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Vintage Watches Milano Watches Milano Boutique Rolex - Pisa Orologeria Heaven 1914 Milano Watches Audemars Piguet, Boutique Milano Rocca 1794 - Rivenditore autorizzato Rolex, Cartier Watchfinder & Co., La Rinascente, Milano Ontime Milano Srl IWC Schaffhausen Boutique – Milano Swatch Milano Vittorio Emanuele Boutique Tissot Milano WATCH M DIAMOND Boutique Patek Philippe di Pisa Orologeria Orologeria Duomo Milano S.r.l.

1. Vintage Watches Milano - Municipio 1

· 53 reviews

Corso Garibaldi, 112, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Vintage Watches Milano: what do users think?

Tony Musumeci: Super 😘

Oscar Fini: It was an instinctive assessment for professionalism and courtesy, but on reflection I must admit that the 5 stars would all be deserved, for this reason I am changing my review

melissa lanzani: I recently purchased a watch from this shop for an important gift. The patience of the two shopkeepers was biblical, and in a short time they managed to get me the vintage model I had been looking for for a long time for my husband. The price absolutely in line with the market value. The sense of reliability and competence they have given me is priceless, without obligations and insistence of any kind. All this led me to buy from them and recommend this shop to my friends. In this environment, seriousness is essential: here you will find it. Five stars without hesitation!

Colm Ryan: Just fantastic !! I found a nice UNIVERSAL movement that I had been looking for for years. Friendly staff, very helpful owner. I do not understand the bad reviews, for example of the woman who did not find her dress in her cut, or to complain that the shop was closed after 19h! These shop is really a gem!

Maurizio Gallo: Beautiful shop, wonderful watches, great competence and professionalism of the staff in knowing how to respond to the various requests of an extremely varied clientele, leaving the customer the right amount of time to be able to decide to allow himself to wear an object of great beauty and value on his wrist, which it will be able to accompany him for a lifetime.

deledes des: Wonderful store, very kind and competent staff. For those looking for something of unique and unrepeatable value, I highly recommend it.

Federico Maffioli: If you are a fan of exclusive watches this is one of the best places to turn! The guy who works there, Alberto, is a real encyclopedia of the sector !! Absolute must !!

2. Watches Milano - Municipio 4



· 9 reviews

Viale Monte Nero, 4, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

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Watches Milano: what do users think?

Salman Khan: Very good experienceGood price and good watch

ANDREA CELESTE: Highly professional seller. Watch purchased with real satisfaction. Cordiality and precision characterize the store. I got to appreciate the exposure and the versatile treatment. Compliments to mr. John.

Professionecasa Osio Sotto: I sold a watch with Watches Milano, serious people, excellent valuation of the object, correct payment by bank transfer. Great experience, recommended!

daniele veronese: Sold very good price watch, kind and professional person. Thank you.

Gabriele Brocca Romanin: Efficient staff and full set watches that cannot be found. 👍🔝

3. Boutique Rolex - Pisa Orologeria - Municipio 1

· 252 reviews

Via Monte Napoleone, 24, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Boutique Rolex - Pisa Orologeria: what do users think?

Hailey Kerbel: I had a truly wonder experience. Linda was extremely helpful and friendly. I am so glad I met her. She offered me my dream watch and I can’t wait to wear it!

mauricio molina: During my family vacation in Rome, we visited Milan. I stopped by the closest ROLEX AD and I met Sasha. Sasha showed me a few new ROLEX she had in stock and I fell in love with this beautiful DateJust 41’ with diamonds! Thanks Sasha!

eron zhonga: Amazing welcome from a very well educated woman, professional service and a very thats to Fiori Kristo for her service and explaining very interesting things about Rolex worl.Many thanks

4. Heaven 1914 Milano Watches - Municipio 1

· 143 reviews del Duomo, 19, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Heaven 1914 Milano Watches: what do users think?

Maxxx: I have one off the best luxury watch store brand experience here. The sales advisor Ben and the boss was so nice and accommodating then I bought two watches on the spot.

