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1. Armory Gun Store Bunker Snc - Municipio 2

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Armory Gun Store Bunker Snc
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Address: Via Valtorta, 4/6, 20127 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 1 PM ⋅ Reopens 2 PM

Telephone: +39 02 289 5665

Business type: Gun shop

Armory Gun Store Bunker Snc: what do users think?

Daniele Di Lazzaro: Incorrect behavior and aseptic and annoyed attitude with the customer: gun paid for by bank transfer only to be told after four days "it is no longer available"..... poor professionalism....never again!!!!!

Mattia Arosio: Contacts, passed by them in the store and bought. What about everything perfect kind, organized and good prices. Recommended shop

Dario Govoni: Friendly staff, they respond to emails quickly, courteous and fast in shipping. What can I say, very good, I will buy again

Katia Garavani: available and also supplied with vintage .professional clothing

sandro cordoni: Very professional and kind, they respond immediately to emails and always have very beautiful and hard to find weapons. I took a carbine from them some time ago which they sent me to a support armoury. Accurate, available and weapon exactly as shown in the photos and their description. One of the few armories run by passionate and competent people. Well done!

alex cherubini: We came by today to request a couple of information on a gun, the gentleman who welcomed us was extremely kind and thorough, enthusiastically giving us all the information we needed, a recommended shop I will be back soon for the purchase

alecryd 19: Beyond the prices of the product, I must dutifully emphasize the very high level of efficiency with regard to information and customer assistance.

Sergio NATALI: I have known the GUN STORE BUNKER favorably for several years. I recently turned to Messrs. Samuele and Massimo, and once again with me, they proved to be serious, courteous and professional.

Carmelo Vanasia: Outstanding armory, Mr. Massimo, very professional seller, very kind, serious, very helpful, very nice guns, top used, excellent price quality, I recommend it.

alessandro pareschi: Really interesting armory well stocked with modern and historic weapons. The owners are highly qualified and available both in sales and after-sales service. For enthusiasts this armory is worth a visit.

2. Beretta Gallery Milan - Municipio 1

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90 reviews
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Beretta Gallery Milan
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Address: Via Ulrico Hoepli, 3, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +39 02 7602 8325

Business type: Gun shop

Beretta Gallery Milan: what do users think?

Manny: As a big fan of Beretta as well as owning several of their firearms I was disappointed to find out the armory was closed and only open once a week. Additionally, the sales lady that was there was super unhelpful and followed us around as if we were looking to steal something? Very uncomfortable.

Jason Betchkal: This place is terrible don’t go here. I went in to see their beautiful shot guns and the personal inside was so lazy they said that part of the store was closed. No explanation as to why just did not want go upstairs to accompany me.

Levan: Absolutely the best experience an enthusiast can have. If you visit, ask for Silvio. He is a second (possibly 3rd) generation gun smith that really understands the art and craft that is being slowly lost and forgotten in the rest of the world. Thank you Silvio.

Rene Renteria: Great selection of weapons .. and the products down stairs were awesome expensive but good quality

Marshall Kendo: Nice store but prices are high. In a great in general for shopping and food

Sripad Ashwath: A really good place to shop for shooting accessories.

Shoaib Zafar Bajwa: Must visit place, excellent place for gun lovers

Jayantha Rajapaksha: Good service , Great peoples

My Daily Art - Anthony Edgar: Beautiful and unique quality

3. Armeria Colosseo - Municipio 4

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94 reviews
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Armeria Colosseo
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Address: Viale Monte Nero, 76, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +39 02 5518 5489

Business type: Gun shop

Armeria Colosseo: what do users think?

kevin conde: Very good

Der Atorak: I purchased through their online site with payment by bank transfer, I quickly received the items ordered for my CZ SCORPION, properly packed and shipped with extreme professionalism. Prices more than fair. I will certainly rely on this armory again, should the opportunity arise.

zzico 76 (dimensione Automobili): I went the other day to buy a rifle and although the owner was rearranging the shop with relative chaos, he served me impeccably. He could have told me to come back at another time instead maximum availability. Difficult to find kindness like this and from now on I will supply myself here for ammunition and accessories. Recommended!

Mao Guz: Purchased an S&W rifle on the AR platform, very helpful and competent owner, excellent and competitive prices, the choice of both weapons and accessories is vast. Very satisfied!

Kiriakos: Really good owner. Excellent connoisseur of the product, courteous, kind and polite. Recommended!

P G: Competent, patient, helpful and honest owner. It solved my problem in no time, saving valuable maintenance tips. It will certainly be my point of reference for the future. Thanks again.

fangala: Very kind and prepared owner; I brought a Swiss Army Knife, which is over 25 years old, for repair and after a short time it arrived perfectly repaired and with extra accessories. All without paying a euro, it was my right, but courtesy and professionalism are often not included; In this case, yes. I advise.

Domenico Ravazza: Competence, kindness and availability. I recently bought a gun here, in addition to the discount, it was personally delivered to my home (more than 200 km from Milan) by the owner. I have been going to several armories in northern Italy for about twenty years, but I have never come across a service like this. Highly, highly recommended!!!

Luigi Notario: Friendly and professional owner. In my opinion, it is one of the best armories in Milan. Beautiful, quality items, fair prices. I am happy with him. Shop more than recommended, rating: 5 stars. Went back today for a purchase: 10+ :)

4. De Gradi - Corsico

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133 reviews
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De Gradi
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Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 47, 20094 Corsico MI, Italy

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 12:30 PM ⋅ Reopens 3 PM

Telephone: +39 02 447 1838

Business type: Gun shop

De Gradi: what do users think?

Paolo Pizzetti: Top

Alfredo C.: As always a reference point for fans. Well stocked armory. Short and long guns with a large assortment of used and new. Fireworks and airsoft weapons. Aiming optics and accessories are part of the available products. But what matters most is the competence and availability of the staff who find their greatest exponent in the figure of Fausto. It is advisable to "arm" yourself with patience, but once you get the attention of the staff you will certainly leave satisfied with the purchase. Recommended for admirers of dynamic and operational shooting or long-range shooting with large caliber rifles. Preparation and accuracy of weapons on site. Less availability of weapons for precision shooting with cal. 22 to 50 mt.

Renzo Zulian: Hospitality, courtesy and kindness really come first. The owner and his collaborators know how to best advise the customer Large selection of both new and used Good prices commensurate with the brands on display. Excellent pre and post sales assistance

Francesco Arrica: Interested in the purchase of some Luger pistols, I first called and as written in the announcements of the site, and then I was told to write an email indicating the reasons for the request and my telephone number. After a few days I received an email with which the armory apologized because they had inadvertently trashed my communication, then recovered, and they assured me that soon I would receive another email with which they would send me the information, communication the latter received today. I can say that, having now established a dialogue that I hope will lead me to buy some beautiful objects, the Armeria De Gradi deserves my appreciation.

Duvda Comancha: I bought a CZsp01 in 9x19 from De gradi, what can I say? Professionalism and kindness to the maximum, Mr. Fausto is very available for any question! Very professional colleagues too! I will definitely be back bye guys thanks

Christian Conte: Very well stocked shop with blanks and fireworks of all kinds. Great prices. I will definitely be back!

Francesco A: Armory among the most supplied among all those in which I have purchased. Great prices and helpful staff especially Mr. Fabio. Recommended

Olivier Divisionali: Professionalism! Availability ! Super satisfied with the attention paid to a beginner shooter! It will become my trusted armory! 👍🏽

maurizio delpero: Excellent armory very well stocked for both new and used and with excellent promotions.

Marco Baron: Highly qualified and courteous people. Vast assortment of products. 100% recommended.

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