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Hays Antal International Milan Italy Jobtech SRL ALI Agenzia per il Lavoro S.p.A. - HR Business Partner Filiale di Milano Randstad Italia Manpower Magnolia soc coop Familystaff Movejob Milan C.M. Consulting Staff Ho.Re.Ca. Radar Consulting Italia Randstad Italia CE.SVI.P Lombardia Job Italia Spa


1. Hays - Municipio 1

· 69 reviews

Corso Italia, 13, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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Hays: what do users think?

Maurizio Russo: I have had several bad experiences with recruiting companies while looking for a new job, coming across unskilled staff. Instead HAYS has revealed a beautiful reality, top levels both as work proposals and as personnel, always present to give advice to face the interviews. VERY GOOD

Annalisa S.: A serious, precise and reliable agency. I was followed by Gabriele B. and he was a great support and intermediary in the choice of starting a new path.

Mishel Xoxi: I had a great experience with this agency! Qualified staff, very polite and always present for any request or doubt. I was followed from start to finish. I highly recommend the Hays.

Mauro Locati: First job search experience assisted by a Hays consultant. I truly have no words to express my gratitude for the support and professionalism received from the first introductory phone call. If the opportunity arises again, I would go back again without hesitation

2. Antal International Milan Italy - Municipio 1



· 41 reviews

Piazzale Luigi Cadorna, 4, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Antal International Milan Italy: what do users think?

Pratik6: Went there yesterday. The madam at the front desk as she provided me with the relevant information and updates on the projects and timelines. Thank you so much.

beatrice radaelli: Undoubtedly professional company, distinguished by a tailor-made service and competent professionals. The consultants are extremely helpful, they accompany the candidate step by step throughout the entire selection process.

Alberto Falca: Company made up of serious and professional people. It is the first time that a personnel selection company is so prepared in the specific research field. I highly recommend.

Paola Prandi: Excellent search and selection company, with many job opportunities both in Italy and abroad. Absolutely recommended!

Giulia Depa: Very knowledgeable and kind consultants!

3. Jobtech SRL - Municipio 1

· 44 reviews

Via Borromei, 6, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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Jobtech SRL: what do users think?

Gianluca Celario: I found very professional and friendly staff, who followed me in all phases, from the interview to the management of the bureaucratic aspects, and who helped me find a very interesting job position. If I ever need a job agency again, I would definitely go back to them.

G. B.: I have worked in the past with various agencies with high-sounding names but poor quality in terms of presence, especially in times of need. I consider you the TOP in your sector! Professional and present!

Alice Di Domenico: FANTASTIC. Best job agency ever. They made my selection process really special and well followed. Vittoria and Asya were wonderful. Trust JobTech !!!

NOOR AHMED: Thanks to Eleonora I found the right job for me within a few days. She was very kind and very attentive to my needs, as well as always available to help me and update me on the progress of the candidacy. I recommend Jobtech to everyone.

Donatella Lepore: Excellent job agency. I had a good time.

4. MAW S.p.A. - Municipio 1

· 145 reviews

Piazza Armando Diaz, 1, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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MAW S.p.A.: what do users think?

Federico Ferretto: My contact person (Martina) immediately proved to be very helpful and above all very professional, all the experienced and trained staff. The selection process was carried out transparently and correctly. Super recommended agency

Valecinzia.teo Ferrari: Reliability, professionalism, availability. These are the first 3 adjectives I have in mind when thinking back to direct experience. I thank my interlocutor Martina Barbetta for all the support received in guiding me to the recruitment. Thank you and you are really an added value

Katia Bulygina: Professional and very good! I was lucky to be followed by Carol S., she was always by my side from the first phone call to the signing of the new contract. A TOP experience!

Martina Guerci: Extreme competence and professionalism, kindness and humanity always make it pleasant to talk to them for their talents and the ability to listen and address in a courteous manner, not to underestimate the availability and availability in case of help or further information. Well done and well done to everyone!

Camilo Cordoba: Very friendly, professional and helpful. They follow you step by step in finding a job that is suitable for your needs.

Kate Tadrzak: Very positive review. They always answered all my questions comprehensively. In particular Elisabetta prepared and very kind.