Ozan B. Can: Great boutique with professional staff and good selection of watches. Riccardo was excellent and definitely the next watch purchase will be from him

Alexander Wensky: Great watch shop with best brands at the Piazza del Duomo in Milano. Very friendly and professional sales consultants. Cielo also has their own, house made jewelry line ! Nice place to go !

Alex L: Elegant atmosphere, competent staff and amazing discount! Highly advised if you are looking for luxury watches to visit this place instead of official boutiques

Shye Han: Excellent service and professional.

Mr. Big: Highly recommended. I walked in to purchase several bracelets and was treated very well.

Esteban Lara: Family owned business ... with nice and warm service to costumers

5. OMEGA Milano Montenapoleone - Municipio 1

· 74 reviews

Via Monte Napoleone, 9, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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OMEGA Milano Montenapoleone: what do users think?

Federico Luddi: Terrific customer experience in store Omega. Thanks Daniele for your professionalism

jonathan fuchs: What a wonderful place. Great swiss products, kindly staff and good advices. A pleasure to shop watches there.

Giampaolo Vimercati: Very polite and kind

MARCO LIN: I needed to go to the Boutique in Via Monte Napoleone to purchase a watch from your collection. I asked the courteous staff the need to speak with their technician, because the specific details to then proceed with the purchase could only be provided by an expert. I was really amazed by the display of the characteristics of the watch in question, I would never have imagined how many infinite micro details reveal themselves in a time-stamping jewel. For my personal experience I highly recommend

Maurizia Valore: Shopping in the Omega boutique is a great pleasure. All the staff are always very polite and professional. They always manage to hit our desires. A special thanks is dedicated to the Director of the boutique.

Fabio Del Puppo: Today I visited the Boutique again to verify the need or not to overhaul an aqua terra seamaster and I received an impeccable, friendly and professional service I must say much improved compared to the slightly chilly atmosphere encountered a year ago in the purchase of a moonwatch. Kudos to the staff and sincere thanks for improving customer service.

6. Audemars Piguet, Boutique Milano - Municipio 1

· 47 reviews

Via Monte Napoleone, 6, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Audemars Piguet, Boutique Milano: what do users think?

Ayoub Assabban: Ilaria is, in my experience, the best advisor I have ever had in a prestigious watchmaker. Her professionalism, her listening skills and her execution are as high as one could expect from such a Maison. Thank you very much to her

Vipul Jain: Kassandra and Simone are some of the nicest, patient and knowledgeable associates I have met amongst multiple high end boutiques. Kassandra allowed me to take my time and try on various peices, educated me about the craftsmanship behind AP. Would HIGHLY suggest contacting her if you are a new or passionate time peice collector.

nimo royer: Small and Charmy boutique. Great staff, very professional and welcoming.... Go go go. All you expect from a luxury retail experience

A. G.: Very nice and helpful team. Special thanks to Kassandra!

jure M: The sales staff were so kind and understanding that i would advise anyone who loves watches to visit the store.

Christoph Zitzmann: Very friendy and professional treatment of the customer!

Barrak Alkandari: Great services

Alexander Ong: Friendly Staff

7. Rocca 1794 - Rivenditore autorizzato Rolex, Cartier - Municipio 1

· 219 reviews del Duomo, 25, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Rocca 1794 - Rivenditore autorizzato Rolex, Cartier: what do users think?

Valentina Andara: I went to this store looking to purchase my first Rolex, they didn’t have any available in stock and that’s understandable it’s happening around the world, but Luana took the time and I was able to try on 2 different watches which was helpful to decide what size I want, she also took the time to introduce me and my fiancé to different brands and she was very knowledgeable, I didn’t find what I was looking for but I will definitely go back

Gašper Parte: With 2 words: Great experience! The stuff was kind, especially Mrs Michela who helped me to choose the best watch for my lifestyle. Its much easier if you know what you want, your budget and style, then they can really help you in best way. I’m also happy I had a chance to meet head of boutique and that I really felt appreciated as a customer. Thank you!

Nicholas Ong: They allow only 1 person at a time so have to wait outside the shop. Limited selection with Cartier, JLC. You can forget about Rolex.

Vincent Simone: Requiring assistance for my watch, I went straight to Gioielleria Rocca 1794 in Piazza Duomo Milano (August 12, 2020). Welcoming was excellent, assistance and service friendly and superlative. In particular, Sig. Niccolò handled my timepiece professionally. All in all a top class experience: highly recommended!

