Best Second Hand Cameras In Milan Near Me

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1. New Old Camera

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449 reviews
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New Old Camera

Address: Viale S. Michele del Carso, 4, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 1 PM ⋅ Reopens 3:30 PM

Telephone: +39 02 3658 9216

Business type: Photo shop

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New Old Camera: what do users think?

Alon Katz: Amazing shop. Everything is so clean and organized, it is like a museum of vintage cameras. All the cameras look like they are in great shape and refurbished. Prices seem very reasonable and fair considering that you are buying a camera that has been looked over and repaired to near perfect condition, and comes with a 1 year warranty (at least the one I bought, don’t know about other cameras). I highly recommend this place. Also, Luka, who helped me in the store, was super helpful and you can tell that he is passionate about these cameras and it makes the experience of buying so much more special. Coming to this shop was truly one of the highlights of my trip to Italy.
Response: Hi dear Alon we thanks for your visit in our shop and your sympathy. We always try to listen to the needs of every enthusiast and we try to share the satisfactions and the passion. From now on, every visit you make to Milan, we are waiting you. We send you a big hug. All the best ! Staff NOC

Rares Nesa: The shop is a paradise for analogue and digital photographers! It has everything, including old lenses for film cameras. The staff is super nice and very helpful. They can help you find anything! Definitely would come back!
Response: Caro Rares Nesa Thank you so much for your very kind review for us who were amazed and flattered. However, we hope to see you again soon, always hoping to be able to continue to photograph with joy and satisfaction. Great hug from staff NOC

Luca Favaro: Great place for purchasing old and new camera equipment! The staff is the best!
Response: Thank you dear Luca for your review so positive for us even written in English for foreigners who can visit our shop. We sincerely thank you for your kindness and extraordinary sensitivity that we will be very grateful to you. We send you a hug F. and affectionate from all the NOC staff

Andrei Janca: A great experience with the staff and a great stock of film cameras!
Response: Hi Andrei ! We thank you for coming to visit us and for writing a wonderful review about us. We hope to be at your service in the future as well. We send you a big hug wishing you an extraordinary stay in Milan. Staff NOC

Mădălina Marin: The most amazing place in Milan for photography gadgets! 🧡🎞️
Response: Hi dear Madalina Marin We thank you very much for your kind review about us and we are happy to know that you were satisfied. We hope to see you again soon. We send you a big hug. NOC staff

Pham Hai Hoang: Great shop. I love the people who work here.
Response: Hi dear Pham many thank you so much for your kind and nice feedback about us. We are always waiting you in our shop with great pleasure. Have a nice stay in Italy and we hope to see you again soon. Big hug ! Staff NOC

A H: Sincere thanks to the gentleman at new old camera today, who was kind enough to give me for free and lens For my camera, as I had been careless earlier in the afternoon and lost mine. He was really gracious and wouldn’t accept any money for it. A true gentleman, worthy of endorsement, and for me to encourage you to consider going to his shop which is extremely well equipped with both new and old cameras, and a range of accessories for Canon and other camera manufacturers. Again many thanks!
Response: Hi Anthony , We appreciate your kind review. We have not done anything special, we are all passionate about photography and photographic equipment. Life is beautiful, thanks to photography. We hope to meet again.

2. Photo Optics Cavour Srl - Leica Boutique Milan

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95 reviews
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Photo Optics Cavour Srl - Leica Boutique Milan

Address: Via Fatebenefratelli, 34/36, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 1:30 PM ⋅ Reopens 3 PM

Telephone: +39 02 659 0680

Business type: Photo shop

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Photo Optics Cavour Srl - Leica Boutique Milan: what do users think?

