Best Esoteric Shops In Milan Near Me

1. Libreria Mondo Esoterico Shop - Municipio 9

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Libreria Mondo Esoterico Shop
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Address: Via Giuseppe Candiani, 7, 20158 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +39 02 3651 3928

Business type: Book store

Libreria Mondo Esoterico Shop: what do users think?
Pepper Poppins
Pepper Poppins: I am surprised to find this place in Milan! A very nice spiritual shop that from the moment I entered I know the owner must be very very passionate. The staff is nice and offered to help me! I will come back here to buy a tarot deck for sure! They have even mini Tarot decks which are nice and unique.
Response: Thank you!
ELINA HELENA SEKKI: Owner of the shop was really nice (Italian speaking) gentlemen. There was also a very nice lady with good English skills to help me with the purchase. :) I bought a tarot book (in English) What was really nice one for beginners. The shop is little far away from city center but worth a visit! They have a lot of items... tarot, books, stones, jewelry.
Kamilla Camilla
Kamilla Camilla: They have a lot of items, I was really surprised! There was also a very nice lady with good English skills to help me with the purchase) I bought a beautiful deck of tarot cards and they game me a little candle as a present!
Laura Donati
Laura Donati: Here you can Find pretty much everything about Oracle deck, books, ouija tables, crystals, Tibetan bells and more. The owner is very experienced so can also help you with his wisdom.
Yuri IsGay
Yuri IsGay: The place is beautiful, the people who work there are very nice and I also know from the reviews that they speak English so those who are not Italian can still receive help and hospitality, in the shop you can find many things such as crystals, magic books and information , incense and other such beautiful things as soon as you enter they greet you and if you need any help they are available. I came yesterday for the first Time and I plan to go back soon :) (prices of the crystals stored near the entrance are low and accessible depending on the type of crystal some cost 3 others 5 and others 10 but most cost 3 euros, the salt one instead costs 1 euro those placed on the shelves [for those interested ] they cost more but it also seems obvious to me since they are also rarer and bigger ) having said that good day to both who is reading this and to the staff
Response: A thousand thanks!
Francesca Face
Francesca Face: Very well stocked shop. You can also find very special and unobtainable things about everything. The only flaw is the slightly too high prices
Response: We thank you very much!
Patrizia Nannicelli
Patrizia Nannicelli: It is a well-stocked tarot shop and everything related to esotericism, the owner is a prepared, kind and helpful person. I will definitely be back
Response: Thanks for giving us the maximum score!

2. Library Soul Group - Esoteric Ecumenical - Municipio 1

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1304 reviews
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Library Soul Group - Esoteric Ecumenical
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Address: Via dell'Unione, 7, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30 PM

Telephone: +39 02 878422

Business type: Book store

Library Soul Group - Esoteric Ecumenical: what do users think?
Sherise Fair
Sherise Fair: Beautiful store, could spend hours walking around, so much interesting stock, bought myself some sage smudge sticks 👌
orsotronco: The best, the one and only
Siviana Scarano
Siviana Scarano: Very good and assorted. Staff very polite
Roberto Sardi (greengofly75)
Roberto Sardi (greengofly75): Best shop for spirituality books and esoteric items in Milan
Matteo Bonera
Matteo Bonera: Nice book shop full of books of every field of study. Totally love it
Alice Martin
Alice Martin: Such a big collection and an interesting one at that! You could get lost in here for ages and ages.
Maurilia Favilla
Maurilia Favilla: Nice place good energy and kind people make a difference
Massimiliano Mantione
Massimiliano Mantione: Lots of awesome books, as usual!

