Best Martial Arts Classes Milan Near Me

Elite Krav Maga Milano ASD Eisho Club Milano Martial Arts Reikan KARATE CLUB Martial Arts Training Center Milan ASD YAMA KARATE CLUB Milano WING TSUN KUNG FU - Milano - EWTO Italy Lotus Club Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Milano Tiger Martial Arts - Taekwondo and Haidong Gumdo Martial arts and MMA Dojo Yoseikan Milan ASD DOJO MIURA MILANO Funakoshi Milano - Karate Real TKD Milano A.S.D. Honbu Dojo Milano - KARATE SHOTOKAN

1. Elite Krav Maga Milano - Municipio 1

路 18 reviews

Via Carroccio, 13, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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Elite Krav Maga Milano: what do users think?

Alessandro Marino: Finally after a long time I have found the right place to start a real Krav Maga learning path and not just simple lessons. Fabrizio manages to put you at ease by teaching you all the concepts in a clear and incisive way. The structure is also excellent.

Marcello Farne: A very effective Krav Maga course, in a welcoming and functional structure. The learning path allows anyone, regardless of starting level, to learn quickly and with a self-defense-oriented approach in a realistic context. A special note of merit for the instructor, Fabrizio Carro, who manages to combine simplicity in the explanations with the exhaustiveness of the technical detail.

Federico Vasoli: For years I was looking for what I discovered to be Krav Maga: effective, fast and with an exceptional trainer - Fabrizio - who, thanks to an excellent mental and practical approach, favors learning and physical training, beyond the techniques. I find myself very well and personally recommend a mix between course and individual lessons.

Stefano Melis: What I was looking for. A right balance between athletic preparation and Krav Maga teaching, a balance supported both by the main network, the IKMF, and by the work of master Fabrizio Carro, in a serious but "friendly" program and atmosphere that encourage progress through exchange and mutual support.

Giada V.: Walking tall in the evening in the city. And not just in your city, in any. This is the feeling you get after taking lessons with the IKMF Elite Krav Maga instructors! Serious, competent, precise: attentive to technique and, at the same time, endowed with a profound human sensitivity that makes them truly empathize with people. You feel "accompanied" on a path to increase physical and emotional security. Well done, really good! Thanks for what you do!

Marco Bernardi: I attended the gym for 9 months, the techniques I learned and the training method change your life for the better even in your daily life. The atmosphere is friendly and supportive to such an extent that even beyond the teachers your classmates also help you learn, I hope to return soon.

Camilla Giovannini: The discipline as taught by Master Fabrizio Carro, is very effective also from the point of view of female self-defense: Starting from relatively simple strokes (punches, elbows, knees, kicks) and adding special defense techniques (from strangulation, from aggression to armed hand ...) comes to cancel any difference between man and woman, between stronger and apparently weaker. It is surprisingly accessible even for a person who has no previous experience in martial arts or combat sports. The philosophy is to defend oneself in case of aggression in order to open up a safe escape route, in any possible context. The physical preparation is well taken care of, thanks to the solid and constant training, as well as the mental preparation in order to face every situation, representing us the surprise effect for the potential attacker, and not vice versa. Personally all this led me, from the beginning, to have greater security, strength, mastery of my body starting from a completely opposite situation. Therefore I also recommend it to women who really want to learn to defend themselves.

marco mojoli: Serious and healthy environment suitable for all ages for those who really want to learn. As the shaved TOP gym say!!! :-)

Ilaria Barbieri: Prepared, friendly and helpful staff. Advice for those who want to know and apply themselves to this discipline

2. ASD Eisho Club Milano Martial Arts - Municipio 8



路 23 reviews

Via Piero della Francesca, 4/1, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

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ASD Eisho Club Milano Martial Arts: what do users think?

Alessandro Silletti: Registered regularly for three years! Small but multifunctional dojo. Historical location of the area born for Judo. Not just martial arts! I disagree with the "bussness policy only" review. I have no experience of Dojo but in this there are martial specialties that must be tried. Very good senses.

Carlo Bernasconi: I do not agree with the review published below, as I know this gym, I have attended it for some time and I have not encountered any of the situations indicated. I think that such a negative opinion is in no way justifiable, it seems more the result of a divergence of ideas with those who manage the gym ...

Fabio Mantovan: I am particularly fond of this dojo, where I started practicing at a very young age. Now for a strange closing of the circle, I returned, many years later. I found there great harmony, attention and passion for Judo. Excellent and recommended.

maria cristina cairatti: Excellent, in all respects. The teachers are very knowledgeable and patient with children. I have enrolled all three of my children there.

