Best Parks With Barbecues In Milan Near Me

Boscoincittà Picnic Area Rails Breda Parco Nord Milano - Area Teatrino Bosco della Giretta Sempione Park Indro Montanelli Garden Parco del Centenario Parco Lambro Cave Park (Baggio) Vittorio Formentano Park Parco Alessandrina Ravizza Parco Prinetti

1. Boscoincittà - Municipio 7

· 2466 reviews

Via Novara, 390, 20153 Milano MI, Italy

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Boscoincittà: what do users think?

Sanz Barny: Boscoincittà is a beautiful large park and a small forested area right in the city of Milan. It is located towards the west side of the city. It is the lung of Milan. One can idle the time sitting next to a lake which was in the centre of the wooded area. But being within the city the mouse of the loud city traffic does come from time to time. The best spot I liked was sitting on a semicircular bench next to the lake. It was fall season when I visited this place. The grass was green and tree leaves were beautiful colours of yellow, orange , red and brown of different shades. There is a picnic spot and old sheds for barbecue. Good place for spending time with friends and family.

Youtsen: An comfy place which is suitable for jogging, biking and BBQ,If you need a table then don’t forget to book it first!

David WEBER: Trees, away from road, not too crowded in April, large path to cycle, and turtles in the small lake.Great place to enjoy with kids

Dahliana Philip: Nice in a group but alone I would be very careful as there have been cases of women being accostedand flashed at !!!

Alessandro Spagnoli: Perfect for a day out from the city. You can grill in the dedicated area - very simple and cheap to book though their website.totally suggested.

Sayful Alam: Nice and big open place inside the park where is available place and arrangements for BBQ GIRL PARTY EVENTS

Iuliana Anailui: Very nice relaxing place in Milan.

2. Picnic Area Rails Breda - Sesto San Giovanni



· 111 reviews

Via Gian Carlo Clerici, 150, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni MI, Italy

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Picnic Area Rails Breda: what do users think?

Flavia Quintilhano: Design, gastronomy, art and fashion ... Perfect!

alapati saikrishna: Scenic

Manjith Reddy: Pleasant loaction

Samy Amein: Wowooooo

tamara Furlan: Beautiful place in the morning to pass

Marco: Garden full of greenery frequented by people quiet place of calm and relaxation

3. Parco Nord Milano - Area Teatrino - Municipio 9

· 699 reviews

Parco Nord Area Teatrino, Milano MI, Italy

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Parco Nord Milano - Area Teatrino: what do users think?

enrico schyma: Very big nice park for walking and jogging and bicycle riding. From spring to winter all year very enjoyable

Suéd Miranda: Amazing place!

Tomas Petr: nice big park, with areas for dogs to run freely.

127medo: Very nice and bigChoose a sunny day

Giampaolo Vimercati: Very good for a walk or a bike tour

Gianfranco Capponi: Very good, clean and nice.

Alan Mellor: Nice park

4. Bosco della Giretta - Municipio 7

· 492 reviews

Via Giulio Pastore, 7, 20019 Settimo Milanese MI, Italy

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Bosco della Giretta: what do users think?

Oxana Maramzina: Pay attention, its closed at 18.00 I went to walk in the evening and I was closed inside!

Samu Fazio: Disorganizati

Roberto Gianella: Very nice park, not huge, but which offers a dimension that makes you feel far from the city. This in addition to the spider park in Seguro and the central park of Settimo Milanese, all perfectly connected, offers a 6Km loop tour frequented by those who want to keep fit or by those who find themselves for a packed lunch or a barbecue with the family or friends.

Umbry Dolores: Beautiful forest between a pond, bees, squirrels and tall trees

Nina Giaimo: Really very nice. I was at the Bosco on the occasion of the Lucciolata. I recommend to everyone the experience, very nice especially for children. It is possible, by reserving the tables, to have a picnic on the spot, all very pleasant

DANIELE GRASSI: A well-structured park where you can have a barbecue and spend a pleasant day. The bathrooms are present only at the entrance and for younger children it would take some more games.