Andrea Ottobrelli: Very kind, friendly and professional. I was followed by Sara Guidi, a prepared, friendly and helpful person. From the first contact to the final interview, she stayed by my side, giving me valuable advice and support. Flawless and conclusive work. Thank you

Maria Cordova: I was followed by very helpful and friendly girls!

Gianmarco Lupoli: Being part of a particular niche in the IT industry, I often get contacted by recruiters. About a month ago, I was contacted by Alberto, MAW Men at Work consultant, who was good at capturing my attention for the new job opportunity. He particularly impressed me for his professionalism, never leaving anything to chance: extremely pragmatic, honest and who does not get lost in trivial questions or that can make the candidate uncomfortable. This immediately led me to be very honest with him. His honesty has rewarded both of us and has led us to reach the goal with serenity. Thank you GL
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5. MAW S.p.A. - Municipio 4

· 195 reviews

Corso Lodi, 58, 20139 Milano MI, Italy

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MAW S.p.A.: what do users think?

Lilian Igbodianya: Positive: Professionalism, ValueI have been working under many agencies but this @MAW Men at Work s.p.a. I found really comfortable working with them, there because they are always available to help when needed and they are also friendly, am really having a very good experience while still working with them.

prosper ehire: They are reliable and nice people

Vanessa Rivera: I personally can not help but praise Maw from the heart, but above all Eleonora Riboli. She followed me and continues to follow me flawlessly. I am satisfied with his professionalism, kindness, clarity and timeliness. You ask her A and she anticipates the whole alphabet. I have never had problems with information, Eleonora has always been clear and transparent, very helpful and precise. They are a very serious agency and Eleonora fully confirms it. You can see that they care a lot about their employees. I am very happy to be followed by them !!. More than satisfied !!

erik acquaviva: I was very well received and I found really competent and kind people. Thanks to them I have found a job that I like and for any need they have always given me a quick response. Highly recommended

Emiliano Bonanomi: Girls I am a 57-year-old person I could not find work one day by responding to an advertisement from the MAW of corso Lodi I returned to the world of work, after several contract renewals the company hired me for an indefinite period so I wanted to praise the MAW of course praises I wanted to praise Ada for her seriousness and ability in her work and finally I wanted to tell all people looking for work to never give up trusting that sooner or later the goal arrives

Chris Ule: Excellent agency for work with qualified and kind people. For now, everything is fine.

Daniel Barazzetta: Professionalism, the word that describes this branch. Special thanks to Riccardo who helped me find a job that suited my profile in a very short time. All the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

Alessandro Del Conte: I got to know Marta, who took care of my application and found me a job. A beautiful person who cares about others. Nice venue and good everyone, Ale

6. ALI Agenzia per il Lavoro S.p.A. - HR Business Partner Filiale di Milano - Municipio 1

· 133 reviews

Via Larga, 2, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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ALI Agenzia per il Lavoro S.p.A. - HR Business Partner Filiale di Milano: what do users think?

william william: Positive: Professionalism, QualityThey have been very helpful and always professional. It’s a pleasure to work with them.

Sara Passoni: One if not the best agency, competent staff, always available and looking for the best solutions. I had the opportunity and honor to meet Laura, a true kind and serious professional, now rare people like this. What about Ali a guarantee

Eufrasia Perrotta: I found myself very well in the experience with ALI, above all Arianna assisted me in a professional and attentive way in the job search which was then successful. She was present in the various selection stages providing support and useful advice. Thank you so much! Highly recommended !!

Chiara Motisi: I had never worked with an employment agency. My first experience with Ali left me pleasantly surprised !. The staff was very professional, thorough but above all the kindness !. Good guys! 💪🏻😌

Chiara Liguori: One word: FABULOUS! Laura a certainty for years now, more recently I also worked with Arianna and the opinion does not change! Attentive to requests, available and above all quick and punctual. For me a guarantee.

Mariana Boriz: I discovered Ali by chance 😊 I must say that I had a really good time and everyone was very kind and efficient in helping me find a job. Congratulations to all the staff and a special thanks to Luca😊🤗

Tommaso Calderara: Very professional agency with a very friendly and helpful staff for all my needs or doubts about the world of work. Thanks to them I am now permanently employed in a large company!

