Best Second Hand Bookstores Milan Near Me

Bottega di Legatoria Le Libragioni. Vino Arte Libri Libreria Libraccio Libreria Libraccio Milano - Via Santa Tecla 5 Taschen Libreria Libraccio Milano - Viale Romolo 9 Libreria Scaldasole Books Libreria Libraccio Milano - Via Candiani

1. Libri usati - Municipio 1

· 1 reviews

Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 249, 20162 Milano MI, Italy


2. Venditore di Libri - Municipio 3



· 7 reviews

Via Andrea Maria Ampère, 3/1, 20133 Milano MI, Italy

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Venditore di Libri: what do users think?

Ilenia Facchinetti: It has a vast selection of books, both well-known and most sought-after titles, but also of "period" magazines! Very good prices!

Stefano Togni: Great, I found several sci-fi books (some rare and valuable) for an affordable price!

3. Bottega di Legatoria - Municipio 1

· 7 reviews

Corso di Porta Romana, 126, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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Bottega di Legatoria: what do users think?

Ylbert Durishti: What can I say, Angelo is a true master, with years and years of experience in the binding and repair of books!

Luciano Bertinelli: Great professionalism and courtesy are the hallmarks of Angelo Testa, true physician of books, restoring competence and with love

Franz Medda: One of the few binderies in the area.

nodun gopaul: Yup

4. Le Libragioni. Vino Arte Libri - Municipio 3

· 1 reviews

Via Giuseppe Bardelli, 11, 20131 Milano MI, Italy

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5. Libreria "Furra e Books" - Municipio 8

· 16 reviews

Via Paolo Lomazzo, 11, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

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Libreria "Furra e Books": what do users think?

Semih Kılıç: Good place to find non-italian second hand books. Helpful staff and they speak English. But the books are not very organized unfortunately. Although being disorganized actually can make just hanging out and hoping to find something interesting more fun.

Giorgio De Martino: Astrit is not a bookseller, simply, but an intellectual, translator and so on, disguised as a "seller" of books, and if I understand correctly (Astrit is Albanian, has lived in Italy for many years, among other things he is an excellent chess player, like his brother ...) just in Albania, recently, he was stolen or not paid ... in short, 17 cases of books have disappeared. From him you can find everything, and at a good price because he thinks that culture belongs to everyone and for everyone and that it must spread (especially in this period of collective madness). And then he manages to organize phenomenal things in that library hole. The three (or were they four?) Singers who happily performed by him a few weeks ago were beautiful and talented and made you dream. And then he has an Albanian grappa called "rakya" which is a blast ...

paolo cattivelli: Place to go! Great selection of books, not readily available, even in English! Staff not only skills but also friendly and super helpful. A visit is a must.

Alex Fazliu: A unique place to find equally unique books!

planet, schmanet,: the most beautiful and special bookstore in Milan ❤️

Daniele Bertinelli: Great library, full of real goodies

Monica Altea: Extremely beautiful!

6. Libraccio - Municipio 2

· 2365 reviews

Viale Vittorio Veneto, 22, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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Libraccio: what do users think?

Marcolino: Il Libraccio is a piece of Italian history. It is the first large attempt of working in a stable way with pre-owned books. Now it is working in many italian towns. Prices are usually convenient & by the way il Libraccio sells also new books, not just second hands. Good public transport connection, quite difficult parking chances.

Haben B.: Great bookstore! Excellent selection of used and new books in various languages. Staff is super friendly and helpful. Highly recommend libraccio!

Alexander Roe: Does new and secondhand school text books. Service friendly and courteous. Huge bookstore with lots of other books mainly in Italian.

Cosmin: Great concept with italian books as well as a great selection of books in english, french and german. You can also buy second hand books at a great price

7. Libreria Libraccio Milano - Via Santa Tecla 5 - Municipio 1

· 1591 reviews

Via Santa Tecla, 5, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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Libreria Libraccio Milano - Via Santa Tecla 5: what do users think?

Jamal Soulttan: One of the most amazing books, very organized and there are all books in all languages

Luigi Ceccon: Very nice bookstore, not huge but packed with a lot of books of different kind. You can find several second hand editions of books with great prices

Quynh Anh N.: The staffs are nice. It’s possible to buy both new books and secondhand books of all categories.

Koryun Léon: You get much wider choice of books than any other bookshop in Milan.

Aulo Chiesa: No bad, a very good pizza...

8. Taschen - Municipio 1

· 386 reviews

Via Meravigli, 17, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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Taschen: what do users think?

TF: What a beautiful place! Level one has many huge photography books where you can take your time to flip through. Level two is a mini art gallery with numerous posters for sale. A pleasant browsing experience!

VELASQUEZ PEREZ PEDRO PABLO: Amazing service! They have rare books not found anywhere else. They even have a special gallery with special collections.