Gio Gio: Beautiful park, fenced and clean. Very large and beautiful for walking even with your dog I highly recommend it

M M: A beautiful quiet park with lots of benches on the pedestrian path, ideal for those who love children and those who want to relax

5. Sempione Park - Municipio 1

· 67398 reviews

Piazza Sempione, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

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Sempione Park: what do users think?

Kristen Rivera: Amazing park with soooooo many attractions within its borders! Could spend several days strolling, exploring, sampling the cafes. Lovely to site see during the day and nice cool evening stroll during Summer (we visited early July). Park was clean and we felt safe even late at night. Northern end feeds into a ton of shopping and restaurants. A MUST DO in Milan!

Elitsa Levendova: Lovely park we visited on a sunny December morning. There were plenty of little paths to explore for the size of the park. Many people were walking their dogs or having their morning run in this park. We enjoyed looking at the ducks and landscaping, but some of the paths were a bit muddy after it had rained the day before.

Adriana Ruini: This is a wonderful city park: it’s large (95 acres) and also very old, dating back to 1888! It feels very relaxing even if there are many people visiting it. You can bring the kids to the playground, walk your dog, and ride your bicycle. When we visited the weather was very nice and there were many people (alone as well in group) jogging or exercising. It has also many quiet spots where you can just bring your chair and relax. From here you can also enter the Sforzesco Castle and see the Arch of Peace.

Markus Stampfli: Wonderfully park placed between the arch and castle. Plenty of trails, lake, and spots to make your own. Plus several choices for drinks/treats of all flavors

Dino Numić: A large park in the centre of Milano. It stands between two popular historical landmarks: Sforza Castle and Arch of Peace. All in green with lots of trees and plenty of benches. Perfect for some lazy picnic time. It features also a smaller arena, public aquarium, and a panoramic tower 100m heigh, restaurants, coffee shops, kiosks. There is a small pond with ducks and little ducklings.

Iordanis T: A very impressive park, with different places to visit such as the arch, the river with the ducks, the shops, the playground if you have children. Many people do sports and generally take a walk. If you happen to visit it in sunny weather it is just a dream!

6. Indro Montanelli Garden - Municipio 1

· 21753 reviews

Via Palestro, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Indro Montanelli Garden: what do users think?

Yuvraj Ramsaywack: A beautiful green space in the heart of Milano. I couldn’t find any public toilets/WC/bathrooms, which is unfortunate compared to Scandinavian (or even large American public parks) parks. Grounds are clean and well used. Conveniently accessed by metro/tram from elsewhere.

Ane FS: Beautiful park which was right next to our hotel when we visited Milan. This park is particularly child friendly. My son absolutely loved the little train (located in the middle of the park), where he could ride in one of the little carts. Four laps for 2€ is very reasonable for so much fun! The man who operated the train was very generous and understanding when my kid did not want to get off the train when the ride was over. There is also a playground and a carousel. Playground: Playground for younger kids, train and carousel Dog-friendliness: Separate dog area

Mohammad: Although it is not very big but it’s very beautiful from inside and organized, and not as crowded as other parks. Ideal to spend some time in nature or to do some jogging.

Panagiotis Tsetsonis: A beautiful park with plenty and biiig trees. Ideal place for chill out, sports, or just to satisfy demanding botanical interests!

Leonardo Gonzalez: Really nice park with lots of vegetation creating a fresh environment. Good place to get out from city concrete jungle.

Piotr Szarzyński: I really liked to stay at this park. Place where you can let your dog run off the leash. My idea was to sleep there but every park in Milan is being closed for the night.

Rod Sangala: Beautiful outdoor museum and park . It was raining but still enjoyed and recommend to go check out

7. Parco del Centenario - Trezzano sul Naviglio

· 1371 reviews

Str. per Baggio, 8, 20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio MI, Italy

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Parco del Centenario: what do users think?