Antonietta Calanni Rindina: Agency of serious and available professionals. And also kind and welcoming, which never hurts. Being able to be professional while also paying attention to the human side is no longer the quality of many.

Luca Occhini: Absolutely satisfied with the experience with ALI; they assisted me in a professional and careful way in the selection of different candidates. highly recommend! Thanks again!

7. Randstad Italia - Municipio 2

· 43 reviews

Via Roberto Lepetit, 8/10, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Randstad Italia: what do users think?

Francesco Pasetti: Professionalism, experience, friendliness. What surprised me most was the human contact established from the very first bars. I was followed step by step by Dr. Antonella D’Ambrosio, in all phases of the selection: from the interview to the signing of the contract. I was undoubtedly addressed to the best, in contingencies that are anything but simple.

lacky28 luca: Super kind and excellent to carry out any work problem

Neli Boaria: Micol, an employee of this agency, was fantastic. With dedication and a little bit of waiting, she managed to find the perfect job for me! Super nice and helpful, really good!

8. Manpower - Municipio 1

· 154 reviews

Via Gioacchino Rossini, 6/8, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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9. Magnolia soc coop Familystaff Movejob Milan - Municipio 1

· 38 reviews

Via del Torchio, 10, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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Magnolia soc coop Familystaff Movejob Milan: what do users think?

Alberto Settembrini: I turned to this agency at a time of great difficulty. They were very professional and kind both in the relationship with us and in the presentation of the applications.

M V: I turned to Magnolia at the suggestion of relatives who had used this Agency with satisfaction. I can confirm the satisfaction above all for the professionalism, the speed in identifying and proposing the ideal caregiver and administrative assistance. For now (2 months) all is well!

Fabio Ferri: excellent agency. I turned to Magnolia to find a caregiver. Extremely competent, kind and professional interlocutors who follow you in a personalized way. Always available even in the event of an emergency due to the need for personnel replacements. Extremely positive experience.

Arnaldo Andreoli: I am very satisfied with the professionalism of the Magnolia agency. They have excellently supported me in choosing highly qualified personnel for the assistance of my loved ones. I would also like to point out the speed of the assistance received

Giovanni Boccardi: I turned to the staff of Magnolia both for the selection of a caregiver and then for the administrative management of salaries and contributions. I found courteous and efficient people who helped solve my family organization problems.

Mela Tuzzolino: My family and I have been relying on Magnolia for several months for consultancy and accounting management and we found ourselves very well. Always polite and competent staff. Also with regard to the search for assistants to elderly people for whom we asked Magnolia for support, we were assisted and we are completely satisfied with the professionalism of both Antonella and Nicholas. We will certainly recommend this agency to anyone who asks us for advice in this area.

Arlette Cavalleri: I can only speak well of this agency, I personally contacted the office in Viale Montenero. In the past I had already turned to other agencies for the search for domestic staff, all of them asked me to pay a monthly salary right at the beginning of the trial, so they also introduced me and recommended very poor staff, inviting me to "try". Familystaff has a much clearer and more correct system; above all the lady who manages the Montenero office is very objective and she herself has always advised me on the most suitable people and discouraged people about whom I had doubts. Thanks to her, we have found a valid collaborator, kind, helpful and good-natured. The agency has never "abandoned" me, advises me in case of problems with the servant, always answers my messages and phone calls with courtesy and a great deal of patience.

10. C.M. Consulting Staff Ho.Re.Ca. - Sesto San Giovanni

· 37 reviews

Piazza Don Mapelli, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
C.M. Consulting Staff Ho.Re.Ca.: what do users think?

Salvatore Damis: Well what to say, Leading company in the management of extra personnel, in the catering sector, precisely the HORECA sector operating throughout Lombardy and French territory. Always available, professional and ready to respond to any business need. I personally was part of it for a short time ( unfortunately), and it was a unique experience, as well as being interesting and innovative. I highly recommend her to all caterers, hotels and restaurants that need extra professional staff. At the helm of the company you will find Carmine, a humble person who is always available for anything. Strongly recommend 👊👌💯 Savior

Claudia Baroffio: Collaborating with this company has always been a pleasure. Among the strong points we can highlight the constant research and selection of qualified personnel, the versatility in satisfying the different types of customer needs and the commitment (with excellent results) in creating a solid and compact staff. Very helpful and kind owner.