Nathaniel Gall: Was walking by and noticed this little photography store. Turns out it’s not so little and they have A LOT of inventory and services. Waited for a employee to be free and then tried out some lenses for my film camera. If you enjoy photography especially taking photos on film. This is a great store to grab a camera, lenses, film, or even develop the film. Give it a look over!

yutong wong: Very friendly shop staff, very clean environment, I bought lens here even cheaper than Amazon hahaha

Chantal Habscheid: Very rude salesmen who were condescending when I asked to have a roll developed and scanned (as if a girl wouldn’t know the first thing about a camera). the scans were poor quality and I would highly recommend a different camera shop, there are many lovely ones around the city

Bradford Stephens: Best camera store ever! I had all my film cameras stolen in Naples, and they were kind enough to spend 90 minutes with me reviewing TLRs and SLRs. Also helped choose accessories and get me ready for the rest of my travels. Will always come back!

marshall vernet: run away from this place as if it were the plague. the staff is unprofessional, rude and insulting to the point of using obscenities. they insulted my being american, doing my best to speak italian, since no one really speaks english there. they took three months to clean a canon 5d and did not send me an estimate, as we agreed, saying that they were very busy in december. they did nothing that they agreed to do and got defensive about their error to the point of my being scared for my safety...! when it is i that had to wait 3 months for a sensor cleaning...! if you do not want to be called a "collione" (sp?) to your face by a spoiled brat with a terrible temper, there is a better establishment called "carminati" to give your money to than to these foul people. i am calling a lawyer tomorrow, as i have never me insulted in a retail establishment in all my years and filled with obscenities, no less, so inexcusable was their behavior. they were more interested in "saving face", not admitting their error. they had no idea of how to say they were sorry for their mistake, nor any sense of customer service.

rhin wen: I have booked a camera analogue, but they sold it to others. And then they offer me another one which is more mint but expensive. Finally I bought it. But it’s still a experience unhappy.

Vijay Ravindirin: Awesome store. The staff was helpful and gave me free goodies after my purchase! Greatly appreciated.

Luigi Franco: People from the store are very disrespectiful. Never come back

Justyna Kuk: Very helpfull and nice personel, great stuff for cameras, I recommend this place! Perfecto :)

3. Leica Store Milano

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390 reviews
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Leica Store Milano

Address: Via Giuseppe Mengoni, 4, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2 PM ⋅ Reopens 3 PM

Telephone: +39 02 8909 5156

Business type: Camera store

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Leica Store Milano: what do users think?

Yoann Tarantini: I went to Leica Milano to ask for a small and good quality camera. What I can say is that they are very nice and welcoming. I definitely recommend them if you are looking for good advice. What I personally enjoyed is that the sales professional called Enriko didn’t try to push the sale. He asked me about my photo experience, if I tried other photocamera and told me also about the good points of the competitors including Panasonic. I personally enjoy when a sales person talks to you about the product with passion for the quality of the product and not just willing to sell you its product without considering how you will use it. So thank you Enriko for the good moment in your store. I didn’t buy anything because this was my first visit but he gave me his business card and we will keep in touch.

Anna Scremin: Everyone is so welcoming and sweet :) I bought some film and they were so attentive and nice! thank you!

Евгени Христозов: Great service, very kind, well informed and concerned staff.

Sorin Ciocan: Centrally located, nicely & minimalistically decorated. Excellent service by people who are smiling and customer centric. You feel at home, with friends in this store. I will gladly return with questions, or only simply for a chat about photography.

Markus M.: We went to see the exhibition there on Tuesday, 29th October. The exhivition is very well presented, and there is a selection of Artbooks at the end of the room. The staff is excellently friendly, and very helpful. One of the staff, a very sweet girl, evern offered to try out the 0,95 Noctilux there, with my M5. Unfortunately, I did not have a film with me, having used the one with me already. This is a shop that as a Leica owner or somebody interested in Leica Cameras you shuold stop by if you are in the vicinity of Milan, It is conveniently located just off the square in front of the Duomo, and directly next to the Galeria Vittorio Emanuele. Absolutely recommended!

Preuchsuda Suphantharida: Nice staffs, very attentive. Has almost everything you need.