Giorgio Vianson: My son is enthusiastic and I like the instructors a lot for their courtesy, kindness, professionalism and cuteness

Luca Capizzi: Good place well kept, good teachers

DOMENICO Zumbo: Be prepared and patient, good !!!!!

luigi bonetto: Well done Well done.................

3. Reikan KARATE CLUB - Municipio 8

路 32 reviews

Via Masolino da Panicale, 9, 20155 Milano MI, Italy

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Reikan KARATE CLUB: what do users think?

cristina ono (K. ARTU): It is not a simple gym, but a magical place, where you feel at home, perhaps because there you can go home, inside yourself, practicing Karate shotokan, Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga ... in a cordial and serene atmosphere. Excellent teachers, from all points of view. Recommended.

Fabrizio Malacrea: Well-kept and clean dojo, managers always available and kind. I started karate about 10 months ago, I immediately got passionate thanks to the very good instructors and the familiar and friendly environment. The Sensei is always present, severe and very precise for the passion he puts into it, always ready to explain patiently by giving clear examples and correcting positions, gestures and posture. They do not teach karate as if it were any physical activity but as a mental discipline, giving importance to all that this martial art requires. I found exactly what I was looking for and I recommend it to everyone!

Andrea Vigano`: Clean and cool dojo in summer. Friendly and helpful staff. Ideal for karate courses, adults and children. Good value for money with good supervision by the Sensei. I recommend one or more tests before registering, so that you can feel the environment firsthand ... Promoted !!

YOGALIFEMOTION: Beautiful center, very nice and clean, in full compliance with the covid rules. It has a team of qualified teachers and many disciplines, from shotokan karate to yoga (from Odaka to Do to Raja) and particular attention is given to children, who can practice safely. The only dojo in the area where there is a Yoga Kids course, which teaches the discipline, movement and breathing techniques, in a playful and relaxing environment. Highly recommended !!!

ANDREA ANDREOLETTI: Very qualified teachers; they have great experience and skills in dealing with even small children and adolescent boys. You breathe an atmosphere of great harmony and you feel at home. Excellent value for money.

Salvatore Baron: In the dojo reikan you train body, mind and spirit, you can choose courses in karate, yoga, pilates and tai chi. The gym is located in an excellent position and is easily accessible by public transport (1, 57, 90/91, 12, 14).

Roby Leuci: Professionalism and courtesy, a unique and familiar environment, children are looked after and valued. I would not choose any other gym for my son.

Cris Piazza: Today first experience for my 9 year old son ... Welcoming and well-kept environment ... All the staff are very kind and helpful both with parents and also with children and teenagers ... I liked it very much ...

Francesca Fattiboni: Extremely nice and helpful people, patient and professional instructors. A gym that I highly recommend

Muriel Laurence Estelle DURING: Beautiful place. They are very nice with the children and have put so much effort into maintaining a constant activity throughout the year.

4. Martial Arts Training Center Milan - Municipio 5

路 7 reviews

Via Cardinale Ascanio Sforza, 81/A/Cortile interno, 20141 Milano MI, Italy

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Martial Arts Training Center Milan: what do users think?

Paolo Ruti: Big family! Passion and healthy competition! School is a reductive word! Body and soul work together. Fantastic environment .... you breathe positivity and with commitment you see above all personal results. FINALLY ..... see you again in September with the same enthusiasm as always! BIGIIIIII

Tommy Shelby: Perfect environment to introduce children to martial arts!

5. ASD YAMA KARATE CLUB Milano - Municipio 5

路 14 reviews

Via Giulietta Pezzi, 4, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

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ASD YAMA KARATE CLUB Milano: what do users think?

Gerhard Grafoner: The perfekt Dojo to learn Karate in Italy. Come in and finde out!!

#pp 5472: La casa del Karate...and more

aldo crepaldi: My son has been dating for years: we consider ourselves very lucky. The gym is synonymous with seriousness and competence gained over the years with courses at all levels.

Claudia Bonani: They are a group of exceptional Karate teachers! There are courses for all ages and besides karate there are yoga and muscle toning activities. The courses for children, starting from 5-6 years, are many, the children have a lot of fun and are passionate about this discipline that teaches a lot, both from a competitive and emotional point of view.

Luca Sacchi Ricciardi: For me the best dojo in Milan.

