restaurant can improve: (1) waiting times. Although having a reservation we had to wait 40min until we got our table. (2) the bathroom has constant running water which is a huge waste.

Yael Dekel: wow! amazing food, drinks, and service. the dishes were prepared very quickly and beautifully. the staff was very kind and professional and friendly. the seafood was cooked absolutely perfectly and the drinks were made incredibly well. the dessert was also delicious. amazing experience!

Sophie: Amazing restaurant - highly recommend!! Attentive and friendly service. Delicious food & giant wine list! More expensive than most restaurants in the area but more than worth it.

Steph T: Lovely evening at Langosteria! We ordered the oysters, seafood platter, clam linguine, halibut and vegetables, and lime and ginger sorbet to finish. Staff were friendly. Giving four starts as a few items on the platter weren’t shucked properly, champagne was small and not in a proper flute glass. Maybe we ordered the wrong dishes.. next time I would try the lobster but wasn’t sure if it would be possible with my food intolerances. Was left a bit underwhelmed given the price and were sat by the front door to be honest. Seems like it’s a restaurant to be seen if that’s your thing.

Welly Lee: I am a picky seafood eater and really hate it when a restaurant overcook seafood. Langosteria is one of the handful seafood restaurants that cooks the seafood perfectly. I ordered both raw and grilled langoustine - and the grilled one (to my surprise) actually tasted better. The tuna belly and the grilled octopus were also well prepared. The worse dish from our dinner was the lobster linguini (which was part of the tasting menu item) - the lobster was good but the pasta was a bit chewy.

Yara Zeitoun: Service was on point, friendly and nice staff even though the place was packed!! Really great fresh fish and a huge variety of seafood options - oysters to sea urchin to scampi 🍤 Everythjng they made was well made. Drinks were good too, although a little on the sweet side for my personal taste.

Jazzup73: What a marvelous experience. Despite quite some waiting time (although we had a reservation), the exceptional service headed by Matteo, the manager, the quality of the dishes (esp. the blue lobster pasta), the custom-made drinks by the skilled bartender and the overall atmosphere made for a fantastic family occasion. Do not miss while in Milan (we will certainly be back).

Leona Chulani: @langosteria Hands down one of the best seafood restaurants I’ve been to🌟 Excellent service, beautiful interiors and harmfully fantastic dishes! Honestly you will only understand my love for it until you have visited 😍 This was there Langosteria restaurante in Milan, however they have a several other locations around Italy and one in Paris! - Milanese crispy rice with red prawns** - Grilled royal prawns, chilli pepper pumpkin and cardoncelli mushrooms** - Assassina style baby squid - Warm seafood salad with langoustines, red prawns, octopus and cacciaroli squids - Borage gnocchetti with mussels and red prawns sautè - Pink rock lobster and Amalfi lemon paccheri** - Linguine AOP, turnip greens and langoustines tartare Dessert: - Fruttini (fruit sorbets) - Panettone Follow @buonapetitoo on Instagram for more!

2. Marea Seafood & Beverage - Municipio 1



· 136 reviews

Via Papa Gregorio XIV, 16, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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Marea Seafood & Beverage: what do users think?

Jeremy L: The tasting menu here was delicious! Especially the raw shrimp with glasswort and the cheese foam. The combination of flavors were perfectly balanced and savory while refreshing at the same time. The scallop mini slider burger was also very delicious! I will definitely come back here again if I visit again.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Ivan Santovito: Amazing restaurant in Milan. Good seefood, delicious drinks, nice peopleWe are from Malta. Surprisingly fish in Milan is much better than in our island. High quality, creative cooking

Elena Iogansen: I would like to say a big thank you to the team of professionals, for the delicious food prepared with the freshest ingredients, for the service (customer care) that is rare in Italy, for the beautifully presented dishes. Definitely a place I want to return to!

Madalina Bordianu: Very good food but overpriced given the small portions.

Ivan Lapshov: Delicious food, amazing cocktails and nice service. Bartender and the owner of this place are nice and explain every dish. Must have if you are in Milan and like cocktails.