JP: This shop looks more like a gallery (and they actually do showcase some work on the back part). It feels like a boutique for very specialized photography, and you know, Leica is the best out there.

Mr. Zhdanov: Amazing place if you are Leica fan. Have both Gallery and store at the same place. Very recommend for Leica fans.

4. Cash Converters - Il tuo usato? Te lo paghiamo subito e in contanti!

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337 reviews
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Cash Converters - Il tuo usato? Te lo paghiamo subito e in contanti!

Address: Via Plinio, 3, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 12:30 PM ⋅ Reopens 3 PM

Business type: Second hand store

Near Cash Converters - Il tuo usato? Te lo paghiamo subito e in contanti!:

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Cash Converters - Il tuo usato? Te lo paghiamo subito e in contanti!: what do users think?

s: I was in the metro one day and I saw an advertisement of this shop, and it looked genuinely good that they accepted second hand products so I decided to go and sell some of my sneakers. I get in the shop and I asked the guy who worked there and probably was the owner if he spoke English and immediately he asked me on my nationality in a way which seemed off weird, because after I told him that his attitude changed for the worse. Then when he saw that I had used sneakers to sell he told me that he would not accept them because he only gets brand-new sneakers. He seemed very racist and he was not nice to me at all maybe because he was doubting my products’ authenticity. In fact his tone was very rude and the last thing that he wanted to do was help me. I felt disrespected and I walked out of the store making it the and last time that I stepped in that store.
Response: This review doesn’t make any sense. I’ve asked your nationality because I thought you were from South America and we could have talked in Spanish or even Portuguese. Secondly we don’t buy used shoes. We buy brand new sneakers (collectible sneakers) and I’ve suggested you to put your shoes on StockX. I think you got a very bad day today and I hope that making a negative review will make you feel better. 😘

Jessica M: Great service. They were very easy to work with and I got a great price for selling my bag. Will be using them again in the future.
Response: Thankyou Jessica, it's been a plaesure! We hope to see you again soon! Have a nice day

Cesare Ferrari: Common pawn shop, you can find any kind of thing. They do not buy any rubbish you bring in, prices are ok. Of course they built a living on it so when you sell the price is never the one you hope for.

Njomo Stephen: They have quality goods with convenient price

X Wey: it is ok
Response: Dear customer, thank you for your trust in us, see you soon!

Noel Teodoro: Nice items!
Response: Dear customer, thank you for your trust in us, see you soon!

Francisco Avila: The worst service...
Response: Dear customer, we are sorry for what happened, we hope to be able to offer you a better service in the future. Thank you

Muhammad aslam mian TV: Not bead so so
Response: Dear customer, thank you for your trust in us, see you soon!

Valentina Zaottini: Absolutely positive experience. It happened because I met him on instagram.Andrea a great professional, very well prepared as well as very kind.An easy, fast and satisfying negotiation. I advise all lovers of luxury to turn to him for both buying and selling. Payment arrived in minutes
Response: Thanks friend it was a real pleasure ... see you next time!

5. Mercatopoli Milano Giambellino

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90 reviews
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Mercatopoli Milano Giambellino

Address: Via Giambellino, 13/15, 20146 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +39 02 8342 7241

Business type: Thrift store

Near Mercatopoli Milano Giambellino:

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Mercatopoli Milano Giambellino: what do users think?

barbara mazzarella: Paccottiglia

Giuseppe De Santis: Very courteous staff and excellent selection of goods for sale. I will gladly come back!
Response: Thank you for rewarding our efforts

