Best Martial Arts Gyms In Milan Near Me

MMA Athletics Boxing Lotus Club Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Milano Martial arts and MMA Dojo Yoseikan Milan MILANIMAL Jeet Kune Do Milano CAAM Fighters Kickboxing MILANIMAL Tagliamento a.s.d. Academy of Fighting Real TKD Milano ASD Eisho Club Milano Martial Arts Thai Training Milano

1. MMA Athletics Boxing - Municipio 5

路 31 reviews

Via dei Fontanili, 11/A, 20141 Milano MI, Italy

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MMA Athletics Boxing: what do users think?

KAIMAN KNIFE: It is the best MMA and BJJ gym in Milan! You always train with commitment and professionalism without any improvisation. If in Italy everyone worked in the same way as Garcia Amadori, combat sports would make a big leap in quality! I recommend it to anyone who wants to undertake a path of sporting growth both at a professional and amateur level.

Bryan Palomo: MMA gym run by Maestro Amadori Garcia, excellent courses both in the morning and in the evening until 9pm. It offers courses in grappling, bjj, striking, boxing and mma (also bjj for children). For those from Milan it must be a point of reference at 360 degrees as a gym in contact sports.

antonio Nicola Viviano: The most competent in the Italian MMA sector and beyond. An Italian pride! The demonstration that it is not necessary to expatriate to become established champions on the international scene! Go Garcia

andrea stavola: Best gym in Milan to learn without having a "sick" environment but maintaining values 鈥嬧媋nd serenity! Super social environment !!! Constant progress and effort at will !!!

Jacopo Cardinali: Good coach (Garcia), gym in excellent condition and positive environment for both beginners and experts. A great gym to do MMA.

Dario Cav: The Master as well as the training partners are the best that can be found, even the structure is complete with everything related to fighting and conditioning.

2. Lotus Club Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Milano - Municipio 2



路 29 reviews

Via Napo Torriani, 19, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Lotus Club Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Milano: what do users think?

j j: This school was extremely welcoming! Not only was the instructor extremely friendly but you could also tell he cared a lot for his students. Couldn鈥檛 ask more from a professor then that. I highly recommend this gym for anyone In Milan and northern Italy.

Daniele Cortesi: Cool dojo - friendly, sporty but at the same time great for both experienced and beginners. Great culture to learn about this discipline!

andy m1986: Amazing gym for brazilian jujitsu!!. They follow you for become better day by day. I highly recommend it!!

Michael Gibson: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueGreat place to train!

SAVAGE produzioni: the best

Lia Monteiro: 馃敐馃敐馃敐Team馃挴馃憦

Edoardo Cristilli: Best JiuJitsu school in Milano, great environment to train for hobbyists as well as competitors

Oliviero Piccoli: Excellent school with experienced teachers, students of all ages and all belt colors. The relaxed and cordial environment makes you want to stay indefinitely after class. I have been attending school for a year and I am not going to stop!

3. Martial arts and MMA Dojo Yoseikan Milan - Municipio 6

路 18 reviews

Via Garian, 64, 20146 Milano MI, Italy

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Martial arts and MMA Dojo Yoseikan Milan: what do users think?

Francesco Passoni: I have been doing functional training for 1 year and I am very happy. The instructors are very good and extremely professional in a very pleasant environment. Different subscription methods also with entrance packages for those who want to try some lessons or are not sure they can be constant.

Giacomo Di Pinto: Excellent dojo for those who want to seriously learn the various martial arts that are proposed, but also for those who just want to improve their physical shape. The instructors are very well prepared, very nice and always ready to give advice and suggestions during training. The gym is clean, well maintained and above all comfortable for training because of the tatami mats that cushion any falls and impacts. Highly recommended!

Roberto Tronci: Excellent gym both for those who just want to keep fit and for those who aspire to face competitive challenges in various disciplines. Healthy environment and highly qualified staff. In the fifth year of enrollment I highly recommend it.

Umberto Cairoli: I have been attending the Yoseikan Dojo in Milan for about two months practicing MMA. I advise everyone to sign up if they want to find a clean place run by a professional in the sector with a team of highly trained trainers. I am sure that next year I will continue this discipline in this fantastic gym. Umberto Cairoli

Haifa Harrabi: Excellent gym I find myself very well ... tried the mma course and really fantastic serious and good coach

Elena Assandri: Excellent structure, highly qualified staff and a very high technical level. I recommend it to everyone !!!

