Best Restaurants With Live Music In Milan Near Me

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1. Le Trottoir alla darsena

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Le Trottoir alla darsena

Address: Piazza Ventiquattro Maggio, 1, 20136 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 4 AM

Telephone: +39 340 129 4288

Business type: Live music bar

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Le Trottoir alla darsena: what do users think?

şebnem sözcü: I had dinner Tonnarello Cacio e Peppe with White Wine. Their service was good! Quite nice place, and friendly stuff! I am not sure I like local Italiano that food, but I tried. Thank you :)

Krešimir Raguž: I visited all EU countries and I never left a bar after just 30 seconds. We asked for a table and a waiter welcomed us very friendly. Then my friend went inside and was insulted by a (female) staff member not allowing him to go to the toilet before making the order. We left after 30 seconds of this amazing "welcome experience". This is my first negative review anywhere, I hope it will help future visitors: judging from my experience, the policy is: you are not allowed for toilette until you placed the order and started to consume.

Elena Volkova: Great atmosphere! Live music! ♥️ open till 5 in the morning. The prices for cocktails 🍹 are average. You can meet people from all over the world 🌍 there.

Gino Franco Fazzi: One star too many. We chose the place because it seemed a nice corner under the sun, with good view. But they took 30 minutes to take our order. The waiter was very rude and said there was a problem with the table number, and that he would be back right away. We had to go find him afterwards, and he claimed "oh, I forgot". Instead of taking our order then, he said he was going to the table, but he did not come. After that, we just had to walk away.

Amanda M: Atmosphere is good, as many have said the cocktails don’t have a lot of alcohol in them. They check the green pass before entering. My wine was good and strong and Aperitivo was nice but not super big. Overall would come again and either stick with wine or on recommendation of my friend a Moscow mule

Philip Payseno: Rude staff, waiting 30mins for a coffee that never came, ended up just leaving

Brigitte Tornay: Much to loud music during the night…. Poor peoples who are living around that building…

Trond Nygaard: The drinks were awful. Returning our drinks I caught the waitress tasting the drinks we had tasted. Unhygenic.

Vahid Masmaliyev: One of very few bars in the area that is open till late (5am!). Awesome live music, chill atmosphere and friendly staff. Drinks are good but, fairly, overpriced. The disco upstairs is fine, not the best - music is super commercial.Overall, a very nice place to spend late night with your friends - I suggest.

2. Blue Note Milano

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Blue Note Milano

Address: Via Pietro Borsieri, 37, 20159 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7 PM

Telephone: +39 02 6901 6888

Business type: Restaurant

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Blue Note Milano: what do users think?

Dub Karriker: As a jazz lover and bassist I was excited to get tickets to hear Maestro Ron Carter on our trip to Italy. Unfortunately he had to cancel his tour for health reasons. However, the Blue Note Milan was gracious and arranged for us to hear another artist the next night with complimentary drinks included. It was a great experience! First class all the way. I highly recommend the experience.

Philip O'Mahony: What a fabulous time at the Blue note Milano. We watched Alexis Ffrench, he is a great pianist, if you ever get a chance to watch the fellow I suggest you do so. The food was nice here at the blue note and the venue is nice. Its quite small probably seats 300 to 400 guests so it feels very private. Great

Andy Fitzgerald: Terrible service. I attended an entire Jazz concert without being served a drink. "It is not my job" was the response of the waiter. Avoid. Very disappointed.

Maya Salimova: Very cosy and elegant place, excellent music! The Must in Milan to those who love jazz and blues music!

Danny Petkevich: Much bigger than the one in NYC. Great place to see a show

3. Ristorante con pizza & Live Music

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Ristorante con pizza & Live Music

Address: Vicolo Fiori, 2, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12 AM

Telephone: +39 02 3966 1149

Business type: Restaurant

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Ristorante con pizza & Live Music: what do users think?

