Best Coffee Shops To Work In Milan Near Me

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1. Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Milano

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Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Milano

Address: Via Cordusio, 1, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +39 02 9197 0326

Business type: Coffee shop

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Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Milano: what do users think?

Elena: What a beautiful place!! We were lucky as they were making nitro ice cream while we were there!! And we got to taste it freshly made! I am not a big fan of Starbucks but this was absolutely a must visit place! Very friendly staff, amazing coffee which smells great ( pistachio latte is a must try even if you are a black coffee person like me!!) Their patties were versatile and delicious!! I would definitely come back for the beautiful ambience!

Nikolai Sandved: Very easy to spend a lot of money for every collector of Starbucks item. Unfortunately the old standard cups is not promoted or sold anymore. This is a big mistake by Starbucks. I want to collect uniform cups from all over the world, but it is not possible anymore unfortunately. The Milan roasters are amazing. You can see them do the craftsmanship live. Impressive. We were lucky (?) meeting a sales representative that really delivered value. He was attentive and understand our needs, we ending up using over 200 euro …

Steve Thomas: I think it is for sure worth a visit. Only a few blocks walk from the duomo makes it super easy to get to. It’s in an old post office and it’s beautifully done. It is obviously a tourist stop and doesn’t have the vibe of a tradition Italian cafe but it is for sure an experience. Also if you are looking for the typical Starbucks country cups they don’t have it. They only have higher end fancy ones. Which I think are still worth buying. I went on a Friday night and there was a large line outside. But it wasn’t too crazy and it moved quick. I might return here just for a high end coffee drink.

David Hong: One of the most beautiful Starbucks Reserve. Absolutely beautiful concept. I was first hesitant to try this in Milan but they did a great job to fit into the greatness of Milan’s beauty. Very modern and sophisticated. Definitely worth the visit for the experience, but if you want just an espresso and pastries, I’m sure there are better options.

Gerald Walus: 5 star decor experience. The attention to detail was incredible, especially the timeline of Starbucks etched in bronze and the shifting coffee menu captured on a split-flap display complete with relaxing audio accompaniment. The reserve shop coffees were too sweet as usual for Starbucks although this is probably patron dependant. The staff themselves range from friendly & helpful to standoffish & apathetic, but leaning more towards the former catagory. As a Reserve store this is definitely worth at least one visit, though cautioned to go earlier rather than later as this store gets busy and stays busy.

Red Barker: Fantastic experience and I really enjoyed visiting this Starbucks Reserve today. The location is well laid out and offers not just Coffee, special reserve blends, beans and a decent patisserie section with a good range of options, but also pizza and multiple bars to sample drinks (with some non-alcoholic softer options too)! Definitely worth a visit!

Johnathon Edwards: First time going to a Starbucks Reserve Roastery and it was amazing. I highly recommend going for just a cup of coffee. We ordered the origin flight of coffee and a hot chocolate. We ended up sitting at the bar next to the clover brewers and the guy who made my coffee took initiative to explain the different brews the process and what makes this unique. I am highly expressed, thank you Roman. I will be back and recommend the experience.

2. Coffice Milano Sant’Ambrogio

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Coffice Milano Sant’Ambrogio

Address: Via Olona, 11, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30 PM

Telephone: +39 02 9157 3021

Business type: Coffee shop

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Coffice Milano Sant’Ambrogio: what do users think?

Katrina Teneros: Lovely cozy ambiance, delicious coffee and donuts, and friendly staff. I recommend the chocolate donut so good. not very sweet.

Fabiola Gironi: I stopped by this new super cute place on via Olona for a decaf cappuccino and a fresh healthy croissant with honey! The location is awesome with big bright windows and young personable service. Checked the back and surprise! It is also a coworking space that you can rent by the hours with free coffee included! Def will come back!

tarik ono: Went in here for some sandwiches and coffee. Sandwiches were excellent and made with high quality bread. I would highly recommend this cute cafe/co-working space for a quick lunch or snack!

Anannya Bhowmik: Coffee + WiFi + Comfy seats = great work. Reasonably priced. WiFi speed was good. Not too crowded, very close to metro station. There are some snacks available as well. I spent an hour there .

M. Tre: Lovely cafe with pretty interior, good coffee and friendly staff

Olivia Denisa: Amazing concept, amazing place and it was really quiet to work.