Adrio Nataletti: The top of the tops

Marcel Lozovanu: I thank all the athletes and coaches for a great tournament

6. WING TSUN KUNG FU - Milano - EWTO Italy - Municipio 6

路 6 reviews

Via Savona, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

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WING TSUN KUNG FU - Milano - EWTO Italy: what do users think?

umberto campanile: Roberto Principi is a very high level Wing Chun master who combines technique and effectiveness, athletic training and martial tradition. All combined with sympathy and teaching skills, which make his lessons very understandable at all levels

Francesco Grassi: I trained in boxing for some time before moving on to Wing Chun in buccinasco and then to the Wcksd school. Intrigued by a post by Roberto on the differences between the various lineages, in July I had the opportunity to test the EWTO Wing Tsun by him. It seemed to me an extremely effective system, very scientific in its application, which is why I chose to enroll at his school.

Giorgio Romanelli: The wing tsun is a truly effective martial art for those who, like me belonging to the forces of law and order, find themselves facing dangerous situations, learning this art with a capital A makes it possible to protect both ours and others. safety. Good! The instructor, Roberto, personally known to me, is truly reliable and meticulous in teaching. I highly recommend it to anyone who intends to learn how to defend themselves.

Antonio Potenza: Excellent school and excellent instructor. Roberto Principi is a serious person, expert, prepared and available. Self-defense techniques are formidable. Wing Tsun is a magnificent formative experience that strengthens body, soul and mind. Recommended for everyone: girls and boys, young and old.

FRANCESCO CALABRESE: Great Robert. A lot of passion and a lot of preparation. Thanks again

7. Lotus Club Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Milano - Municipio 2

路 29 reviews

Via Napo Torriani, 19, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Lotus Club Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Milano: what do users think?

j j: This school was extremely welcoming! Not only was the instructor extremely friendly but you could also tell he cared a lot for his students. Couldn鈥檛 ask more from a professor then that. I highly recommend this gym for anyone In Milan and northern Italy.

Daniele Cortesi: Cool dojo - friendly, sporty but at the same time great for both experienced and beginners. Great culture to learn about this discipline!

andy m1986: Amazing gym for brazilian jujitsu!!. They follow you for become better day by day. I highly recommend it!!

Michael Gibson: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueGreat place to train!

SAVAGE produzioni: the best

Lia Monteiro: 馃敐馃敐馃敐Team馃挴馃憦

Edoardo Cristilli: Best JiuJitsu school in Milano, great environment to train for hobbyists as well as competitors

Oliviero Piccoli: Excellent school with experienced teachers, students of all ages and all belt colors. The relaxed and cordial environment makes you want to stay indefinitely after class. I have been attending school for a year and I am not going to stop!

8. Tiger Martial Arts - Taekwondo and Haidong Gumdo - Municipio 3

路 5 reviews

Via Amedeo D'Aosta, 8, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Tiger Martial Arts - Taekwondo and Haidong Gumdo: what do users think?

luisa hu: The teacher Miriam is fantastic!

9. Martial arts and MMA Dojo Yoseikan Milan - Municipio 6

路 18 reviews

Via Garian, 64, 20146 Milano MI, Italy

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Martial arts and MMA Dojo Yoseikan Milan: what do users think?

Francesco Passoni: I have been doing functional training for 1 year and I am very happy. The instructors are very good and extremely professional in a very pleasant environment. Different subscription methods also with entrance packages for those who want to try some lessons or are not sure they can be constant.

Giacomo Di Pinto: Excellent dojo for those who want to seriously learn the various martial arts that are proposed, but also for those who just want to improve their physical shape. The instructors are very well prepared, very nice and always ready to give advice and suggestions during training. The gym is clean, well maintained and above all comfortable for training because of the tatami mats that cushion any falls and impacts. Highly recommended!

Roberto Tronci: Excellent gym both for those who just want to keep fit and for those who aspire to face competitive challenges in various disciplines. Healthy environment and highly qualified staff. In the fifth year of enrollment I highly recommend it.

Umberto Cairoli: I have been attending the Yoseikan Dojo in Milan for about two months practicing MMA. I advise everyone to sign up if they want to find a clean place run by a professional in the sector with a team of highly trained trainers. I am sure that next year I will continue this discipline in this fantastic gym. Umberto Cairoli

Haifa Harrabi: Excellent gym I find myself very well ... tried the mma course and really fantastic serious and good coach

Elena Assandri: Excellent structure, highly qualified staff and a very high technical level. I recommend it to everyone !!!