Serhii L: The place is average. We came there due to the happy hour (see photo) and they mostly had some very basic stuff. Though it was not bad (even cocktails). As for the service, it was good in general. Will not return here but not a bad experience.

Jens Beining Jia: Friendly service and good Atmosphere. GHowever the Lasagna was soft and Carbonara was dry and salty. Steaks at the next table looked very good though🙂Food: 1/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Daniella Ortega: Tourist trap, we went there as a recommendation from a local to try local food at a good price. When we got there the waiter seemed very amicable however his mood changed when we decided to order a glass of wine, it seemed the waiter wanted us to buy the whole bottle and because we did noy want it he became less and less amicable. When I ordered a glass of wine he said we only have chianti (wine by the glass is 7,50 euros) and served it to me in a cery rude way. Overall the whole experience left me and my family a bitter taste. Food is satndard and expensive for what we had, nothing special, you also pay to sit there 3.50 euros on top of what you spend on food and drinks. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS RESTAURANT YO ANYONE AND WOULD DEFINATELY NOT GO BACK THERE.

Alla Tsymanovska: If you will come here from 17:00 until 20:00, you can get some aperitif for free, if you order any coctail for 10 euro. Nice place, nice people, really good food and super music are included!

Vida Kianzad: Excellent food and even more excellent service! Very friendly staff, made excellent food recommendations and everyone in our party truly enjoyed their dishes! Highly recommend 👌

Patricia O'Haver: Was this pricey for Italian standards? Yes sure. Is it pricey for US standards? Absolutely not. I had beef tartar for the first time and am glad I choose a higher end place to try it. The service was absolutely excellent. The bread was the best bread I’ve had in Italy.

Ansiya C: Wow !! This is an amazing restaurant with à lot of fun vibes . The food was delicious and we have had a great time. The staffs were very professional and welcoming

Valeria G - L: We ordered risotto a la milanese and pizza a la marinara, the food was delicious! Staff was friendly, just dont order ANY coffee... 5€ for a normal black most of the places the price would be 1,50€ ...Besides that coffee situation I enjoyed the dinner.

4. Nidaba Theatre - Live Music Club Milano Navigli

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Nidaba Theatre - Live Music Club Milano Navigli

Address: Via Emilio Gola, 12, 20143 Milano MI, Italy

Telephone: +39 339 347 7512

Business type: Live music venue

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Nidaba Theatre - Live Music Club Milano Navigli: what do users think?

Shawn Saunders: Giving it an average rating mainly because of the hours. I came all the way down and it was closed at 11:30… play the recorded jazz on Saturday night until late!
Response: We are sorry but in the summer the Live club is closed, on the website and on the social channels it is indicated. we hope you will come back to visit us soon. we are waiting for you!!

Kateryna Gundrova: Great experience! I reserved the concert very last minute, an hour before it. Great music and atmosphere, tasty cocktails, professional musical and light equipment, great quality of the sound. I liked a lot, highly recommended! The reservation is by WhatsApp, so just go on the webpage and follow the instructions.
Response: Thank you We hope to see you again soon

Milan Barancok: Great atmosphere created by friendly staff and by visitors (of diverse age categories 😉) alike. Life concerts are main attraction, ranging from blues and jazz to rock and even further. Amazing (albeit a bit crowded) place to spend evening and night.

Lorenzo Cons: Great free music (blues soul rock funk gospel etc) that you pay by spending 1 euro more on the beer (7 EUR). Top choice.
Response: thanks ..

Dana Golds: Very cool place, cool vibes, great music!! For live music night must recommended to come early, too crowded after it starts 😘

lyndsey hall-legallais: Amazing staff, super friendly. And very good live music. Totally recommend
Response: thank you!!!!, we hope you will come back soon

Varn V: Cool chilled blue live music spot. Lovely bar crew and a relaxing ambiance.
Response: thanks, see you next time

Consuelo Angioni: Cute, friendly jazz bar. The old style way. Good music and a cocktail are all you need to enjoy the atmosphere with a nice crowd!