Niels Dewelde: Very friendly staff and fresh food.We took the menu with the coctails and I highly recommend it.

Max Mamray: The seafood cuisine is fine. We enjoyed octopus and oysters.

Sindre Benjamin Remman: The scallop burgers were absolutely amazing, and all the cocktail pairings for the tasting menu were really good.Food: 4/5 | Service: 4/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More

kat L: Cool new place. My new favourite in town. Great food, fair price and fantastic service. This is the first restaurant in a long time that has caught my attention. I particularly enjoyed the octopus and white Caribbean cocktail. Amazing presentation. Only thing is bookings get full quick.

3. Trattoria del Pescatore - Municipio 5

· 1461 reviews

Via Atto Vannucci, 5, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

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Trattoria del Pescatore: what do users think?

Nour: Love love love this place!! We had dinner here and right after booked for lunch the next day!! The service is impeccable and the food is fantastic, i don’t know what magic touch they put in but if in Milano, then this place should be on top of the list for an unforgettable experience! 😍

Soo Kong: Amazing seafood restaurant snuggled away in a quiet little corner. Everything from the oyster to the clams to the highlight lobster was perfectly fresh. Vongole pasta was cooked to perfection! Need to find out what olive oil they use as it’s excellent. Highly recommend for a group outing as there’s so many options and not enough mouths if you go in a small group.

Angie Lorena CV: Best place to experience Italian gastronomy. Totally loved the food and the atmosphere. I forgot to take more pictures of the food, everything was amazing.

Khalil Karkar: If it was not up to my Italian friends, I would have not been the Christopher Columbus of the seafood restaurants. This was the epitome of seafood outlets. Opened in 1976 and the first waiter then to join them was the one attending to our table. An experience to remember forever. The downside, you need to reserve at least 2 weeks in advance, a problem I will never have as I am blessed with many Italian friends. A must visit and make sure you are hungry when you reach there

André Eiermann: We were driving from Switzerland to Milano to have lunch at this exceptional fish place. It is better to reserve a table for Saturday. The waiters are very friendly, speak English as well and make your stay very much enjoyable.

Kristina Gariboldi: I loved carpaccio misto with special sweet lemon dressing (is the best!) + olive oil 🤤

4. Skuisito Osteria del Pesce - Municipio 3

· 333 reviews

Viale Abruzzi, 33, 20131 Milano MI, Italy

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Skuisito Osteria del Pesce: what do users think?

Emin Mahrt: Starters a bit boring. Carpaccio more like a salad. Eggplant parmigiana like lasagna. Oyster where great. Bread was average to good. Decent coffee. Main dish pasta with clams very good. Octopus also very good. Tiramisu average.

Lena Walder: Amazing quality food and amazing service. Only to recommend!

Martin Anev: Great service, high quality food. Good place for business lunch and for people that value the high quality cuisineTottally recommend

Gabriel Poffet: the food is just amazing. Great place!

Flávia Santos: Delicious food, great server Victorio. The only down side is that they don’t have any vegetarian options.

Kyle Lee: Would like to commend a server here (the one with a curly mustache) for his service. He knew at once we were unlikely to understand English and translated the menu one by one, and made sure that we did not over order. Thank you. The seafood pasta and risottos we had were fantastic, but your service took it to the next level.

Kate L: Fresh seafood, really good food and populated by locals on the random weekday evening we popped in. The service was impeccable.
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5. Shannara 2 da Danilo - Municipio 5

· 461 reviews

Viale Isonzo, 24, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

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Shannara 2 da Danilo: what do users think?

Shinta J: Raw seafood plate is really good and fresh. Pasta is standard. We also very much enjoyed the tiramisu.

Cosimo Simone Palumbo: Loved it! Remodeled with cozy furniture. Always high quality and friendly service.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Ciro Morante: Great restaurant. Nice personnel that will help you to choose a nice bottle of wine or a dish. Great wines and the food.... Is just superb

Evgueni Willewald: Excellent raw sea food. Cosy small place for dining couples to chat and to try umbrella tartar with black salt.

