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1. DILANDOG - Municipio 3

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Address: Viale Tunisia, 15, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 1 PM ⋅ Reopens 3 PM

Telephone: +39 02 3943 3974

Business type: Dog breeder

DILANDOG: what do users think?

Mahsa Goli: So expensive. They have their business on poor puppies.Please try to adopt, instead of paying 2500-6000 euro on a puppy!!!

Beatrice Neumann: Lovely place. Dogs are given so much love,and treated very well. Simply the best place to go

Nydia Vazquez: Beautiful dogs not so good customer service.

Danilo De Martino: The experience lived in this boutique has been SUPERB but above all the attention not to sell but to entrust you with a puppy to people who can lose it Care ... Luca the owner is a careful person in making sure of all this and recommending the best products to choose for your needs but above all for the well-being and comfort of your puppy. we will come back soon to see you thank you very much

Marta Viganò: Well-stocked shop, you will find what you need and something more. The kennels are comfortable and practical the coats are fun and warm, leashes of all kinds and then different items according to the needs. I had found rubber shoes that were easy to put on to protect the paws from the salt they throw on the street to melt the ice in the mountains. I have always protected my French bulldog. I also received a lot of compliments for the camouflage bomber jacket that protected it from the cold temperatures of this winter. The owner also gave me many useful tips for feeding my little dog.

Grazia M. S. Termite: I have bought my fantastic Chupito for two years now! A fantastic pug! When I arrived in the shop there was Luca, a golden boy who was always kind and helpful .... the love for these little puppies was clear! We still keep in touch today and I will always thank him for giving me this gorgeous dog!

2. Animal House Milano - Municipio 4

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Animal House Milano
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Address: Via Adige, 3, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 1 PM ⋅ Reopens 3:30 PM

Telephone: +39 349 555 9227

Business type: Pet store

Animal House Milano: what do users think?

Luca Cappelletti: Curious little place, with animals, animals food and everything in between. Their giant blue parrot scared the soul out of me.


claude feubea: Ok

Dennis Ortisini: I dont like thise place🤦🏻‍♂️

Filippo Castano: I was there for the first time last week to buy some accessories for the terrarium and I must say that they are well stocked, I found everything I needed! I would add that the animals in the shop are kept really well. I will definitely be back!

Anna Rizzo: Beautiful pet shop you can find many things and the staff is really very kind. Furthermore, which is very important to me, the animals are kept very well and well considered. Paco the parrot is beautiful!!

look meat: Never written a review for anyone but they really deserve it, I bought my dachshund at Animal House and in delivering it to me they were professional that it seemed like going to the NOTARY, to get it stripped I only bring it to them and in the end I leave it for them too retirement and also for dog education. In fact they always give me discounts just for me! :)))

3. Prince and Princess - Municipio 1

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82 reviews
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Prince and Princess
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Address: Via Meravigli, 16, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30 PM

Telephone: +39 02 7202 1088

Business type: Pet supply store

Prince and Princess: what do users think?

Susy Perna: I already knew the via meravigli boutique. But today I wanted to visit the new store in via montenapoleone. Beautiful store and friendly staff, prepared and very nice. Great variety of accessories and clothing. The prices are not cheap but the quality is high. I absolutely recommend prince and princess.

Annamaria Feroleto: Excellence for small wonders. Exceptional staff and fantastic owner. Attentive to customer needs. My Apollo was very pampered. Prince and Princess addicted: from the kennel to the harnesses.

Tania Sedini: I bought a gorgeous chihuahua last year who is my everyday love. Many puppies to choose from with pedigree. It is a retailer in the center of Milan and the prices for the puppies are high. I put 4 stars because they have so many really nice items for our furry children and the quality can be improved from the point of view of the materials used and therefore the value for money is affected. Regarding chihuahuas and pomeranians, you are spoiled for choice. I remember to be fair that the Chihuahua in the standard ranges from 1 kilo and a half in weight to 3 kilos, but most of the subjects that you will find for sale as an adult will easily exceed 2 kilos. If you are looking for a Chihuahua that does not reach 2 kilos, get information from breeders and veterinarians about the characteristics they must have before making a purchase. Overall I recommend Prince and Princess for the purchase of your puppy.

Isabella Pavia: Highly recommended. I went to the shop and I really enjoyed it: nice dogs, kind, friendly and professional staff. I know where to go to buy the little dog!

Marina Zannini: Competent owners, very kind, also available to change the purchased product, they follow you carefully and deserve the reputation of a SERIOUS shop!

Letizia Tarditi: Nice place but a saleswoman from Courmayeur was very very unpleasant, with all the good intentions to buy, we left. For me, kindness is everything. Especially in such nice places. Pity.