3. Studio e Negozio Esoterico - Mysterion - Municipio 5

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38 reviews
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Studio e Negozio Esoterico - Mysterion
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Address: Via Attilio Momigliano, 2, 20141 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +39 327 542 2135

Business type: Metaphysical supply store

Studio e Negozio Esoterico - Mysterion: what do users think?
Lidia Buonanno
Lidia Buonanno: I would like to expose myself to write out of heartfelt thanks to Dr. Alessandro Canesin. My partner who I had been with for 18 years had left me in no time and with no valid explanations. I understood that there was something wrong underneath. Dr. Canesin saw the situation in detail and after advising me he created two rituals for me. Today, months after the rites, I can say that I have solved the problem at the moment.
Vittoria Di Mauro
Vittoria Di Mauro: I have been scammed in the past by two operators who turned out to be thieves. I thank the operator Alessandro Canesin who, on the other hand, immediately showed himself transparent and professional. He listened to me and followed me from the beginning to the end of the work. He made me an excellent rite of ligament of love, with results that I still see today.
Vera Montefusco
Vera Montefusco: I have to thank Maestro Alessandro. I had commissioned a ritual some time ago, the result was partial for what was my wish, but the master helped me understand where my path was and helped me to be reborn. For me it was an important encounter in life, I rediscovered the happiness of living and the meaning of my own life. Thank you again master, you will always be in my heart.
Natalia Cerruti
Natalia Cerruti: An evil woman had entered my life between me and my partner, my love of life. I hated her. This woman had already done me a lot of damage. Operator Alessandro helped me to remove her. Now my partner only has eyes for me. I am infinitely grateful to Alessandro for helping me
Mario Bisconti
Mario Bisconti: The psychic Alessandro is a very prepared person and full of humanity. He gave me very useful advice to get out of a situation of great negativity. Everything was going badly for me, at work, in love, I felt broken. Alessandro saved me and I will always be grateful to him.
Vanessa Oliverio
Vanessa Oliverio: I have been looking for a valid professional in the magical and esoteric field for a long time, my situation persisted in a state of enormous negativity. As a girl I am convinced that I was cursed with envy. For years my life went on with misfortunes and obstacles of all sorts. I have to thank master Mysterion, to date I think I have excellent protection and I think the curse has been destroyed.
Lisa Frezzini
Lisa Frezzini: I had a heavy civil lawsuit pending over an inheritance dispute. I knew I deserved what awaited me but I was blocked by a real den of vipers and snakes. I thank Dr. Canesin and his Ritual of Justice, I must say that justice has finally arrived, as I deserved. Thanks again to the Mysterion Center for their help and support
Luisa Beneduce
Luisa Beneduce: I thank the master Mysterion, I must say that at least for my experience, Alessandro I think he is an expert in the Ligaments of love, invoices of love. He is also good at separating, blocking and breaking jobs, certainly not easy jobs. A friend and I have been going to him for some time, we are quite happy

4. Orangorilla - Municipio 1

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55 reviews
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Address: Via Luigi Cagnola, 7, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +39 02 4548 8923

Business type: Novelty store

Orangorilla: what do users think?
Maria Vittoria Michetti
Maria Vittoria Michetti: top
Response: Thank you!
rosi lacquaniti
rosi lacquaniti: Wow
Giorgia: Very nice shop, original items and nice clothing. Some things, however, have prices that are too high (obviously I do not question the quality of the clothes and some objects). As for the ways of the owner and the saleswoman ... I thought I caught them on a bad day, but judging by the other reviews ... No comment.
Response: we're sorry you think this about us, I don't know what bothered her, but we always do our best to make you happy.
Vera Ralli
Vera Ralli: I find it a magical place…. If you enter without ideas for a gift, you will surely find something really cool…. If you want to take a whim, you will find that too… if you want to dress well… a wide range of trendy and colorful clothing! What can I say, a ride from Orangorilla cannot be missed!
Response: thanks Vera! and you have been coming to us for many years!
lara passoni
lara passoni: I love it! Discovered in full pandemic, as soon as I can I take a ride. It is the shop of good humor, not only for the wonderful things inside, but for all the very kind staff. Super recommended! 🤩
Response: a thousand thanks! a good thing about the pandemic is that it has found many customers like you!
Emil M.
Emil M.: Very nice and well-kept shop for extravagant gift ideas and with unconventional phrases, medium-high prices, the nice idea of ​​the fireplace with the two sofas as a waiting room in the center of the shop, courteous and kind saleswomen. I think some items are outrageously priced.
Response: thanks Emil, we are happy that you found it good and we are sorry that you find the prices high, alas some things are a little more expensive and others less. it depends on many variables, if it passes we will talk about it with pleasure.
Laura: Unmissable boutique, adorable items that put you in a good mood, sunny staff. The creator for me is pure genius. I also tried home delivery, ordering online, and it was flawless. Soon!
Response: I'm moved! Thanks Laura! tomorrow I will go to work happy❤️