Valenté D. Jones: Food was prepared well, maybe perfectly cooked but not well seasoned. If you are looking for bold flavor this is not the place.

Alessio: Top

6. Pescetto - Municipio 1

· 2214 reviews

Via Alessandro Volta, 9, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Pescetto: what do users think?

G BB: Canteen type atmosphere, you order at the fish stall and they cook or prepare it accordingly. Wide fishes and sea food choice, served in all possible ways, products are 100% fresh, wine bottles are rather cheap for Milano center (16€ median bottle price). They serve you at your table once your order is ready. A large diner will cost you 31 euros per head. If you like fish this is thr place to go

Cristina-Loredana Duta: One of the best places in Milano to eat fish. It is similar to a fish market: you select your fish, the way you want it cooked and after you pay in max 10 min you get the food at your table. The price is very good, which was suprising for us.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

S55 ///M: Reasonable prices, the flavour is very good! Grilled scallops are a bit light in taste. The fried things are amazing! Friendly crew and they speak fluent English

Globe Trotter: The fish is always really fresh and they cook everything perfectly. Great quality food and very kind service.

Gozden Torun: Buonissimo! Lo raccomando! It was very fast service, high performance to cost ratio and delicious sea food!Recommended dishes Octopus Salad, Roasted Potatoes, Fried Artichokes …More

George Ch: A bit of a wait but worth it. Tasty food for a decent price. Friendly and helpful staff. We had fried schrimp, calamari, octopus, oven baked scalops and grilled Argentinian schrimp with a couple of beers. 👌🏼

Mandi Leung: wonderful seafood with delicious fishes,strimps and more!recommended for couples and familys, u should get to the restaurant about 10min before they start, as there will be so much people afterwords.

Mert Güzenge: Delicious and fresh sea foods.Was a pleasaure to eat this place.İf you dont wanna stick to line ,go early.

7. Glauco - Municipio 3

· 213 reviews

Via Achille Maiocchi, 29, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

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Glauco: what do users think?

Chris Bing: Birthday meal for my girlfriend so we splashed out on a tasting menu. Fairly small restaurant, mainly if not entirely serving seafood. We ordered the smaller tasting menu as we fancied those courses more, but there was some mistake or misunderstanding as we got the first course from the larger menu. We ate it and then asked them to make sure that we were on the correct one, which sorted it out. The desserts are beautiful and delicious and we were pleased to see a page of red wines for fish, and the one we selected went very well with the menu, as did the suggested pairings for the desserts. Bit of a trek in the rain from the nearest metro station (Lima) but well worth it.

Laura Ignácz: We absolutely loved it. Service is on the slow side even for a high end European restaurant.Beautiful presentation and delicious food.

Davide Belletti: Every time fantastic!

Giorgio Patelli: Amazing upperclass restaurant $$$ I recommend an entrée with oysters, then anything else was marvelous

Blue Donatus: They served me the best fish I have tasted yet .. their dessert is heavenly... little, quiet and the waiters are very friendly...

giulia pavesi: top

Per Askebjer: Very good and sofisticated restaurant

mohammed elmeligy: Wonderfull sea food

alberto INCE: Fish food experience

LUCA G.M. BONATTI: High standard restaurant. Fish menu with original dishes. The dishes will pleasantly surprise you for combinations, choices of raw materials and presentation. A little high cost especially in wines, but generally adequate to the level of the place. Attentive and courteous service. Quiet place. Very difficult parking.

8. Shannara 3 - Municipio 5

· 479 reviews

Via Atto Vannucci, 22, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

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Shannara 3: what do users think?

Homeniuc Adrian: Very nice place, very good service and tasty plates... Have been there because this place was recommended by some friends and now we will recommend this place for good food and nice atmosphere.

Christopher Almojuela: The seafood here is delicious! We came here as a party of 9 with 3 kids. Very accommodating, the service was excellent! The tiramisu was so good! Would eat here again next time we come back to Milan.

Hasti Sadeghi: welcoming staff, amazing food.