3. Orsonero Coffee

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Orsonero Coffee

Address: Via Giuseppe Broggi, 15, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5 PM

Telephone: +39 366 547 7441

Business type: Coffee shop

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Orsonero Coffee: what do users think?

Seohyun Stella Park: Nice and friendly staff with cute store, AMAZING COFFEE. I visited here 3 times while I was in Milan 4 days! Latte (they do Iced latte, lovely!), cappuccinos, and flat white were the best among for those I’ve had in Milan. Custard croissant and pistachios croissant were nice- it’s not too sweet which I liked!

Angela Petrovska: Great specialty coffee, with fresh pastries brought in every morning. Simplistic interior with a cozy charm, but be aware of the small number of tables available. Besides getting a cup of coffee, you can also purchase several blends as well as their home blend to brew at home. Staff also speaks English and are real professionals in the industry, having won several batista awards if I am not mistaken!

W. X.: The first cafe I tried out on my last Milan trip, great coffee and Croissant. Loved it. :) Price is top aswell. Sadly way too little space to sit inside. Still giving 5 stars for the good stuff.

Onofrei Andreea Teodora: The art of coffee can be definitely seen at Orsonero. The coffee is great but also the croissant is amazing. You can feel the taste of the butter in the croissant and is oh ma’ ga’

Manu Ganga: There is a reason why this place is highly rated and you can go visit this place without a second thought. The staff was friendly, the coffee was brilliant and the cake was delicious. Will definitely visit them again when I’m in Milan

Sanin Kadic: In 10 years experience as a barista i never seen worst organisation, hospitality and qualitay in my life... 40min wait for espresso that was so bad!! With this kind of work in my country or anywhere in the world u wouldnt last even for 3 days! Waiter is not slow! He is incapable of bringing 2 coffee cups at once? 30 people are outside and he brings coffee one by one. Like i said buy a tray or make a better organisation because i did not came to pay 20€ and wait 40min for worst experience in my life.Make a change because this is a descrase for the coffee industry!

Danny Pham: Croissant is fresh and specialty coffee is very good. I already try one espresso and one pour over. The beans are natural Ethiopia for espresso and washed Kenya for pour over. The barista is alway busy but friendly though. Definitely recommend!

Rafael Serato: I went there all the 3 days I was visiting Milan! Good coffee, I tried a really nice single origin Ethiopian espresso the pistachio croissants was super tasty! Congratulations guys 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Juliana 4pmmargaritas: Very delicious specialty coffee. This cafe is really small, but they have some tables inside and outside as well! Price was really good for such great coffee quality! Highly recommend

4. Starbucks Centrale

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Starbucks Centrale

Address: Piazza Luigi di Savoia, 1, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM

Telephone: +39 02 6671 2764

Business type: Coffee shop

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Starbucks Centrale: what do users think?

Εφη Κωνσταντίνου: Fresh and tasty-looking products. Non stop working staff BUT so slow service. We waited 20 minutes and didn’t even manage to order because we had to leave for Bergamo. They’d better hire more people to boost the order speed.

Daniela P.: I go to starbucks a lot and usually it’s all good, Been here a few times and once a barista made my coffee with normal milk instead of soy and when I asked her, she said it’s soy. I mean I was literally drinking the coffee so I could taste the difference which was not nice. Usually they just make you a new coffee. But other than that, staff was nice every time and everything worked well. Can really recommend the cream croissants as well :)

WPLP LADY: Good serviceVariety of drinks and snacks

Pingjiang Chen: THE SLOWEST-SERVING STARBUCKS STORE IN THE WORLD. Should’ve checked if this was a real Starbucks Store as the checkout process at the till was so slow that I was waiting for 10 minutes even there only were 5 guests in front of me. Here is the station where so many people valuing their time for catching buses or trains, in stead of spending meaningfulness time queuing. If you have some time waiting for your next trip and wanna grab a coffee, don’t go there because you will miss your trip as well as your coffee.

Lise Barlo: Theres not much to say exept that they served really good and delicious drinks. I got an Iced coffee with hazelnut and it was the best drink of the year. The location has a lot of options for seating like the glass house outside. There are outlets provided incase youre low on battery aswell. Would definetly recommend.

kevin luo: Conveniently located and having plenty of seats. The pastries here were very tasty, typical of a European store location. However the matcha green tea frappuccino was completely different tasting and having no matcha flavor. Not aware of intentional difference in beverage recipe between US and Europe, so it might just be poorly made.