Rick Stirling: Fantastic service, great range of watches.

8. Watchfinder & Co., La Rinascente, Milano - Municipio 1

· 6 reviews del Duomo, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Watchfinder & Co., La Rinascente, Milano: what do users think?

Sylvie Goulet: Did help is with a purchased and fix the problem without hesitations

andrea nacci: Over the years I have bought and sold watches like most aficionados on various platforms. By chance, while reading a trade magazine, I met watchfinder, and looking for a particular watch, I asked a simple question. Well I found a platform absolutely to be recommended, which found me what I was looking for at a great price. In particular, I was followed by Mr. Federico Albertocchi, a boy with great enthusiasm who led me to purchase, also following me on Saturday and Sunday. All perfect beyond the wildest expectations. Really recommended, also for the fussiness and requests they made me to enter the world of watchfinder, and this for me was synonymous with seriousness.

Marco Piatesi: I have known Marco for a very long time when he was at IWC. Super serious and professional person. With him you are 100% sure., The world of used watches often hide scams, with watchfinder and Marco this does not happen.

SIN-TECH Info: Excellent service, great seriousness, a little more time for the exchange but bearable. Very satisfied highly recommended.

Maurizio Ferraris: First online purchase through this company. Absolutely positive experience. Guarantees at the highest levels for the buyer, much higher than any other marketplace currently operating. Added value is being followed step by step with precision, competence and kindness by Cristian Lamparelli of the Milan store, who initially answered my countless questions with patience and updated me daily with phone calls and messages from the moment of purchase to the delivery of the clock, although it was Christmas time where I imagine he was very busy. Thanks Christian! Being able to arrange delivery by telephone was also a nice convenience. Excellent service.

9. Ontime Milano Srl - Municipio 1

· 24 reviews del Duomo, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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Ontime Milano Srl: what do users think?

Fabian Wilhelms: Roberto is a very passionate and professional watchdealer. I bought my first AP from him and it was truly a perfect experience. Not only that he was able to answer every question. There is no doubt about safety and trust which is even more important then watch in itself. With lots of patience he helped me with the right choice. I can recommend his business in every way.

K D: Very good seller! Everything adhered to as promised, delivery fast and reliable! Anytime again!

Alan Torrisi: I bought here for a gift a few years ago and was helped and followed throughout the process. Since then they have been my point of reference for the purchase of fine watches and they have never messed up once. Very serious, precise, extremely competent. Top.

Ilaria Bernardi: Mr. Roberto is a helpful, kind and competent person. Recommend the purchase to the customer based on tastes, or based on market trends as a possible investment. I have already had the opportunity to collaborate with him and carry out some transactions both in purchase and sale. Highly recommended

Luca Benucci: Professionalism and super quality of the product! Highly recommended!

massimiliano pianta: One of the most beautiful realities in the world of Milanese watchmaking. Passionate, precise and competent. If you ever want to buy a watch go to them, they are absolutely the best.

Andrea Bracco: A small boutique where you immediately feel at home, where the owner knows how to advise in transparency, and where watches are clearly a passion even before a job. Absolutely satisfied.

Leopoldo Bianchi: Extremely competent and with great attention in trying to understand my needs well and guide me in choosing the right watch for me, with honesty and transparency. It was a great experience, good and we will definitely see each other again.

Pietro: I bought a watch from the guys at OnTime two years ago, a rare buying experience especially in post-sales: since then, for any doubt, request, suggestion in the world of watchmaking I am ALWAYS there. They have truly become a point of reference in the sector for me.

10. IWC Schaffhausen Boutique – Milano - Municipio 1

· 50 reviews

Via Monte Napoleone, 1, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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IWC Schaffhausen Boutique – Milano: what do users think?

severino rovasio: Hg h YY yggyq i

Tai Dang: Beautiful products

Luciano Lucci: by far my favorite watches. the Aquatimer Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau is really versatile, sporty and also goes very well with elegant clothes.