V V. (Moddy): Good quality seafood with reasonable price. Had their Zuppa and Ink squid Ravioli with shrimp ragu.

Oliver Barber: Really good !! Nice restaurant, welcoming and great seafood. Would go again

Vangelis Christoforou: Very good quality.Courteous staff, fast service.The food was delicious.I am very satisfied. Thank you!

Marisela Aguilar: Just so good! Excellent seafood, wonderful service.

9. Primè - Ristorante Pesce Milano - Municipio 1

· 1077 reviews

Viale Francesco Crispi, 2, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Primè - Ristorante Pesce Milano: what do users think?

Kensaku Nakai: This is one of the best restaurant in Milano for me. Food quality is perfect. Staff is more than excellent. Not only main dishes but bread & olive oil was so delicious. You should try their rissoto. I would definitely come back with my friends…!

Dawn Moore: Firstly major props to Prime for seating us at almost 11pm! Then we were delighted by how amazing the food was. Calamari, octopus salad, pistachio salmon, tonnarelli with bacon.

Joseph Lee: The food was spot on. The service was slow and they need more staff. With that said, the two that were there were super nice and did their very best. I will visit again.

Ioana Frincu: The food and atmospheres was great! Great Quality and will return again!

ceren yaman: Finally I got a chance to visit Prime again! We shared two different pasta and salmon con pistacchio. Apart from fish, it was super unique and amazing taste!! Fish was served well as well however I’d go for something more different like I had before. The staff is super friendly. This time they did not have pistacchio mousse unfortunately. Looking forward to be back 🍝

Tony: An upscale Italian restaurant located in a beautiful and modern neighborhood. If you want to try something different (other than the traditional pizza and pasta you can find in Milan) you need to come yo Primè. Amazing ingredients come beautifully together to create memorable dishes. The service is on point, the staff friendly and serviable.

Cooper: Great food, along with great service. The atmosphere was amazing, and staff were very attentive, and friendly. The food was also stellar, we tried the seafood platter, seafood pasta, and a custom ordered vegetarian pasta. Everything tasted great, the raw seafood was smooth and creamy, and the pastas and seafood were cooked to perfection. The prices were reasonable, and well within budget. A definite recommended spot for anyone in the area.

Shuei Chan: Highly recommend their starters, all dishes were delicious especially those dishes with squid. The presentations of all the dishes were absolutely amazing. For pasta dishes, they were not as good as starts. Gonna try main courses instead next time. Lunch time was crowed, ppl start lining up around 12:45. Overall, we enjoyed the dinner there so much, excellent food and friendly staffs

10. Delfino Restaurant - Municipio 3

· 1044 reviews

Viale Gran Sasso, 26, 20131 Milano MI, Italy

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Delfino Restaurant: what do users think?

Bundit Kenny Jiamanukoonkit: Very good Italian seafood restaurant with good service and decent price.

Sabrina Lian: Authentic milanese food. Great seafood selection. Fast service!

Anna Galebach: Perfect place with good food! Low price with high quality!

chiandich: The best seafood restaurant of milan! Always a blessing to have a table there. Must reserve. I can recommend the Langustas crudo or shrimp crudo. Best quality you can get when it comes to freshness and taste!The wine selection is very good.

Anelly Kremenska: Exquisite food and service, great experience! If you like seafood, this is a must-visit place. The staff is polite and helpful, the food is fantastic.

Aleksandar Sosic: At first I was sceptical on eating fish in Milan but then I was brought here and all I can say is that I was blown away by the quality of the fish and sea food at this place. Amazing! Great staff and ambience also.

Pongsapuck Vorakitpokatorn: Great seafood and pasta. Nice ambient.

Christian Karasiewicz: Delicious fresh seafood, friendly staff and an elegant atmosphere. Highly recommended!

11. La Taverna Del Pesce Ballerino - Fish Dancer - Municipio 9

· 3019 reviews

Via Vincenzo Viviani, 2, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
La Taverna Del Pesce Ballerino - Fish Dancer: what do users think?

Phuong Tran: Definitely recommend to try. Taste good. Octopus wasnt chewy and tough. Mussels were very delicious. Very well cooked dishes.