Ekaterina Anguelova: Absolute chaos. Be prepared to wait a while for anything you order. Really cool space, but personally I would not go back. They were also out of one of only two non-coffee drinks offered here.

5. Starbucks Garibaldi

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Starbucks Garibaldi

Address: Corso Garibaldi, 118, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM

Telephone: +39 02 6556 0122

Business type: Coffee shop

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Starbucks Garibaldi: what do users think?

Yvonne Barth: Ordered a Chai Tea Latte which was nearly cold and the cup only half full. The worst Starbucks experience I’ve ever had! Not visiting again!

Diego Tapia: It is not the best coffee but the staff is friendly and you can spend a good time inside 🙌🏽Food: 3/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Lana: Great place for getting a cup of delicious coffee, some snacks and having a conversation. Personnel (barista Simone) is friendly and attentive to customer needs. Highly recommend!

Marthisse: Super pleasant and helpful staff , working friendly environment, many places to sit and work or study or just hang out with your friends . My fav Starbucks in Milano so far 🙂

Mohamed Alhebsi: Green pass is required. Service is good. You need to take care of bathrooms ita not flushing.

Denis Sandalini: The coffe was nice but the sensory overload from how the place is decorated and laid out is incredibly distracting. It’s also quite busy all the time. The place is nice and unique but it’s just too big for a coffe shop!

Harshika Jain: Unlike the usual menu of Starbucks USA, there are so many more options here which was really nice! Got a croissant and it was all warm and soft, so good! Perfect for a late breakfast, evening coffee

micahela aguirre: They taste good as any Starbucks, however, service and speed is NOT GOOD

Youtsen: The second Starbucks in Milan! You can order something different from Starbucks Reserve Roastery, Like frappe, Bagels and sandwiches... And also the city mugs! Though the drinks and food tastes good, the quality of coffee is a bit lower than Reserve Roastery Also the tables are small, in other words, it’s a bit hard for you to sit here or doing ur laptop works for a long time

Matteo Concas: Great flat white, but I feel it is a bit too slow the service.

6. Upcycle Bike Cafè

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Upcycle Bike Cafè

Address: Via Andrea Maria Ampère, 59, 20131 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM

Telephone: +39 02 8342 8268

Business type: Cafe

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Upcycle Bike Cafè: what do users think?

Mete Bilgiç: I have been there 7 years ago for the first time. From the first time until today, it has been one of my favorite coffeeshop in Milan. You can work with your computer except Sunday (if I am not wrong). You can fix your bike by using sometools for free, there are some tools in the shop. The personnel is very kind. I love Upcycle!

Oguzhan Kocabas: We a small group stopped for a short coffee break, the place looks like a university cafeteria. We ordered various coffees and croissants but not all of them were that good and tasty.

Albert Kołodziejczyk: Really nice place for studying and for coffee, and I love the bike themed design. But please be aware that the coworking times are limited. You’re allowed to work on your laptop before 12 and then between 15 and 18

Natasa Popovic: My favorite place to study and drink coffee (it is possible to come to study between 15h and 18h). Brownie and cheesecake in this place are also great!

Sreenjoy Chatterjee: Quite a fun place! Lots of good food options, coffee is great and tables to work from. Loved it, will definitely be back!

ceren yaman: I went there to study, however we couldn’t stay long since they informed us during lunch time tables were taken. There were some left, but we decided to go away. The idea is good, decoration with bicycles is “interessante”. It was quite crowded, there weren’t a lot of space given indeed. I’d not prefer going again considering also the location.

Paolo Bettoni: Could be a nice place but you can’t use the laptop from 12 to 15 so it’s super bad for working (and that’s kind of what is famous for)

7. Crazy Cat Café

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Crazy Cat Café

Address: Via Napo Torriani, 5, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM

Telephone: +39 02 8454 2739

Business type: Coffee shop

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Crazy Cat Café: what do users think?

El T: This place is lovely. There are many sweet cats just lying around. One of them came to the restroom with me because she was thirsty and she drank from the tap :D the service was very nice and friendly. The cappuccino was good, but the salty cake was little bit dry and boring. Otherwise we had a very pleasant experience and I would definitely recommend this place if you like cats.