Debora Cavenaghi: Hello, I have been buying and selling for years but such rude people have never happened to me, I will tell you in short the package arrived I open and try on these jeans a discomfort in the crotch of the trousers I check a seam from the outside and inside then being stretchy it showed very well that by now they were to be thrown away .. I take the photos and send them 15 minutes after the arrival of the package (I clarify, called to ask for information they had sent me photos not with the defects but only that the rhinestones were missing) their answer that it was my fault that in trying them on I tanned them in that way in practice they were broken and mended very well etc.. speechless I sent the return they refunded me the price of the jeans but no shipping costs ... speechless I was refunded...
Response: We are speechless, she accused us of being dishonest, never us. The fact that we are not of her opinion, absolutely does not authorize her to give us rude, we have never allowed ourselves to blame her, we do not know what happened but the pants did not start from here in those conditions and we still have the photos that prove it; even in her review she is incorrect in stating that we told her that she broke them, we have only ever claimed that in those conditions we would never have shipped them.

Enrico Cavallero: Very good there are stalls of various articles and quality
Response: Thank you for your rating and we will do our best to keep the standard high

Maria Succurro: It is the first time that I am selling something, I have chosen to rely on them, I could not have made a better choice! The staff is super helpful and kind
Response: Thank you for rewarding our work

Francesco: I bought a set of cups, the transport of which was very delicate; the staff executed a perfect packaging. Everything went well, they were very good as well as extremely helpful, as always.

6. Unieuro Duomo

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495 reviews
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Unieuro Duomo

Address: del Duomo, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +39 02 7210 5927

Business type: Electronics store

Near Unieuro Duomo:

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Unieuro Duomo: what do users think?

saad Al Qasem: Worst employees, especially the one that looks like a Karen on the Polaroid stand. We asked her more than one time to give us tax free forms and she kept insisting that the invoice are enough. Have that in mind when you shop there.

prashanth avari: Best store to get electronics gadgets

MD NAJMUL ISLAM: sorry to say i don’t konw about This store

Montano BG: Great service and very accessable

Pavel Kalec: I went there with my parents because wanted some information regarding a promotion. Despite there were three employees, one of them with another customer, we waited for almost five minutes and none of them cared about us. I approached one of them saying “I wanted some information about this promotion” and with not a nice attitude he replied saying “which information?”. I work in customer service as well and I know this is not the right one.

Ijeuru Metu: Very visible in the Andria area. Well lit and arranged electronics store with friendly and helpful staff. You can buy phones, laptops and other home electronics like blenders and microwaves and refrigerators from a large selection of manufacturers

Tahmasp Tariq: The staff was extremely useless. I bought AirPods Pro from here because the Apple Store (which is a 3 min walk from there) didn’t had them. I opened the sealed box and there was no instructions manual in it. The guy first said that the instruction manual is not included in the Italian package and later said that you lost it at home. He was just bluffing. I should’ve waited until Apple themselves actually restocked it. Worst experience poor customer service

Primiano Tucci: extremely limited selection.

Nicoleta UNGUREANU: Unfortunately the personnel are not polite unfriendly and of no use at all !!!

7. Telefonia Bronzetti

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241 reviews
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Telefonia Bronzetti

Address: Via Fratelli Bronzetti, 37, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 1:30 PM ⋅ Reopens 3:30 PM

Telephone: +39 02 4953 0961

Business type: Cell phone store

Near Telefonia Bronzetti:

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Telefonia Bronzetti: what do users think?

Giuseppe Sanfedele: I was looking for a Nokia store and when instead I found a place named Telefonia Bronzetti, from the outside, not withstanding a very long trip to reach it, I was even unsure if it was worth to enter in and give it a try. Luckily I was desperate enough to at least check if they had one of the Nokia feature phones I was after. The personnel is extremely kind and welcoming and I was very positively impressed about how they treated some of their eldest customers. Probably not a place for the tech savvy but if you need assistance and some counseling to find the best offers for you (they do have a lot of proposals from different competitive phone operators) I doubt you can find any better place to go in the whole city. Of course they also had the phone I was looking for, in like new condition, for a very good price. Highly recommended.
Response: Hello Mr. Giuseppe, thank you !!!, we are really gratified for your wonderful review !!! His consideration excites us and makes us proud and happy. What he was able to find in the store, was created with a lot of passion, a lot of patience and the desire to listen to the needs and problems of our dear customers, over time they have also become dear friends !!! We hope she can become one as well! Friendliness from all the staff!