Alex Ngi: I love spaghetti with seafood especially with the pizza dough crust. This one did not fail to impress. A bit pricey but the quality was very good and so was the service.

Cielo Lien: The dishes are all good and the wine also amazingThe only things the waiter is not that friendly

Gio S Gomez: Very attentive and jovial staff, vibrant yet cosy ambience and fresh seafood on our plates! It’s the best I’ve had in our trip to Milan so far. Will definitely go back again for the warm service and good food when we get the chance!

Zimeng Liu: Five-star acclaim, extremely fresh seafood. You can feel the sweet of amino acids in lobster.Fried squid is crunchy but insid very tender.The most important thing is we just cost 40 euro for four three dish!

Emma Adam: Excellent restaurant for fish dishes! Highly recommend booking in advance. Would definitely go again. The service was great. Menu is also provided in English.

12. L'Officina Del Pesce - Municipio 1

· 227 reviews

Via Varese, 14, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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L'Officina Del Pesce: what do users think?

Barbara Anne Wolf: Great food! Lovely service! Small space.

Sonia Duvia: Elegant place in the Moscova/Garibaldi area.Good food and great atmosphere. Considering the place price/quality ratio is ok. They have also gluten free food.

Marcel Diaconu: The best sea-food restaurant in Milan! I strongly recommend!

Syrine Ellouze: After trying some well rated seafood restaurant in Milano, this is definitely the best

Ferdinando M. Ametrano: Really great raw fish and fried octopus. Will be back to check if they deserve a fifth star, anyway well worth a visit

Christian Ferranti: Great place with a good menu and very convenient prices

13. Bottega Sicula - Municipio 4

· 826 reviews

Via Mantova, 5, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

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Bottega Sicula: what do users think?

Kira Dobryden: We have spent a great 3 hours lunch served by Biagio with his gentle attitude to every single detail and passion to the food.Paccheri al pesto di pistachio were really delicious, also oysters were very fresh, big and tasty 😋 foolly recommended for sicilian and sea food lovers

MONICA CHIEN: A very lovely place. Biagio is very professional and passionate, introducing everything in details. If you love Sicilian cousin, you should come n try. Food is v fresh, we’ve ordered tris di tartare, carbonara di mare, spaghetti ai ricci di mare e Orata. Vino bianco di nera also very special: fruity but not too sweet, a bit sparkling, Perfect for a summer time dinner. Highly recommended ❤️

Carmen Coco: Simply j adore, excellent quality, honest price for quality, lovely service and a great great location. 13 August, lunch time Milan. Thank you. Unforgettable experience

Diane Solinger: What a fun and delicious dining experience! Great wine recommendations and the server was very friendly. Neighborhood locals made it even more special. We felt like we found a very special place!

Matteo Ranzato: Characterful, from the decor to the dishes! We received excellent customer service from the waiter, who was attentive and recommended dishes off menu. This place seems to specialise in seafood and everything we ate was fresh. We particularly enjoyed the mozzarella and prawn tartare which was a new combination for us. Recommended!

CA A: First time visit, very nice staff and cozy interiour. But lets talk about the food, soooo good. Good flavours combined with home made pasta. If you think sea food dont work with pasta, you leave with a new opinion.

Jörg Sprengel: Reading some comments I must share our good experience. We came without a reservation and the owner made it possible by asking wether we would be ok with a good 1 hour since he had other guests with reservation at that time. All staff was very supportive and patiently described the menu choices. Most importantly, the food was delicious, of high quality. We had great evening and can recommend this restaurant.

John Miller: Wonderful food, delicious flavour. I had the langostina sashimi followed by a sea urchin roe spaghetti and cannolo for dessert. Really, really good. The service was impeccable. A friend of mine from Milan who lives in Australia recommend the restaurant and I was not disappointed.