C. Ketcham: We went for brunch and enjoyed the food and experience. They had three brunch times available. You show up at your desired time and they seat you when they are ready to start the group. To get inside, press the button on the door and they will come get you, so no cats sneak out. The staff is friendly and the cats are cute. After brunch it becomes more like a cafe.

Mandy F: Cute cafe with a few cats. The cats can be a bit eager when they see food though. Just push them away a bit harder so the staff won’t get is fine. Nothing special. Not cheap.Fun for a one time experience

Dru Lu: Interesting spot but a uncomfortable dinning experience. Limited seating and limited menu. Also limit in dinning time. This is not a place to relax over a coffee and desert. More like a themed restaurant or tourist trap. Definitely would not recommend to line up for the spot unless you are just in a desperate need to get some cats exposure. But the cats are cats and are more likely to hide away then come by your table and ask to be patted.

Lauren Gleason: We go to cat cafes whenever we travel, and this one was the prettiest and had the best food. We enjoyed our cocktails and appetivo snacks. I ordered the three chocolate dessert and it was delicious. Cats were very sweet! Highly recommend if you’re a fan of cats and want some good food.

Cat S: Good atmosphere and music and the cats were cute, and the staff were nice. Only thing that could have been different was that the lavender latte was a bit small of a portion, with the cup coming in only half full. However, it was delicious and I do recommend.

Lucia Rodriguez: Slightly overpriced cat-cafe near Milan’s central station. We only got a coffee (catpuchino) and a strawberry tee, ordering anything else would have made it become too expensive. We spent €11. You are only allowed to stay for 45 minutes and have a mandatory spend of €5 (including €1,5 for ‘cat therapy’). Cats are cute, of course and quite patient with the patrons. When we got there, we didn’t have to wait (around 17:30 on a Saturday), but a line started to form after us.

Lucy Cicéron: I loved my experience at the Crazy Cat Cafe. You are only allowed 45 mins inside and there are many regulations as to how you can spend time with the cats but you can truly see that they are happy which is the most important. Slightly overpriced: we pid 15€ for an ameowricano, a catpucino and a chocolate cake (including money that goes towards the wellbeing of the cats) but i believe its a one time experience.

8. Flagship Store Lavazza

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Flagship Store Lavazza

Address: Piazza S. Fedele, 2, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30 PM

Telephone: +39 342 841 1682

Business type: Coffee shop

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Flagship Store Lavazza: what do users think?

Vicki: I knew I had to visit @lavazzaofficial flagship store in Milan and it was so good! Loved the interior, elegant and not as crowded as the Starbucks roastery nearby. Service was great as well. Loved my coffee, and the daily special croissant was the best I’ve had throughout my Italy trip this time. A bit pricier than other coffee shops, but I’d say the experience definitely makes it worth!

Becca Freeman: The patio setting is one of the best in the city center for coffee. Seating opens onto a beautiful, less trafficked piazza and their patio seating is lovely and comfy! A cappuccino does cost €1-3 more expensive than elsewhere, but it is clear that they have a carefully curated taste experience- with the sparkling water to cleanse the palette, and wafer & chocolate to pair. I have visited about 4 times now, each time a good experience. Their servers are lovely, and never make you feel rushed.

Noorzidah M N: Great service by the staff. Nice ambience. Very clean and beautiful restaurant. The place was packed with customers during our visit. We ordered 2 hummus because there were so good. Focaccia salmone with spinach, Italia Massari, drinks and cakes. All were fantastic. The store is near Leonardo Museum. You must try all their food.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Mobin Youshin: I think it is the best place for serving coffee and cake around the cathedral of Milan. We ordered 3 latte macchiatos and 3 chocolate muffins with 3 cream filled Connolos decorated with pistachios. Accordingly the prices are a little bit higher than other places (and it is normal, cause they are Lavazza!), but both coffee and pastries are amazing and very delicious. It has also a very chic inside decoration. You can sit inside and also outside. As it is very busy, it takes longer to order and also get your orders.