Francesca Radice: The best shop to buy a dog, groom it or dress it up. Super professionalism and courtesy !!

4. German Shepherd Breeding National Treasure - Gaggiano

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143 reviews
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German Shepherd Breeding National Treasure
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Address: SP236, 20083 Gaggiano MI, Italy

Telephone: +39 338 602 8176

Business type: Dog breeder

German Shepherd Breeding National Treasure: what do users think?

TsR__Ricky_ITA: I took Ayron, this puppy exactly one year ago on August 16th .... owners very, very nice and available if you need .... Alain, Beatrice, and Rosi very nice very good at their job you can see that they want us and passion in what they do ... this is a photo of my furry dog ​​that I took at 3 months ... and now he is 1 year old in short, the best kennel to get a German shepherd ...👍

Gaetano Marino: The professionalism and love of the owners and staff makes you understand how dogs are treated

Claudio Martelli: Beautiful place in the middle of the greenery .... thanks to Rosy and children for entertaining Wolf. Even if I live 35km away. Di distance is an ideal breeding to let your dog spend his retirement days in the best possible way.

Fernando D'Amico: Bought in August our semi-long-haired furry dog ​​... a beautiful example of German shepherd, Ayron ... Mrs. Rosy always available and kind .... Alain professional and competent, only flaw, Milan player🤣🤣🤣

Barbara Mazzi: The best breeding and retirement of German shepherds in the world highly recommended to anyone wishing to buy a puppy or retire his highly qualified personal dog Rosy is a force

Alessia Rizzo: A kennel run by passionate and competent people, always available for advice and for the necessary indications in the management of a puppy. I have to thank Alain in particular for all his precious advice and for giving me this unique and special love that is found in the man-dog relationship. I highly recommend it because today it is really difficult to find trusted and experienced people in this field.

Cristina Micol: I trust, a shepherdess who chooses me, enrollment enci no pedigree luck if sterile

5. Save the Dogs and other Animals onlus - Municipio 8

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Save the Dogs and other Animals onlus
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Address: Via Vilfredo Pareto, 36, 20156 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 1 PM ⋅ Reopens 2 PM

Telephone: +39 02 3944 5900

Business type: Corporate office

Save the Dogs and other Animals onlus: what do users think?

Mariella Tosi: An exemplary organization! Everyone must sign up to help these wonderful people help our animal friends in need!!!!!!!!!

laura bollani: It is a very active charity in various extreme situations, which operates constructively in the field, making a great contribution to the protection of friendly animals thrown, often treacherously, on the road. I gladly support them.

Luisa Nassano: WONDERFUL INDISPENSIBLE Association! with their help this summer we managed to save our beloved Isolt, our gratitude is and will always be infinite! a hug to all of you and forever THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL INFINITELY!

Roberto Boffelli: I support the association and have been registered for years. I invite everyone to support save the dogs directed by the great sara turetta. C.R. BOFFELLI

Leonardo Laratta: Excellent pizza as well as the kitchen. Pleasant and professional staff

Rosemeire Oliveira de Jesus: I ate like God!!! They are very good and correct!!!

Clementina Forconi: One of the most serious associations dealing with animals. Their results are amazing

Davide Lupo: Team of girls who really care about animal welfare. Well done keep it up

vincenzo donato: supporters Marco and Zaccaria

Giuseppe Schieppati: Well stocked and friendly staff

6. just Golden - Allevamento Golden Retriever - Lainate

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53 reviews
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Address: Via della Repubblica, 4, 20045 Lainate MI, Italy

Telephone: +39 340 057 0068

Business type: Dog breeder just Golden - Allevamento Golden Retriever: what do users think?

Eva Wennborg: when i decided to bring home a golden retriever from Italy,the choice was easy where from it would come the wait for 15 weeks before she cold go to Sweden Stefania sent pictures to me several times a week the most beateful little girl moved home to Sweden i can`t imagine a better and more poweful breeder

Keren Ramirez: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, ValueWow

Mario Liccardo: 3,300 ... These are the kilometers that we have covered in total to get to our SPARTACO, love at first sight !!! Followed step by step, by Stefania, a brilliant breeder, excellent, available, understanding about our many doubts or perplexities, before and after taking the dog ... and still today always participating in following the numerous progress and experiences of our puppy ! We are extremely happy and proud to have chosen the Is Just golden kennel, TOP dogs and breeder in Italy! Mario and Irene 🐶

Emanuele Maniglia: Deserved 5 stars, we are very happy to have taken our Kobe from Stefania who immediately proved to be available, competent and reliable (both before delivery and after). Well-kept kennel and magnificent dogs. Absolutely recommend!