Florean Fortescue: Wonderful service! I am not speaking Italian, yet they helped me with my issues. They were able to setup my WiFi and mobile without any problems. In the dedicated FastWeb shops, they were telling me it is impossible to setup these services for me. Yet here they made it! So professional, and so friendly. I recommend!
Response: Thank you very much! this is our mission! If we are able to satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers, they will be happy and speak well, telling their positive experience to others, this will support us a lot! How did you do it! We love this! Greetings from all the Bronzetti #Telefonia staff.

Luigi Mangano: Friendly and very efficient.always

Giuseppe Palazzetti: Ok
Response: A thousand thanks!! You will always be a welcome customer, happy to see you again as soon as possible!!

Simona Gelmetti: In this shop I made many purchases from backpack pc decoder charger and above all a smartphone in December 2021 paid in installments with Wind. Tonight for no reason Mr. Giorgio treated me like a dog on the phone Congratulations on your kindness ??? How I regret Angela Greetings Simona
Response: Good evening Mrs. Gelmetti Simona, it is not possible that they answered the phone badly, it is not in the canons to treat badly, also today G. did not answer any phone calls ?? Maybe he got the wrong number ?? !!. Try to check and call Bronzetti on Telephony tomorrow, making sure who you are talking to. Our customers are treated with white gloves by everyone, always !!! As well specified "without reason" there would be no reason !!! Sincerely Bronzetti Staff

Riccardo Mazza: As a first experience I must say excellent: Filipino owner and employee of truly exceptional courtesy and availability. I will definitely come back. Richard Mazza

Massimiliano Dimiceli: I have bought many devices at the bronzetti store, they have always done a great job and price, I have always recovered my data and photos of my beloved life

Nunzia Dimichino: Best shop in Milan I have always found myself well and they have always solved all my problems. I suggest everyone !!!!

Patrizia Compagnoni: We returned today from Palma de Mallorca my phone left me on foot with the intervention of Telefonia Bronzetti I solved everything !!! Heartfelt thanks TOP!

Pina D'avola: I discovered Amazon locker, to receive my purchases with certainty!! they also have this service as well as many others! I suggest a visit!

8. GameStop

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750 reviews
new review

Address: Largo Domodossola, 1, 20145 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +39 02 3592 4491

Business type: Video game store

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GameStop: what do users think?

Hawas Bajawi: Excellent shop for play station and game

Imon (imonehh): First time seeing a game stop, has tons of great things inside!

Diana Nakhodkina: A large selection of games for every taste, also they have a very cool merch (related to star wars, marvel and etc.)

Pietro Bonaldi: Nothing more nor less to expect from a Gamestop, however they do sell more products than other gamestops in Milan except for old used games as it was open fairly recently.

Naor Cherry: Every gaming freak wonderland!

Pedro Henrique GS: Too expensive. Buying online on other stores is a better option.

Gianluca: Meme stock rules 4ever

Shawkat Zahid: The guy who was in cash his service is good

Angelina Rosa: T was amazing great service

Roderick Resurreccion: Friendly people and helpful

9. Apple Store Piazza Liberty

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6435 reviews
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Apple Store Piazza Liberty

Address: Piazza del Liberty, 1, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +39 02 3030 2400

Business type: Electronics store

Near Apple Store Piazza Liberty:

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Apple Store Piazza Liberty: what do users think?

Mohammad Anwar: A very interesting Apple Store. Entrance is quite different and the store is immense inside. The waterfall from the entrance is next level, once you get there, you’ll understand. The Architecture overall is nice. The square is fancy and beautiful. Helpful and friendly staff with smile. A good feeling place to be while in Milan.

