Best Esoteric Shops In Milan Near Me

1. Libreria Mondo Esoterico Shop - Municipio 9

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Libreria Mondo Esoterico Shop

Address: Via Giuseppe Candiani, 7, 20158 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +39 02 3651 3928

Business type: Book store

Libreria Mondo Esoterico Shop: what do users think?

ELINA HELENA SEKKI: Owner of the shop was really nice (Italian speaking) gentlemen. There was also a very nice lady with good English skills to help me with the purchase. :) I bought a tarot book (in English) What was really nice one for beginners. The shop is little far away from city center but worth a visit! They have a lot of items... tarot, books, stones, jewelry.

Yuri IsGay: The place is beautiful, the people who work there are very nice and I also know from the reviews that they speak English so those who are not Italian can still receive help and hospitality, in the shop you can find many things such as crystals, magic books and information , incense and other such beautiful things as soon as you enter they greet you and if you need any help they are available. I came yesterday for the first Time and I plan to go back soon :) (prices of the crystals stored near the entrance are low and accessible depending on the type of crystal some cost 3 others 5 and others 10 but most cost 3 euros, the salt one instead costs 1 euro those placed on the shelves [for those interested ] they cost more but it also seems obvious to me since they are also rarer and bigger ) having said that good day to both who is reading this and to the staff

2. Library Soul Group - Esoteric Ecumenical - Municipio 1

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Library Soul Group - Esoteric Ecumenical

Address: Via dell'Unione, 7, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30 PM

Telephone: +39 02 878422

Business type: Book store

Library Soul Group - Esoteric Ecumenical: what do users think?

Maurilia Favilla: Nice place good energy and kind people make a difference

Alice Martin: Such a big collection and an interesting one at that! You could get lost in here for ages and ages.

3. Studio e Negozio Esoterico - Mysterion - Municipio 5

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Address: Via Attilio Momigliano, 2, 20141 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +39 327 542 2135

Business type: Metaphysical supply store

Studio e Negozio Esoterico - Mysterion: what do users think?

Lidia Buonanno: I would like to expose myself to write out of heartfelt thanks to Dr. Alessandro Canesin. My partner who I had been with for 18 years had left me in no time and with no valid explanations. I understood that there was something wrong underneath. Dr. Canesin saw the situation in detail and after advising me he created two rituals for me. Today, months after the rites, I can say that I have solved the problem at the moment.

Mario Bisconti: The psychic Alessandro is a very prepared person and full of humanity. He gave me very useful advice to get out of a situation of great negativity. Everything was going badly for me, at work, in love, I felt broken. Alessandro saved me and I will always be grateful to him.

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