Nora: This cafe is perfect at making coffee in every single branch I ve ever hadI had coffee couples of time in London.However i hope Lavazza provide more delicious sweet

Ishu Sikaria: Really loved the coffee, food and service here. Must visit here for a break from sightseeing as it is near the centre too. Do try the cake of the day if it suits your flavour. The one I had was awesome.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Viktoriia Zakorchemna: Cute place just a few steps from Piazza del Duomo. The waiter and service were good. Nice interior and design, clean place with modern furniture, and tables are well spaced out👍 They serve a portion of sweet popcorn with the coffees for free which is a nice touch. Coffee and dolci were good and tasty!

Aslı Aydın: Lavazza is one of my favorite Italian coffee brands and this store is just great. Modern furniture and design combined with delicious coffee is definitely something. It is a bit pricey but worth to spend a few more cents.

9. Starbucks Vercelli

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Starbucks Vercelli

Address: Piazzale Francesco Baracca, 10, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30 PM

Telephone: +39 02 4802 4629

Business type: Coffee shop

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Starbucks Vercelli: what do users think?

Lori Adamson-Salas: This is a great spot to grab some coffee/ snack and chill. There is a very spacious upstairs as well for lounge. My vanilla latte was spot on, so was my husband’s. My kids enjoyed the pastry items. Baristas are sweet and helpful as well. Completely recommend. Edit to add: I came here a second time because why not? I enjoyed my first visit and I enjoyed my second as well. This Starbucks has some very good iced lattes and I was surprised how inexpensive it was for all that we got.

Jayson Ramirez: I miss belgian waffle i use to have in Asia. Hope they serve it here too..This specific starbucks is the best place to stay for a while like for work chille etc. The others are too small or busyFood: 3/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Elizabeth Glanville: Fantastic experience! Kids loved watching the roastary in action..staff were friendly and very helpful. Definitely a place to see, especially for coffee lovers.

Yuki Takahashi: This Starbucks has the second floor (primo piano) which is very quiet and cozy. There aren’t many seats, but it’s usually not very crowded either.

Bearded Traveler: Well it’s Starbucks, but not Starbucks like in the US. Kind of disappointed. I have been on travel for 50 days in Italy and I just wanted a little taste of the states. Fell way short.

john ronato: i bought today the new flavours passionfruit and banana split, i dont know if its the lady who made that makes it taste so bad, worst flavour is the banana split, both are bad but the banana split is a complete waste of money, i think the managers should taste it before selling to the public.. considering its expensive price, customers should get the best

Ola Alshaikhli: it’s alright no outlets that actually work or regular coffee- americano only

Carolina Reyes: Super good to work/study. Service is a bit slow, and second floor needs more frequent cleaning. Employees are kind and you can see they are trying their best tho.

10. illy Caffè

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illy Caffè

Address: Piazza Gae Aulenti, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +39 02 6556 0331

Business type: Coffee shop

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illy Caffè: what do users think?

Justine Corbitt: We came in for some hot chocolate after spending the day in the cold. We got 3 normal and one pistachio. The pistachio was different, but not as yummy as the normal one was... Although still very good. We were seated immediately and the waiter was very friendly. He offered us tiramisu shots for 0.90€ and we happily accepted! They were SO good, and the perfect size for when you just want a little something. Great service and great hot chocolate!
Response: Good morning Justine, we are happy to read your kind words upon your latest visit. The satisfaction of our guests repays our daily work, and it’s a pleasure to know that our offerings and service have made a cold day become a little warmer and happier. Our entire menu is based on fresh and highly selected ingredients, which become the perfect match for all our coffees, teas and, of course, tasty hot chocolates. Come back soon and with spring just around the corner, we’ll do our best to amaze you and make you live the authentic illy experience once again. Have a nice day. illy Caffè Team

Nadin Városi: The croissants and the coffees were very delicious. The waitress was nice and helpful and the service was fast. We really liked this place.
Response: Good morning Nadin, it is a pleasure to read about your experience at our illy Caffè. We are happy that you enjoyed the quality of our food and coffee options and that the service provided by our staff made you feel welcome. We hope to see you again very soon to introduce you to many more recipes and coffees and make your stay in Milan even more special. Have a nice day. illy Caffè Team