Luca Bortolotti (Lentsch): Small and crowd, but really nice, great events and good atmosphere! Good music!

5. Garage Moulinski

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Garage Moulinski

Address: Via Antonio Pacinotti, 4, 20155 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30 PM

Telephone: +39 349 330 6000

Business type: Live music venue

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Garage Moulinski: what do users think?

Slavik Shoolman: Good food beautiful interior design eclectic music. What else can a man ask

Birgitta Kolte: We had a super nice live jazz jam this Friday night, grazie mille!! Great location to hang out with friends!!

Suzanne Pilch: A truly wonderful design and atmosphere- the ceiling is entirely see-through and you have the feeling of being somewhere far away from Milan and its chaos. A wall bottom to top with bookshelves makes you think of bundling up with a nice novel but a grand piano indicates that the evenings there can be a whole different kettle of fish. Another perk if you’re a driver and worried about getting there - quite easy to park and no need to pay. I had a great time and will be coming back soon!

Damon Papakiriakou: What an amazing bar ! We had great time listening to a super cool jazz trio. Highly recommended. Very friendly owner and staff. Thank you guys, we definitely visiting you next time we are in Milan

Paul Downes: An interesting venue with a tasty menu, great beer and excellent wines. Live music by professional musicians.

Johannes Emmerling: Very nice atmosphere, jazz and books, great selection of wine and beers, and very comfortable chairs!

Débora Sobroza: Great music, very good sound quality, nice atmosphere and kind staff. Went alone and still had a beautiful time at the Brazilian Jam Session. Recommend it and will be back.

Giosue Pugnale: Overpowered music, a bit expensive. Also for a musician is a good place to play, bcuz u are near to everyone and everyone is near u. U just get so much into it

Daniel Garcia: Nice atmosphere and great to see live music performance

6. Spirit de Milan

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4704 reviews
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Spirit de Milan

Address: Via Bovisasca, 57/59, 20157 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 AM Wed

Business type: Restaurant

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Spirit de Milan: what do users think?

Armands Fomicevs: Perfect place to spend night in Milan. Nice atmosphere good service and good music. Revival of formerly industrial area was executed perfectly. Would highly reccomend to visit this place when you are in neighborhood.

Christos Moschos: Amazing hidden paradise. Inside an old factory we found an amazing event the first time we visited and we had the chance to enjoy our food with live music!

Roberta Battaglia: I dance swing and that is the place to be. Amazing atmosphere, food is good and they always organise pretty amazing gigs

Saba Senobari: Perfect Drinks and nice environment,with local dances and dj

Behnoud Mostafaie: It is huge with lots of stages and nice bars. A very clever idea to convert an old factory and create such a nice place. The cocktails were not very good ...

Sebastiano Minardi: Really unique place where you can eat pretty good and enjoy different events (check it - depending on what is planned for that day). Overall experience - good so far!

Filippo: Very nice place in the North of Milan. A little bit far from the city center, so would recommend to get there by car. The place is within a old factory, and the effect when you walk in is very nice. The food was good, offering all typical dishes from Milan area. Service was a little bit slow but all the waiters were friendly and polite. Piano bar and live music right next door, which makes it a mandatory stop after dinner. Definitely recommend for a fun evening with friends.

Stefani: Lovely Sunday 15:30 jazz concerts, very intimate, wonderful musicians and a quality barman!

7. The Singer

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The Singer

Address: Via Giovanni Battista Pirelli, 1, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Telephone: +39 02 9924 6981

Business type: Restaurant

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The Singer: what do users think?

Marina Swan: Cozy place with good choice menu and friendly professional stuff . We spend here one beautiful evening and would love to come back

Felippe Vier: The place is huge, the decoration is cool! But the treatment of the guy in the cashier was terrible, he was so impolite and rude he couldn’t talk looking to the eyes! It’s sad because the place is amazing but the treatment not!