Alessandro Chiavari: Wonderful boutique in Via Montenapoleone the heart of Milanese shopping and luxury. The staff is serious kind and professional!

cthunter: Very nice Milan Cathedral and Piazza, and the Leonardo da Vinci Museum is a very nice place

Nicoletta: The quality of the products sold speaks for itself. The staff inside deserves applause, difficult to find elsewhere

Franco Pinna Web Analyst: A brand of excellence, sometimes the price does not make the difference but the detail between one watch and another, but here I risk leaving my heart every time I go out I feel like crying. women motors and watches are more important to me than oxygen !!! 5 STARS

Jonathan Chen: The discount is up to 18%, and tax refund services can also be arranged

Massimo Cagnacci: I went today to change the strap on my Petit Prince Pilots. Service appropriate to the class of the brand.

11. Swatch Milano Vittorio Emanuele - Municipio 1

· 322 reviews

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 15, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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Swatch Milano Vittorio Emanuele: what do users think?

Mohamed Bucheeri: Found the swatch omega watches hereEUR 260 eachFriendly staff

Mohammad Alotaibi: Excellent place to buy new Omega swatch watch.But you need your go early 😀 before they open at 9Am

ANKITA: My boyfriend gifted me my first ever swatch watch for my 26th birthday and I have to say am wearing it everywhere I go now ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks swatch, also get in touch if you are looking for a young and creative person to join your digital/social media team 💯❣️

FARIS ALFARSI: Lovely watch but what I want I could get all out of stock hahahah

Artis Pinote: Best customer service I ever had in Italy. Salamat Eleonora. 🇵🇭

12. Boutique Tissot Milano - Municipio 1

· 93 reviews

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 5, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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Boutique Tissot Milano: what do users think?

Adrian Devder: Had an issue with the watch that was identified as a factory defect with the winding mechanism They ordered the parts and fixed the watch within the week + the warranty was renewed for another 2 years The employees were very friendly and helpfull

Mauricio Souza: Amazing watches and one of the best brands all over the world.

Mattia De Gregorio: I was there yesterday in the late afternoon, I think it was obvious I was just browsing there without any intention of buying and despite this I was followed by a very kind saleswoman, very helpful and very prepared on the characteristics of the different watches I tried (something not so obvious at the nowadays). A truly enjoyable experience!

Sebastian Heydecker: The Tissot world opens up and lets you see everything you want. Space not huge but enough. If you want to see the watches more calmly, at the back of the shop there are two separate tables to see the watches and get useful advice and explanations from the staff. Very kind and prepared saleswomen on the product. They know every detail well. If you are thinking of getting a Tissot watch, you are in the right place here. They have their entire range available.

Simone Baretta: Just bought two watches! Fantastic service sales assistant was great thanks Walter

13. WATCH M DIAMOND - Municipio 1

· 177 reviews

Via Vincenzo Bellini, 13, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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WATCH M DIAMOND: what do users think?

Antony Cooke: To say that the purchase of my Vacheron Constantin was unique in my experience is an understatement. Not only was the dealer (Watch M Diamond) honorable in the extreme, following through with my every request, but even more so in including a unique package of documents and an extraordinary case—all of which he could just as easily have sold separately. These items are rarities; no one would have noticed. The sale was carried out with no pressure whatsoever, and I felt complete confidence throughout the transaction that I would not be disappointed in the watch or anything else. How true that turned out to be! It represents the finest in value and I could not be more pleased. Thank you!

Kevin DAHAN: Very good experience with Mirko.I recommend 100%

Arondie Tan: Bought a watch and is perfect as described. Extremely fast packaging though shipment took a bit of time due to country of origin regulations that required customs clearance and declarations. Delivery was safe and proper. Highly recommended and thanks to Matthew for his ever quick replies. Highly recommended!!

Luca James Cogodi: Fantastic experience within the boutique. I was looking for a 116520 Rolex Daytona that I was struggling to find in very good condition. I stumbled across Mirko’s Instagram profile and started to follow his shops page. I contacted him and within a week he had found the watch for me I flew from London and collected it. What an excellent service. Thank you WATCH M DIAMOND.

Justin Pak: Purchased an incredibly hard to find AP that I saw on their Instagram and website. We communicated over WhatsApp and despite the time difference (I am located in US), Mattia was responsive and answered all my questions. Payment was smooth and the delivery was fast and very secure. The watch came in perfect condition. This shop is the real deal.