Ali Tavakol: One of the best apple store I’ve ever seen, fascinating architecture, located in heart of milan, they have must of the stuff available in the website, people who works there are very polite and kind, the only downside about this place us very crowded other than that everything else is close to perfect

Mac Gw: Shameful. Really disaster. Impossible to buy anything. Chaotic to the limit. Shopping assistant unable to explain the system. Waited 20 minutes before finding someone to register to wait list. Then instead of 5 minutes waiting another 15. Looks like Apple Milano tries actively to discourage customers from buying in brick and mortar shops. Pretty successful for me.

oussama Funny: I visited Apple store today to buy an iPhone 14 pro max.. But the customers told me that there is no one in stock.. 😔😔I want to ask Apple when there will be more. Pff

LAURA AMUSHIENWA: ‘‘Twas a bit difficult to find the entrance. But their services are quite good. The staff that attended to me was super patient and answered all my numerous questions. Though the issue was fixed but it developed another after they fixed it and they ended up giving me a brand new phone for free. I was amazed 😱. So for their service, I’d rate 5 star.

Nick D: Amazing location. Terrible customer service. This has to be the worst Apple store I have visited in Europe. The staff was unprepared, uneducated, unavailable, busy and even rude. Two people were not able to answer a simple question about a magsafe battery. We wanted to buy a watch band, however all of the ones for trying out were size 5. They were incapable of assisting us with measurements. Three people were “very busy with a problem” and they directed us to another which just said he can help in 30 min and we decided to just drop it. To top it all off one guy came aggressively shouting at me for touching one of the new watches which apparently are put up only to look at. It seems they don’t want to help you or even sell you anything and just lost a customer. I would not return to this location again.

Michaela Spitzer: The shop certainly looks nice but customer service was appalling. It was very busy and there were many employees around, but only one of them took payments which meant that there was a very long and slow queue. I only wanted to buy an audio jack but gave up after waiting in line for 10 minutes.

Linh Phan: I have been to quite a few Apple stores in every city that I’ve gone to but I have to admit that this store is very spectacular. The water fountain is very unique. The staff is quite helpful as well.

10. East Market Shop

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81 reviews
new review
East Market Shop

Address: Via Bernardino Ramazzini, 6, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30 PM

Telephone: +39 02 3658 8037

Business type: Vintage clothing store

Near East Market Shop:

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East Market Shop: what do users think?

Nicole D. (Nica): The place is cool, but the selection is not that nice. There was nothing I saw that I wanted to buy only to look and think “well nice… instagramable”

Maurice Dotta: Very Good!

Erica Targa: Very special shop. There are very special clothes and furnishings. Maybe the prices are a bit too high in general.

Biblical: Vintage shop with a selection of outerwear, jeans, records, furnishing items. Prices in my opinion a bit pumped up.

Dario Morlacchi: Unique shop with nice and qualified staff. The products are both vintage and recycled and some of them really beautiful.

Riccardo Ferrari: Congratulations to all the staff very nice place Super nice owner Ezia The employees Giustina, Marisa, Ada, Antonia extremely available and always with a smile on their face despite the mask. I highly recommend sublime vintage dresses. God bless you and the shop. Something rare in that of Milan.

Lia Maiorca: A fantastic place to dive into the past

Patricia Chamadoira Agudo: Super special store, it has many beautiful and curious things. Highly recommended.

Orianne: Very nice shop very well decorated, the vintage selection is nice. However, no piece appealed to me, the prices are too high for my taste.
Response: thank you <3

Luciano Elias Santilli: The event presented presumed the presence of more vintage brands which, however, I have not been able to find. It is a vintage shop with medium to high prices.

11. Musical Instruments Palma

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600 reviews
new review
Musical Instruments Palma

Address: Via Angelo Emo, 2, Via Padova, 244, 20132 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 1 PM ⋅ Reopens 3:30 PM

Business type: Musical instrument store

Near Musical Instruments Palma:

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Musical Instruments Palma: what do users think?