Анастасия Лебедева: So beautiful and relax place for special evenings💞Recommend

Sun Cordeiro: Great place for a dinner or aperitif with friends and dates! Amazing music ♥️

Полина Цветова: Perfect place for food and atmosphereRecommend❤️

M Da: €10 for the worst Aperol Spriz ever. Service was ok, but the prices are too high for the quality of the food and drinks served.

Chandelia St: This was the first time in Italy that I ordered spaghetti carbonara and I was surprised.It was so delicious.Kindly service.

Liza: Such a nice place with cozy atmosphere! Went there for the Valentine’s Day

st*george: Amazing place,with super good vibes and the staff friendly.Love it

8. Ronchi 78

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Ronchi 78

Address: Via S. Maurilio, 7, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2:30 PM ⋅ Reopens 6 PM

Telephone: +39 351 618 3476

Business type: Italian restaurant

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Ronchi 78: what do users think?

Jun Jii: A hidden gem on Via S. Maurilio. Happen to visit with my friend and had wonderful time. Short menu and specialized in meat whether grilled or fresh. Tiramisu is real thing here. More cheese and less, but not short, bread made a really yummy tiramisu here.
Response: Many thanks for your review. Please come back to visit us whenever you want.

Yağmur Yıldırım: Very good food and wines, impressive portions and presentations, lovely atmosphere, kind employees. We went there by chance and would definitely like to go back again. (There was no live music this night so the place was very calm)
Response: Many thanks for your review, very appreciated.

Melissa Matton: We wandered into Ronchi 78 and were really glad we did. The wine selection was fantastic. Beer was limited. The meat and cheese plate was great. The fig jam had some heat. The cheese selection was delicious. Our pasta selections were excellent-- Risotto and the tortellini.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Response: Many thanks for your review Melissa

Vasya Raksha: Service is great! They don’t have a large menu, but everything I tried was delicious. Huge choice of wines (especially French ones). Totally recommend for a casual dinner

Celine: RUDE STAFF. MEDIOCRE FOOD. EXPENSIVE FOR THE QUALITY. We didn’t even finish the food (we ordered risotto and pasta, both of which were bland tasting). Also, this it was first time in italy, and I must confess that I am not well versed in the cultural norms here. After a long day of touristy stuff, I was seated with a spaghetti-strapped dress, and the waitress (head waitress or owner I think, since she seemed to boss the other employees around) was glaring at me incessantly the whole time. I would have appreciated it tremendously if she had reminded me nicely of a more appropriate dress code. I had a jacket in my bag to put on anyway. Once she even came to ask our table: “Are you all done yet?” I will take that charitably as perhaps that she wanted to clear our table. But her tone was extremely rude. Don’t even get me started on the food. Can’t believe this place even has 4 stars on Google Reviews.
Response: Hi, we usually get positive feedback from our customers, both in terms of food and service. In any case, we thank you for the review and take it as an incentive to improve our services every day.

Irena Pasvinter: Historic decoration, great traditional food, friendly service.
Response: Thank you Irena We are really glad for your positive review.

Filippo: Nice restaurant 5’ walking from Duomo. Interior is really nice with Karaoke also available in the main area of the restaurant, downstairs. Dinner was tasty, had good tagliata with roasted potatoes. Service took forever though, and waiters also missed a couple of orders, so not great experience overall.

It's raneem Az: Worst service ever, the waitress was rude and very unhelpful I ordered a medium-well stake and they served me rare stake, food was really good especially the saffron risotto, but i would never come back due to the bad service.
Response: Hello, we're sorry for your bad experience with the service. Usually, in this respect, feedbacks from our clients are always positive but sometimes it can happen to have an off day. Anyway, it's our committment to improve our services every day. Kind regards.

Global Agents: Refined old school restaurant. Felt historic. Delicious down to earth menu. Try the tuna carpaccio. Sit at the street level dining room.