Erik Bröms: Amazing exclusive watches store in a perfect location. The expertisen of Mirko the owner is outstanding and the service is on point. Would recommend every day!

Yulia Ozerova: I bought a watch for my boyfriend. The guys there are always SUPER kind and I felt that i can trust them.The shop is small but easy to find.They have also a wide selection of jewellery.

daniel schreiber: This seller supported my issue and is always will ing towork to make the customer happy!

14. Boutique Patek Philippe di Pisa Orologeria - Municipio 1

· 150 reviews

Via Pietro Verri, 9, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Boutique Patek Philippe di Pisa Orologeria: what do users think?

Salwa Khalfan: المكان فخم حبيت Boucheron, the place is luxurious, the staff are friendly, except for one. The door guard frightened me, unfortunately, the price came out more than I expected, I remembered 6 thousand riyals or 8 thousand riyals, 15 thousand came out 🤐 😢 I came out of the store upset tricks

Mariam Nasser: Lovely staff diana and maria were very helpful .. great collection

visakha ho: no photos allowed, friendly service, great exhibits. they allowed my cdc card but i also had a swiss doctors note of confirmation.

John Philip: My favourite boutique to shop. Gianmarco is my advisor, who is extremely knowledgeable and proficient. I have had numerous memorable shopping experience with this boutique and I strongly recommend that you seek the advice of Gianmarco.

15. Orologeria Duomo Milano S.r.l. - Municipio 1

· 111 reviews

Via Orefici, 2, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Orologeria Duomo Milano S.r.l.: what do users think?

Sam A: 2 mins from Milan Cathedral. Great location. 3rd generation horologist family business with a lot of knowledge of watches. Very good communication and client service. Speaks good English and the quality of the pre owned watches at Orologeria Duomo is very high. The service is trustworthy and reliable. Love my Rolex purchase and I will buy again in future.

Rafael Cid: I bought a watch from them in 2022. They always reply quickly and they choose next day delivery. 100% recommended, very professional dealer I would buy again!

Anne Morawitz: When in love with watches, you should definitely visit the store. The owner is an expert and offers a great service. We left very happy :) 🎁

Casper Larsen: I had the great pleasure of collaborating with Daniele for the sale of my Audemars Piquet watch. Daniele and Orologeria Duamo are amazing! Super professional and excellent communication. I felt in incredibly good hands, and the entire process was very well taken care of, I will definitely work with Daniele again for any sale or purchase I may have.

Neelam Saxena: No words to describe this beautifully designed structural building. It’s a must place to visit.

Bruno Compagnone: For the first time I approached the Duomo watchmaking in Milan and, I must say with extreme sincerity, I immediately felt at ease. Professionalism, availability, courtesy expressed to the nth degree by the owner of the company, Mr. Daniele, are absolutely tangible. Fine watches, all beautiful and perfect, at "fair" prices, for the greatest satisfaction of any enthusiast or not. Ultimately, it is a watchmaking that offers great seriousness and professional correctness in a "watchmaking" panorama of absolute depth. As for me, highly recommended! Seeing is believing ... Thanks. Bruno Compagnone

Andrea Lisotti: I had the opportunity to meet Orologeria Duomo Milano last week, after I came across an ad online for a watch I had been looking for for some time. My experience has been more than positive, if not excellent, for several reasons: - the product matched exactly what I was looking for; - the product description was accurate; - the price was really competitive; - clear, timely and cordial communication; - fast delivery times, not to say immediate (it took my bank longer to make the transfer than it took me to receive the watch). Sincerely recommended.

stefano: Serious and reliable with a superlative attention to the customer, both in the sale and in the post. My trusted watchmaker.

Boscher Stephane: superb transaction, communication at the top, Daniele answered all my questions with several photos and videos of the watch - he was very reassuring and sent fast and secure via DHL express after bank transfer, go there with your eyes closed, see you soon

andrea pigna: I ordered the watch on the internet. Shipping was fast, the watch it is perhaps even superior to how it was described, perfect! A pleasant experience that I highly recommend.

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