Daniele Bortolotti: Great shop, one of the best for electronic music in the area, and perhaps in Italy. You will find extremely knowledgeable and kind staff, and excellent customer service. I can’t stress enough the high quality of costumer care I experienced, I had some issues with some of the items I purchased not fitting my specific workflow, and they unwaveringly helped me solve them and accepted returns immediately.
Response: Thanks Daniele for the review and I am happy that you were satisfied with your shopping experience here in the store in Milan. He plays great music Alberto and the Staff of Musical Instruments Palma

Denis Coccodi: I was trying to move from acoustic to electric guitar, and they let me try a few so I could choose properly even though it was nearly closing time. Prices of the instruments I tried were about right compared to amazon/google/ebay. Recommended!
Response: Thanks Denis for your positive comment! To be price competitive is our goal but we work hard to give assistance, suggestions on good service! See you soon. Greetings from Alberto and the staff of Strumenti Musicali Palma

Harrison Kuettel: Staff were very helpful and friendly. I found exactly what I needed on two separate occasions. Awesome music store!
Response: Hi Harrison. We are glad we could help you. We hope to see you soon. Thank you very much for the five stars.

T P: Went to check out some guitars eventhough they didnt have the model I wanted, the staff was very helpful and friendly. Much recommended
Response: Hi Thanat Thank you for your review, compliments and Super 5 Star Rating. Good Music from Alberto and the PALMA Musical Instruments staff.

Abdullah Munad Ahmed: Good people with eagerness to assist. Both new and used products are there and price is reasonable. I would recommend.
Response: Thanks for your kindness. Hope to see you soon newly. Alberto

Sergey T.: Nice little shop. Friendly & helpful personnel. Selection though is not that wide as you would normally expect.
Response: Thanks for Kind feedback. Customer's comments and suggestions are always welcome. Alberto

Giulia Joau: Nice shop with friendly staff.
Response: Thanks Giulia Musical Instruments Staff ;-)

Romeo: Nice shop, good service
Response: Thanks for the 5 stars and the review. Good music. Alberto and the Staff of Musical Instruments Palma

Daniele T.: Wonderful services, wonderful people !!
Response: Hi Daniele, thank you for your review and for the 5 Stars. Good Music and see you soon. Alberto and the Staff of Musical Instruments Palma

corrado zacchi: Nice and helpful

12. Play! Music Store

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162 reviews
new review
Play! Music Store

Address: Via Veglia, 59, 20159 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 1:15 PM ⋅ Reopens 3:30 PM

Telephone: +39 02 4538 7180

Business type: Musical instrument store

Near Play! Music Store:

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Play! Music Store: what do users think?

Md. Tosikul Islam: It’s a nice instrumental store. If you love music you will definitely play the music.

Daniela Palazzo: Top!!!!

massimo: Great display of many instruments. Possibility to try it at will with the valuable advice of the employees. Friendly environment and good prices.

Emilia Imeri: Really well stocked, not to be missed for anyone looking for a musical instrument.

Alessandro Parrino: After having shot so many, in my opinion it is the best musical instrument shop in Milan! For a musician, visiting it is like taking a child to a toy store. All the clerks are very kind, helpful and professional and there is a nice atmosphere. Special thanks to Vito, the guitars department clerk, who was super nice, professional and knowledgeable. It was to him that I entrusted a real restoration of a vintage guitar, of great emotional value to me, which is now back as new. From now on it will be my go-to shop for all my music purchases.

Matteo Marchetti: I brought my Jackson guitar for a problem to fix the floyd rose which was perfectly set up. Really kind and professional staff who knew how to advise me and explain some things to me on a technical and mechanical level that I did not know. I have never been before and I can only put 5 stars, gorgeous and huge shop, super fair prices !! certainly the best in Milan and the most comfortable for those north of Milan.

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