Ziyad: Average placeThe service not so goodAmerican cafe a little bit coldHowever the termaso sweet worth to try
Response: Good morning Ziyad, we are sorry that your visit to our illy Caffè Gae Aulenti did not meet your expectations because the satisfaction of our guests is our top priority. Our staff is at your disposal for any request or information and we would have liked to contextually intervene for the American coffee that you felt was too cold. We are glad that you enjoyed our tiramisu and we hope to having you as our guest again, to win you over with the authentic illy experience, made of attention to detail and an attentive and courteous service. Have a great day, illy Caffè Team

Amelia Cornoval: Last week I went with my friend to visit Milan for the first time and since I love coffee I could not resist the temptation to get one when we passed by the Illy Caffe. I had a cappuccino and a croissant while my friend opted for a flat white. The coffee was the most delicious one I’ve ever had and the croissant was the perfect choice for breakfast. Everyone in the cafe was so kind and nice to us especially since we could not speak much Italian (but we tried :)). Delia was amazing. She translated everything for us to understand and even advised about the places that we could visit after we left the cafe. We will be definitely coming back and also recommend Illy cafe to everyone who will go to Milan. 10/10 😃
Response: Good morning Amelia, reading your review is pure joy for us and we are happy that you decided to stop by and visit our illy Caffè in Milan. We are pleased that we were able to delight your breakfast by preparing your cappuccino to perfection and serving you a nice croissant. We invite you to come back soon! Delia and all the staff look forward to having you back to offer you another lovely experience. Have a great day, illy Caffè Team

Valentina Buciuscan: Delicious coffee, tiramisu and lovely staff 😊 . The cafe is located close to the most touristic places so it is easy to grab a coffee and get back to explore the city.
Response: Good morning Valentina, thank you for stopping at our illy Caffè Gae Aulenti during your explorative walk in the heart of Milan. We are happy that you enjoyed being in our company and that you fully appreciated the perfect combination of flavours given by the tiramisu and our 100% Arabica coffee. We look forward to seeing you soon for another visit in the name of the unique illy taste. Have a good day, illy Caffè Team

Mark Etios: beautifully immersed in one of the most significant metropolitan frames in Italy. equipped with every comfort necessary to spend a few hours alone or pleasantly in company. IT offers excellent service with attentive staff, never vulgar, always smiling. with top quality products. The inside room has corners for exchanging sweets secret or simple opinions. the café counter is always very popular for a quick breakfast. or just for a simple coffee. Enjoy it !!! ;-)

Oleg Borisov: Great place for an aperitif!Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Gabriela García: Nice coffee and good service. It’s rare to find nice and polite waiters in Italy, it is the case here so I was happy.
Response: Good morning Gabriela, thank you for sharing the details of your latest experience at our illy Gae Aulenti. We are happy that you had a good time in our company and that you were able to enjoy the authentic illy experience, made of taste, thanks to the very high quality of our coffee and an always attentive and friendly service. Looking forward to meeting you again, we wish you a good day. illy Caffè Team

11. Cafezal Torrefazione Specialty Coffee

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Cafezal Torrefazione Specialty Coffee

Address: Via Solferino, 27, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +39 02 6269 5506

Business type: Coffee roasters

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Cafezal Torrefazione Specialty Coffee: what do users think?

Justin Wong: One of the much beloved specialty coffee joint in Milan whereby there are plentiful of coffee options within the city. Located near the Pinacoteca di Brera, this coffeehouse boost some good selection of beans for pour overs. Their house blend consist of a 2 blend mix, that gives a stronger roast and more in-depth chocolatey finish whether it is white or black coffee selection. Pour overs are straightforward selection of different countries/regions. Pricing wise can be considered affordable as the cheapest drink is less than €2. A delightful find for travelers looking for good coffee and great hospitality, as the cafe is certainly enjoyed by everyone within their coffee community.

Rafael Serato: I really enjoy my geisha filter coffee and my chocolate cake. The costumer service provide by Axel was very good and friendly I hope all the coffee shops staff would be like that. Yes, for sure I recommend this place! Congratulations Cafezal team! ☕️

Satoshi T: It is a specialty coffee shop that serves coffee so good that I, who never drank any coffee in my home country of Japan, became a coffee addict. The baristas are all very knowledgeable about coffee and super friendly. I go there almost every day. They also have delicious sweets such as Flan and schiacciata to accompany your coffee.