Sonia De Girolamo: We got our first dog from this kennel. Stefania, the breeder, super helpful and kind who followed us right away, updating us daily with photos and videos of the puppies. Even after I brought the puppy home she became interested. Super available to answer all doubts especially for those who are at their first experience. Super recommended. We could not have chosen a better place.

7. Allevamento Del Ripa - Gropello Cairoli

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52 reviews
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Allevamento Del Ripa
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Address: Case Sparse Beccari, 27027 Gropello Cairoli PV, Italy

Telephone: +39 347 318 3897

Business type: Dog breeder

Allevamento Del Ripa: what do users think?

Gaia M.: Breeding of dachshunds and German shepherds very close to Pavia: professional, organized, very clean and surrounded by greenery. Competent, prepared and very hospitable owners. Simply gorgeous dogs.

Paolo Di Martino: Competence, professionalism !!! I have a Cocker spaniel, I have given training lessons at their camp, very very satisfied. They also do grooming. Advise!!!!!

Giulia Caroli: Excellent experience, tried both professional breeding (I took a chocolate brown Labrador) and retirement. Staff very kind and prepared, attentive to the needs of the dog. Super recommended

Marco Carbone: Professional, competent and super friendly staff, puppies of high pedigree and first-rate grooming. I highly recommend it!

Beretta Massimo: Finally a breeder who breeds out of love for the breed. Well done.

La zia Patty: It was a long time since I wanted a German Shepherd and I found the Ripa cattery on the internet, and from the site he immediately gave me confidence. I went to the place and the expectations are confirmed. I immediately fell in love with the puppy that I then took home😍🐕. Healthy, beautiful and full of vitality! For those looking for this breed it is a breeding that I recommend!

Enrico Rimoldi: I personally know the owner of the Ripa kennel as he entrusted me in the past with two of his splendid puppies, who are still my life companions ... person of extreme competence and seriousness, so much so that I have sent many friends to him who still thank me for having directed them there in the breeding farm. I like to visit the kennel often (to exchange 2 words with the owner and show him the dogs that are the result of his selection work) ... and I always find him impeccable especially in terms of hygiene Congratulations keep it up ... Bravo!

Beatrice bersani: Neat and clean breeding. The pension has large boxes and open spaces. The strong point is undoubtedly the professionalism and attention that the owner pays to the dogs and to the needs of each. I recommend this pension to all Milanese vacationers in Liguria, as it is located a few meters from the Milan - Genoa motorway exit.

8. Allevamento della Grande Luna - Vaiano Cremasco

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191 reviews
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Allevamento della Grande Luna
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Address: Via delle Foibe, 51, 26010 Vaiano cremasco CR, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 12:30 PM ⋅ Reopens 3 PM

Telephone: +39 0373 792342

Business type: Dog breeder

Allevamento della Grande Luna: what do users think?

Mario Del Priore: Super

Paolo Summa: We got a Jack Russel in December and it was given to us with the Giardia! To date, after repeated emails they have not yet sent the documentation of our dog and above all they do not respond to emails. Bad, and unfortunately they do Leverage on the feelings of potential adoptive parents!

Ester Franzini: Friendliness and seriousness in this kennel where we have just taken a wonderful puppy of miniature poodle. I recommend it for the beauty of the specimens and for the safety of those who want to adopt a furry dog.

roberto nani: I have known the owners for 15 years Truly exceptional and reliable and the farm vet is a really good and knowledgeable person. I highly recommend

IRINA SOUMAR: Beautiful experience ❤️ we found our Moon

Lorenzo Ricci: Excellent breeding managed by professional people, I bought from them in 2007 a tawny dachshund which is now 15 years and 6 months old

Nicola Passalacqua: Taken smooth-haired black Cocker puppy ... healthy and beautiful ... you can choose and block the puppies that are microchipped and withdrawn from the 65th day !! Lots of choice, beautiful pedigreed litters, wonderful Cockerinis !!! When you pick up the puppy they will provide you with dry food for the first month, dewormed and washed dog and Delivery of the health card. Highly recommended! Vote 8

Daniele Novello: What to say? I consider myself lucky to have "happened" to them and have chosen them to have our puppy. Kind, honest, always available and nice ... well-kept kennel ... you can breathe a familiar air in which you can immediately see how the dogs are cared for and truly prepared as it should be to be ready to go to their families ... and this is the result of the fact that for them it is not only a job .. but also a passion, and I say this having seen the difference with others. Congratulations, super highly recommended!

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