Ashley “Ar” C: It was a great day. It’s a public park where you can celebrate a simple birthday. It a big park too. You can grill too but you need to prenotate. Its all nature around. Green leaf. You can also make a walk too

Bartley Luistro: Calm and nice park for a quick getaway from the busy city of Milan. Also a nice place for barbecue.

Antonio Ippolito: A wide and green park, designed for mass use. In the outskirts of the city space is not at a premium. Wildlife and waterfowl are still scarce, maybe because the park is of recent foundation. Vegetation well chosen among Padanian flora. Too many parking places: people should be nudged to use the beautiful bicycle track running along the Naviglio Grande

Akos Szabo (Aky): A nice little park with playground for kids (3-12), a café, ponds with some wild animals.

Ale O.: ToP

Veronika Balkind: Nice for family walks

Ruth Elias: It was very nice

Dany aaa: Bellooo

Vera Luppi: Super relax!

Maria Kuzmycz: Very nice

8. Parco Lambro - Municipio 3

· 5492 reviews

20134 Milano MI, Italy

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Parco Lambro: what do users think?

Leonardo Gonzalez: Súper big park. In my opinion the best park in Milan. Great place to run, relax or do mountain bike. Ups and downs with a lake. Definitely recommend.

Chamari De Silva: The park was amazing. It is really great if you want to walk and to be free from city life a bit. The park was very clean and spacious. Great for a picnic also.

Mohit Patel: An amazing park with a diameter of almost 4kms. It has many entry and Exit points. This park also have many sport ground along with exercise stations. Also Dog area and children are are there. This park also have skateboard ring for kids and adults. Perfect place for picnic or to enjoy sunset or to get yourself a peaceful environment from a busy and chaotic life of milan. Recommended 5/5

Balaji Ramalingam: Best place to get off the city and spend some peaceful moments in lush greeny local that stretches long enough to get tired. Can find more spots based on the mood swings. Perfect weekend outings with the friends can be enjoyed in this park.

smital patil: Good place to relax . Lot of shade in sunny days .

Maryna Gonchar: It is a very nice place to enjoy nature and see greenery surroundings

Oliver Khoury: Milano has little green space to enjoy open spaces in an attempt to escape the chaotic city. And Parco Lambro lets you do just that with its big space and various walking trails!

9. Parco Agricolo Sud Milano - Zibido San Giacomo

· 3294 reviews

Milano MI, Italy

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Parco Agricolo Sud Milano: what do users think?

Lulu Luly: Cute and beautiful green area. A lot of insects in the summer, you just can’t enjoy it without spraying all your body. Quite and a lot of people use it for walking or running.

Mauri Nemo: True, original ancient natural place, with smooth natural landscapes to go through by bike, among fields, farms, parks, churches and ancient monasteries, all among the channels designed and protected by Leonardo da Vinci!

Les Beaumont: This is actually a farming area of Milan, there are numerous villages with fascinating structures from long ago, some old, traditional food restaurants along with some new. Full of bed and breakfast places usually in Old farms.

Nyhlbry Eugenio: the park is open to the public great for relaxing and has a nice view of the lake

mauro ossola: Nice and relaxed you will think you are so close to Milan

Alessandro S.: Relaxing place for a quick ride out of Milan.

Melitus De Silva: One of the most beautiful piazza in italy

Mohammed Alhamed: We passed there just for parking


10. Cave Park (Baggio) - Municipio 7

· 2361 reviews

Via Bianca Milesi, 2, 20152 Milano MI, Italy

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Cave Park (Baggio): what do users think?

Uğur Sümbül: It is a really huge and beautiful park in which you can swim, bike, do exercise or lay down and drink something. It is a bit far from the city center (almost 1 hour by metro) but it is definitely worth to visit!

Paolo D: Beautyful park with small lake and bushes, as well as grass.Very clean, has benches with table + fountain .. all for free!

Arun Swaminathan: very good park for a stroll or picnic, Kids will enjoy the farm animals. Fresh farm produce sold on specific days..

Dijana Dzindic: Quite a big park where you can run, bike and walk.