Alessandra C.: Professionalism, passion, competence and enthusiasm. Recommended!

4. MILANIMAL - Municipio 4

路 106 reviews

Via Lodovico Muratori, 34, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

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MILANIMAL: what do users think?

Xinxin Lin: Very nice box. The coach and the people were very welcoming. I will repeat if I have the opportunity!Thanks for the nice morning workout.

Filippo Camerada: Best place to workout in Milano. Amazing space and competent coaches.

氚霛茧吀鞙犿暀靸 Milanese(Uno Tube): The best BJJ gym in Milanyou can feel familiar with them, they are very kindly and friendly i can say it, even Foreigner You will quickly become a family with them

Giovanni Grandis: a state of the art dojo straight in the city center of Milan

Ching Nola: So far my favorite CrossFit gym in Milan in term of professionalism and facility. I鈥檓 feeling extra motived to work out with very outstanding athletes. Coach Matilde is attentive, and speaks perfect English, which is an major plus for me, strongly recommend her class if you don鈥檛 speak Italian, and the box will not disappoint you,

jacob lockhart lister: Great gym and fantastic experience of being introduced to Jiujitsu with great people.

Stefano Azario: We practice bjj all over the world: teachers here are so good technically I thought I was in anatomy class. Highly recommend.

Gontran Mullier: Best bjj gym I ever been. Great teaching, very clean, great people, 4 classes per day.

5. Jeet Kune Do Milano CAAM Fighters Kickboxing - Municipio 5

路 2 reviews

Via Ascanio Sforza, 81/A, 20141 Milano MI, Italy

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6. MILANIMAL Tagliamento - Municipio 4

路 28 reviews

Via Tagliamento, 4, 20139 Milano MI, Italy

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MILANIMAL Tagliamento: what do users think?

Stefano Azario: The place to train bjj in Milan. A brand spanking new purpose built dojo has been built from the ground up, the atmosphere is welcoming and the teaching detailed and thorough. Special women only lessons as well as advanced and beginner ones are woven in a timetable with lots of choice of when to train from 7am until late in the evening. Can鈥檛 say enough good things about the place, come try for yourself.

Giacomo Levoni: Milanimal is my go to place for BJJ in Milan. GREAT AESTHETIC, real deal staff dedicated to the craft 10/10

Thaina Bergmann: An amazing gym with incredible coaches that are highly skilled and curates every detail during the classes

Matteo Ferrarini: Best BJJ mat in town 馃敐馃挭馃徎馃敐

Filippo Camerada: Amazing facility and the best people.

Jenny Broccoli: Good experience.

luca colnaghi: The new headquarters in via Tagliamento renewed the attention to detail and the service of MILANIMAL. 1) every day, all day from 7.00 in the morning lessons for all levels / ages 2) A visually beautiful and relaxing look in all its environments, from the training room, to the courtyard to the undressed. 3) The mat is exceptional, with excellent performance both in the fight on the ground and in the fall. Your tornado throws will also be beautiful to the hearing.

Mirko broccoli: The best jiujitsu in milan! I have been training in this gym for a year now, with an app you can book lessons from early morning to late evening to satisfy any person. I have had the pleasure of training with multiple instructors experimenting with different styles. The gym is always clean and has a very relaxing environment between its white color, wooden structures and plants. All the people who are part of it are extremely professional and sociable. The tatami is among the best I have tried in these two years that I train. If you like jiujitsu this is the place for you. 馃

dario r: BJJ Academy definitely to be recommended, with trained teachers and well-structured programs.

7. a.s.d. Academy of Fighting - Municipio 8

路 22 reviews

Via Cinque Maggio, 11, 20157 Milano MI, Italy

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a.s.d. Academy of Fighting: what do users think?

Felice Colasuonno: Gym located in the center of Quarto Oggiaro, easily accessible by public transport and with ample parking available. Specialized in MMA and combat sports in general, it has a staff, from the reception to the instructors, highly qualified and humanly impeccable. The classmates are also excellent and fun travel companions. I understand those who have been attending her for the longest time call her a second family! Congratulations, good !!!