Juliana 4pmmargaritas: Great cafe, huge space so pretty. They have coffee from all over the world! We tried their cappuccino and it was really great. Ended up buying some beans to take home! Staff was super friendly and helpful explaining to us the different coffee types, even gave us an expresso to try! Love this place

Faris Alh: This is the true speciality coffee shop, We started with a flat white which was so delicious and perfectly made, I found this not enough to me and i got a cortado also which was also so excellent, and we ended our pleasure with a wonderful anearobic coffee V60. I was so happy in this place and out minds was blown by how excellent their coffee are, the staff were very friendly and welcoming, the coffee are roasted at the same place, the shop was beautiful inside and you can find a lot of coffee equipment for sale for V60, aeropress , est.. I strongly recommend this coffee place to taste the real specialty coffee in Milan because it is very rare to find places like that
Response: Thank you very much!

Victoria Sweeney: Amazing coffee! We had flat whites (I had decaf!) and they were so good! Plus, the staff are so lovely too. Definitely recommend!
Response: Thanks for the 5 stars!

Marcus Zoey: One of the best espresso & cortado I’ve had. Very well extracted Ethiopian beans. Fruity, sweet and balanced. It’s probably one of my favourite specialty coffee thus far. Happy to have found this one in Milan!

Aliaksei Tuzik: Very adorable place! Cappuccino and cortado coffees were gorgeous, very well balanced. The desserts were great too, not too sweet. The prices are reasonable considering the high quality. Recommend!
Response: Thank you! We are happy with the positive feedback.

12. Caffè Pascucci

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628 reviews
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Caffè Pascucci

Address: Via Vittor Pisani, 31, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +39 02 6671 2248

Business type: Coffee shop

Near Caffè Pascucci:

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Caffè Pascucci: what do users think?

Omar Khaled: I finally found the perfect cafe in Milano. I’ve been trying random places around Milano for the past year and although I fould a lot of great places, I think that this place is my favorite. I was staying next to the Centrale station for a week so it was very close to me. I started going there every morning to try different things. Let me just say that this is one of the very few places to have both great pastries and coffee. They have a huge menu of almost everything you could want to try. Beside their great location, classy design, and great food, their prices are actually very good.

Leo Yuan: Fast and friendly pay and pick up at the counter cafe. The pistachio croissant was delicious and the filtered coffee was perfect for this tourist. Together with a cappuccino it was barely five Euros. Would recommend.

Софья Чернышкова: One of the best cafes in the area around central station, coffee is amazing, food is good, and prices are really reasonable. Thank you!!We paid for this breakfast €16. Highly recommend the small pastry with apples!

Lama AlTayeb: Very good breakfast. The choco pancakes were amazing. The turkey club sandwich was pretty good but has zucchini in it which isn’t personally my fav. Their creme brioche is amazing as is their cappuccino and oj

Pepper Poppins: A place that joins International coffee day but sadly the espresso is bitter. However, staffs are extremely kind sn helpful. The location is a little bit hard to find even though it is a big street.

Thomas Roeder: Nice, laid-back city vibe to this place. I got a brownie shortbread slice: 3 EUR for a small slice. Too expensive Impressions on first bite: chocolate flavour not particularly noticeable, but decent texture and nicely buttery. Cool atmosphere inside with premium interior which maybe they would say justifies the relatively excessive prices Vegetarian options: I saw some vegetarian and vegan piade and sandwiches, but not really a ton of choice

Sandra Nyberg: Nice selection of good and fresh breakfast foods very close to the central station. Staff was friendly but a bit unorganized and our order came without the potatoes stated on the menu because apparently it was a lunch dish and not yet ready. Still charged full price so it would have been nice to know this information when placing the order.. Toilets were really dirty and the doors not really working.

Nic Harker: Cool cafe with great coffee and friendly staff.

13. Milano Roastery

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483 reviews
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Milano Roastery

Address: Piazzale Medaglie D'Oro, 3, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +39 02 8413 1149

Business type: Coffee shop

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Milano Roastery: what do users think?

Kinga Ambrozkiewicz: Great brioche! Pistacchio cream on point! The coffee also really delicious!! The place outside and inside is supercute. You may want to take your laptop with you and work there- this space has all the facilities you need and also free wifi.