9. Jazz Cafè Milano

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Jazz Cafè Milano

Address: Corso Sempione, 8, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +39 02 3360 4039

Business type: Restaurant

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Jazz Cafè Milano: what do users think?

TaB: The best bar on Corso Sempione. Good jazz/house vibe. Friendly, accommodating staff. We enjoyed it so much we came back the next night. Apertivo food was good, a cut above most, but the drinks were excellent - Mattia is a supreme mixologist and he has a passion for his craft. I recommend the Jazz Tonic.

Kokila Lochan: Fantastic place to get a well-made cocktail - it really shines as the best on the street. Mattia, the amazing bartender did such a great job that we had to go back the next night - and were warmly welcomed like regulars! He ended up making us special drinks ON THE HOUSE, and refused to let us pay for them - such great drinks and such generosity. Looking forward to coming back the next time we are in Milan.

Ahmed Al Amri: The food was absolutely amazing! Excellent music and especially excellent service.. kudos to our host OMAR for the best customer service we got in Milan so far! Definitely coming back

samer radi: Love it and food was super tasty 😋

thialda bok: Had a great great experience at Jazz Cafe, the food was simply amazing and arrived at the perfect time. The staff was very helpfull when I wanted to change my order. The music was good and very entertaining but sometimes a little to

Ruzdi Berisa: The staff is very nice and the place is beautiful

Tamara: Friendly stuff, good food, great atmosphere. Highly recommended if you are in Milan :)

Jonah Taravaki: Great dessert, efficient service and very friendly staff!

10. Santeria Toscana 31

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Santeria Toscana 31

Address: Viale Toscana, 31, 20136 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +39 02 2219 9381

Business type: Live music venue

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Santeria Toscana 31: what do users think?

lisa maxon: Thank you. Great venue. Amazing staff. Will return anytime there is a jam band, rock, stoner, metal, funk. And even for just a beer.

Marica Innocente: Very hipster and expensive place, it started as a social hub, but I guess Milano vibes killed it. If you have minimum 15€ for a decent drink, I have to admit gin mix are very good and vegan or vegetarian options for food rocking. The staff is nice, also when very crowded.

Erhard Vespucci: Great experience, the food was great however the service could be slightly improved, however given how busy it was, it was satisfactory. Would recommend for an evening out with friends as the ambiance was great.

Francesco: Nice cocktails, strategic position even though not the best view facing on the main road. Good tapas, not a great beer selection although they have a draft IPA.

Soukaina Fellah: Nice place and good food. Juices are not fresh and coffe served a bit cold but I had a good time and the atmosphere is cozy.

Emanuele Klemp: Cocktail well done, cool concert and Good vibes.

Andrea Marchiotto: Amazing venue, cozy with great beers and small queue.

Nicolás Martínez: Great music, food, atmosphere, drinks. Anything you want in a place like the one you see in pictures.

11. Tom

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1601 reviews
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Address: Via della Chiusa, 1, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2 AM

Telephone: +39 351 061 8918

Business type: Restaurant

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Tom: what do users think?

Catarina: A little too loud due to live music starting early (10 pm). Food is ok, but a little overpriced. Service is busy, they forget some orders. Not a great experience.

Mim: I loved the design and the atmosphere of the place. Super nice and reminds of 1970s music and style. I loved the food and the service was so nice

Daniel Iglesias: Great environment with live music.. good food for the price but nothing too special

mariam archemashvili: really amazing place to visit in milan even during the week you can chill with friends here with a delicious food and cocktails for aperitif 🎉🤩👍

Bea Gazdeliani: amazing service, super delicious food, such a lovely place to visit!!

Mikael Burns: I had a great experience at T.O.M. Not only was the staff amazing, but so were the cocktails and food. They were also able to accommodate for my friend and I eating vegetarian

Daiane Meneghel: I had a super tasty risotto. It’s not costly. The risotto costs 10€. Service is good, but could be improved. I liked the experience :)

12. Frank Milano

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848 reviews
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Frank Milano

Address: Via Lecco, 1/A, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3 PM ⋅ Reopens 6 PM

Telephone: +39 02 9438 6799

Business type: Restaurant

Near Frank Milano:

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Frank Milano: what do users think?