Ofiuco Delta: I have known Fabrizio for some time and he is a wonderful person. I took the first trial class of the MMA course and found myself well received by everyone, dealing with the typical guys next door, there are no fitted to the course. The gym is beautiful and large, equipped with all the necessary technical equipment. Changing room clearly above average, given that in many gyms there is no hot water or the possibility of hanging jackets. I have the brochure with all the courses. Strongly recommended!

Alessandro: Gym well stocked with tools and machines which also has a large training room. It is not very big but for this reason it is also less dispersive. It is never too crowded. The prices are low and the staff are nice. It is a gym where you train well and concentrate differently from those chains of famous gyms where you go only because there are many girls and you want to have fun. There are many courses including kickboxing, pilates, fit boxing, zumba etc ...

Stefano Decorato: Excellent gym, frequented by very good guys with a lot of good will, absolutely top trainers. I have personally seen the progress made by a very dear friend of mine who has been attending your gym since December. Excellent all the initiatives of coach Fabrizio. Great guys, keep it up!

Mirko Loreti: Highly qualified, professional and friendly staff. You train and learn while having fun. In the long run, the classmates become a second family. Honest prices.

Marco: Excellent gym, friendly and helpful staff, trained coaches. Very low subscription prices. Try the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA courses ..... really top !!!!!!

Manuela Tidu: Gym equipped with everything, excellent teachers as regards the courses and excellent personal trainers, prepared, kind and always up to date, congratulations!

8. Real TKD Milano - Municipio 1

路 20 reviews

Via Gian Battista Vico, 4, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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Real TKD Milano: what do users think?

Dario T: There is no better place to train in the Centre, especially for those staying in the Cattolica area. Large and equipped structure, the Kickboxing, Mma and Taekwondo courses are highly recommended

Matteo Follesa: My passion 馃 Rebecca follesa

Giuseppe Pasquariello: Fantastic gym

9. ASD Eisho Club Milano Martial Arts - Municipio 8

路 23 reviews

Via Piero della Francesca, 4/1, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

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ASD Eisho Club Milano Martial Arts: what do users think?

Alessandro Silletti: Registered regularly for three years! Small but multifunctional dojo. Historical location of the area born for Judo. Not just martial arts! I disagree with the "bussness policy only" review. I have no experience of Dojo but in this there are martial specialties that must be tried. Very good senses.

Carlo Bernasconi: I do not agree with the review published below, as I know this gym, I have attended it for some time and I have not encountered any of the situations indicated. I think that such a negative opinion is in no way justifiable, it seems more the result of a divergence of ideas with those who manage the gym ...

Fabio Mantovan: I am particularly fond of this dojo, where I started practicing at a very young age. Now for a strange closing of the circle, I returned, many years later. I found there great harmony, attention and passion for Judo. Excellent and recommended.

maria cristina cairatti: Excellent, in all respects. The teachers are very knowledgeable and patient with children. I have enrolled all three of my children there.

Giorgio Vianson: My son is enthusiastic and I like the instructors a lot for their courtesy, kindness, professionalism and cuteness

Luca Capizzi: Good place well kept, good teachers

DOMENICO Zumbo: Be prepared and patient, good !!!!!

luigi bonetto: Well done Well done.................

10. Thai Training Milano - Municipio 2

路 8 reviews

Via S. Gregorio, 43, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

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Thai Training Milano: what do users think?

Jean-baptiste Bove: Christian is an amazing trainer! I have been training individually and in groups with him for the past 6 months and it has been a really fun learning experience. Chris can mix traditional thai training with functional training and adapt the classes to your needs, depending on whether you want to specialize in muay thai and sign up for fights or if you prefer to lose weight and de-stress after work :)

Piergiorgio Parigi: Thai Training Milano is an excellent formula for all those who want to combine targeted and intense training to the discovery of muay thay. Perfect method and super professional coach. Highly recommended!

Sara Bortolussi: Fantastic Thai Boxing experience, the workouts are focused and Christian is a great teacher. Super recommended 馃挭馃徎

Davide Sudati: Excellent instructor, qualified and attentive. Good level course suitable for beginners, for those who want to stay fit or even for those who already practice .... 馃憤

Paula Carrara: Nice lessons, I really like it. Professional, polite and pays close attention to the pupils. Highly recommended.

Christian Piana: Great!

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