Markus Eichel: warm hearted friendly service. the pasta ala Norma is a must have. never had a better one before. Mille gracie :-)

14. Fishbar De Milan - Municipio 1

· 357 reviews

Via Montebello, 7, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Fishbar De Milan: what do users think?

sara gentile: Booked with The Fork and for a 20% discount. Food was nice and well prices. The staff very patient as we sat for 30 minutes waiting on a friend.3€ cover charge. Good list of wines.

Ivano Milan: Perfect spot for a business lunch.I ordered the shrimp tempura with pink sauce which was excellent and paccheri.Seats weren’t that comfortable but I’ll be back.Recommended dishes Fish and Chips …More

Zdenka to se by: The delicious meal,good service,nice atmosphere. Thank you for perfect lunch!

Emilia Valbum: I’ve lived in Milan and eaten at the most exclusive places here. But this place is extraordinary. The nicest staff the most delicious octopus and ceviche served at simple tables.

Mikael Burns: This place was truly amazing on my first visit. I absolutely loved the manager and the staff was so kind. The seafood was so fresh and the atmosphere was great! My second visit was not so great. The manager working this evening was pretty rude. I felt unwelcomed and he treated me completely different from my last visit. But anyways I still recommend!

Eve Peano: I wanted to try their lobster roll and it lived upto my expectation. The roll tasted fresh and was toasted with a scrumptious butter, the lobster was tender and sweet. I swapped the chips( which were not homemade) for a green salad which was perfect. The service was really good too.

Pier Massa: Delicious and great menu options. Thoroughly enjoyed!Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Namka D: The food was incredibly delicious. My hotel owner suggested me this restaurant to visit. This restaurant for locals so its simple place he said. Everybody should visit

Martin Přidal: This is really great restaurant in Milan, moderm conception of traditional Italian cuisine, BRAVO!!!

Umair Raja: Very tasty food. Good Quality

15. Langosteria Bistrot - Municipio 6

· 1505 reviews

Via Privata Bobbio, 2, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

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Langosteria Bistrot: what do users think?

А К: We had a dinner out at Langosteria Bistrot, and it was a wonderful experience. Our raw seafood plate and pasta were exquisite, table service was excellent. Basically all the sea creatures were alive right before they prepared them for us! An absolute must-go for everyone who loves high quality seafood products. An icing on the cake was the manager didn’t forget our notes that we were celebrating a birthday and brought a cake with a candle. Very sweet!

taha: We reserved a table on the same night, and a party of 4 were seated at a central table. Some of the best service I’ve ever had in my life. Nothing to be faulted at all. We started with the raw fish selection which included sea bass carpaccio and we also got some oysters. Very fresh and refreshing. We followed with a rock lobster smoked pasta and some turbot cooked in a rich sauce with some potato purée and ended with a mango sorbet with pralines and chocolate tart. Simply delicious! One of the best seafood experiences I’ve ever had and I will definitely be back.

Adam Lorenti: We really enjoyed our dinner here and it made us feel like a local. It’s a big place with a really cool atmosphere - busy for a Tuesday night too. Not a place for the kids imho, more of a date night spot. The lobster was cooked perfectly and the seafood plate covered abit of everything. Dessert was really tasty too.

Cassandra Hatakka: This restaurant is my absolute favourite place in Milan. It’s understated elegance combined with the impeccable service and outstanding food make it the “must go to” place it is known for. Morena in particular stood out with her attentive and top of the line service.

Stephanie Wei: Came for dinner with friends. This may now be my favourite restaurant in Milan. The cocktails to start were lovely. We ordered a bunch of dishes to get tastes of each. Standouts was the vongole in tomato sauce and the squid and thinly sliced zucchini. The paccheri pasta with branzino, olives and capers was really delicious too. Was too full for dessert!

Fandy Low: I had a wonderful night over here. The service and food are top notch. Highly recommended for all those who visit Milan.

Lukas Lüscher: Super friendly staff, all staff member were so corteous. The food was delicious. The table was really small so we were little bit closely, and the portions were a bit small. Price-perfofmance mhh, we paid 200 each person.

Gabriela V: Amazing experience. From the greeting at the door, to the last moment, the service was impeccable and the fish delicious. Thank you to the manager Morena for being such a wonderful host.

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