5. Duomo shop - Municipio 1

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21 reviews
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Duomo shop
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Address: del Duomo, 14a, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Telephone: +39 02 3616 9313

Business type: Souvenir store

Duomo shop: what do users think?
Krystel Hoche
Krystel Hoche: A monument as impressive and awe inspiring as the Duomo deserves more. No interesting books about the architecture, no interesting souvenirs. Very small space with no variety. Personnel is very friendly though!
Karol Zagórski
Karol Zagórski: You can buy tickets to Cathedral here. Long queues, it takes lots of time to byu them... lots of different things, souvenirs ets. You can buy bags, clocks hete, all of them inspired by Duomo Milno, it is very nice but too many people, not many staff. No toilets, not enough of signs.
Tatyana Prokopenko
Tatyana Prokopenko: They sell tickets not inform about dress code and they don’t refund
Sy Sharp
Sy Sharp: Limited choice of items but what there is available is reasonable.
Ashley Giardiello
Ashley Giardiello: Disappointing selection
federica di marco
federica di marco: Indisposed and ungraceful staff towards customer service. If the cash register is not manned, the staff cannot manage the counter. Bad service considering they represent the Milan cathedral.
Biaggini Christelle
Biaggini Christelle: The monument itself is of course magnificent and impressive, but the operation of the ticket office is not very efficient because the queue serves both the shop and the ticket office itself, nor very practical because if you tell the nice hostess that you pay by card it directs you to an automatic terminal where it is very easy to make a mistake (I thought I was taking access to the terrace and not!!!!) moreover the terminal is only in Italian or English (for an international site… bof). Also remember to bring something to cover water and bare legs (bare legs especially for girls...) because there is a dress code to enter the building (in case you have to buy a camisetta at the shop but that means say queuing again)…. Also the hours are not flexible. But the staff on the other hand is very friendly and gives good advice when you have access to it…!!!

6. Galleria Del Cashmere Sas Milano - Municipio 3

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22 reviews
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Galleria Del Cashmere Sas Milano
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Address: Via Domenico Scarlatti, 19, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM

Telephone: +39 02 4651 1359

Business type: Clothing store

Galleria Del Cashmere Sas Milano: what do users think?
Adam Sieber
Adam Sieber: This place is amazing! I had a wonderful time talking with the Indian couple who own this shop, they have so many beautiful cashmere and silk shawls. I have lived in Milan and been traveling throughout Europe for the past three months looking for legitimate Pashminas and cashmere silk shawls. This shop was right under my nose the entire time, I struck a goldmine!! Best quality for the best prices guaranteed! 10/10 customer service
Tariq T
Tariq T: A hidden gem! Its run by the nicest people you will come across. As a tourist I encourage everyone visiting Milano this shop. I stumbled upon this place out of curiosity to purchase shawls, scarfs and gifts for loved ones back home .The shawls and carpets are of great high quality from "Kashmir"and prices are very fair. Owners go out of their way to make sure you are happy with your purchase 1st most. Definitely will buy again when visiting Milano.
Response: Thanks for the 5 stars!
Sherralynn Arnold
Sherralynn Arnold: Wonderful shop. Run by the nicest Indian couple. Prices were terrific! Something to fit all budgets.
Response: Thank you very much!
Hannelore Niesten
Hannelore Niesten: Very nice and good products - worth visiting!!!
Juwaria Sufi
Juwaria Sufi: excellent choice of cashmere and silk scarves only 5 minutes from MILAN central station. Very good prices and very kind staff
Response: Thanks for the top rating!
Davide Cortez
Davide Cortez: Gorgeous shop with a huge range of colors! Affordable prices and excellent quality. Highly recommended.
Lis Nagler
Lis Nagler: A Cashmere family selling silk cotton wool and cashmere scarves. Huge assortment
barbara mazzarella
barbara mazzarella: Beautiful things made 7 Christmas presents
Response: We thank you very much!