Alessandra C.: Professionalism, passion, competence and enthusiasm. Recommended!

10. ASD DOJO MIURA MILANO - Municipio 8

路 15 reviews

Via Sebastiano Veniero, 7, 20148 Milano MI, Italy

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ASD DOJO MIURA MILANO: what do users think?

Giovanni Rossi: Master Oscar Scaglioni has great expertise in martial arts such as Karate-do and Tai Chi Chuan which he has been teaching for decades and is an expert self defense instructor. Since martial arts, over the centuries, have contributed to the creation of a real way of conceiving life, it combines its ability to communicate and motivate people regardless of their experience and age, defining together with them the most suitable path for learning the "Way to Martial Arts". As an expert in corporate training, he works for the spread of martial discipline as a metaphor for the training and well-being of managers and employees and in general of all those who "need" a moment to release tensions and face work or everyday life seeing it from another perspective.

Tai Chi nel Parco Filippo Scimone Panajia: The Dojo Miura is the right path that leads to martial arts enlightenment, on this path you will be accompanied by a true and great Master Oscar Scaglioni and his son Andrea. Here you will discover the true principles and values 鈥嬧媜f martial arts that will also help you in everyday life.

Hostream08: A Dojo where you can find competence, passion and familiarity. Suitable for adults and small athletes. Keep it up 馃憤馃徎馃憦馃徎!

JJ Joker: In our little cosmos, the dojo, with our sifu we can do great things. Thank you teacher. Greetings to the young tiger

Soad Diab: I found a dojo where I followed with professionalism and seriousness but at the same time with kindness and welcome.

Max Ventura: Great Oscar, a Master in many ways!!!

11. Funakoshi Milano - Karate - Municipio 9

路 23 reviews

Piazzale Nizza, 5, 20159 Milano MI, Italy

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Funakoshi Milano - Karate: what do users think?

Paola Cipolla: Karate school with very good instructors with many years of experience, where karate is not considered and taught only as a sport but above all as a philosophy of life.

Marco Ferrieri: Small and welcoming dojo, it offers karate courses for both competitive and amateur children and adults. The atmosphere is calm and familiar, the courses are serious, a good place to study martial arts.

Davide Middei: Historic gym in Milan and national landmark for Shotokan Karate. Competent, friendly and helpful teachers and teachers. A martial arts and education school for everyone!

matteo morellini: a very good karate school for children and adults that also offers specialization in the competitive field

Ghoniem Mahmoud: Sama 4 years

Gabriele Modugno: No explanations are needed.

Paolo Quattrini: Martial arts.

12. Accademia del Karate Studio Shirai - Municipio 4

路 12 reviews

Via Friuli, 65, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

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Accademia del Karate Studio Shirai: what do users think?

Massimo Boccuni: The technical direction is entrusted to a champion.


Efficacia Dell'Arte: Karate since 1971 in Milan

claudia accardi: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

13. Real TKD Milano - Municipio 1

路 20 reviews

Via Gian Battista Vico, 4, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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Real TKD Milano: what do users think?

Dario T: There is no better place to train in the Centre, especially for those staying in the Cattolica area. Large and equipped structure, the Kickboxing, Mma and Taekwondo courses are highly recommended

Matteo Follesa: My passion 馃 Rebecca follesa

Giuseppe Pasquariello: Fantastic gym

14. A.S.D. Honbu Dojo Milano - KARATE SHOTOKAN - Municipio 2

路 18 reviews

Via Apelle, 8, 20128 Milano MI, Italy

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A.S.D. Honbu Dojo Milano - KARATE SHOTOKAN: what do users think?

giangiacomo barrile: Superb

Davide Capitanio: If you are looking for a real dojo where karate is practiced you can stop looking! The honbu dojo of the SKI-Italy federation has been open for years to everyone, young and old, to practice this fantastic discipline. The dojo itself is very well maintained and the masters are smart and always up to date. To try!

Luca Crippa: Shotokan karate school, excellent for those who want to initiate children but also for adults. The teachers are very well prepared and the lessons are engaging. The atmosphere is made unique thanks to the typical elements of the real Japanese dojo brought by the master Masaro Miura.

Antonio Laterza: Monday and Thursday are the days in which it is possible to train with flexible hours from 18 to 21.

Muriel Verweij: Dojo of the highest technical and educational level.

Franco Della Vella: Thursday 10/9 I return to train.

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