Edward Voskerichian: Historical venue for aperitifs in Milan. As soon as we enter we are invaded by the scents of the kitchen and we observe a counter with amuse-bouche and finger-food, but also oysters and salmon. Accompanied by the waiter at the table we choose the orders. The restaurant is fairly well lit and the music allows us to have our business meeting. Account in the norm.

Photis Perperis: Nice place and big variety of coctails. Good music and beautiful people. Very kind and professional staff

Youtsen: The food of happy hour tastes good,But there are not so many selectionsWhat is more, the dishes are small with higher price

Phoebe Michelle: A great place for a cocktail! They gave a great selection of top shelf liquor from around the world and of course, a great wine list! Great place to gather with friends for a drink when in Milan.

Luca Vanzella: Cool bar, nice buffet and professional cocktails, with a nice dehors in spring and summer. Populated by wannabes, but a generally tolerable atmosphere in weekdays. On fridays and weekends it tends to be overcrowded so you should always reserve a table. Usually very quiet for lunch, nice salads and cold dishes.

Mitchell Carroll: Disappointing place. Stopped for a cup of americano coffee and had to wait 10 minutes for a room temperature cup. They ended up charging me a serving fee to bring my to-go cup to the chair I sat in while I waited...effectively doubling the price of said cold coffee. Also, even though they proudly advertised having free wifi with a big sign by the door, the servers let me know their wifi has been turned off after I ordered.

Michael Rawlins: Had a fun night. Aperitivo is well priced and food was great. Jazz atmosphere was different but not over the top. Great drink choices.

13. StraRipa Bar Art & Friends

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714 reviews
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StraRipa Bar Art & Friends

Address: Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 19, 20143 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4 PM

Telephone: +39 02 2701 9284

Business type: Restaurant

Near StraRipa Bar Art & Friends:

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StraRipa Bar Art & Friends: what do users think?

oussema kraiem: Drinks are bad and the menu is not clear. They said that we have free shots but it was a scam. Then we ask for the menu. It was in italien and inside it was written that drinks are for 10 euro and when we were paying they ask us to pay 13 euro per each otherwise we need to eat. Really sad place. We wait 30mn for our change Be careful SCAMMM

Maarten van der Burgt: 10 euros for drinks during happy hour, but they charge 15 euros... Think twice before entering

Norbert Lovas: If you visit Milan, for sure the district Navigli should be on your itinerary. After a walk i recommend to rest and enjoy drinks in StraRipa. It is a friendly, stylish place with kind staff, thanks for everyone, especially Damigela. There is a wall with the "art" of the guests. If waiters see the creativity in your eyes you receive plasticine and you can contribute to the art of the wall :) Navigli has a special atmosphere at night, combined with the millieu of this bar, it is a good match. I highly recommend to step in. Creditcard is accepted.

Giovanni Savastano: Classic touristic place near Navigli, fast service but avarage food at high prices. Worth for the location and the outdoor seating, definitely not the venue to experience real Milanese food

Antonia Kruger Nario: Very nice spot, latin music, fairly good aperitivo for two. In the middle of Navigli where the ambiance is great for an evening out

Max A: Tourist Trap! first you wait a long time for to get the menu, then you wait even longer until you can order. the meal deal sounds good(and you should take it if you feel hungry because if you order the meals as a seperate dish they are only slightly larger than in the meal deal). dishes were just warm enough to be not cold.. the "stinco di maiale" is actually only just bones with very few meat.