7. Gelsomina - Municipio 2

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2226 reviews
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Address: Via Carlo Tenca, 5, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +39 02 6671 3696

Business type: Pastry shop

Gelsomina: what do users think?
Eliza Bobrovskyte
Eliza Bobrovskyte: Perfect place to go for pastries! As tourists we ate so much pastries over there😄 You just want to try it all! What I liked about the pastries, that they are not too sweet. Cream is not too sweet. So fresh, well presented! And very nice staff!
daniyal razzak
daniyal razzak: Really good breakfast, the staff was really kind, we didn’t speak Italian, they guided us through the Menu very patiently, suggested really good items, and the food was tasty and economical as well. The staff also suggested us other Italian restaurants for lunch / dinner and also guided us on how to reach lake como. Overall their customer service is great with really tasty food.
Thapanee Kongngoenthong
Thapanee Kongngoenthong: Very nice cafe, plenty of spaces. Staff are nice and know what to do. The pasty especialy my favorite Croissant are beautiful and taste nice. It is so hard to go there and then will have to choosenonly some item when all of them are looking damn good.
Denis Koshelev
Denis Koshelev: It was wonderful. Prices are fine, pastry was delicious and staff was friendly. There was kinda long queue but nevertheless we got pretty soon in as they have enough places inside.
Helen: I tried cappuccino, ricotta croissant and some cookies. Coffee was great, ricotta croissant was full of creamy and sweet cream inside ( but not too sweet) and shortbread cookies just melted. Just love this place!
Dru Lu
Dru Lu: A local favourite. Very popular during the morning hours. You should expect to have to wait at least 20 minutes for seats. They are famous for their crème filled pastry and it did not disappoint. Their other popular pastry such as pistachio cornetti is also decent. Certainly one of the best option around the neighbourhood. But don’t expect a relaxing dining experience in the morning.
C J (Jingooooo)
C J (Jingooooo): In love with the Maritozzo con crema di pistacchio. The texture of the cream is so nice. Will definitely visit again to discover other pastries if back to Milan. Instagram photo friendly decoration.

8. Audiogamma SPA - Monza

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17 reviews
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Audiogamma SPA
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Address: Via Nino Bixio, 13, 20900 Monza MB, Italy

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2 PM

Telephone: +39 02 5518 1610

Business type: Corporate office

Audiogamma SPA: what do users think?
Paolo Corradi
Paolo Corradi: For a problem not caused by them, Mr. Dario has been very friendly and is solving a problem for me on a couple of 🎧 B&W As soon as I get the piece I add photos. This is being professional. I can only thank them The replacement arrived, simply fantastic and I have to go and thank in person
Giovanni Barile (Deep75)
Giovanni Barile (Deep75): They do not deserve even a star, bad service, unavailable staff and willing to dialogue only with a stance, I have been waiting for almost two months for the situation to be resolved. At the time of writing, they should have sent me the machine in service, "rotel rc 1572" within the current week, informed me of the same by the shopkeeper where it was purchased, we are on Friday, still nothing, not even an email with the traceability code, you know how a minimum of disclosure is in 2021 and a must since between one saw to another I would have spent more than € 2000, I would like to know what value money has for them. Same thing with the technician who takes care of the repairs, Mr. Bifulco, non-existent. Often contacted by email they never deigned to answer, contacted by phone they always find a justification for the lack of it, unjustifiable for a company of their caliber. I would like to be contacted by their Company Manager. Barile Giovanni (if you have no references, please contact Mavecom)
alessandro fumagalli
alessandro fumagalli: Exclusive products, unrivaled design, sounds like this never heard before !! The ...TOP have absolutely at home! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Carlo Gessi
Carlo Gessi: Excellent post sales support on a Bowers & Wilkins product. Intervention under warranty also carried out by repairing malfunctions not expressly reported
mallalla: Positive experience. Repaired defective project turntable, under warranty. Very helpful, competent and professional.
Matteo Pettena
Matteo Pettena: Excellent support service provided for B&W
Francesco Dr. Turk
Francesco Dr. Turk: they refuse to give assistance ... to be avoided!

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