Mertkan Mert: Very nice environment! But there were some garbage on the path...

WaanWHanWaN: So chill, So Relaxing. 🌾🍃Artificial Lake is my fav view in Milan

Dianne Azzopardi: Awesome place! We visited unexpectedly and it was so worth it!

Chrisnee Perera: Belloooo

11. Vittorio Formentano Park - Municipio 4

· 2882 reviews

20135 Milano MI, Italy

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Vittorio Formentano Park: what do users think?

Jaroslav Klouček: Great park with quite a lot benches to sit on. A few fountains with fresh water.

Sina: A very nice and beautiful park 🌲, where you can go for a walk 🚶🏻‍♂️, or bring your children to play 👨‍👧‍👧in its playground 🎪⛹🏻‍♂️🏓. Many people go this park to run 🏃‍♀️ both in the morning and evening. There is also a very beautiful statue in this park that i really love ❤️

Henry Lam: Oh I like this place. The oasis in the desert. After the whole day’s dog work, I can find my cool here reading books.

Kamen Kunchev: A nice place to relax for a moment. There are many sites in the vicinity.

Luísa Cassol Pasqualotto: The park has different areas for different uses such as kids playground, seating areas and green areas, with an area with a very nice fountain! The sound of the water is very relaxing. It is also good for exercising, once there is an area with pavement.

Ethan Schomberg: Beautiful fountain and park

12. Parco Alessandrina Ravizza - Municipio 5

· 2759 reviews

Viale Toscana, 20136 Milano MI, Italy

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Parco Alessandrina Ravizza: what do users think?

Carlo M. Bajetta: Near a famous Milanese University (Bocconi) this ia a nice park, most enjoyable in spring when not too warm and the kids attractions are open.Update (Oct 21) still open now - can get overcrowded at weekends...

Sanjeeva Weerasinghe: Different kinds of trees with a beautiful view, Exercise points , Dog Playgrounds and BikeMi Station (In the past there were Kids BikeMi Bicycles too here but ATM had to Discontinue so Kids BikeMi is no longer available here neither anywhere in italy) Nice place to visit and Relax. there are lot of mosquitoes during the summer. but if you want to get some sun bath in the city reccomend this is the ideal place to relax during sunny daylight

Leo Nardo: Beautiful park inside the city! New unusual games for kids available!

Michiel Temmerman: Pretty during the day but do not go here during the night

Heather: Very cute park. Nice playground for kids, lots of park benches and a few picnic tables. Most importantly, the grass is very nice and makes a good place to relax with a good book.

Joan Di Giulio: Fantastic park, great for working out, running, having some drinks with friends and picnics. There are dog parks and playgrounds too and parking all around it

Airon Maxslade: Oh it is huge by the looks of it, passing it by regularly, never used it but looks promising, not flat terrain, jogging paths abundant plus some stretching poles. Close to Esselunga shopping. Needs more bars for excersice and some rennovation has been going for ages it seems.

Alp Akkus: A really nice park with students, families and people of any age around. It uses to be dangerous at night but nowerdays it seems more friendly

13. Parco Prinetti - Pessano con Bornago

· 57 reviews

20060 Pessano Con Bornago MI, Italy

Parco Prinetti: what do users think?

Umberto Longhi: The most beautiful park in the country, once annexed to the historic villa of the same name. Today, despite being in fair maintenance conditions, it does not get the deserved respect. Little frequented by the population. Remarkable tree specimens.

Alessandro Calò: Wonderful and well-kept park, full of trees where you can stay in the shade and with a lawn in the sun where you can lie down in the summer. There are also games for children, a drinking fountain, numerous benches to sit on and even benches with tables where you can spend a pleasant afternoon. There are also many baskets, the only flaw is that in summer it is filled with insects.

Alessandro Moroni (alezmoroni): Large park with a beautiful path, fountain, tables and even a playground for children.

Dumitru Pislariu: 2 years ago it was 5 stars now it is not worth 1 star

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