Antonio Rybalchenko: What a beautiful place. History in every detail, customs interior design! Wanna see all of the roasteries all over the world Only 6 Starbucks Reserve Roasteries all over the World: Seattle, Washington (opened 2014) Shanghai (2017) Milan (2018) ✅ New York City (2018) Tokyo (2019) Chicago, Illinois (2019)

Ekaterina Moskvina: Ideal for breakfast or brunch. Amazing atmosphere, nice staff, delicious pastry and coffee. You can’t miss this place!

Krasimir: Good place, great atmoaphereDescent food and coffee choice!Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Marios P: Excellent little cafe with perfect coffee and nice little menu for food.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Kimberly Johnson: Plenty of space, wide selection of coffee and coffee based drinks, also tea. Good breakfast items, lunch also available. Can study / work outside of lunch hours. Perfect for meeting someone over coffee.

Natalia Censi: The cakes and smoothies are good, however I have been to better places here. The service is rude and stressed us to sit on a table in some dark corner even though the place was empty.

14. Gogol & Company

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1043 reviews
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Gogol & Company

Address: Via Savona, 101, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2 PM ⋅ Reopens 4 PM

Telephone: +39 02 4547 0449

Business type: Book store

Near Gogol & Company:

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Gogol & Company: what do users think?

Marcella Nicolini: The kind of place that makes you happy. Great atmosphere, great book selection, and great tea selection too!

Mert Mermerci: We went there on a Saturday evening, hoping to read and chill for a little while. Even though all of the chairs on upstairs are available, they did not let us to sit there. They said it is a study area and we stated that we came there to read; first they said ‘if you spent 10 euros you can sit’, then we agreed to spent that amount and they did not let us to sit. I cannot name it other than a malice and ungracious attitude. Never again.

Juan R: Very nice book store. Decent working space.

Emily Parlapiano: One the most unique cafés in Milan, my favourite so far. Here you can eat an amazing breakfast and stroll in a unique library. The place is super cozy and the guys are very nice, always recommending interesting readings and trying to find the perfect book for you. There no place like Gogol

Seher Ulusoy: We took a long way from the centre just to visit the cafe. We asked for a space to read for a while. Neither to sit nor to eat they allowed us to take a seat! There were plenty of seating available and rejected this simple request..

Natalia Pemper: Great atmosphere, amazing place to study or work, friendly staff and good coffee

elisa della scala: very good book selection with nice laptop friendly bar

Regina Zimmermann: My favorite café in Milan for studying while enjoying good coffee. You can get some inspiration in between while walking through the book store and often there are some nice evening events with authors/musicians.

Asya T: Great place to study, work and grab a bite to eat. Amazing selection of books as well. The staff is very friendly and pleasant. Highly recommend if you’re in Milan!

15. Torrefazione Moka Hodeidah

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513 reviews
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Torrefazione Moka Hodeidah

Address: Via Piero della Francesca, 8, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +39 02 342472

Business type: Coffee shop

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Torrefazione Moka Hodeidah: what do users think?

Gerald Walus: A typically Italian coffee shop to start the day. They serve a very good cappuccino with excellent service. Seating/standing space limited to best to go early. Well recommended.

alexe ioana dolores: Beautiful little coffee shop with a lot of history. The owner and his girlfriend are amazing people. The coffee is really good and their specialties too. The sweets, especially the different kinds of biscuits are the best in Italy! The chocolates as well, amazing. I fully recommend this place.

Jessalyn D: Very friendly staff and I dare say the most delicious latte macchiato I’ve had in my life. I just moved nearby so this will probably become my go-to spot.

Dan C: Worth the walk out of the main square of Milan. Coffee is coffee, but freshly roasted coffee from locally roasted beans is just a little better. So much local traffic in and out of this little store. Brought some bags of whole beans home and have enjoyed it immensely. Staff is informative and ready to talk about what they do best.

Jane: Bellissimo! Mi racommando :)Amazingly friendly staffs are here !I visited here through searching, but when I was literally there, I dunno what to choose. Nice staff recommened strong espresso for me, and I enjoyed it.

Suhail Al Arai: Lovely coffee place and huge variety in bean origins. Wish you all the best. Thank you for serving such quality coffee.

Phipsi K: very nice coffee place with speciality shop!

Nathan Jamin: Best coffee in Milan they say. Quick espresso shot at the counter, and you’re set for the day. Loved everything about this little gem.

sayfuldeen salem: The best place to order your coffee how you like itService: 5/5 …More

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