Alexis Pierce: So special! I came to see the display copy of the Murals of Tibet, and it was breathtaking. The rest of the books and images in the shop also looked amazing, but I couldn’t tear myself away from the Murals. Just spectacular

Amna AL Saadi: A must destination for artists and photographers in Milan. High quality book store 👍👍

Paola Silva: I went to buy a gift and the staff was really friendly and helpful. You can see all the books they have exposed, and in the second floor they have their special editions and an exposition about Ayrton Senna, really cool.

Reza Tashakkori: If you know Taschen you know🙂 ps nice staff and I found interesting collections

Albert Luo: a great place! I am a taschen fan and had visited taschen Hong Kong 5 months ago. But Milan have the gallery to show the limited edition of 2019. So marvelous!

Eduardo Alva: Store is beautiful and the staff there is super friendly. Good prices and promotions as well as a very interesting section for empositions of special books.

Yahan Zeng: Beautiful book store with lots of old photography books. Besides I love the terrazzo on the ground!

9. Libreria Libraccio Milano - Viale Romolo 9 - Municipio 6

· 3427 reviews

Viale Romolo, 9, 20143 Milano MI, Italy

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Libreria Libraccio Milano - Viale Romolo 9: what do users think?

Mithun T: Fantastic store, with a diverse range of books. And quite friendly staff. Foreign language and English books could be a bit more organized though.

May Castelnuovo: Very spacious, 3 floor Book palace with an amazing art book selection. The prices are very fair. On the upper floor you can find a variety of used books in a very good condition. On the lower floor there is a section of office and school supplies as well as games and school books.

giancarlo asnaghi: New and used books, nice place to read and look for used perls

Veronika Balkind: I love the way they decorated the shop before Christmas.

June Smith: The staff here were extremely helpful. It is a fantastic looking bookshop

Mario Levratto: A very convenient bookstore, located in the southern part of Milan. Near the underground station of Romolo, the Libraccio has also a large parking lot in front (pay 50 euro cents, stay half an hour): not so many bookstores in Milan can boast same convenience. On the ground floor the store has a very large choice of books for any taste; in the underground floor is located the school texts area, where up you can buy both new and used books. Also , downstairs you can sell your books, CDs, DVDs, that Libraccio pays immediately cash. You may find some queue at the cashier, as there is only one, but the place deserves a visit if you are looking for bargain. The personnel is kind enough.

Wael Idris: I love this library, staff are fantastic, helpful and usually available.Well done

10. Libreria Scaldasole Books - Municipio 1

· 65 reviews

Via Scaldasole, 1, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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Libreria Scaldasole Books: what do users think?

Antonio Ippolito: A delicious haunt for booklovers, rich in both new and secondhand reads

Francesco Bubbo: Hidden gem that probably is better to keep it that way.Owners are so nice and approachable, they almost knows all the books, it takes away the time of you browsing among tons of titles.Cant wait to go back again

Iris Yeung: Just go and you would fall in love with it.

Habib Touma: Cosy place

Beatrice Tombolato: Library stocked with a huge amount of used books, well arranged and cared for. The place is truly suggestive and there are also other small items to buy (notebooks, hand-painted bookmarks,...). The girl who runs it was helpful and very kind: a real pleasure to exchange a few words and be guided and explained about the library. I hope to return to Milan soon to be able to linger even more!

Google Account: Fantastic bookshop, with many books both used and new and super nice girl inside. More than fair prices ❤️

Beatrice Toscano: The most beautiful bookshop in Milan, small but well stocked with new books but above all vintage goodies, the well-prepared bookseller with a rare kindness

Nicola Barreca: Used bookstore, as small as a small precious jewel set in the center of Milan in a small and secluded street. Many beautiful books at a low price among which to get lost in the company of very kind owners.

Daniele Leccia: The beauty of a frame that expresses a rare passion for books.

Andrea Mighetti: A true independent bookshop where you can get lost and find yourself among many used and new books. Naive characters, improvised readings by customers outside the box (fortunately) and events in the nearby ' garden ' make this place unique.

11. Libreria Libraccio Milano - Via Candiani - Municipio 9

· 1719 reviews

Via Giuseppe Candiani, 102, 20158 Milano MI, Italy

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Libreria Libraccio Milano - Via Candiani: what do users think?

Afruza Masud: I like it very much..very helpful this shop.u can sell and buy a new book also. They are very gentle.

Alexander Guerrero: Big Library with a lot of good books and stationery. The casher girl was very kind and helpful so I will definitely go back to get more stuff.. cheers

Santiago Juan Mariño: One of the best BookShops in the Bovisa Area. Nothing more to add. It has a great selection of new and used books, I personally like the Art book section, but i has many other great sections! It also has a modest Cd and Vinyl collection, both new and used, and it gives many old School Shop vibes. Like it a lot!

Giorgia Daniele: Very comprehensive book stores I found exactly what I was looking for

Lorien Pirola: Great book selection, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Love this place and they stock vinyls too!

M. C.: You can sell books/buy them here. They also have school supplies which is a plus

Lucy Porter: Fantastic book shop, large selection of books and games in English at good prices

Carmelo Di Stefano: Vast assortment, staff very gentle but way to stressed out!

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