Briggitte Barahona: Very professional company, working with them is not only a pleasure, but also a privilege. The passion for their work there leads to a continuous search for attentive and professional staff. Attentive to customer care, C.M CONSULTING proves to be the right choice throughout the Lombard and Italian territory, for your catering.

LA LA: An insurance and a guarantee for an excellent result in the catering sector! Super professional staff, impeccable in details, utmost seriousness and cordiality ... in short, a set of qualities that lead to a result above all expectations!

vipama srl: Search and selection of HIGHLY qualified personnel, mainly in Milan and all of Lombardy, but also throughout Italy. Reliability and professionalism are the basis, both in the organization and in carrying out the work, they are the strongest. Super serious company.

Emanuele Totano: Purposeful, diligent, attentive and always on the piece !! Elasticity and adaptation to different dynamics and unpredictability, in short, an experience to sell !!!

Alejardo Tafa: Very professional staff, polite respect for their work, we always give our best to make the environment at ease in every area we are the best.

Rita Collavino: Professional, competent, attentive and very willing to satisfy any and every request from the customer .... I highly recommend C.M. Consulting ...

Roberto Paone: I have been collaborating with CM Consulting for years now, always finding professionalism and efficiency at the service of everything that interests the HO.RE.CA.

11. Radar Consulting Italia - Municipio 2

· 8 reviews

Piazza Quattro Novembre, 7, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp

12. In Job - Municipio 1

· 9 reviews

Via Giuseppe Marcora, 12, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
In Job: what do users think?

Giusy Maurone: Personally I am very satisfied with the service offered by In Job. I was followed by Alice Ricciardi (Milan agency) during a long selection process, which was successful and concluded with the hiring by the company. Alice has shown maximum professionalism and availability from start to finish. It was the best experience I have had with an agency.

Giulia Biancotto: Great professionalism in the management of the candidate and sensitivity and humanity towards the person who is experiencing an important change in life. Short times without being hasty, also available to clarify yet another doubt. Highly recommended

Sisir Biswas: Positive: Professionalism

13. Randstad Italia - Municipio 2

· 59 reviews

Via Vittor Pisani, 26, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Randstad Italia: what do users think?

Umberto Frascati: good quality self service very competitive prices

パパJinco: I got a mix grill and recommended lasagna. People in the store were also friendly, local people 90% sightseeing I felt it was divided. Aperitivo (all you can eat a large plate of pictures) is 17 € a bit expensive

Marivic Bravo Cuasay: I have been happy in any workplace and thanks to the trust of the Randstad staff. I learned various things in the restaurant business by coming from the clerical sector. However, in my opinion it also takes a part of the workers to have a lot of will, determination and determination to learn a trade now the work continues its evolution and as a saying in English "survival of the fittest".

14. CE.SVI.P Lombardia - Municipio 1

· 21 reviews

Via, Galleria Unione, 4, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
CE.SVI.P Lombardia: what do users think?

Gaurav Venkatesh: One of the sweetest people i have met and amazing services provided .

antonella avanzolini: How to be in the family all ready to support any clarification and advice. They have followed me with a unique work dowry and with the course I have overcome many insecurities ... I thank everyone and we will keep in touch.

MEILIANG ZHOU: Very professional and very kind

Gian Piero Pezzotti: I have never felt so comfortable with an employment center. Young, active, competent and professional people.

Aureliano Gelmini: Great professionalism and competence, excellent organization, I highly recommend it!

15. Job Italia Spa - Municipio 9

· 8 reviews

Via Carlo Farini, 56, 20159 Milano MI, Italy

Address Website WhatsApp
Job Italia Spa: what do users think?

Jamal Soulttan: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Alfonsina Petrucci: Excellent work experience, serious and professional, I hope to continue working with them

Erla Romero: Positive: Quality

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