Nathan Jacobs: It started so well, attractive menu and interesting decor, but went quickly down hill. Staff are rude and ignorant, waited ages just for a menu. Recieved wrong orders and waited an eternity just to pay the bill.Picture sums up our experience here

14. Grand Milan

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53 reviews
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Grand Milan

Address: Via Privata Gaetano Sbodio, 30, 20134 Milano MI, Italy

Business type: Event management company

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Grand Milan: what do users think?

Ambaradan associazione: a great place for a disco night!!! 😎🕺

Veronika Németh-Városi: Super cool place, amazing food, nice staff. ☺️ Totally recommend this place! 😉

Fabrizio Nichelatti: Beautiful beautiful and that I knew ... I had already been there when it was a restaurant. I say it was because it is now 1 location for private parties such as birthdays to corporate ones. However, I must also say good good. I was there for a birthday and I could also see in organizing the attention to the birthday girl… 100 of these days then

Martina Lo Re: Very nice location. We had a very respectable company dinner. Space also to be able to dance

Barbara G.: Really very nice location for events and private parties.

Maurizio Lettieri: Great venue for parties or corporate recents. Post-industrial style interior. Great food and stocked bar

From Bari With Love: 🍸 Grand Milan, Milan 🍸- After almost two years we are back in Milan to celebrate with our team not only the upcoming Christmas holidays but also the possibility of being able to get back together for a while in person. The organization of the event had thought of everything and we were able to enjoy a truly wonderful evening in a place we did not know: @ It is a little off the main streets of the center and it is definitely advisable to reach it by car but it is really worth it. The place is beautiful and furnished with real vintage goodies. The menu of the evening was also amazing accompanied by really exquisite cocktails. In short, a very nice place for events that we would like to recommend especially on festive days like the next ones. From Bari with Love ❤️

Lende Peg: Local not too big but with a tranil vintage atmosphere and the exotic. Great place to organize parties for a few or for 140 people like we were. Really great service, fast drink preparation

Nando Vannelli: Really nice in style and you eat very well

15. Pelledoca Music & Restaurant

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Pelledoca Music & Restaurant

Address: Viale Enrico Forlanini, 121, 20134 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2:30 PM

Telephone: +39 346 968 2618

Business type: Dance restaurant

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Pelledoca Music & Restaurant: what do users think?

Enrico Cecchini: Trashy club in Milan. Worth the visit if you are in trashy mood
Response: PEPPE AND CICCIO - JERRY CALA '- FIORDALIDO DJ LUCA DORIGO - Luke #DBMAFIA - DJ PAOLO ORTELLI BY SPANKERS - DON JOE - JOETVANNELLI - Dj WLADI - HELIXY Violinist - ALEX DONATI Percussion - NEVERSTRAIN - FRANKIE RO These are just some of the GUESTS of our evenings in the last two months ... It seems that the only TRASH is you Egr. Enrico Cecchini! And if you want to see our future and past programming just type in google Pelledoca Milano or Pelledoca Music & Restaurant

David Arrimadas: Very good value for money
Response: Thanks David Hope see u soon

Luca Zanichelli: Top music
Response: Thank you Luca, your review makes us particularly happy because it is dedicated to our main entertainment… music! We wish you a Happy 2019 and .. see you soon!

Christian Genovese: Top 👌🏼
Response: Hi Chistian, thanks for the nice comment. Your review makes us very happy. Soon!

Response: Thank you! Maurizio your comment makes us extremely happy for being able to let you experience a night at the Top. Until next time!

Melissa Lanzanova: Top !
Response: Thank you Melissa a concise review that expresses all your liking and we like it very much. 👍 See you next time!

Response: Thanks Peter, very kind! We can only thank you for your wonderful review. We are very happy and proud to know that you were satisfied. Pelledoca staff

Salvatore Biscozzi: Top
Response: Thank you Salvatore from the heart of all the Pelledoca staff. Your review gives us immense pleasure. In this difficult moment, receiving your appreciation gratifies us and encourages us to always continue at our best.

Lella Iungano: Top
Response: Thank you Lella for the wonderful review. We are very happy about it. Soon !

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